Research proposal on Public Relations


Public relation is practising of managing the spread of information between company and individual. Public relation is very important for marketing activities of healthcare organization. The main aim of public relation is to inform the public and customer and other stakeholder to maintain the certain view of organization (Guth and Marsh, 2016). Further public relation help in maintaining the relationship between target audience and organization. The present study is conducted on analyse the importance of public relation in the marketing activities of health care organizations considering the context of Sovereign Health Care in UK. Sovereign Health Care is a leading provider of cash plans in UK and provides support to people during the times when they are unable to access health care services (The sovereign story, 2017). For getting success in the field of public relation it is necessary to have deep understanding of the interest and concern of each of clients. It helps in keeping continue communication between customer and company.

Rationale of study

Public relation play important role for marketing of health care organization and strategies to improve marketing activities. The main aim of public relation officer to keep maintain relationship with customer. By making a good relationship with customer it help in retaining them for longer period of time (Cohen, Gonzalez and Goldstein,  2016). Along with this it also help in improving marketing activities.  There are some advantage of public relation with other promotional options. If public reaction is well structured then it help in target market and gather more information with other promotion forms. The objective of making public relation can be achieved in low cost if it compared to other promotional efforts.

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Research aim

The research aim is to formulate a complete analysis of importance of public relation for improving marketing activities.

Aim: To critically analyse the importance of public relation in the marketing activities of health care organizations and strategies to improve- A study on Sovereign Health Care

Literature review

 The significance of improved public relation strategies in the marketing activities of health care organizations of UK.

As per the view of Klijn, van Twist and Jeffares (2016) the public relation make easier to aim to target the market which healthcare organization is hoping to reach. The primary rationale for existence of healthcare organizations is to provide services which are of high quality. This industry is highly peculiar in the manner it operates and influences the decisions of customers. As observed by Morris, and Goldsworthy, (2016) there are various agencies which require messages which are individualized in nature. With the assistance of public relations an organization shall be enabled to target specific messages or information to certain portion of audience. This could be clarified from the instances that if an organization intends to promote a medical device then the promotional messages targeting the class of physicians shall be in respect to the convenience with which it can be used. Moreover, it shall highlight the ease of use and address such issues which are pertinent for all the physicians. However, it has been stated by Dwyer, Dragićević, and Knežević  (2016) that marketing in health care sector is a highly sensitive issue and requires the management to stay cautious with every statement made by them. In pursuance to the same maintaining healthy and effective public relations shall enable the organization to specifically understand the demands and cater to them on an individual basis. This shall ensure that all the content published is sensitive to different forces existing in the industry.

Research objectives

  • To study the concept of public relation in marketing
  • To analyse the ways in which public relations are important for marketing activities of Sovereign Health Care
  • To recommend the ways in which marketing of Sovereign Health Care can be improved through public relation activities

Research Question

  • What is the concept of public relation in marketing?
  • How are public relations important for marketing activities of Sovereign Health Care?
  • What are the ways in which marketing of Sovereign Health Care can be improved through public relation activities?


For the present study explanatory research method is utilized by scholar for carrying out whole research. There are two type of information can be collected for presenting the finding of research such as primary research and secondary research (Hannula,  Suoranta and Vadén,  2014). In this study primary and secondary research is conducted for which, information is collected from survey for analysing the data. Along with this, there are different type of techniques qualitative and quantitative which can be for analysing the collected data. In the report researcher qualitative techniques for analysing the data in which themes and charts are prepared and on the basis of this themes interpretations done. All the finding of survey is based on information collected from primary or secondary sources (Sunderland, Chenoweth  and Ellem, 2015.). The secondary information can be gathered through the books, journals and internet etc. the internet sites are very useful for collecting information in concern to aim of study. For primary research questionnaire prepared and participant are randomly selected for gathering specific information.

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Outcome of present study is that it help in identifying the importance of public relation improving marketing activities. It play significant role in improving the relationship between organization and public. Along with this, effective public relation leaver a company with positive image which help healthcare organization in improving the brand image in market. It is a very powerful tool which are set to build relationship with customer and for increasing sale of organization. Organization can gain market share it have effective public relation tools and strategies. Further, In pursuance to the same maintaining healthy and effective public relations shall enable the organization to specifically understand the demands and cater to them on an individual basis.


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