Strategic Marketing


HAIER is the big corporation group to collective of multinational consumer electronic appliance company. This company design, manufacture, develop and selling the many home products for part of the daily routine of peoples (Wilson and Gilligan, 2012). Its include the air conditioners, computers, laptops, mobile phones, refrigerators, microwave, televisions and washing machines. This company use the strategic marketing for effectively determine the differentiates form its competitors by capitalising the current and potential strength to provide the better value sin the products than the competitors. This company products having diversified line beyond computers, refrigerators. Company have the public ownership, it is still technically collective company to be owned by its employers. Company use the strategic marketing to determine the consumers needs and wants or create the marketing plan to achieve the customer satisfaction to help in improving the performance of the company with the achieving highest profit. In the company various department to create a strategic plan for and the marketing managers to meet with the employees to the work operations. This marketing objective are to set the realistic objective of the company in the market. Create the tactics for business are more effective performance in the market than the competitors and targeting the past marketing failures accounts plans. Improving the employers performance and identify the way of business operation changes in the some situations. Company use the competitive analysis fort he strategy planning they are including the fort the help in the understand the management their competitive and identify

Task 1

1.1 Analysis the company vision, missions and marketing strategy.

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HAIER company mission statement to improved the better quality of life, fulfil the customers needs. The company success is the simple philosophy taking on the attention to better research and designs, to carried out the maximum respect for customers and the whole environment (Moutinho ed., 2011). Company use the best innovation, technology and better distributing capacity to achieve the goals.

The vision of the company start with the identify need of the customers transform ourselves from in the products manufacturer to providing the services and solutions for more comfortable life for company customers.

Marketing Strategy- Company use the different types of marketing strategy for the expending the business in the market. Brand building strategy in the company adopted at the time of the beginning to provide the refrigerators in the market. The company focus put on the quantity at the expense quality of products and manage the system of the company. Diversification strategy use at the time of failure to to decide to get the special diversification market strategy (Roger, 2010). Business development the many types of dimensions in the term of the diversified operations and increase the expansion sale. Internationalization strategy adopted by the company after deciding to went their business expend in the others country. The company implement the market chain management in the different cities and encouraged the employers to align their value orientation related with the consumers needs. Global strategy take by the company for segments the marketing and the products inventory sales model of traditional business are no longer meet the demand of the clients. Company transform the self cantered selling of products to the user centric to self services.

Competitive strategy model- This model are related to the company comparative advantages and scope. They element are include the many sources like cost leadership, differentiation and focus on the segments. Company use the this type of model-

  Sources of competitive advantage  
Industry wide Low cost Differentiation
Single segment Cost leadership Differentiation

This model include the sources the competitive advantage in the market with the low cost of the products and the different from the competitors In the low cost are focus on the cost leadership. Leadership of the company offer an identical product at the lower cost than the its competition. Differentiation it is the industry wide focus on the single segment and also take the advantage of the mangers real and unique elements for design after sales services.

Branding strategy- HAIER company including the many formed in the refrigerators technology and many new equipments. At a time the company faced the households products are not available in the market to many companies are led the high scale of the products. The company focus on the quantity at the expenses of the quality of the products.
Competencies of the company- Company core competency is it the highest quality and great efficient services capabilities than its competitors. Its competency brand through service to support those experience and knowledge and skills they all are consider to be the great service to the company in the competition among the same company to achieve the long term objective and goals advantages.

1.2 Competitive analysis of competitors, strategy and positioning.

Company use the competitive analysis fort he strategy planning they are including the fort the help in the understand the management their competitive and identify the disadvantage related to the competitors (Proctor, 2014). Its help the determine the competitors past, present and future strategy. Its also provide the basis to develop the strategies to achieve the advantages in the future. HAIER company is a big company to provide the home appliances. Company survey to first the products line of the competitors in the comparison of the company' s products to determine the competitors and theirs customers and expectations strategies that provide the distinct advantages. Company adopted the various step to identify the competitors advantages and disadvantage-

Identify- Company identify the its competitors by the market, services line and the geography elements and the combinations of the all elements depending on the company. Create the list of the competitors along these boundaries to understand who are align of the company.

Gather- In this step the company researcher understand the competitors key personnel, projects and capabilities they offer to the customers in the market. After he first research to researchers can create the secondary research to done by the uses of websites of the company, professional societies,, business publication and many awards programs.

Analyse- In this step the competition focusing on the new services, new strategy, new clients of the competitors. Its also identify he new tool and technology offer to the consumers provide by the competitors. Company create a report for providing the new finding and determine to the planning team. At the end company competitive research into the researchers plan to create the differentiation for the HAIER company.

Analysis the position- Competitive positioning determine the differentiation of the company offering and create the value for the company market (West, Ford and Ibrahim, 2015). Its cover the competitive land scape, putting the company stake in the ground and winning mind share in the market place. Company good positioning strategy ins influenced by-

Market profile of the company include the size, stage, competitors and stage of growth in the market. Customer segment involve the groups of prospects with the smiler wants and needs of the consumers. Analysis the competitors strengths, weakness, opportunities and weakness. Identify the methods for delivering the value to the consumers.

Mapping the comparative strategy- Mapping the strategy to define he market and draw the map to specify the boundaries of the market that company interested. Identify he customer needs to understand the company. Company choose the price and the determine the primary benefits (Varadarajan, 2010). Company identify the retail and whole seller prices when choose the market to focus on the pricing parameters. Company choose the prices to compare the initial price or those prices are life cycle cost, transaction cost and price of the bundles or unbundled prices. Identify the primary benefits to explains the largest amount of the variance in prices can be complicated. Company products offer the several benefits are basic functions, features, durability, instructions for uses and others.

Plot positioning- Identify the benefit to draw a positioning map by plotting the position of the every company's products or brands in the market place according to the company prices and identify the level ODF the primary benefits.

1.3 Customer analysis by the segmentation, targeting and positioning.

Segmentation of customers- Customer segmentation, targeting and positioning is the part of the market segmentation. Customer segmentation analysis the leverage advanced help provide a holistic understanding of the attributes that define the different types of customers within the company customer bases. Company analysis to identify and separate the company customers. Base into the distinct group with the common characteristic to help the company gain a understanding of the profile of the new customers of each segment, to uncover the important similarities and difference between the behaviour and demographics of each segmentation. Analysis the customer segmentation involve the various steps and take by the company.

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Customers information get in the market to identify the consumers taste, level, data and level of the standard living (Moutinho and Southern, 2010J). To get the customer information and data to select the random sample is extracted and personally identifiable information removed by the professional. Next step is integrate the other data and research based on clients objectives and demand. Researcher described the descriptive model is conducted to identify cluster of like behaviour and traits of the customers. At the end customer segment are defined through use of the advanced analytics use the apply the methods

Targeting the customers- Target the customer and the market consists of a set of buyers who share the common needs and or characteristic that the company decide the serve products. Evaluation the customer targeting segment to identify the customer demand, level, standard, income level and customer objective and its needs. Targeting the customer to select the target segment (aakkola and et. al , 2010). Undifferentiated marketing include those customers are involve in the same level of the income, standard, objectives and demand. Company target the these types of customer for the same type of products uses by the customers. These type of customer target easily because these clients are belong the same level the demand and needs. Company easily target those type of clients by the using mass marketing. Differentiated customers are belong at the different level of the demand, needs and wants. These type of consumer are differ from the others customers like brands, features and according to their needs. Company target the these type of consumers to identify the customer taste and dividing by different areas of the market. Concentrated customers are belong to the niche marketing level that company target the some different market according to the customer income level and taste. These type of consumer have a different taste and also identify the brands of the products. Micro marketing involve the locals and individual customers are belong to the highest level of the income and taste about the products.

Positioning of the customers- Customer positioning choose the strategy for identify the different level of the customer and its positioning in the market. Company identify the possible competitive advantages and differentiation are based on the products, services, channels, and needs of the customers.

1.4 Factors from the market structure and trends-

There are main factors to determine the market structure and faces by the company to launching the new products. There are various factors-

Numbers of buyers and sellers- Many numbers of buyers or sellers of a commodity in the market indicates the influence set the themselves price commodity. In the case of the large numbers of buyers or seller, an individual buyer in not cover the position of the price4s commodity. If is a single seller in the market to get control the all prices commodity.

Nature of the commodity- All the commodities is of the homogeneous nature are identical the all respects to sold at the uniform prices (Thrassou and et. al, 2012). If the any commodities are differentiated nature like different brands of the home appliances that it may sold at the different prices. If some commodities are no close substitute, then the seller can charge higher prices form the other buyers.

Freedom of movement of the company- If the freedom of the entry and exit of the company at this condition the prices will be stable in the market. Entry of new company there are many restrictions and the exit of the old company, then the company can influence all prices are no fear of the competition from other or new company in the market.

Knowledge of the market condition- In the market buyers and sellers have a perfe4ct knowledge about the all market aspects, condition and then a uniform price are pre-diced in the market (Robertson and Wardrop, 2012). In the case of the knowledge is imperfect, then sellers are in a position to charges the different prices form the others sellers.

Modified the goods and factors of production- Company identify the and modify factors of production can move4 freely from the the one place to other place, then the prices are prevails in the market. In the case of immobility of the goods and factors of production, different prices are charge by the sellers and the buyers.

Market trends- If the company the market trends are the determine the upwards and downwards situation of a market, during a some period of time. The market size is difficult to estimate by a company if the starting with something completely new in the market. In this case the company will have a drive the figure from the numbers of the new and potential customer and the segmentation of the customers. Market trend involve the various techniques are analysis the customer needs, choice the modelling, analysis the competitors, risk issues, research for production, advertising research, marketing mix methods, etc. Changes in the market are very important for a company because they often identify eh new sources for new opportunities and threats. In the market the relevant trends are the company dependent, but some changes in the prices, demand for variety and level of the services of the company.

Market penetration- The company the market penetration to refer the successful se4lling of the all products or services in a specific market with measure the best price of the sale volume of the exit products and services in the market It is key performance for the business growth strategy of the HAIER company. There are many techniques of market penetration use by tye company for the purpose of increases the overall market share to attract the many new customers for the similar products are switch by the company.

Lower price of advertising are use by the promoting the market penetration of the company.

Task 2

2.1 Growth strategy including the international marketing

HAIER company substantially broadens the scope of one or more of its business in the term of their respective consumers groups, functions and the alternatives technology to improved the overall performance (.Smith, 2011.). Company use the various type of strategy are internal and external. Internal strategy include the expansion, modernisation and diversification strategy. The external strategy involves the mergers, acquisition, joint venture and strategic alliance. The company know the its several distinctive capabilities for precise the understand the customers needs and wants in the market and the ability innovate new types of appliances that meet those needs of the consumers, management of complicated distribution network in the market (Meidan, Moutinho and Chan, 2015). The high level of execution ability including the automations of the company to deliver products to the consumers specification. The company capabilities are adopted various propositions. Consumer responsive innovation with in the company are rapidly changes in their products and retarget the local market. Operational excellence to produce the high quality products at very low price through the the company continues improvement in the products. Management of the local distribution networks and company provide the on demand production and delivery of the products demand of the customers.

International strategy- The business strategy is the company link between he micro environment and macro environment. The company followed the different secretaries in evolving the from the domestic company to multinational company with the global emphasis in the international market. The main purpose of the company was build the a big brand name and deep understanding the customer needs and wants (Iyamabo and Otubanjo, 2012). Company using the various approaches for strategy can be differentiated between the multinational strategies are international, global standardization, localization and transnational. Under the various approach in the international are pressure for reducing the cost, local responsive, use global standardization strategy, local, transactional and low, high, level of the strategy. After the international strategy the company moved in the another stage in the market to considering the need to localize to each and different market. Company can be referred the hill statements that localization strategy focus on the the improving profit by the customizing the company products so they company provide a good match of the customer than the competitors (ST, 2010). The key element of company success is it connection with the retailers. Supporting the hill statements related to the tendency for greater retailers connection for the development of the country. Th company tried the make strong relationship with the customers and the retailers.

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2.2 Company value, branding, services.

HAIER company having a diversified its products line beyond refrigerators the company adopted the new name to target the new customers. Company value chain process devising the various ways in the market to providing the products. Manufacturing the products in the factories. At the manufacturer the products to create the designs, add the features, select the colours of the products and use the raw material. After the manufacture the products to supply to the suppliers primary transport to providing the products to the suppliers in the market. It is the first suppliers in the value chain process of the company is is part of the distributions channels (Todor, 2014). Nest is warehouse is the secondary suppliers in the this process. Warehouse are directly connected to the showrooms and the city distributions. Showrooms are the maintain by the third party in this process. Distribution divide the product to the local retailer and the dealer in the local areas. Dealer provide the products to the outlet in the shops. The outlet provide the products to the end users.

HAIERS social responsibility- The company believes that fostering dialogue is the first step to creating change in the world around us. The company promote the well being and happiness of our customers and use the collaborates by taking the interest in the many issues that are important for the local communities all work with the company. Company involves the many social and ethical responsibility for the environment(Fioravante, 2010). The business inspiring the volunteers to plant trees and first outing for the Haier start the green sail volunteers. They planted tree for the safe the environment to providing the message. Company also create the new programs are global haier events for the earth hour which began in the sequence in the different time zones around the globe.

Company Strategy- Company use the competitive analysis fort he strategy planning they are including the fort the help in the understand the management their competitive and identify the disadvantage related to the competitors. Its help the determine the competitors past, present and future strategy. Its also provide the basis to develop the strategies to achieve the advantages in the future. Company use the various type of marketing strategy are internal and external. Internal strategy include the expansion, modernisation and diversification strategy. Haier should set up its stores in different countries and start the introduction of their products to the consumers so that they purchased the products and create the valretailer and the dealer in the local areas. Dealer provide the products to ue of the brand image. The company brand should supply of the products to their potential markets, customers and increase the sale rates of their products to target the new markets (Jüttner, Christopher and Godsell, 2010). Company sale the of the products will be enhanced, the company will generate more profit from their dealings. The business use the different types of business and marketing strategy is the company link between he micro environment and macro environment.

2.3 Value concept of strategic marketing

The marketing of any organisation which is done in a strategic way plays a vital role in the success of the business organisation like Haier. There are some points in which the values or important of the strategic marketing can be understood in term of differentiation of then product, audience segmentation, budget control, mix of marketing tactics,goals and measurement and developing a road map for business and team alignment. To achieve the business goal of the company, then strategic marketing has a huge value in business market as followings.

Product differentiation- The product differentiation is the main key to success of any business organisation. The product differentiation is the unique quality of the product so that the company can get the benefit more than other competitor company as it provides then different and unique feature. The product differentiation can be achieved by a strategy in the field of the marketing to get success in the business in the future in the long term. This benefit or value makes the strategic marketing more important for the business organisation.

Audience segmentation- A business strategic marketing helps the organisation to create segmentation in audience so that it can concentrate on the target audience and make effort for that audience only. By doing so the business organisation can achieve its goals and objective of profit maximisation and revenue generating. The audience play a vital role in getting g profit by then company as it is the key part of the market place. The business organisation can capture a lion share of the market by applying the strategic marketing ion the long term in future.

Developing road map- A smart strategic marketing plays a important role in achieving the objectives and goals of the business organisation as it makes the road map for the business step by step. By following the road map of strategic marketing ,. then company can make a attractive and effective marketing plan for the customer so that the maker sales can be created and revenue can be generated in more amount. A road map is a official steps for Mafeking in a strategic way so that the company can achieve it goals in time.

Budget control- By applying the strategic marketing, the business organisation can make a controlled budget so that there will be no wastage of the material in the production process. On the other hand, of the budget is not controlled in the company then there can be harm or loss of the cost and quality of the product. The budget decides the success of the company as if the budget is not beneficial for the organization then there will be harm to the goodwill of the business organisation in the sight of the customers.

Thus the strategic marketing of every business organisation plays a crucial role in achieving the objectives and goals of the company in term of profit maximisation as well as revenue generating. If the strategic marketing is effective for the company then there will be lost of benefits for the organisation. On the other hand, if the strategic marketing is not effect6ive then there will be di9fficuklty in future in the long term on the part of the company.

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On the basis of this report that are conclude the HAIER company is big business entity to provide the collective home appliances in the whole international market. This company design, manufacture, develop and selling the many home products in the market to target the new customers and the new market. Company mission statement to improved the better quality of life, fulfil the customers needs and the achieving the highest profit in the market. The vision of the company start with the identify need of the customers transform ourselves from in the products manufacturer to providing the services and solutions for more comfortable life for company customers. Identify the uses of the strategic marketing for effectively determine the differentiates form its competitors by capitalising the current and potential strength to provide the better value sin the products than the competitors. Determine the different types of strategy for the internal and eternal environment of the company. Identify the competence factors affect on the business value and the competitive strategies adopted by the company. Company apply the growth strategy with the interactional market to expend their business in the different countries. Identify the business value chain process involves in the distributing the products in the market.


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