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H/508/0525 RAC Motoring Services Case Study Unit 2 Level 5

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1. Identifying functional characteristics of RAC motoring based on case study and evaluating present operational strategy of an organisation

It has been identified from the given case scenario that new operational system has been implemented by an organisation for improving production as well as operational activities. This decision has been taken by management team in RAC enterprise on the basis of considering goodwill of firm, brand image, customer base, profitability, etc. Present operational strategies are adopted by business entity include investment in the technology. Management team in RAC organisation has also planned to establish attractive control centres at highly visible points on the motorway systems, Business entity has also adopted the strategy to build new or modify its brand with the intention to target younger market segments. This strategy is adopted by an organisation for identifying the reason for continuous decrease in market share.

This decision has been taken by the manager in an enterprise considering continuous decline in market share and growth. The company has also adopted new working method or pattern .Business entity has also adopted the policies for workers engage in operational or production activity according to which employees have to complete their given task in specific time duration. This action plan of RA Company considered to be high level of mechanics trade,

This strategy has assisted business entity in increasing the sales and profitability. Company has also formulated strategy in order to develop their focus on investing money on resources as well as procedures for improving quality of services. Another significant strategy used by RAC enterprise is the utilisation of human resource. This plan of action has supported business entity in increasing the working efficiency and productivity. It has also helped firm in maintaining the balance in between demand and supply which has supported an organisation in providing higher level of satisfaction to customers.

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2. Justified recommendations for enhancing customer services at RAC monitoring

It has been identified from the given case study that continuous changes in business environment and increase in competition have negative influence on the business activity. These are two important factors due to which company is facing difficulty in providing quality services to its customers. Some strategies that can be adopted by business entity for improving customer services includes management team in an enterprise is required to develop their focus on improving the operational activities and maintaining the supply chain. As this strategy will assist firm in delivering the quality services, and providing high level of satisfaction to client. Business entity can adopt advanced call-taking and dispatch system. As advanced call-taking system will help an organisation in providing quick response to the queries of client. It will also assist in customer management. Online platform such as internet can be used by an enterprise for reaching to a wide number of customers. This strategy will provide firm an opportunity to directly communicate with client, identify their problems and provide them appropriate solution. This strategy will assist the business entity in gaining customer loyalty.

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