EVRE5017 - Tourist Destination Assignment


Travel and tourism industry is contributing a lot towards economic as well as social development of nation. Tourism includes the several travelling activities conducted by the traveller or people for variety of purpose. It also includes task of visiting some new place for purpose of recreation, profession or any other casual reason. Tourism activities can take place at domestic as well as international level. During the year 2010-2011 tourism  has made  major  as well as important contribution towards economic development of United nation. Destination is the important part of tourism on the basis of which travel companies attract visitors. Destination is also considered to be as essential factors which has direct and great influence on the choice of visitors. There are several destinations word wide which  motivates people to travel. Destination or tourist attraction is recognised as a place where people visit, specially for its integral or showing natural or cultural value, historical importance, natural or built beauty, offering relaxation and entertainment

The purpose of the assignment is to analyse  main tourist destination. It also has focus on identifying the current trend and determining the future trend in tourism industry.  Report also have emphasizes on evaluating the way characteristics of tourism destination affects its appeal.

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Task 1

1.1 Analysing main tourist destination as well as generators of world  in context of visitors number and income generation

Tourism of  attractive as well as popular destination can be categorised into two these are domestic and global tourism. In context of United Kingdom , international tourist includes the number of visitors or people  visiting destination in UK. Global tourism helps in generating the income for the nation. It also contributes to the social as well as economic development of the country. Domestic tourism includes overnight or day trips made by people  residing in same nation. It is also considered to be as the significant aspects of  tourism. During 2009-2010  domestic tourism has supported nation in generating the high revenue. Tourism sector in United kingdom, is also contributing a lot towards generation of employment opportunities for local people (Gafter and Tchetchik, 2017)

The three destinations such as France , Germany and United states are considered to be as the most popular place. Further, among all three destinations, France is liked or preferred to be as most attractive destination where most of the visitors visit  for holidays, recreational and business purpose. France has represented approximately 12 percent  of the inbound visitors. This is the destination which has gain the popularity worldwide with the approximately  82.6 million people or visitors  from other countries  each year. There are several destinations in France  which attract as well as influence visitors to visit France such as  Lyon, The Alpine mountains,  Picturesque French villages , ski resorts , beaches etc. The destination I France is also recognised as Home to 37 UNESCO world heritage place. This specific destination has  high universal value. Since last few years. Tourism, industry has been contributing approximately 9.6 % to gross domestic product of France. At this destination , travel and tourism sector  has supported government in generation of high revenue which has then utilised by the legal authority of making the improvement in various destinations in France. Major portion or ration of revenue is generated by the domestic tourism. It is required by Travel companies in France to develop some attractive policies and develop their focus on formulating  marketing strategy for promoting destination , goods or services at international level. 

After France, united states is considered to be as the worlds second the largest most attractive place. The destination in united states has attracted the international visitors. There are several attractive cities in United states such as Los Angeles , New york etc. which influence people to visit United states. Some attractive  destinations in US are Yellowstone National park,Yellowstone National park, Alaska subarctic wonders , national parks etc. Travel and tourism sector  has contributed a lot towards generation of employment in the nation. Visitors those who are visiting United states mainly belongs to country such as  United kingdom, Mexico and Canada. During 2014, approximately 74.7 million people has visited destination and government in the nation has able to generate $2.4 million Us dollar from the tourism activities. 

China is the another but third attractive destination in the world. Few attractive places in China are  Shaolin temple, Great Wall,  Huangguoshu waterfalls , The fiver Sacred Mountains and several other places. In china during the year 2014, approximately 54.5  people were attracted towards destination and visited the places in China. Foreign exchange earning of China during 2010 was determined  approximately 44.9 US dollar. 

Italy is also  recognised as dream destination. This place consists of  several  UNESCO world heritage sites .There also exit  innumerable cultural artefacts, archaeological land site from Roman Empire. Italy has ranked as the fifth among the most visited destination globally. Some destination in Italy such as Florence  and Rome has greatly influenced visitors. Every place in the Italy has unique attractions in context of food, infrastructure, history , culture etc. During 2014 approximately 48.5 million people has visited Italy and tourism acuities has contributed a lot towards economic development of nation. 

1.2 Analysing the statistics for determining tourism destination trends as well as future trends

Calculating the average expenditure made by government in Tourism activities in United Kingdom as compared to the Asia and Europe.

It has been analysed by conducting the research that there has been tremendous improvement in  living standard of  citizen in United kingdom during last few years. Tourism activities has supported the nation in achieving success and fostering growth. Due to the favourable economic condition in the nation, there has been  increase in the level of income. This is the reason the people in the country has positive attitude towards tourism. People are spending their income on the travelling for variety of purpose such as relaxation , studying abroad, religious purpose and fore leisure. Earlier people used to travel only for business or religious purpose. But with the passage of time , and increase in the facilities provided by travel companies like Virgin holiday company, visitors were influenced to travel for other purpose as well. There has been the growth in other aspects of tourism. Travel organisation has introduced various attractive holiday packages for motivating people to travel. Earlier only the transportation facilities were provided by tour operators company but with the development in an industry , organisation has able to offers visitors with additional facilities as well such as food , accommodation, entertainment etc.

There are primarily three destination places that are being preferred more by visitors as compared to other attractive places. These destinations are located in France, Italy, Spain, china and Turkey these are the five attractive places in United Kingdom. The increased number of visitors leads to income generation for the country and it helps country in becoming developed. Unique destination characteristics has enabled nation to gain competitive advantage. The total contribution made by tourism activities towards the gross domestic product in France is recognised as approximately s Euro 80.76bn , during 2016 it was 3.64 % contribution made by income earned through tourism to the Gross domestic product. There has been further growth is expected in contribution made by tourism sector towards economic development of nation.

The straightforward part of tour and travel commercial enterprise signal the internal spending on tour and travel (gross amount of investment made by government, residents and non-resident people in development of tourism or improvement of destinations) (Hall, 2012)



 Tourist arrivals From other countries (2016)

Global tourist arrival (2017)

Gross revenues

in 2016 (in USD milion)

Gross receipts in 2017








United states























As per the present tourism trend in United kingdom , travel companies in European are concerned about  tourist accommodation occupancy, this has been calculated on the basis of the number of night spend in hotel , lodge etc. by tourists at particular destination. Tour operators and  other travel organisation are also concerned about the several problems related to the sustainability. It has been analysed from the present trend in tourism that visitors or tourist have high level of expectation from travel companies. In addition to this demographic as well as geographic factors plays important role in inspiring people to make choice for travelling and visit specific location. Advancement in technology has allowed travel organisations to improve their services and provide customers with additional facilities such as online booking etc. It has enabled business entities to manage their business in systematic manner. Technology is nowadays used by travel enterprises for promoting goods , services as well as destination. It has enabled an organisation to reach wide number of customer both at domestic and international level. It has been analysed that in future the growth in tourism will be continued >in addition to this there will be the major development will take place in the sectors such as transportation and hotel  associated with the tourism (Gartner,2006)


2.1 Analysing culture, social and physical features of tourist destinations 

The tourism has direct as well as significant effect on the culture, society etc. It has both positive and adverse impact on the culture , society, environment etc. In context of destination,  there can be the combination of positive and negative impact of tourism in context of destinations.

London has been chosen as  tourist destination on the ground of which analysis of cultural, social and physical feature will be executed in order to acquire knowledge  about appeal made by these factors for the tourist visiting London.

London is recognised as the most popular and attractive destination in United kingdom. It is also considered to be as most visited place which has high potential to attract domestic as well as global tourist. It has been determined by analysing the previous year record that approximately 5800 visitors or people  has visited the country and that has contributed to approximately 11 million dollars towards Domestic economy. Tourism is contributing towards both social and economic development of nation. This is the sector which has provided the major source of income generation by the government in the country. Revenue earned in the form of taxes are then utilised by  legal authority for supporting the growth of tourism as well improvement of destination. By analysing the data or information of last few years , it has been analysed that spending made by the government in development of different destinations has surpassed the receipts yield by tourism sector in London.

Several benefits has also been gained by society through tourism. One of the major advantage is employment opportunities gained by local people which has enabled them to improve their living standards. For example, destination in London have peaceful environment , people prefer to visit such place for relation. This peaceful environment has supported London in making appeal to tourist for visiting.

Tourism act as reward for local community and make them feel proud on their achievement by developing and facilitating tourism activities in their nation. It also supports other industries in fostering business growth , achieving success , increasing profitability and sale.

Tourism sector has also provisioned domestics people seasonal  employment. Solving several social problems such as unemployment by providing  temporary job that might attract tourist to visit such place for respective purpose such as for education, convention, business , job opportunities  and leisure. Tourism industry is considered to be as the major contributor in bringing the improvement in societies. This sector has been involved in bringing social equality in the nation. Tourism allows cross-cultural interaction, and improvement of whole culture of the tourism destination. It also provides tourist an opportunity to get familiarise with other culture and learn to respect the feeling of other. Travel companies are more concerned about ensuring  that there is proper conservation and preservation of the ancient heritage destinations, which is not at all possible without the promotion of tourism (Lawton and Weaver, D ,2006)

Tourism sector has assisted the nation in promoting the culture. It has also helped  in generating the awareness about  dressing and behavioural values at international level the tourism activities also have significant effect on environment. Some of the impact of tourism  on  environment are increase in threat to culture, high chances of wastage of resources,  pollution , rise in population etc. Tourism, have direct as well as significant effect on the culture. It has played active role in enhancing the culture.

The Physical component of tourism destination like London involve presence of attractive places such as tower of London, London Eye and Buckingham palace make high appeal tourist to visit the nation. The destination has variety of resources which has travel enterprise to deliver varieties of facilities to visitors and enable them to gain memorable experience (Mbaiwa,2004)

2.2 Comparing the features of developing as well developed tourist destinations

There are certain grounds on the basis of comparison can be made between the features of developed as well as developing location. Some physical features are destination management, infrastructure,  destination management, objective of tourism etc. There intense level of competition in the tourism market. Other developing countries such as India, Brazil, and Thailand etc. Tourism in United kingdom is totally dependent on ancient culture, heritage tourism resources (Boniface, Cooper and Cooper,2012 

Basis of comparison



Cultural features

flooded of custom where the traditions can be seen in the society.

different cultures

Social features

the acceptance is restricted to definite degree.

This destination has vast acceptance for the various cultures as well as  religions.

Physical feature

Chitwan National park, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu,  are some atractive places in Nepal.

Some attractive destination in UK are Edinburgh,Holkham Bay,

Environmental feature

Continuous occurrence of disaster has badly as well as negatively effected the tourism, .

Peaceful , warm  and favourable environment in the nation has influenced peopled to visit united kingdom.

Economic feature

Slow economic growth .The reason for this is occurrence of natural disasters.

This destination has full control on the utilisation of financial resources. Economic development in the nation is taken place at rapid rate.

Technological features

Tourism sector in Nepal is still based on the use of man power

Uk , travel companies are utilising the technology for improving quality their services

Legal feature

The crime rate is high due to less strict legislations.

The crime rate at the several destinations in United kingdom is low, due to strict norms.

3.1 Comparing the appeal of current leading tourist destination with that of developing destination

UK is considered to be as the most popular , attractive as well as leading destinations in the world. There has been approximately 27.9 million tourist visit nation for the purpose of business , relaxation and leisure. Virgin holiday is recognised as an organisation which is operating in tourism sector.

Nepal is most attractive as well as beautiful destination which is located in North America. There are some placers which attracts tourist such as cloud forest reserves in which there are variety species of flora as well as fauna. In addition to this there are number of other places where tourist can visit such as Antonio national park, , Drake bay, Corcovado which is national park, etc. (Dwyer, Čorak and Tomljenović,2017)

Comparison of two different destinations

Both  places such as United kingdom and Nepal have  great biodiversity as well as unique land structure. Nepal destination is the place which is preferred by the people those who are interested in exploring the exotic places. This destination consists of  beautiful beaches , variety of flora or fauna. Nepal place are liked  by the people belonging to other country (global visitors).On the other hand,  most of the domestic people visit at different destinations. This destination is mainly preferred to be visited by those people who are interested in exploring the beauty of nature. United kingdom consists of those place which is surrounded by  mountains , laves as well as have unique or attractive features.

Culture in Spain has great as well as major influence on the cultural factors of UK. This destination has unique culture  which is based on the concept of human kind. This feature of the place has made destination more appealing as well as different from other location. It has also provided nation an opportunity to differentiate itself from other culture and has supported in gaining competitive advantage .Tradition in the united kingdom has played a major as well as important role in attracting more number of tourist. In addition to this united kingdom, also consists of historical monuments which has able to inspire people to travel.

Transportation system or facilities in Nepal  is very poor .There is ineffective infrastructure such as  bad  conditions of roads, which give rise to major accidents. On the other hand, United kingdom has effective transportation system and attractive infrastructure. In nepal crime rates are high. Whereas , in united Kingdom there is low crime rate.

United kingdom has achieved the position of 9 in context of favour  environment. On the other hand, Nepal is at 5 th place according to global ranking.

It has been analysed that developed countries have more unique e features which allows nations to inspire both domestic and international tourist for visiting particular destination (Khairat and Maher, 2017)

3.2 Evaluating the way characteristics of tourist destinations impact its appeal

The effect of tourism is multi faced that contributes to making complicated plan for developing and managing tourism activities.

There are several variables which are important to be considered when comparing the features of tourist destination which has effects  it appeals to the visitors visiting specific destination. Some constituents are:

Publicity and Sales: Promotion and sales activities have  both affirmative and counter effect on tourism industry or business.

Crime rate:This variable have direct as well as significant influence on behaviour and choice of visitors related to specific destination. United Kingdom is recognised  as safest country in  context of criminal activities. But there are some places in London where pick pocketers targets visitors, such as Oxford street, Brighton resort and Bournemouth resort. Etc.

On the basis of Development: In UK government contribute a lot  for providing quality services and facilities to tourist. Function of legal authority in the nation is to provide high safety as well as security to people visiting the country. The different services that are offered  by higher authorities are information about destination, guide in order to help tourist in overcoming their language barrier, maps, etc.

Economic Elements: These component have affirmative and destructive consequence on tourism sector. Increase inflation, adverse exchange rates and increasing cost of infrastructure in United Kingdom may decrease the investment in important fields such as Healthcare and education. These elements may have great impact on the demand for tourism products and services.

Political instability: Act of terrorism a and Riots might give rise to the high risk  for people visiting in nation. This factor has direct as well as significant impact on the growth of tourism sector (Bruwer and Joy,2017 )

Task 4

4.1 Analysing the issues which have impact on the popularity of tourist destinations

There are several issues which have direct as well as significant impact or influence on popularity of a tourist destination. These problems determine the level of appeal a destination is making for attracting the tourist for visiting at particular destination. Some of the major issues are :

Change in condition of environment :These variables plays important role in influencing people to visit at particular destination. Change in condition of weather has direct effect on the health of tourist. It might have both positive and counter impact on the tourist places.

occurrence of natural disaster: These factors have direct as well as significant effect on the tourism activities organised by tour operators at particular destination. Occurrence of natural disaster has significant impact on the popularity of destination. It has great influence on the choice of people related to travelling.

Political factors :Political issues ore instability in the nation  creates a situation of war or riots in a country which harms the interest of the tourists as these problems results in closure of the areas of the place. It also leads to high level of  threat to safety or security of people at particular destination (Armenski, Dwyer and Pavluković, 2017)

4.2 Identifying  potential for responsible tourism to enhance the host community at

Global Tourist Destinations

The responsible tourism means making the destinations safe as well as secure for the intention of making it liveable for the local people and also for the visitors. Responsible tourism. has resulted into decrease negative effect of tourism on economic, social and environmental at a destination. It assists a tourist destination by making it a better place for the intention of tourism as well. It is supported by certain principles which are making the culture of a place understandable for the visitors, giving respect and being sensitive towards the people hosting the tour as well as  to not provide any damage  the destinations where tourist is visiting. Virgin Holidays is contributing a lot towards generation of employment in nation. Virgin holiday company is participating in several programmes which has been organised for the welfare of society. This activity has helped business entity in gaining the loyalty of customers. It has also enabled firm to develop as well as maintain healthy relationship with customers (Day, 2017)Responsible tourism include approach  Identifying  potential for responsible tourism to enhance the host community at global tourist destinations. Tourism industry in UK have understanding as well as realisation about their roles and responsibility towards society>travel companies in UK and Nepal are highly committed towards environmental aspects and the integration of the local people in the activities for tourist development. Responsible tourism in UK and Nepal has able to cater the needs of tourist as well as the host region and at the same time protecting and enhancing the opportunities in future. Overall the responsible tourism will benefit Nepal  and UK by

  • Minimizing the negative economic, social and environment effect
  • Generating economic benefit for the local people and also enhance the services and facilities being offered to the tourists
  • Delivered satisfaction of tourists 


Project has concluded that destination plays important part in attracting the tourists. Study has highlighted the several factors which has direct as well as significant impact on the appeal as well as  popularity of the tourist destination. Assignment has also concluded that United Kingdom is considered to be as one of the prim or leading  tourism receiving nation and London is among the better cities accountable for inflow of tourists.  It has also been concluded from the report that there has been tremendous growth in the tourism and major as well as positive changes has taken place in the industry. Study has also successfully explained that  there is lot of difference in the appeal of developing and developed countries.

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