Role of Social Policy in Development

Social Policy Introduction

Social policy Introduction refers to the study of various societal services along with the welfare state. It creates a relationship between the social welfare and politics. In every country social developments are controlled and shaped by social policies, and provisions ensuring the wellbeing of the society and progress in a desired direction (Baldock and et.al., 2011).

The present study consists of significant historical and contemporary landmarks with respect to the social welfare provisions in UK. Along with it, the file also consists of origins of these policies, impact of public policies on users and social care services and recent developments in these care policies. In the end, conclusion is explained with the key findings.

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Outline of significant historical and contemporary landmarks in social policy

Social Policy:

The policy within the political and governmental setting and applied to various areas for the social welfare is known as Social policy. The individual’s well-being is said to be a major purpose of this policy (What is social policy, 2016). It is all about to what the UK government attempts to do for solving the causes of social problems. This policy helps in determining the social and economic well-being of the individuals. The central government substantially directs activities of government in a unitary state of United Kingdom (Ehrenreich, 2014).

Distinguish social policy from organizational policy

Organisational Policy:

When an organization, institution or a society selects the course or method from alternative options for determining the future and current decisions, it is called Organizational Policy. It is not comprised of administration within organization’s body or internal policy relating to the corporation (Alcock, 2014).

Social Policy:

When government forms policies for the social welfare of the human beings is called as Communal Policy. The major difference between both kinds of policies is of the developers. The social policy decisions are taken with the involvement of government. The targets and goals set regarding the development of policy are for solving the issues of the society for national and social welfare cause. The UK government highly participates in developing such policies (Farnsworth and Irving, 2011).

Impact of the changes in Ideological approach since 1945 on contemporary social policies

After the changes in ideological approach, there are various changes that takes place in UK's contemporary policies. There were numerous significant landmarks focused on the individual’s’ welfare in UK during the period of 1900 to 1945. When the 20th century started, Great Britain was ruling over a large part of this earth. However, by 1945 when the Second World War ended, its supreme authority was challenged in various parts of the world. The political ideology of Great Britain has been highly affected after significant changes in the ideological approach in 1945. These changes had the positive impacts on the overall politics in UK (Chung and Thewissen, 2011).

British underwent enormous social changes immediately after the end of World War II. The reformation of the main institutions i.e. road traffic, railway and mining are provided by the New Labour Government. The issue of welfare state in United Kingdom has formed in the face of influential document and William Beveridge was the chairman of this project. Social policies associate with income, maintenance, employment and benefits, health, housing and social services. The post war social policy has been based on shared services, housing, health, employment, benefits, income and maintenance (O'Keeffe and Clarke-Pearson, 2011).

Processes involved in the development of a key Act of Parliament

The new law or changes existing are created by the Act of Parliament. The House of Lords and House of Commons approved this act and made it accepted by the reigning monarchy. The key developments in the Act of Parliament has an important clause of ideological issues. The major points included in it were community values, family, testing and targeting, eligibility and poverty. In development and implementation of social policy, there is an important role which the institutions, UK-based parliament and neighbouring countries play. The overall success of this Act has become possible due to involvement of Parliament. Many Countries that are actually the part of Europe have supported this act. Along with them, local government has also participated to reduce the poverty and provide good community values to the people in UK. Therefore, there was higher involvement of Local ministries in it. The devolved government had also paid attention for making successful developments in this act. The role they play are actually focused on specific issues (Popa, 2012).

Evaluation of different influences on the development of social policy

There are various factors which influences the development of social policy along with ideologies.  The pressure Groups and Sources has highly influenced this policy by making it attention-grabbing act. The campaign for the development of the social policy, made it highly famous in different neighbouring regions. In addition to this, medial also influence the development of social policy. Media had given full coverage to this act to make people aware about it in UK. At that time, there were few Television channels operating in the country. However, the reporting of the news was in a quite great manner. Media has always played the best role in portraying the UK-based government in a right manner. It was a time when newspapers were highly followed by the people to get political news. They had relied more on the newspapers instead of Television news. Therefore, many of the newspapers had been sold on daily basis during the developments in Parliament Act in UK. Another major influence is due to the service users. Their role is small but plays essential role in the development of the social policy for the welfare of the society. The administrators are also a game changer for the parliament’s act. Therefore, this act has become household name in all over the UK. The influence of administrators develops great success of this Parliament’s Act (Rafferty and Wiggan, 2011).

Implementation of social policies by organizations and practitioners

The social policies are implemented by the organisations and practitioners in the following manner.

  • The implementation by arm’s length organization and require practice changes on part different segments are the policies created by the government. The team in this form a telecast in which different individuals discusses different aspects to implement social policy. The practitioners also focused on developing these policies by consulting with others. The social policies must be implemented by keeping all the points under consideration.
  • The implementation of social policy becomes possible only when an organization keep the requirements of people under consideration. Acute Care Services is one of the firms in UK that faced different problems in implementing social policy (Arvidson and Lyon, 2014).
  • There are some workable ways that leads to successful implementation of social policies. These approaches should be kept under consideration before implementation. The Top-Down Approach, Principle-Agent Theory and Bottom-Up Approach are necessary to be followed to fight with certain problems in social policy implementation.

Sometimes, the sudden incidents or any other unexpected happening lead to extension of implementing of such policy. In this way, the people who look for getting some benefits have to wait for some more time. The barriers and characteristics in the way of implementing social policy always create a trouble for the people. It also can be the reason of getting some modifications and amendments in the clauses of a social policy.

All in all, the groups that suffer from social policy implementation should take proper attention from the government. In this way, there would be equal distribution of rights among the different groups of people. (Wang, 2012)

Measurement of impact of social policy on users of health and social care services

The impact of social policy on users of health and societal care services can be measured in the following manner. They are:

  • The statistical survey, research on it, service user’s feedback and many other options can help in identifying the user. In any successful economy, the records of users of social and health services are kept safely. Whatever policy has been developed by the government, it must be made available for all the users (Jones and Bouffard, 2012).  
  • In measuring impact of broader strategies, the difficulties that can be faced by the people to measure it properly.  First of all, the social policy needs to be measured through finding statistics. The main issue is to find proper stats so to know the actual impact of social policy.
  • The social policies behind individuals and organizational roles are to make right decisions. As an organization, the policies are developed by many people. On the other hand, the individual-based policies are developed without consulting others. In the organizational roles, the social policies are developed according to the combined consultation (Dean, 2014).

Evaluation of a recent development in health & social care policy

The recent development in health and social care policy is welfare reform act, 2002 which is explained below.

Welfare Reform Act 2002:

In UK’s Parliament, the Welfare Reform Act, 2012 have important place. The British Social Security System offers number of benefits. The legislation’s main elements included in this act are changes to child support, Reforms of Employment and Support Allowance, Changes to Social Fund, Introduction of Universal Credit and Stronger penalties of Fraud. The Health and Social Care Act, 2012 is also an example that shows properly designed social policy with full implementation. The Health and Social Care ministry in the country remain highly active to provide proper services to the people. This Act has been modified after few months as per the current condition of health and social care (Baldock and et.a

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