Marketing Essentials of Coca- Cola


Marketing has increasing its activities in effective and efficient way. Changes are taking place very frequently in product and services, so it is essential to know what has to be done which help to work according to knowledge of customers. There is need of changing in actions through which targets and goals can be achieved inn effective manner (Babin and Zikmund, 2015). Marketing department has to keep in contact with various other departments of company. This helps to make changes in working style and achieve targets effectively. Marketing of product is important as it helps to communicate with society.This report is based on Coca- Cola which is a good soft drink company. This report provides knowledge about marketing mix and marketing plan of Coca- Cola  (Papasolomou and Melanthiou, 2012).

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P3 Marketing mix of Coca- Cola and Red bull

Marketing mix is the technique in which 7P's of marketing are involved. This is effective to know what can be done through which modifications in business policies can be made. This helps to know policies of competitors and analysis can be possible (Cooper, 2012). Comparison of marketing mix of Coca- Cola and Red bull is discussed as under-


Coca- Cola

Red bull


Coca- Cola has wide range of products which is helpful in gaining advantages of varieties of customer. Fanta, Limca, Sprite, Thums Up, etc. are products served by Coca- Cola.

Red bull come with new type of beverages which come with varieties of soft drinks such as Red bull Cola, red bull zero calorie. Red bull come with various editions such as blue, silver, red, etc.


Coca- Cola serve their product at various place, so they finalise their prices according to geographical region. Pepsi is core competitor of Coca- Cola. They serve produuct in various price range with various package system.

Red bull is one of the expensive brand in non alcoholic sector. This is the brand which uses two types of prices as per place of sales. One place is pubs, disc, club, etc. while other is grocery store, departmental store, etc. There is more fluctuations in prices of Night club as compared to other.


They have varieties of customers in all over world. They have reach over remote areas too. Managers of Coca- Cola select mediums through which they can cover different locations and satisfy demand of customer.

Red bull covers around 170 countries. They have contact with various hotels, pubs, etc. which helps to get good sales. They have god distribution channel so demand gets satisfied frequently. Managers of Red Bull does not use online sources to sale their product.


Coca- Cola changes their promotional events frequently. They use various approaches such as hoarding, television advertisement, etc. ''Support your school'' is one of the effective advertisement of Coca- Cola.

Red Bull has many innovative approaches through which they can create awareness about products. They make relations with customers which are significant for growth of business.

Physical evidence

They provide articles which are working same as adopting changes in activities. They make small initiates to promote their brand.

Physical evidence of Red Bull is crushed ice. This gives some new energy to customers and this is effective for growth of sales. Customers gets attracted and helps to create awareness among customers.


Process of Coca- Cola is very effective in distribution. As they have fast distribution channel. This helps to satisfy demand of consumer.

Red Bull has famous because they have fast supply chain. This is effective for providing satisfaction to customers.


Coca- Cola is the company which has various products which are significant for all age group people. Cola- Cola serves no sugar drinks also for elder age people.

Red bull produces drinks mainly for young age people. There main target is people between age group of 19-31 years. Mainly sporty people are focused customers of Red Bull.


P4 Marketing plan of Coca-Cola

Marketing plan is important and useful document which is prepared by the each and every organisation with aim to introduce their all details in accurate manner. This plan includes overview, mission, vision, objectives, SWOT Analysis, competitors analysis, marketing budget, monitoring and controlling (Dibb and Simkin, 2013). All these information are assist the customers to identify about the company and purchase more products. Above all elements which are includes in marketing plan are explain as below:

Overview of Coca-Cola: It is a type of public and American corporation and Beverages industry across the world. It was invented by Pharmacist John Stith Pemberton in 1886 at Atlanta, Georgia. In the organisation, 61800 employees are working with aim to maximise sales and revenue of company. They produce different products such as Fanta, Diet coke, Coca-Cola zero, life and many other products at affordable price (Pike, 2015).

Mission: “Mirror the richly various markets we offers, capitalizing on our inclusive culture to attract, engage, retain and develop a global talent mix to fuel our competitive edge.”

Vision: “Be as inclusive and diverse as our brands, unleashing the power of perspective within our associates to drive innovation and sustainable system growth.”

Objectives:Main objective of the company is to achieve long term goals and targets by providing quality products and services to the customers at reasonable price (Fill and McKee, 2011).

SWOT Analysis:It is main and foremost part of the marketing plan which is necessary for the company to prepare it in an accurate and systematic manner (Jones and Rowley, 2011). This analysis includes Strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities of the business entity which are determined as below:

(Source: SWOT Analysis, 2017)



  • Coca- cola has good and famous brand image and goodwill in marketplace, clients has loyalty and trust over brand.
  • Coca- cola has sizeable market share. They have different varieties of services and products which are capable for company.
  • Promotional and advertisement events of beverage industry is effective, they plan their programs as per customers.
  • Coca- Cola has less consequence on activities and functions as this influence business operations and growth highly.
  • Cold drinks and many other beverages are not reasoned as healthy products so few people do not choose to intake it.
  • Due to variation in currency rate production and manufacturing of cold drinks might acquire impacted.



  • Coca- cola can modify their product in different other sectors also.
  • Company must enlarge their business operations in remote locations, so this proves to be impressive for growth and development of organisation.
  • Coca- cola must enhance their supply chain system. They can enter in water segments or piece also.
  • As there is highly trends of coffee, so large number of person may not reckon cold drinks.
  • In today's area, people are very much conscious regarding health and therefore they do not yield cold drink. This impacts sale and profit of Coca-Cola.
  • Due to modification in environment, drinks or beverages are not more in trend and this influence on sales and profitability of company.

Competitors Analysis:It is identified as other part of the marketing plan which highly effects on the productivity and profitability of company either positive or negative manner. In the marketplace, there are different competitors of the Coca-Cola such as PepsiCo, Dr Peppers Snapple Groups and many other (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, 2011). All these are highly impacted on the growth and success of company.

Segmentation, Targetting and positioning:

  • Segmentation: Coca Cola company distinguish its target market according to demographic and geographical areas. Coca cola has produce a large variety of non-alcoholic products comprising chiefly soft drinks and fizzy.
  • Targetting: Coca-Cola target youth population as well as children also.
  • Positioning: They are emphasis on creation and development of happiness culture in their workplace and marketplace also (Moore, 2014).

Marketing Budget:

Marketing budget


1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money


















Marketing expenditures








Sales promotion






Direct marketing












Available balance






Monitoring and Controlling: In this manger of coca-cola play vital and effective role for managing all activities and functions in an appropriate manner. Thus, it is important for the manager to identify that all activities are executed appropriately and easily (Muralidharan and Neha, 2013).

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From the above mentioned report it has been concluded that marketing is more essential and significant element which is applied by all business with purpose to maximise their sales. In order to attract large number of customers as well as gain competitive advantages business entity use different tools and techniques such as 7P's of marketing mix and marketing plan. All theses are useful part for the organisation to introduced their services and products to the customers and in the marketplace. Thus, it is effective for the company to achieve long term goals and objectives within predetermined time of period.

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