Skills That Are Required to be an Outstanding Manager


There are different set of skills and capabilities that an individual possess. However, there are cases in which people do not understand them and fail to achieve their goals. It is important for one to where they belong and what all areas they should considered with the help of which they can put on their full efforts in achieving them. This section will focus over where I belong and the skills that are required to be an outstanding manager in multicultural environment.

1. Where do you think you belong?

In order to know where I belong, then there are three different questions that has to be answered by me or any other individual. It includes what my values, by strengths and how I perform. Further, it is also important that I understand the areas that I should not consider. In other words, individual should know where they do not belong. Below given are the three areas that should be considered by me to know where I belong:

  • My strength: I did not opt me a manager from by childhood but with time there are many aspects that has made me develop my managerial skills. However, there are skills like interaction with people and solving issues that I have developed from by family. One of the ways that are used by me to develop my skills is through feedback analysis. To make decision for issues that are faced by other, it is important to have effective listening skills and to understand the main cause of problems (Hultman, Halvorson and Meyer, 2013). This way it is helpful enough to make effective decision. Further, I possess skills like communication, listening, decision making and team work.
  • How I perform: I identified that am good at making others to get the work done. This is one of the most effective skills that a manager should possess. As per my performance, I have found that from academic point of view I was not that good. However, the skills related with effective communication, interaction and decision making skills have helped me to know that my performance I understand other and helping them is effective. Further, my listening skills is also effective enough to understand the issues and to take proper action.
  • My values: This can be determined as the aspects of what I want to be. These are the basic structure of life that one follows. With age I have understood the difference between good and bad. This has helped me to set out values in my life to make sure that the acts I perform does not affect others in negative manner. As a manager, I make sure that other members learn and develop their skills as per the positive aspects that are shown to them.

2. What is critical for you to be an outstanding manager in the multicultural environment?

In order to be an outstanding manager in the multicultural environment, there are different skills that are required and they are as follows:

  • Developing trust: In a multicultural environment, people have divers set of perception about others (Leading a Multicultural Team, 2014.). In this context, it is essential for me to make sure that I have effective interaction with others so that I develop trust and confidence in members.
  • Identifying conflicts: There are cases due to multi-culture, there are conditions of conflicts that arise. This has high negative impact over the performance of work that is performed by the firm. With this respect, it is important for me to understand that issues that are faced by each of the worker and take appropriate steps through which conflict situation can be solved.
  • Managing time: There are different type of tasks that are provided to members. Due to this, staffs do not get proper time to know each. When people get to know each other more, then it enables to reduce the rate of issues and individuals get to learn from others. In this context, it is important for me to make sure that proper time is managed so that members get proper time to spend with each other and to know the culture and values that are followed by others.
  • Identifying challenges: Due to cultural difference, it creates obstacles to effective teamwork and this is high in context with multicultural team. In order to identify the challenge within the team, it is important for me to identify the original cause of cultural conflict. Further, members should be empowered sop that future challenges can be reduced.


    From this, it can be concluded that it is important one to know where they stand so that they will be able to develop plan for their future. Further, there are different set of issues that are faced at multicultural environment. One of the effective way to reduce the negative impact it through effective communication.


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