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Hospitality Organization Sample for Hilton hotel by Aussie Writers

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Introduction Hospitality Organization

Hospitality Organization requires a successful manager for running each and every operation of the company in an effective manner. Different principles and skills of behavioural management play a very important role in developing a successful manager for an organization. For managing different operations, manager needs to have appropriate knowledge about different management styles and leadership characteristics. It helps the managers to conduct their roles successfully. Along with this, appropriate motivation and communication is also very essential for attaining goals and objectives in an effective manner (Freshe, 2003). The current research report is based on developing manager for a hospitality organization. Regarding this, it will describe different theories and practices of behaviour management which supports in developing manager for an organization. Further, it comprises of reflective statement including the own potentials as a prospective manager and career development. For completing the whole report in effective manner, present study has chosen Hilton hotel which is one of the leading firms of hospitality industry.

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Management styles can be defined as the ways for decision making regarding different operations and functions of Hilton hotel for attaining the organization’s goal in effective manner. These decisions are important for all subordinates of manager of the organization and provide appropriate guidance to complete each and every task in appropriate way. Different managers follow distinct management styles for making decisions which are based on their own characteristics, natures and skills (O’Fallon and Rutherford, 2011). As per the current business scenario, for managing different operations, managers of Hilton hotel can follow two types of management styles which are described as under:

Autocratic: In this managerial style, only manager of Hilton hotel have right to take each and every decision regarding different operations. In this style, manager does not pay attention towards subordinates as well as their needs and requirements. Earning profitability and attaining goals and objectives of Hilton hotel is one of the major purposes of autocratic manager (Murphy and Yetmar, 2010). Results of this management style reflect strong opinion and personality of the manager which helps in maintaining an organized and confident image of the project. But on the other hand, in this management style, skills and capabilities of experienced subordinates are not used by autocratic manager which declines the motivation of them towards the completing each and every task of Hilton hotel. Along with this, it discourages them to attaining organization’s goals and objective in effective manner. This management style is appropriate for in that situation where subordinates are not capable to make decisions (Donohue, 2007). But, it is not appropriate where all employees are skilled and experienced to make perfect decisions to manage different situation of Hilton hotel.

Democratic: In this management style, manager of Hilton hotel allows subordinates to take part in decision making process and each and every decision is based on majority. As per this, attaining goals and objectives is not a single motive for manager. It also focuses on needs and requirements of each and every subordinate. Along with this, it helps in effective utilization of all personnel resources of the company. This type of management styles increases the satisfaction level of employees which leads the quality of work and performance which helps in attaining goals and objectives of organization in an effective manner (Bass and Riggio, 2008).

Each and every management must have some leadership characteristics which support them to conduct their role in successful manner. Some major characteristics are described as under:

Proactive and reactive: For effective management of different functions of Hilton hotel, a manager must be capable to think three step ahead. As per this leadership characteristic, manager of Hilton hotel needs to analyse the future problem and to make appropriate action to remove this problem (Buchanan and Huczynski, 2010). Therefore, manager should be proactive to face the future problem before it arises.

Flexible and adaptable: There are different unexpected and unfortunate situations which can arise at Hilton hotel. For facing these situations in effective manner, manager must have flexible and adaptable capability. It will help in adapting new surroundings and situations. Along with this, it will also support in managing these situations in an effective manner (Avgerou, 2008).

Good communicator: Manager of Hilton hotel must be a good communicator because it is very essential characteristics for distributing important information to subordinates. It helps in communicating goals and objectives of Hilton hotel to all employees.

Good motivator: Appropriate motivation to complete each and every task in effective manner is very essential. So, manager of Hilton hotel should be capable enough to motivate team members of the organization in appropriate way (Charantimath, 2005).

Confident: Confidence is a very essential leadership characteristic for taking different managerial decisions. It helps the manager is making right decisions for different situations.

Resourceful: Manager of Hilton hotel must be capable enough to use all available resources in an effective manner.

Able to manage changes: Manager must be capable enough to manage sudden changes at workplace. It will help in resolving issues of employees regarding the changes (McAuley, Duberley and Johnson, 2007).

Delegator: Completing each and every task by owns is not as sufficient for attaining goals and objectives of Hilton hotel. So, manager should have capability to delegate different tasks to distinct employees as per their skills and knowledge. It supports in managing all business activities of Hilton hotel efficiently.


Communication process can be defined as a procedure for communicating information from one person to another. It includes three major components, that is, sender, channel and receiver. As per these components, sender wants to communicate a specific message by using appropriate communication channel to receiver (Hilton hotels: Brand Differentiation through customer relationship management, 2011). Communication process for Hilton hotel is described as follows:

Sender: Communication process within Hilton hotel is very essential for sending different internal information to different employees. Organization can use formal and information process of communication. Managers and subordinates play a very important role of sender. Through the communication process, they distribute important information about the goals and objectives of company to lower level employees and other personnel (Reynolds and Lancaster, 2007).

Channel: There are different communication channels for Hilton hotel such as emails, telephones, SMS, presentation, conferences, etc. All these channels help in interchanging messages from sender to receiver. Along with that, all these channels are very cost effective and supports in understanding the messages in an effectual manner.

Receiver: Communication process within organization helps in receiving appropriate messages to receiver which plays a very important role in managing different operations of the organization effectually. In this process, receiver provides appropriate feedback to sender on the basis of messages (Lee and Morrison, 2010).

Therefore, communication process within Hilton hotel helps in exchanging the information from top level to lower which helps in competing with each and every activity in effective manner which is significant for attaining goals and objectives of the company in desired way.

Organizational culture

Organization culture can be defined as a set of values, beliefs, norms and rules by which company runs its operations in effective manner. This set helps in maintaining an appropriate working environment for all employees (Wilkinson, 2009). The organisational culture of Hilton hotel is focussed on ensuring towards wellness of its employees. The hotel group has thus included gaming zones/ Living Well Fitness Centres for its employees. It has been done so as to ensure that there can be provision of quality services to its consumers. It further invests in the training and development for its staff members so as to ensure that they work towards making the experience of guests a good one (Freshe, 2003).

Organization provides flexible timing, health and safety as well as security at workplace which satisfies the needs and requirements of different employees. Along with this, Hilton hotel is one of the leading organizations of hospitality industry so company hires personnel from different culture for understanding the needs and requirements of different cultured customers (Hilton CEO Talks About Building Company Culture That Empowers Employees, 2014). Therefore, each and every employee has his own norms, beliefs and values which can create situations of conflicts at workplace. But, organization respects the culture of each and every employee which helps in managing the employees at workplace. Various teams are developed at Hilton, to provide services to its customers. These teams together work and achieve the objectives of satisfaction to the customers who visits hotel for a stay. Teams like room service departments whose tasks are to provide complete cleaning and dusting of the rooms. This task is to be performed by this team only. As a result of which tasks gets successfully completed.

Change management

Hilton hotel is operating its business in hospitality industry in which opportunities are tempered by the unpredictable events so, for getting success, organization needs to adapt suitable changes. Therefore, Hilton hotel follows possessive and innovative changes and vibrant culture for surviving in this competitive business scenario. The change is often done in Hilton hotel with respect to technology.

For managing these changes, company makes appropriate communication with all employees about necessary changes and also provides suitable training to work with new technologies (Hilton hotels: Brand Differentiation through customer relationship management, 2011). Therefore, Hilton hotel is managing the latest changes effectively.

In Hilton hotel, leading and motivation is of crucial importance for the employees during the process of intense workload. It is required so as to attain the organizational objectives with respect to earning profits and sales figures as well as garnering an increased consumer base. Hence in order to lead as well as motivate the employees there is a requirement to make use of varied strategies and techniques.

Hilton hotel can make use of Herzberg's two factor theory in order to motivate its workforce. According to this theory there are two factors which provide satisfaction at the workplace and dissatisfaction. Some employees can be motivated by making use of Hygiene factors like providing them with good job status, security as well as cheerful work conditions (Johnson and Scholes, 2006)

Other than that the employees can be further provided with good pay, vacations as well as fringe benefits. In the same way, there can further be a usage of motivator factors. These include providing employees with challenging work  condition, giving recognition to their achievements, involving in decision making as well as giving them opportunity to do something meaningful (HallWilson, 2001)

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Managerial decisions

Managerial decisions play a very important role in attaining goals and objectives of Hilton hotel. There are different types of managerial decisions such as operational, financial, investment and marketing decisions (Butler, 2010). Justification and recommendations for all these managerial decisions of Hilton hotel are described as under:

Investment decisions: Management of Hilton hotel takes different decisions regarding present and future investment of the organization. In this decision company follows the historical performance and investment of organization. So, sometimes it negatively affects the performance and investment of organization. For improving these decisions Hilton hotel should use investment appraisal methods for determining profitable project for investment. It helps in getting appropriate return of investment (Lucio, 2013).

Financial decisions: these are also considered as an important managerial decision for Hilton hotel. It helps in managing finance of the organization in effective manner. Financial decisions include determination of financial needs and requirements of organization, available sources of funds for raising capital and allocation of funds on different activities of organization. Therefore, financial decision of company helps in improving the overall performance of Hilton hotel. But for improving these decisions, company should follow the activity based costing system at the time of allocation of funds and budget formulation. It will improve the overall financial management of firm (Mullins, 2010).

Operational decisions: Hilton hotel belongs to the hospitality industry which provides different hotel services to its customers. So, management of organization takes different decisions to manage day to day operations. It helps in satisfying the needs and requirements of customers as well as also fulfils the demand of them (Aggett, 2007). Therefore, it improves the total sales and performance of company which is one of the major goals and objectives of Hilton hotel. But for improving the operational decisions, manager of organization should use different techniques such as Simulation process, decision making tree which helps in forecasting the operational demand and making appropriate operational decisions for Hilton hotel.

Marketing decisions: These types of decisions play a very important role in increasing the awareness of customers about Hilton hotel and its products and services. Organization has used different advertising and promotion techniques for increasing the marketing of organization. But, all these methods increase the total cost of the organization (Hilton hotels: Brand Differentiation through customer relationship management, 2011). So, now Hilton hotel should use social media marketing for making communication with customers. It helps in attaining the marketing goals and objectives of Hilton hotel in an effective manner.

Task B

I am a management student and I want to develop my career as a prospective manager of Hilton hotel. Assessment of my own management skills and performance has reflected that I have different skills and knowledge which can help in developing my career in business and service context. A manager of Hilton hotel requires different skills such as motivation, communication, conflict management, leadership, change management and personnel management skills, etc. Further, manager must be able to assess the needs and requirements of employees, develop effective relationship with them and must be proficient enough in allocation of role and responsibility to different team members  (Action, 2013).

Assessment of my own managerial skills has shown that I have different managerial skills which will help in improving my performance as well as will play important role in being manager of Hilton hotel. As per the evaluation, I have appropriate communication skills which will help me in making communication with my team members and customers. It will improve my performance also. Along with this, I have some theoretical knowledge about the different motivational theories which will assist me in motivating the team members of Hilton hotel. Further, I have appropriate leadership skills for leading a team and improving the performance of team members (Ivanov, 2014). I have subjective knowledge about the conflict, personnel and change management which will also help in coming future. I know about that manager should allocate roles and responsibilities to each and every employee as per their own skills and capabilities. Therefore, I have sufficient knowledge and skills about managing different functions of Hilton hotel. It will play a very important role in developing my career as a prospective manager of Hilton hotel. But all these are subjective knowledge I don’t have any practical experience of management of organization’s functions so, it can harm my performance in negative manner (González, 2004). But before starting my career, I will do an internship in a hospitality organization which will help in increasing my managerial skills in practical way.

As per the above analysis, I need to develop my own potential to develop my career as prospective manager in a hospitality organization. To increase verbal communication skill is one of the major objectives. Along with this, increasing time management skills and reducing the language barrier are also included in my objectives. Further, I am targeting to increase my resources such as time and cost.  These resources are very essential for joining any training and development program of management. Along with this, for increasing my practical knowledge, my major objective focuses on to get appropriate option for internship (Lee and Morrison, 2010). Therefore, all these are major objectives and targets to develop my own potential.

I can develop far better bond amongst members of the team and remove the possibilities of disputes. In addition to this, it will help me to identify which management style should be applied in what circumstance. My priority is to develop skills which could assist me to evaluate the current market trends as well as property development. For individuals operating in hospitality industry it is very important to understand the transforming requirement and also expectation for sector as well as guest. With the help of analytical abilities I will be able to recognize the market patterns in effective way. Additionally it will certainly also help me in creating some strong advertising methods to keep old client and also attract brand-new customers. I could set up some WISE objectives which will aid me to establish my very own potential in a lot more reliable manner. Further it is likewise required for me to recognize essential areas of development as well as development and work after the exact same. Enhancing and also discovering various abilities will help me to become more efficient and also skilled. One thing which I really should think about is that I should proceed my discovering in every aspect. Knowing will certainly aid me to remain upgraded as well as comprehend the present fads as well as development in the travel and tourism industry.

Different Managerial Skills

As per the above discussion, I have Different Managerial Skills such as motivation, communication leadership and time management skills. All these skills will play very important role in developing my career in hospitality industry. I want to develop my career as a manager of Hilton hotel. Motivational skills will help me in motivating employees of the company to give their best performance. By using these skills, I can assess the needs and needs and requirements of all team members and can provide appropriate facilities on the basis of their needs. It will help in encouraging them to fulfil their task and attain organization objectives in effective manner. Therefore, motivational skills will assist me in completing my roles in effective manner (Jeon and Choi, 2012). Afterwards, manager of Hilton hotel plays very important role in developing strong relationship with employees. My own communication skills will support me in maintaining strong relationship with all team members. Including this, manager of an organization plays a very important role in leading a team in effective manner. I have appropriate leadership skills by which I can resolve all the problems on my team members in an effective manner. It will help in improving the performance of my team. Including this, my time management skills will support me in fulfilling my roles and responsibilities to complete all the tasks on time. Therefore, my all managerial skills support me in developing my career in an efficient manner (Hayes and Ninemeier, 2007). On the other hand, my personal skills include honesty, confidence and friendly nature. All these personal characteristics also play important role in making strong relationship with all team members as well as also help in making appropriate decisions. Therefore, my personal skills also help in developing my career effectively (Bass and Riggio, 2008).

Career and personal development needs

As per the above discussion, I want to develop my career in management field of hospitality organization. Review of my career and development needs have reflected that I must be capable enough to make appropriate communication with different level of employees. For completing my responsibility in effectual manner, I need to encourage employees of the company to give their best performance. Along with this, I need to accomplish all my tasks on time which will help in attaining goals and objectives of the organization efficiently (McAuley, Duberley and Johnson, 2007). Including this, for developing my career, I need to develop appropriate leadership skills which will help me in leading a team in effective manner. Therefore, all these are the major requirements of career and personal development.

Current performance

Review has reflected that I have sufficient managerial and personal skills for developing my career in Hilton hotel. Current performance have reflected that I am much enough capable to make effective communication with different personnel. Along with this, I have appropriate skills of motivation, time management and leadership. Therefore, all these skills help me in improving my performance in an effective manner. But, I am not capable to understand different languages which have negative impacts on my performance (Muondo and Perkins, 2013)

Future needs

Hospitality industry is facing changes in technologies in day by day as well as globalization also increases the development needs and requirements. Changes in technology require developing high technical skills in coming future. Along with this, in future I must be capable to determine the future trend of hospitality organization. Therefore, increment in technical skills is one of the major future needs for me (Reynolds and Lancaster, 2007).

Development plan

As per the above discussion, I have to develop my own managerial skills. So, for developing these skills, I will read some management books and articles which will help in improving my subjective knowledge with this regard. Along with this, I will join some training and development programs, workshops and conferences for improving my managerial and personal skills. Along with this, for satisfying my future needs, I will join a technical institute for increasing my technical knowledge. In addition, I will also register myself in different online classes for developing my career as a manager in hospitality organization (Mullins, 2010).

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The current research report has concluded that different skills and knowledge are very essential for developing a manager of Hilton hotel. Manager of an organization can use autocratic and democratic management style for managing different functions of the organization. Along with this, report has also described that for being a manager of Hilton hotel, some major leadership characteristics are very essential. As per these characteristics, a manager must be proactive and reactive, flexible and adaptable, good communicator, good motivator, confident, resourceful, able to manage changes and delegator. Including this, manager can use different ways to lead and motivate the team to achieve agreed goals and objectives of Hilton hotel. These are training and development program, appropriate communication and motivation, effective working environment and involvement of team members in decision making process. As per this study, major managerial decisions of Hilton hotel include effective investment, financial, operational and marketing decisions. In addition, self-assessment has reflected that I have appropriate communication, management and leadership skills which will help in developing a career as prospective manager of Hilton hotel. But still I have to develop time management and technical skills for facing the future challenges in future career. These skills can be developed by joining training and development program, conferences and workshops on hotel management.


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