Unit 16 Nursing Assignment London School of Science


Nursing is considered as one of those professions in the health and social care industry that deals with providing proper care and support to individuals suffering along with their families, guardians, etc. (Peter, 2002). Present report is discussing about the case study of John Nash. Although, the movie made on him was not meant to seem a literal representation but it involved various number of factors such as criticism. John Nash was one of the brilliant professors of journalism in the Colombia University. Also, John was suffering from Schizophrenia because of which he had to face variety of factors which impacted much negative on his life such as criticism.

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John was one of the very popular professors having a wide knowledge of various factors. Also, along with this, John had received Nobel Prize for succeeding in economics and mathematics. But the fact which is to be ensured here is that John was homosexual and because of this reason, he has been expelled from RAND. He was active enough as he was working with the RAND Corporation as well. But because of the fact of being homosexual, he was expelled from same. Although John never admitted the fact that he was homosexual but Nasar knows about it. John was genius enough but he was struggling with many factors such as firing from RAND and dealing with Schizophrenia on a daily basis. Schizophrenia is considered as a situation when the person goes through a mental disorder in which the person may lose his/her control to understand the things and also about analysing the situations. The person can also act short tempered to an extent in this situation such that they even do not realise themselves what they are doing.

Before Schizophrenia, his life was better as at that time only, he received a Nobel Prize and he was known for his genuineness in the university. When John and a colleague of him realised that from a few days, John was getting angry on even small topics and he was not like this before. Then, his colleague took him to the practitioner where they got to realise that John was suffering from Schizophrenia. Before that, he was active enough and enjoyable as it was clearly observed from his behaviour in university. So, some factors which may be termed responsible for causing Schizophrenia is his firing from RAND and the criticism he received from people for his homosexuality. So, it can be analysed as well that homosexuality and then firing from the university can be termed as the major reasons for causing Schizophrenia. In this situation, the person loses their ability to understand and analyse the factors, but goes through an extreme rate of short temper.

Although, there are many interventions that could have helped John if it has been realised before that he was suffering from Schizophrenia. One of the well-known examples of this can be considered as the involvement of Schizophrenia interventions which include pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, etc. There are some drugs available in the market that can actually help in the initial phase of Schizophrenia and this is known as Pharmacotherapy. Antipsychotic medications are being given in this such as olanzapine. In Schizophrenia, usually some very common symptoms include hallucinations. So, the basic purpose of giving these drugs is to make sure that the individual may not feel any sort of hallucination because it can actually cause a fear or threat in the mind of the person which can cause further complications as well. Therefore, these medicines are recommended in the previous stage of Schizophrenia. Also, along with these drugs, Psychotherapy is considered as another effective way of providing treatment to the people dealing with Schizophrenia (Alex, 2018).

A major reason why people go through this is the unemployment. As in case of John also, just because he was homosexual, he was expelled from the university. So, it can be considered that this was one of the major reasons why he had Schizophrenia. Another major cause that can be considered as one of the reasons for Schizophrenia is the lack of acceptance by the society. As he was homosexual, he was least accepted by the other population there. Also, because he has been expelled from the university as well. So, this can also be considered as the other major reason for causing Schizophrenia. Therefore, cognitive behavioural theory can also help. It is because; this theory helps in increasing the self-confidence of person by various means. Also, it provides a sort of relief from various symptoms of Schizophrenia. Therefore, it can be used in the initial phase only in order to protect one from the same.


As John was homosexual, so on the basis of misconduct, he has affected the moral grounds because of which he was depressed enough. Also, while the treatment of John as well, as he was homosexual, so he was not receiving a proper amount of support from anyone. So, these can be considered as the ethical issues that occurred at the time of his treatment. Ethical issues are considered as the issues in which the person has to choose a single option out of all the alternatives. During the time of his treatment, various things were going in his mind. He was much aware of fact that he was not accepted because of his homosexuality. So, he was confused enough in his mind that whether he should continue the treatment or not. He was suffering from Schizophrenia in which the person loses his ability to think and understand the difference between right and wrong. Therefore, it makes the situation very complex that John also must be going through the same. So, these can be considered as ethical and legal issues that John gone through during his treatment procedure.

As per the Equality Act 2010, it considers the fact that there should be no sort of discrimination with any person. But as he was homosexual, he was going through a high level of criticism. Discriminating someone on the basis of colour, race, gender, etc. is completely not allowed as per the Equality Act 2010. Also, if someone is found guilty in such kind of actions, then they may have to pay a huge penalty as well. It should be avoided because it actually throws negative impact on the mental ability of the person. So, this can be considered as the difference between what was happening with John.

As per the Mental health Act 2013, it considers all the basic rights for the consumers so that every person whether inside or outside the health and social care can be able to get their rights and they don't have to face any sort of racism or discrimination (Weakland, Haley and Bateson, 2017). Various initiatives have been developed and implemented by the government of Australia in order to resolve all the complications and issues regarding the criticism because of which the people have to face further complications such as depression (Loh, Bhatia and O'Donovan, 2015). Narrow medical paradigm is considered as the process of health care and its operations but that too in a very limited way. It means that there are still various factors and operations that are to be added in the process of the health care.

High rate of competition is increasing day by day in the health care industry. So, there is a need for expanding the rate of operations and services to a huge extent so that a better rate of treatments and procedures can be implemented to provide an efficient set of treatments and services to the patients. Therefore, it further helps in making the whole environment much happier and healthier. The fact that is to be considered here is that John was suffering from schizophrenia and so, some very basic consequences of this includes auditory hallucinations, etc. Also, John must not be able to analyse properly what is happening around him. So, John was being criticised for the fact that he was homosexual. So, this was much visible at the time of his treatment as well. Therefore, this can be well contrasted with person centred approach because in case of the person centred approach, it refers to the fact of providing an efficient set of service delivery and development to the person who is suffering and is in need.

A person centred approach is considered as a way of involving all the essential elements that are required to be provided to patient for providing an efficient and appropriate amount of care and treatment. These elements involve proper care, support, etc. So, it is important to keep the focus on these factors by means of the person centred approach so that quality of treatment is to be provided to John by these means.


Although the whole process of the treatment and recovery of John was quite complicated, but further it resulted in some successful objectives. At the age of 30, he was diagnosed with paranoid Schizophrenia. For some time, his wife was used to take him for regular check-ups in the hospital, but it got so strange that after some time, John even refused to go for further treatments in the health care centres. Because he had Schizophrenia and he was homosexual, he was facing many troubles and because of that, he used to face several illusions etc. like he has lost his job etc. . Also, John and his wife had a divorce as well. Then a colleague of him noticed the symptoms before he was fired from the university. Then they both again went for the diagnosis and treatment. Rather than facing more hallucinations, he was facing a huge amount of delusions. During his treatment procedure, he was undergone a huge number of medications. The current recovery model of health care involves the factors that a proper set of treatment and care is provided to the patient so that they can get better as soon as possible.

Also, there are various other factors as well that need to be ensured by the basic model of the health and social care as well as it involves proper safety of the person (Frith, 2014). For this, the institutes and centres of the health and social care follows all the legislations and policies in an effective way. There have been various number of laws initiated by the government of Australia that can provide an effective range of care, support and treatment to the patients. These factors are considered to be important because when a person is admitted in such an atmosphere, it is very important to take proper care of them because any sort of mis-behaviour or discrimination can throw a negative impact on the mental ability of the person. But it was less observed in the treatment provided to John in the health care.

Stigma can be termed as a negative factorisation for the people that deal with some sort of mental illness (Searles, 2018). As John was also a patient of Schizophrenia, so he may feel it difficult to handle the symptoms of the same. I think there was a huge criticism with John because of the fact that he was undergoing various symptoms of Schizophrenia and also, he was homosexual. It is disappointing enough to know the fact that even after so much of initiatives and ways, there are still some people who discriminate others on such basis. However, medications helped John to an extent and this can be termed as a quite satisfying factor.

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It can be concluded from the report that John was a brilliant teacher in mathematics and also, he had received Nobel prizes as well. But John was undergoing a struggling life as he was suffering from Schizophrenia as well as he was homosexual. So, he was undergoing the negative impacts of the Schizophrenia. Along with that, he had to face a high level of criticism for being homosexual. But he was undergone with a proper treatment procedure in which he took some medications and even after a harsh and struggling life, involvement of some medications helped John in getting proper treatment to get better.

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