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HAT302-Food and Beverage Management-Kaplan Business School

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Attica restaurant is recognised as top ten most popular restaurant in Australia. Business entity has got second ranked in top mostly prefgered restaurant by customers in Australia.Attica restaurant offers great combinations of unique and eclectic ingredients.Cd.This technology assists business entity in maintaing thr quality of food.Winer provided by an organisations with the food and company also deliver other uniques combinations of services which has enabled firm to distinguish itself from its competititors nafd gain the attention of visitors.Cited business venture has got the best restaurant award.Attica restaurant also provideservices as well as facilitity for events up to 60 people.

It have private dinning sapce where people can do paties or conduct meetings etc.Business owner, Ben Shewryoversee all operations at the applauded venue.Manager in the restaurants motivate staff to improve their performance at workplace and increase their contribuition in providing satisfaction to guest. Management team in Attica restaurant has focus on providing training to their chef sandwaiters in order to enabled them to deliver professional service to client.Chef in the Attica restaurant has got award for specuially two dishes these are Pete's dish of Cape Grim beef short rib with roast celery vinaigrette and garlic flowers (Bloom and Hinrichs,2011)

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1. Menu review

Attica restaurant objective is to provide engaged and inventuive experrience to their guests. Business entity has daopted the apptroach which dictates that Dinner is an immersive, roller-coaster ride direct a three-hour tasting of “smashed avo toasts”

Tasting Menu-From tuesday to sarturday, Attica restaurant offers as well as delivers Extended Tasting Menu for dollar approximately 274 per person which is reasonable.This p[rincing strategy has helped firm in attracting more number of customeers. It has lao helped business entity in increasing sales as well as profitability.Restaurand alos offers vegeteriamn food and also deliveres the dietary food items for those client who are health concious.It also provides combination of difrent wines which price range starts from Approximately $180 per person and cost of combination of non alcoholic drinks begins from 80$ per person.Extended vegetarian menu includes various australian vegetrarian dishes such as Tac OZ, Aged Santa clause Melon, Chewy carrots, Crispy Artichoke etc. these all fod items are healthy and tasty.

Acoolectin of hard as well as innovative delicious soft drinks has helped business entity in attracting clients or consumers (Reitzel, Regan and McNeill,2014)

2. Identifying and evaluating number of items, menu classidfication , variety of item and item nutritional value

Nutitional analysis is considered to be an effective way to complete the procedure.It is required by attica restaurant to foolow the menu labelling rules which dicteas that chef in the restaurant required to ensure that menu items are accurate and consistent with the specific basis used to determine nutrient values.Chef in Attica restaurant is adopting an effective terchniques for coooking food.Chef in the restaurant utilises elaborate techniques and an array of home-brewed technology in the kitchen for preapring food which has ebabled them to maintain the nutrion value in the food item.Manager in restaurant has implemented Computerized Analysis system fir measuring the nutritional value of food item (Niaman Nazir MPH, and Neuberger, 2011)

3. Issues in menu designing and proposed an alternartive menu concept

Ayica restaurant faces many challenges in providing nutrition information on its menus.Some ogf the issues of menu designing includes limitaion of timre, lack of resources, lack of nutiritional expertise, high level of customer disatisfaction,. in providing nutrition information on its menus.etc.

It is essential to considered certain factors when dfesigning the menu Some of the elements are:

It is crucial that the menu is separated in a coherent section where client can go through the menu in a ordered way.

All the pictures that are utilized in the menu are quite high quality so that it is invite or encourage customer to order that specific foord item.

Food must give a clear picture of ingredients that has been utilized by the chefs for preparing partucal food item..It assist in taking care of people who have certain food allergies.

The top-quality dish or chef special food item should get the best placement in the menu card where majority of the customers can get attracted towards it (Howcroft, Nakatsu and White, 2013). Visit:

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4. Redsigning the menu

Designing of menu ioncludes followinbg procedure:

  • Attica resturant
  • Menus
  • Tasting Menu
  • From Tuesday to saturday
  • Extended Tasting menu
  • Camed milk ice
  • Pumkins , oofal and sour beer
  • Attica Cheftale
  • Red kangaroo with Truganinni
  • Extended vegetarian menu
  • Smashed Avo on toast
  • Crispy Artichoke
  • WINE list
  • cocktails and non alchololic drinks
  • Italian red varieties
  • Pinot Noir


  • Bloom, J.D. and Hinrichs, C.C., 2011. Moving local food through conventional food system infrastructure: Value chain framework comparisons and insights. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems. 26(1). pp.13-23.
  • Reitzel, L.R., Regan, S.D., and McNeill, L.H., 2014. Density and proximity of fast food restaurants and body mass index among African Americans. American journal of public health. 104(1). pp.110-116.
  • Niaman Nazir MPH, and Neuberger, J.S., 2011. Evaluation of a local health department's food handler training program. Journal of environmental health. 73(6). p.65.
  • Howcroft, D., Nakatsu, C. and White, M., 2013. Enhancing the expression of contrast in the sparky restaurant corpus. In Proceedings of the 14th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (pp. 30-39)
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