LCB Tour Operation Management


Tour operation management is a crucial element of hospitality industry. It is a dynamic and service driven industry and needs deliver great products and high quality customer service. To understand this concept company, LCB tour is being selected. The company has headquarter in Malaysia. It plans the various domestic tours like Malaysia Island and Resort Island. The also plans the international tours in various destinations like Japan, China and Vietnam etc. As main focus of this report is to know impact of present and recent trends and development on the tour operation sector of travel and tourism sectors. This assignment covers various topics like understanding of tour operator industry within travel and tourism, the stages which involved in creating holidays, brochures. Apart from this the methods of distribution used to sell holidays is being discussed. And different types of strategic and tactical decision making for tour operators has been explained.

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Evaluation of Planning Decision Taken for the Design of Selected Brochure

Brochure: Brochure is a medium of advertisement or tool to communicate about the products and services of company to customers. This is helpful in creating the awareness about the company's offering to customers. The brochure is like a small book or magazine which contains attractive pictures and other information about company's products and services (Alonso-Almeida and, 2018). The LCB can make this brochure to create awareness among people and attract those people for rendering services of company. To make brochure there are certain elements which needs to analysed these are as follows:

Cost: Cost is the expense which is incurred on buying or making of products and services. The company can design its brochure in magnolia look-book . This is an unique book which has a minimal, feminine aesthetic and 20 elegant page designs. The cost of this is around GBP 15. There will be coloured printing and LCB logo will also be there on brochure. Around 15000 copied would be printed at initially. The company can distributes its brochures in shopping mall, garden and other crowded area.

Format: As there will be three fold in brochure which will contain all relevant information about company.

Target Market and Budget: The target person would be youngster who loves travelling and the retired persons. The budget for one brochure is around GBP 15 (Page, 2014).

Print Specifications: The font size would be 16 so one can easily read the information. The purisa font style would be followed. The different types of destinations will be printed to attract customers.

Timescales and stages of production: As the launching of brochure would be around on 10th of December because its near about time of Christmas and new year when people used to love travel. The LCB would give the order for production to those who would print at lower cost.

Suitability of Alternatives to a Traditional Brochure

In today's time technology is being used in every business. So design of brochure also changes according to time, demand and technology. There are various types of brochure which can used by LCB, these are as follows:

E-brochure: E-brochure is an electronic form of brochure which is used by companies now days. It can be directly read from smartphones, tablets and desktop. The LCB can use this brochure as it is an easy to use for customers. And it can be access from anywhere (KhannaSuki, 2014).

Smartphone Applications: There are various different kind of applications which are available online. The LCB can use these application to design the brochure.

Outdoor media ( Billboards, tube, Tfl busses): The billboards are those which placed next to traffic highways and in non urban areas also to create awareness. As people can see the information easily while driving or waiting in traffic. It can be used by LCB as it is a cost effective tool and cover large audience.

Internet: Internet is a great platform to promote products and services. As almost every person uses the internet so it covers large population. The LCB can use this method to promote products and services at large.

Social Media: Social media is most effective platform for promotion of products and services. As LCB can use this medium like Facebook, Instagram and twitter etc. to communicate their brochure information to public.

Radio/TV Advertising: The radio and TV can be used by LCB to share the information of brochure to the public.

Press: Press includes newspaper and magazines, it can be used by LCB to communicate the information to the public (Hughes, Convey and Huiskes, 2014).

Travel Fairs: The world trade market is a event which is held at UK for the travel and tourism industry.

The LCB can take participate in this event and can share their brochure at large group of persons.

These are the ways to communicate information of brochures to large audience, it can be used by LCB (Scarles, 2016).

Different Method of Distribution to Sell a Holiday

There are various methods to sell a holiday package which can be used by LCB, these are as follows:

Direct Distribution: Direct distribution in related with directly selling of products and services in the market without use of any third party. This is used when company directly sell to the customers. It can be used by LCB for selling of their holiday packages. As there is no need to pay any commission to third party.

Two level Distribution: This is a two level distribution which includes a wholesaler and retailers in the chain. The LCB can use this method, as it will help company to reach more number of customers.

Through social network website: This is an online platform for selling products and services. With help of this, company can reach to the large people. The LCB can use this channel as it is cost effective and covers large area to sell products and services (Björk, 2014).

Government Website: The government website is used to create and design for regional, local and national government so that the information can be communicated and vital information for operations.

Online Travel Agencies: This is a platform which is engaged in selling of products and services to consumers. LCB is a travel and tourism company, which is required to evaluate price of ticket and analysis of various business forms. This assist in deciding price of ticket and allow them discounts.

Review Sites: Reviewing site is related with where the review of products, businesses, services are posted. The site provides helps in better management and control.

Voucher Site: These types of websites are formed to assist tourist and helps to be aware with financial changes with various solution and aspects.

Evaluation of Strategic Decisions Made by Different Types of Tour Operators

Strategic decisions are those which determines the direction of business which will be followed in future. As these decisions are taken by the top level management in company. The various decisions are made by LCB, are as follows:

Pricing Decisions: Pricing strategy is method which is used by companies to give a certain price to their products and services. As the penetration pricing method is used by LCB, they want to provide affordable prices services to the customers initially then they will penetrate market slowly slowly (Nicholas and Steyn, 2017).

Surcharge Policy: The surcharge policy means a charge which is included in products and services of company. This policy imposed extra charges for customers apart from the they paid for package. As it is charge between of when they book ticket and when they travel.

Positioning and branding: Positioning refers to the claiming a position in the pre set market for company's products and services. This is important for LCB to claim their position in market for their services. Branding or brand image is very helpful in claiming a position in the market. The brand name creates a positive effect in the mind of consumers (Caponeed, 2015).

Choice of product in relation to customer portfolio: Customer portfolio is the need or demand which customers want to get fulfilled. As LCB should provide those products and services which are in customer portfolio. It will help company to increase the market share.

Distribution Decisions: This is related with company's strategic vision and mission. The LCB should take some decisions which is related with visitors information system, daily deals sites and online travel agencies.

Comparison of Tactical Decisions Which Could be Taken by a Selected Tour Operator in Different Situations

The tactical decisions is decision which related to implement the strategic decisions. This decision is taken by the top and middle level management of organisations. The various tactical decisions can be taken by LCB tours are as follows:

Tactical Pricing

Tactical Marketing

This is a strategy which used by company for short period of time when the enter new in market. In this tactics the company lower down the prices of products and services to overcome its competitors (Le-Klaehn and Hall, 2015).

Tactical marketing is an act which is used by company to marketing of a product.

As when there was inflation in economy then LCB operators use different pricing tactics like decrease in price of their services so more number of customer can be attracted.

The LCB used different marketing techniques like advertisement of their products and services on various platforms to generate more sales.

As company has used the pricing tactics for customers like they provided discount packages and odd value pricing to customers.

With the help of promotional budgeting LCB has promoted their products and services. This helps the company to make aware people about their products and services.

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In the conclusion, it can be said that it is necessary to develop an effective holiday plan for attracting consumers. As with the help of proper planning company can perform their operations smoothly. To develop a plan it necessary to have analysis of current and recent market trends. The evaluation of different methods of contracting for holiday trip is very important. As brochure play a vital role in communicating information to general public. The different types of pricing and marketing is used by companies to sustain in the market.

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