Unit 6: Business Decision Making - Sources for the Collection of Data


Travel and tourism industry in UK is growing industry and it main motive to generate high revenue in the market. This organisation provide various holidays packages to the customer. The current study analyses the current trends in the market and involved in developing vacations packages (Evans, and 2012..). This report identifying the different method for taking corrective decision related for the brochure.

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1.1 Effects of current and recent trends and developments on the tour operators industry

Current trends in travel and tourism are very positive impact on the whole industry. The current positions of the tour operators industry is that growing very fast and attracting new customers. Tourism organizations have very wider scope in the market of UK and it is most beautiful destination for the tourist (Spenceley 2012. ). So tour and tourism industry can changes the current trends in tour operators business.

There are some latest trend following tour operator industry.

Internet and other technological equipments internet is the main source to search the different places of the holidays and attract visitors. Through internet helps tour operators identifying the best locations of destinations and also internet provide all the informations regarding tour and tourism. Internet is the biggest platform for customer giving the whole details related tour operators. Internet assist some website of the organization and mentions the details of the historical places, share the experiences of previous customers.

Environment awareness of tour operators environment awareness among the tour industry affect in negative way like government change some policy such as to protect the environment from pollutions and not visit the preserved areas.

Technological changes recently ticket books and to collect informations about the packages is very flexible. Customer books their ticket very easily through mobile phones applications and websites is available they can select the most suitable places. Tour organization is focusing on the demand of the clients to a particular destination to visit so tour operators giving some offer and travels can easily ready to reduce the cost on per package. Many company need to find the alternative ways to deals with customer according their demand.

2.1 stages and time-scales involved in developing holidays

Various types of services are involved in the development of educational holidays that help the management to giving the quality of services to the clients (Evans, and et.al2012). There are different kind of method to design the quality of packages of the customer.

  • Market research it is the first stage of developing students vacation is market research that is very help full for the organization to identifying the taste and preference of the visitors. Market research is main source of collecting the information in the market then making some plan of the educational holidays packages in the tour operator industry. It include on line marketing research also help the management to find the demand of the students with the help of websites.
  • Planing and scheduling after gathering the market research tour industry try to implement views of the learners. Organization to design their holidays packages as per demand to the clients. Scheduling refer to the company to schedule the plan for the vacations and set the time for the customer. Scheduling are very important stages of the developing holidays it help to employees like time of the season vacations. Manager make a plan holidays packages according to students
  • Forecasting under forecasting management try to asses the climate of the specific destination and then utilise the holidays packages. Through Forecasting help industry to identify the current position of the location than design the package. Forecasting is very helpful for the organization making plan related with the students holidays
  • Contracting it help the management to giving the effective service to the educational learner and also providing the services as per clients demand. Manager at the Trailfinders tries to assume the service of the different vendor like can facility, hotels etc. These are facilities help to management to make the students holidays packages successful.

2.2 The suitability of different methods of contracting for different components of the holiday different types of tour operator

The methods of contracting help the customer to save their cost for the additional demand and get the services according to their demand.

  • Sales only contract using this method tour industry selected the packages as per students desire and try to sell that packages. It is the kind of contract means granted to the tour operator in the season that help to seller to sale the holidays packages easily. This contract are taken by the operators on the basis of the prospect of the last user. For instance group of 40 student want to visit places London , united kingdom to Brussels and Brugge , Belgium only 5 nights and they want spent their summer holidays this particular place.
  • Fixed contract this method are very helpful for the serving the quality ervices to the clients and also help to make them satisfy. Fixed contract are important for management to provide the services according the status of the business. It cover risk in case any services is not sold then company will pay for that. These are different kind of method that are giving the better services to the visitors.

2.3 Calculate the selling price of a holiday from given information below

Table 1 calculating of selling price of educational holidays

Expense type


Luxury coach (45 seater)


40 students


Local guide






Selling price 30%

7583.21*30%+ 7583.21


total cost = 7583.21*30% = 2.274.963

Task 3

3.1 Decisions taken for the designing the brochure

The awareness related to the market plan TUI has developed for students, management take some decision for planing the design of brochure. It is help for organization to achieve their target of actual customer groups. This industry industry following some important decisions

  • Format of brochure it is refer to attractive design of brochure, format play very vital role as the customer get full information that provided by TUI organization. Through brochure easier for student to find the destination and understanding the format. It mentions all the services, plans, management will offer all the informations about the places, transportation services, accommodation and prices as well time duration of plan.
  • Paper quality management take decision for designing the brochure paper quality according to brand positioning (Moutinho,2011). Organization provided the smooth paper for improve the brochure quality. It is very effective plan for developing the quality of papers.
  • Content after making the formatting management take decision about the content of brochure TUI company manger take decision about the languages according ton the target customer and company main motive to gathering all the details related to the tour plan show in effective manner and as per customer preference.
  • Colours and graphics in current market trend the combinations of colour and graphic direct impact on design of brochure that increase the interest of clients to read the brochure and this company make decision about the choice of colour that will be according to student summer session.

3.2 Alternatives of traditional brochure for different types of tour operators

There are four types of tour operators performing the tour industry businesses nowdays the time changes in the market plan. Tour operators select the unique ideas to offer information through brochure (Ashworth, and 2011). For example TUI directly deals with the foreign tourist they can use the brochure for encouraging and offering the information to the target customer. This kind of brochure is very helpful for cover the wider area where targeting client meet and full fill their objectives. Tour industry also use the online alternatives for promoting their packages and earning a more profit and maintaining customer attentions. Tour and travels organization is also one more method that is email functions through this method operator connect with visitors and offering tour packages and providing details about transportation services, accommodation and local sightseeing with attractive images and reasonable price. Some travel agencies are focus on offering traditional brochure they providing accommodation and transportation only. The main purpose of using this method they promote traditional marketing concept through brochure. This types of advertising giving the more benefit for home customer who are finding low cost services. However on line marketing is famous trend in the travel and tourism organization that is very helpful for the industry to meet the actual objective in effective manner. Traditional brochure is more effective for the promotions of websites and email also the key trend in the tour and tourism organization to generate the heigh profit in the competitive market.

3.3 Distribution methods used for holiday

Direct selling and online these are two method which are used for holidays by the tour operators. The distribution of brochure and all the details about the vacations packages and plan TUI also developed these method and other tour operating industries is also follow these two options.

  • Direct selling this types of distribution is helpful for domestic and ground level tour operators like TUI is using this method of arrangement the industry will able to make strong interaction with their target visitors and carrying more offer while making plans and packages on the bases of customer need and demands. Direct selling method is used on distribution method that help ground and domestic level company to creates awareness about the packages and its services. It also help to analyse the needs of the target customers group (Ashworth, and et. al 2011). This method is also related with options for distribution of brochure will support the tour industry th gain the attention of the people and collect some feedback about the product and services and choice plan. It will help to rising the quality of services and effective planing of operations to achieve the goal of the businesses and retain more consumer.
  • Online it is also the kind of distribution method of brochure according to current scenario of tourism business online distributing their service and try to cover the area of offering the details about the plan of holidays and attract the visors from international market. TUI is follow this method through on line method they people establishing the relationship with target customer and providing a lots of offers and selling their packages direct online. The purpose of using online method it is easier for customers and company generate more profit.

Task 4

P 4.1 Evaluate the strategic decisions made by different types of tour operator

Strategic decision are many kinds of strategies in their business with the purpose to increase their business worldwide. Tour operator take these decision for achieve customer satisfaction, generating profit, achieving goodwill. These decisions are referred with daily bases operations like, fixing the rates of offered tour packages, identifying the consumer segments, developing and designing brochures also. Strategies decision is very important because it help the business to face efficiently with crisis in the enterprise. Tour and travel business is very negotiable in nature and it is required at every step for the running of the business.

  • Distribution decision this decision helps the company to attract its target customer and retain more visitors. Its main motive to satisfying the demand of its customer by making available requirements at particular time. It is very important decision for organization to generate their profit and full fill customer demand.
  • Segmenting , targeting and positioning these are the key decision of the tour and travel industry because it is important decision of the business depend fully on this (Conrady and et. al, 2011). These decision are very help full to identifying the target customer so that the tour packages are developed and build their relations with clients .
  • Consumer relations this strategies refer to customer relation means providing valuables services to their customer in a marginal budgets. This decision is made by organization in order to retain its current and future customer and help to maintain business goodwill in the market. This is assuring health an safety of customer, achieving the demands of the consumers.
  • Pricing strategy the main motive of this decision to gain more profit and attract customer for buying their product (Lignau, 2013). this decision is very crucial for every tour and travel industry and company make this decision for increasing pricing their packages in according to quality of services.

P 4.2 Compare the tactical decisions being taken by TUI

TUI takes many tactical decision for increase their tour and travel business and maintain their relationship with clients (Dickinson, and 2010). Several External factors may effect the tactical decision of the company. The main aim of this business to expand their work and take a decision in the favours of organization.

  • Technology it is main sources of generating their business with out using technology industry cant achieve their target and cant build their relationship with visitors so it is very trendy to giving the information any time.
  • Government change some rules and regulations government change some law regarding tourist places. Government provide many facilities like changes in prices, services. Both of the decision are very important technology are very help full for customer (Dickinson, and al 2011). Through technology people find easy their destination and booked their packages with in seconds.


It can be concluded adopts various techniques to provide quality services to the customer and make the buyer aware about the tour services of the business. Company design the online packages that help the consumer to identify the current trends in the market. It is best and easiest way to increasing their profit. Organisation adopts many tactical and strategic decision.

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