Promotion in Travel and Tourism

Introduction to Tourist Destination

Visit Britain is a national agency for marketing of various tourist destination of Britain. The report highlights the importance and role of public relation in promotion of tourism in Britain. The Public Relation Officer of Visit Britain is responsible to boost the image of a destination in visitors or audiences eye. Use of media as a promotional tool is important to increase the effectiveness of promotion of Weymouth (Johnson and et. al., 2015). print and social media are both important in today's era for increasing the scope of promotion of a destination. The research also shows a proposed public relation plan of Weymouth.

Role and importance of public relations in Weymouth

Public Relation plays a vital role in maintaining an organisation's image in the public eyes. PR is about maintaining relationships along with the promotional activity of company which will provide benefit by increasing company’s reputation in the eyes of public.

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Role of Public Relation-

  • To generate positive news coverage and broadcast in print and digital media.
  • Communicating on daily basis with the media personnel (Yuksel and Voola, 2010).
  • Building networking with clients and organisational staff.
  • Regularly monitoring print and digital media for example newspaper, magazines, social media and TV advertisement.
  • Preparing regular updates to the management of VisitBritain's about client meetings and reports.
  • Researching about the content writing to be published in the media.
  • Preparing and managing team regarding research activities of VisitBritain.
  • Attending any media or PR related event as a representative of VisitBritain (Smith and Font, 2015).

Importance of Public Relation-

  • A public relation expert is appointed to bring the organization’s activity into public's eyes. PR activity of Weymouth will build the destination’s image in the minds of target people.
  • Public relations help to improve the positioning of brand in the market (Huang, Backman and Backman, 2012). This promotional tool will help Weymouth to highlight its tourist destination and the famous point with regard to tourism.
  • Public relation helps in influencing people to visit to a certain destination. This activity will help Weymouth as the PR expert will convince people and tourist about the importance of Weymouth as a seas side tourist destination.
  • PR and promotional activities are done in a manner that the tourist behaviour can be manipulated to achieve the tourist agencies target (Raj and Morpeth, 2007). PR expert will generate this behaviour for the benefit to attract more tourism activities in the city.
  • Roles and importance of public relations; is effective in building the brand image of tourist destination.

Analysis of stakeholders of Visit Britain

Stakeholder analysis of VisitBritain is important to determine the needs and requirements of tourists. To generate maximum output with the tourism, it is important to maintain healthy relation with the stakeholders. The stakeholders can be divided into two dynamic i.e. internal and external. Following points describe the relevance of stakeholders towards tourism and tourists writings

Shareholder- Theses Stakeholders of VisitBritain have decision making power. as they invest their money into share and debentures of company. It is important for the firm to include them in the decision making process (Stakeholder Engagement. 2015). Shareholders can provide feedbacks to promote promotional activity as they have idea about the market trends.

Employees- They do not have any power in the decision making. Employees are generally paid individuals who work for monetary benefit and do not seek any advantage in company. Employee participation is important as they work as the representatives of organization. They deal with the clients and other members to generate revenue for Britain. They can communicate with the tourists regarding their queries and information they need.

External Stakeholders

Customer- To gain maximum customer support, it is important to understand the needs of tourists. Brochures guide the tourists about various information requirements. Customers are important as they bring revenue to company. To create new promotional tools for PR, organization has to understand the customer base and tourist traffic.

Government- Government plays an important role in the formulation of policies and rules. Company has to adhere with these rules and regulations in order to successfully run its business (Yuksel and Voola, 2010). Government provides various supports including investment and technological help to the firm. Government help is essential in generating international tourism.

Analysis of diversity of current visitors

Current tourist coming to Weymouth has a diversified honour in relation to tourism. Different types of tourists from all around the world prefer to travel to Weymouth for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The current tourists visiting the tourism destination i.e. Weymouth can be categorised in the following types-

  • Domestic Tourist- Domestic tourist from places like London, Edinburgh, Wales etc. prefer travelling to Weymouth for its natural and calm environment (Quintal and Polczynski, 2010). Domestic tourists prefer for an overnight stay in Weymouth for their holiday or short trips.
  • Education Tourism- Students from around Australia and other countries of the world choose Weymouth as a tourism destination due to its popularity and #rising development in research and training institutions.
  • Business Tourism- Business tourist especially from Southampton, Bristol and London travel Weymouth for business visits (Williams and Fidgeon, 2000). These cities are near to the tourist destination, it is easy to travel to Weymouth for business work.

Analysis of diversity of potential visitors

The potential tourist expected to Weymouth can be international tourist and adventure junkies. Weymouth has great expectations for the coming season in terms of tourism. Tourism generates great jobs and earning to benefit the economy of Weymouth. Weymouth's expectation is from the international and business tourists.

  • International Tourist- The tourism industry of Australia is getting benefited through international tourists. Tourists from US, China and Asia prefer to travel to Australia. Being the part of Australia, Weymouth has potential to attract international tourists to generate profitability of the destination. Weymouth has potential due to its rich culture and beautiful beaches (Trends. 2007). PR activity must have to formulate in order to generate more tourists for the destination.
  • Adventure Tourism- Youth and young age people are more interested in destination that offers adventurous spot to them. Weymouth has great opportunity to generate adventure junkies to the destination (Postma, 2015). Beaches, Surfing, tracking spots and underwater diving are very famous in the destination.

Apart from international and adventure, there is a lot of scope for Weymouth in attracting tourists to the destinations.

Promotional skills to travel and tourism context

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Public relation skills:

Creativity- In VisitBritain boosting the tourism visibility innovative ideas can be used such as, action of the organization will be interconnected with other business activities (e.g. car rentals, hotel services, etc.). This innovative idea can increase the the range of public relation. Green business practices, are widely regulated within VisitBritain is another good idea to follow (Becker, 2013).

Communication skills and writing skills - The tourism industry is extremely dynamic and companies need to apply proper PR skill to position themselves and to make their services observable to the public through the media. VisitBritain can select candidate those having good communication skills. As these skills iare used in making company's websites, social networks and blogs in PR and they are able to relay their messages to their target audiences.

Promotional skills are:

Active Listening - in travel company like VisitBritain, active listening is the main promotional skill. Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times is the main aim of this skill (Hall, Timothy and Duval, 2012).

Analysis of VisitBritain in Weymouth.

Political factors – In Weymouth travelling affects by government’s taxation policies and decision about the increasing the petrol prices have affected the buying power of the individuals. This in turn affects the travel agencies like VisitBritain.

Economical factors- Economic issues such as unemployment, less labour force in Weymouth affects mainly on travel agencies like VisitBritain (Standing, Tang-Taye and Boyer, 2014).

Social factors- New trend of online booking of tickets and easy access have become very common developing in the Australia. Change in lifestyle and preferences have highly affected the online travel agency. According to statistics, thousands of household online were recorded in

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