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H/601/1098 Unit 33 Heritage and Cultural Tourism Management BTEC HND in Business Module Level 4

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Travel and tourism is fast growing sector overall the world (Ashworth and Larkham,2013). People who loves to travelling are spending their hard earned money in travelling and exploring new places. This provides variety of adventures travelling like education tour, business tour for meeting and conferences, it sometimes for exploring historical places, foreign countries tour, travelling for fun. Cultural and heritage help play important role in explaining history of particular nation if a person want to known that than they can visit particular country. This project is supported on the culture and touristy managing of Barcelona (Spain) and Venice (Italy) in both of these countries heritage and tourism became necessary. Below discussed all the methods and tools help in exploring traveling and touristy.

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Task 1

Tourism is includes several dimensions that consider social, political, biophysical and ecological (Raj and Griffin, 2015). Which provide support to natural and cultural exercise. Political factor is wide and it may create conflict within two legal bodies due to lack of presentation and campaign. For this issue government have to take some major steps so their will be enhancement and improvement of tourist sector. Antecedence of this sector is to remove unfriendliness rapprochement within 2 nations Venice and Barcelona . It has the initial approaching which has taken topographic point in assemblage selected team, halfway. Because Effective leading assist in processing optimistic attribute which may be aid in modifying. Barcelona need proper management and too claim to pick out upgraded or latest technologies , equipment and method with effectual and prompt thinking. When there is conflict between two countries mainly population of that particular nation suffer a lot and for removing this major step is taken by government.

Prime battle is that there are nominal amount of demonstration and origin done by Spain government and they necessitate to resolved this properly (Timothy,2011). people of that city consider that structure will modify and give sizeable problem on the formal construction of the places and it straight away gives effect on the USP( unique selling price) of the nation. Natural resources and wildlife is important because they enhance natural beauty of country but Barcelona is lacking behind in conserving and protecting all these of their particular area. Therefore, this leads in preparation of several preservation policies and formation of sanctuaries and national parks which help in maintain natural resources (Blumenfield and Silverman, 2013). Authorities are now centring on breakdown the conflict and legal bodies are also preparation to invest some good sum for these locations in order to pull or attract huge amount of tourist for the upcoming time period.

Task 2

British Museum- This museum was established in 1753 located at Great Russell Streat London, WC1B, United Kingdom (Rizzo Keitumetse, 2011). British Museum is non- departmental public body sponsored by Administrative district for Digital, culture, Media and sport through three years financial support statement. It have huge collection of world art and artifacts as well it is free for all the visitors no money is charging for entry. There are several people who visit this museum are student, media, scientist, family and children. Where students come with the motive of education they explore such places to knowing their history and enhance their knowledge. If family are visiting British museum then their main motive is to enjoy that place by clicking images, seeing variety of artefacts and many more. Although beauty of the same museum attract tourist towards it. Media which is important for every kind of sector purpose of visiting museum for media is to show it no television and render information to people about its beauty (Little, 2012). The same process help in render information to those people who are not able to visit such places.

Victoria and Albert Museum- Is the world' s largest museum of decorative art and design, permanent collection of housing it was over 2.3 million. This museum was founded in 1852 and its name was putted on the name of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (Cuccia and Rizzo,2011). Location of the same is Cromwell Road London SW7, United Kingdom. Respective V&A don't have its any museum or galleries outside the London. They organist several events and exhibition related to historical things or for encouraging talent of population that particular area (Agnoletti,2014). Visitors of this museum are given below:-

  • Students: these can be school group for providing education Sackler education suite, taken two lower floors Henry Cole Wing which was opened in 2008. which includes room lectures and these are available when there is holiday of schools.
  • Scientist: main motive of scientist for visiting such places are research which can be related to the history of that particular country (Swensen, Jerpåsen, Sæter and Tveit,2013). It help in exploring several new things which is related to historical places of united kingdom.


There are various way as well as media are available which is utilized by business to explain necessary concepts (Fassoulas, Mouriki, Dimitriou-Nikolakis and Iliopoulos, 2012). Represent is important in three different steps in the context of cultural domain. Some are given below:

  • Before Arrival time: In this period, customers can be attracted by blogs place, posters, promotion, pictures at various points that involve country sites, social sites etc.
  • At Arrival time: They mainly posters, broaches and templates that aid in pulling higher consumers as well as give all useful information regarding popular places.
  • After visiting time: At a time of leaving, guides give them with products, gifts, picture to their customers.

Media and method are used at a museum of British, national Maritime and Queen house museum

  • Guide: At each museum there are guides which give information to their customers about the places.
  • Events: In United Kingdom, there are various kinds of events which held on daily basis. In each 90 minutes popular places are display their value in front of public.
  • Exhibition: Museums set up demonstration at different places to provide data as well as information at a place.
  • Printing media: It is an oldest media who showcase information as well as aid in influencing public.

First explain behind this represent is only to give basic understanding about main places. British museum as well as queen house choose diverse approaches which help in increasing along with rendering their education in a mix of art, drama, label, signs etc.


As per the above discussion it has been concluded that, heritage and culture should be protected so their will be growth in economy. Organisation of the same sector play important role in identifying demand and desires of several tourist who come from different countries for travelling or exploring places. Barcelona was 20th most visited place in the world and 50th city in Europe after Paris, London, Rome etc. along with this it is consider as safest city in world at 15th number. Whereas on the other hand, Venice is important tourist destination famous for it celebrated art and architecture as well up to 60,000 tourist visit per day according to the data of 2017. 

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