Analysis of Marketing Strategies of Aldi

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Organization Selected : ALDI
Question :

Some of the below-mentioned requirements in this assessment are like:

  • Explain some effective marketing essentials which are needed in Aldi in order to manage the growth and competence.
  • Elaborate the strategies for analysing the external and internal marketing.
  • What are the ways and tools to promotes the marketing and management.
Answer :


In business world, marketing is the importnat tool in the innovative business and it have various comprehension of profitable interior, requests of buyers, relations, consumer driven market technique and gives quality of thwe customer. (Albright, 2014). The business associations have understood the significance of customer connections and they are trying to get a creative approach towards marketing system in business. It is the responsibility of companies to ascertain the current trends of market and produces only those products that will benefit the customer most. To understand the importance of marketing ALDI is chosen. It is one of the leading supermarket chains in UK and at global level with almost 10,000 stores in 20 countries.

In this project report, chief roles and responsibilities of marketing function and the relation of marketing department with other department is shown. Report focus on importance of marketing mix for selected company and its comparison with other company is shown. Basic marketing plan is discussed in this report.

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P1 Key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function.

The marketing department has large duty regarding increasing income, expanding market share and organization development and to add profitability. It is observed that in a private compnany only a single individual is reasponsible to handle marketing activities such as, promoting features of product, production process and instances. In ALDI, marketing manager perform various function that helpful in making its product best for the customer. As more customers are attracted towards company goods and services there must be a chance of creating more profit in ALDI. Some of the basis function that is performed by marketing function is described below:

  • Stretegy formation: The higher individual from the marketing division accepts liability for setting promoting according to method. With the help of this system, teh componaies are able to expand ist market share for instance in ALDI manager first off all set certain criteria about sales, than prepare proper strategy to attain those targets.
  • Doing proper market research: It is a key duty of marketing department as research enables the organization to differentiate advertises openings and gain a superior understanding of client needs (Aschengrau and Seage, 2013). The office can do its very own exploration by considering industry reports; advertise information on sites, or by reaching clients and prospects to overview their requirements and states of mind. So manager of ALDI does a proper research that helps them to determine customer demand and types of product they need. If company start producing that product company profitability will increase in future.
  • Product developments: The main role of maketing department is to work with internal and external division of production section of company to develop a new product or change the existing one. Then marketing department add a feature in product improvement such as duarability, benefits, economical and that provide most satsifaction to customer. So in ALDI, manager does lots of product development activity such as labelling with new design, packaging in beautiful structure, branding etc. that makes their product to look good in market.
  • Customer sales support services: Marketing department helps in making customer familier with the new product that have been produced in company. This help customer to get the best knowlegde about the product ande they will be able to make decision about to buy that product or not. They can give deals groups astounding leads by running ads that incorporate an answer instrument, for example, in ALDI a coupon or phone number, or by urging guests to the organization site to enlist their points of interest as a by-product of a free pamphlet or exceptional report (Baker, 2014).
  • Effective communications: The key point is to have an effective communication either with internal section of company or with customer that help companies like ALDI to ease the process of producing and delivering goods. Marketing division plan movements and create interchanges material to lift items and administrations to customers. Reliant upon their available spending plans, they may design spreading efforts, create email showcasing programs, make special substance for the organization site, compose authorized statements or item distributions.
  • Promotion events: In almosty every organisation it is thr responsiblility of marketing manager to organise various promotional activities that will be helpful in promoting product on a large scale. For instance, displays Ads, schedule courses for promotion, deals meetings or client friendliness occasions. They plan the coordination of the occasion, booking show corners or meeting offices. For instance, manager of marketing department of ALDI wants to promote their product in market at a large platform. They have to organise number of important events such as workshops, promotional exhibition, shows etc. This will be helpful; in bring customer attention and as a result there are more number of clients those wants to buy product that satisfy them in best manner. Company would be able to generate large amount of profit with proper execution of events.

P2 Roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the wider organisational context.

Marketing capacity can be considered or clarified as the jobs of the business relationship which inspires it to distinguish and foundation maybe effective items for market and after that helps in its progression also. These advertising abilities have typical jobs to advance development in the business association. The main role of marketing manager is make effectrive improvement in items, well comminicate with other worker, make sure about the movement of goods and also some time envolving in decision making process of other department. There is a nearby connection between promoting capacities with other organisational context in an association. So it is observed that, single department are not able to operate alone as they requires other to support them. In ALDI all department are interlinked with each other in some manner (Brooks and Simkin, 2012). Such as if marketing department wants funds for promotion and production of goods and wants to spend these resources in proper manner. It is the responsibility of finance department to formulate proper budget and guide them for proper utilisation of available resources. Importance of relation of marketing department with other division is discussed below:

Marketing department with operation department: In large business firm all departments are interlinked with each other as a result t help in easy process of various relevant activities in company. In ALDI, the marketing workplace should work closely with the operation department to assurance that, sufficient innovative work is planned to fulfil current and upcoming client needs. The thing can be made to the quality and structure particulars set somewhere near the purchaser. It is likely that the marketing section will set due dates that may spread the abilities of the operation division. Thus marketer make sure that operation activities should not be hinder in any way as it wil reduces the productivity of company.

Marketing with finance department: The marketing office is possibly going to focus on having sufficient amount and building share in the overall industry, while the finance department might be more centred around income, taking care of expenses and paying back assumption as fast as could sensibly be expected. In ALDI manger of both department work for the better flow of work as marketing department needs satisfactory spending plan to address the issues for research, advancement and conveyance. Same finance department needs income to be generated from selling goods in market (Caragher, 2016).

Marketing with HR division: The marketing office should work closely with the HR department of company to make sure that highly qualified and well trained market executive are hired. They also help HR personnel to research and develop new ideas for improvement of product. The HR office will have numerous enrolment and preparing requests from over the association. It should adjust its commitments to showcasing with those to different divisions.

Marketing section With R&D department: The people those are in-charge of research and inspection division drives that the marketing office and aides its promoting techniques by getting some answers concerning the objective clients and the opposition of the business. Such as in ALDI Research manager visit to various people or gather information from surrounding so that product are produced accordingly and these goods are promoted or market effectively. So that customer might get to know about these products.

Marketing department with sales division: The business division leads the pack in setting techniques and chooses what advertising correspondences it needs to help its endeavours. In its constricted form, a sales department prompts the promoting division dependent on its input with clients and spotlights on client contact to drive deals. The advertising division advises the business staff what to underline and what deals instruments are will utilize.

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P3 Comparison of the ways in which organisations are using marketing mix

Marketing mix can be defined as the mixture of seven different elements that represents situation of a company (Illing and Anders, 2016). It is very important for the organisations to have detailed information about marketing mix as it help to grab attention of customers because this guides the marketers to analyse what type of decisions needs to be taken by the organisation in order to enhance profitability and productivity. Comparison of marketing mix of ALDI with Sainsbury’s is as follows:

Marketing mix




Products provided by ALDI are of good quality as the company believes that the products that are provided to the customers should be according to their needs so that they may adopt all of them. It helps the organisation to be more competitive in the sector of supermarkets when there are end numbers of customers who are willing to acquire the market share of the company.

Products that are offered by Sainsbury’s are majorly based on customers perception as they are considered as the king of the market. It is very important for the company to offer such products that are easy for adopt by the individuals who are the buyer of the products (Rudden, 2016).


Appropriate pricing strategy is used by the company to grab higher market share. ALDI is offering products to every type of customer who is from different level. Penetration pricing strategy is used by the marketers of the organisation in which the products are sold on fewer prices with good quality (Khan and Adil, 2013).

Premium pricing strategy is used by Sainsbury’s as the organisation is offering high quality products on higher prices to the customers. The company is mainly focused with the top class customers and providing them products according to their demand.


Location of the company is related to the place which is very good and easy to access by the customers where they may visit the shops and buy those items that they are willing to purchase.

Place can be defined as the place where the company is operating the business. Place of Sainsbury’s is easy to reach for the customers it helps the organisation to increase the number of them.


Promotional activities are conducted very effectively by the marketers of ALDI. They provide valuable deals to their regular customers and also provide good discount of the purchase of a certain amount.

Sainsbury’s is very good in promotions it is promoting the business by using online applications and in which customers may order food online and can get discount of the purchase.


Employees and customers assistants of the company are well trained and they get good training from experiences persons in order to deal with conflicts of the customers as well as provide them valuable information that they are willing to gather.

Managers of Sainsbury’s are hiring skills employees who have ability to deal with customers grievances. This step of the organisation helps to set a positive image in the market.


It is related to the execution of the services that are provided by ALDI to its customers. It is very important for the company to make effective strategies for all the processes so that cost can be saved for future perspective (Proctor, 2014).

All the processes like supply chain, product delivery system are effectively handled by the staff of the company in order to enhance profitability and productivity of the organisation.



It can be defined as the way in which organisations are pertaining their products in the market. It can also be identified with the help of quality of products and services; ALDI is providing good quality products as it may help to set an effective market image in the mind of customers.

Sainsbury is a large organisation which is because of its physical evidence. Large market share is because of the quality of its products and services that are offered by the company to all its employees in order to enhance effectiveness of the company and also to grab growth opportunities that may rise in the market (Mueller and et. al., 2015).


P4 Basis Marketing plan for ALDI

Marketing plan: It is a detailed format in which all the information related to the marketing and promotional activities are recorded. While a company is willing to launch a new product in the market than it is very important to form an effective marketing plan that may help to reach to the predetermined goals of business and also guide the organisation throughout the way of success. For example, if ALDI is willing to launch a new service in the market in which customers may order all the items online and the products are delivered at their home by the organisation. For this purpose, it is very important for the company to formulate an appropriate marketing in which all the details of promotions are mentioned and the steps needs to be taken are also defined. The marketing plan for this service which has been formed by the marketers of ALDI is as follows:

Overview of ALDI: It is one of the largest supermarkets in UK who is offering various different products to the customers of various levels. The organisation is now launching a shopping application that may help the customers to order all the products from their home. It can help them to save their money and time.

Mission: ALDI has set a mission for its self that can be attained with the help of new service of shopping application which is going to be launched by it in the market. As it can attract most of the prospect customers of the company (Schlenker and Roth, 2013).

Vision: ALDI is willing to be on the top of the supermarket industry of UK by fulfilling the demands and needs of their valuable customers.

Target market: ALDI is targeting the technology friendly customers who are very much friendly with technology and can adopt it easily.

To grab the market attention, it is also very important for the company to grab analyse all its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths. All of them can be analysed with the help of SWOT analysis which is as follows:



  • Quality of the products offered by ALDI is very good that attract the customers.

It was declared best supermarket of the year in 2017, it was the fourth time when ALDI got this position (Larson and Draper, 2015).

  • Prices of the items of ALDI are comparatively less form others that help to be more competitive in the market.
  • Organisation is having higher level of customer support which helps it be in the list of top businesses in UK.
  • Employee satisfaction is very low and it is a weakness of the company because if they are not satisfied with their jobs than it may reduce the productivity of whole organisation.
  • Now a day’s needs and preferences of customers are continuously changing and they are willing to buy new products that may help reduce its market share if the company has failed to fulfil them.
  • Product range is limited in ALDI which is affecting the profits of organisation because customers are switching to other companies.



  • The company should spend more money in advertising activities to be more competitive in the market.
  • The company has an opportunity to grab attention of customers with the help of new mobile application which is going to be launched by the organisation.
  • The organisation can expand its business in growing economy countries to increase profits.
  • There are various competitors in the market like Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc. who may acquire market share of ALDI.
  • As ALDI has various suppliers who are from different regions if they change the rate of goods than this may put the company in situation of risk.

STP analysis is another technique which can be used by the company to analyse market situations (STP Model, 2018). It is explained below:

  • Segment the market: ALDI is going to launch its service to a small market segment of UK to test that the customers may adopt it or not.
  • Target best customers: In this step the company decide the target customers, for ALDI they are technology friendly individuals are the targeted customers.
  • Position offering: In last the organisation just has to launch the service in the market so that large number of customers may get attracted toward the company.

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From the above project report, it has been analysed that marketing essentials are the set of marketing decisions, strategies, market condition and other factors that may affect the promotional activities of an organisation. All the departments of a company are interlinked with each other as they have to perform all the tasks together to attain organisational goals. If a company is willing to launch a new product or service in the market than it is very important for it to get information of market with the help of SWOT in which it can analysed that organisation is able to attain development in the market or not.

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