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Executive Summary

Performance Appraisal is the systematic evaluation of the employees performance and it also understand the abilities and competencies of the individual that will support them in attaining future growth. Moreover, the performance appraisal also deals with how system measures its employees achievements and behaviors within the workplace with the different techniques like 360 degree approach, rating method etc. It is an employee review by their superior or manager where his work performance is evaluated and strengths and weaknesses are identified so that the employee can knows their improvement areas.

Furthermore, the report also covers different sections regarding understanding the significance and importance of setting objectives, feedback and strategic alignment in the appraisal management. However, it help the individual in performing as per the standard and criteria set by the employer to meet their objectives. The report also covers the different methods that would be used by Cavendish hotel management to manage the poor performance of their employees so that they can render quality services to their guests and result in gaining positive feedback form the customers regarding their services.

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Moreover, the report has also recommended certain ways through which manager can increasing the effectiveness of performance management include opening channels of communication, training and support for line managers, intrinsic and extrinsic motivators such as recognition, increased responsibilities, and strengthening the link between performance and reward.

Introduction Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal deals with how organizations evaluate and measures its employee’s achievements and behaviors. It is an employee review by his manager where his work performance is evaluated and strengths and weaknesses are identified so that the employee knows his improvement areas (Kuvaas, 2006). Therefore, performance appraisal are termed as the part of career development and it consists of regular reviews of staff performance within the organization.

The present report has focuses on measuring the approvals as performance management tool within the Cavendish hotel so that they can managing or improve the performance of their staff so they can convert negative reviews to the positive reviews. For this the report has focuses on understanding the significance and effectiveness of setting objectives, strategic alignment and feedback conducting the appraisal. Furthermore, the report will also recommended certain methods and strategies that would integrate into high performance work system for Cavendish hotel.

Performance appraisal is defined as the process under which manager measures and evaluate the performance of employees ad sstaff those who are rendering services within the organization. There are certain advantages of appraisal systems are:

  • It assist in providing written document of the employee performance  over the time period.  
  • Appraisal system also assist in motivating the employees and staff those who are rendering quality services in the organization.  
  • However, through effective appraisal system individual may also identify the opportunities that are available to the staff of the organization.

Despite of advantages there are certain disadvantages of the appraisal systems that are used by the organization include:

  • If the manager have not done performance appraisal in the right way than it may lead to create negative experience among the employees.  
  • Another disadvantage is that it is very time consuming method.  
  • Another disadvantage is that during 360 degree appraisal form manager may have different interpretation regarding the employee performance.

Importance and effectiveness of objective setting, strategic alignment and feedback

Objective setting, strategic alignment and feedback are the significant factor in the performance management process. All the factors are essential for measuring the performance and thus it also lead to improve the organizational performance in the hospitality industry (Whiting, Podsakoff and Pierce, 2008).

Setting objectives is a specific management tool that creates a target for business owners to achieve. Objectives can be company-wide goals, specific to the division or department and individual employee expectations. The objective of Cavendish hotel is linked with their mission and vision of the hotel that is the main objective of hotel is to render quality services to their guests and customers that results in enhancing the performance of the organization. However, another objective of Cavendish hotel is to focus on amending new services according to the changes in hospitality industry so that they should serve all the different requirement of their customers. The importance and effectiveness of objective setting is that it motivate Cavendish staff to render excellence service to their customers and guests (Bernardin and Wiatrowski, 2013). However, strategic alignment refers to the process that emphasis on linking organizational resources with the business strategy so that divisions and staff of hotel collaboratively work with each other towards accomplishing the stated goals. The significant aspect of strategic alignment in the Cavendish hotel is to achieve the stated goals and objective of organization with minimum wastage and misdirection of resources to unspecified purpose (Liu, Combs and Ireland, 2007).

The golden thread theory mainly explore the link and interrelation between the performance management at organizational level and the performance management at individual level. At organizational level Cavendish hotel will prefer to work in the team that would assist them in attaining overall goal of the organization. However, at the individual level manager will measure the individual performance of the employees and staff. There are different factor that assist an individual in rendering quality performance within the organization that is:

  1. Motivation
  2. Financial rewards

Another theory include AMO theory. It mainly propose that there are three self-directed work system elements within the organization that configure staff characteristics and their contribution for attaining success within the organization. As per this theory, organizational involvement are best function by a scheme that take care of the employee Motivation, and Opportunity. The theory mainly focuses on the different ways that will assist in increasing the employees ability for performing their job in the effective manner. In addition to this, the theory will also measure the causes that results in motivating their staff those who are rendering services in the organization. However, the last element focuses on determining the opportunities that are available to an individual.

Organizational cultural is directly interlinked with the performance management as with the effective and flexible organizational cultural of the Cavendish hotel staff can easily render their services according to their requirement. The effective culture support the staff in encouraging their ideas and suggestions that assist in providing quality services.

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Links to appropriate development plans and support

CIPD is a professional body that have association of different human resource management professionals from different organizations. There are different form of performance appraisal that can be used by CIPD include monetary or non-monetary performance appraisal. For instance, monetary appraisal is providing financial incentives for the staff of organization for rendering services in the organization. However, CIPD association may also focuses on non-monetary form of performance appraisal under which manager recognized the services of staff by awarding them, providing gift or tag of employee of the month that will help in acknowledging their services as well as motivating them to perform work within the organization.

According to the case study, Cavendish hotel manager has adopted performance appraisal as the performance management tool that will assist in improving the performance of their employees and staff. The manager of hotel can link to devise an appropriate development plans that would support the staff in amending their skills and renders quality services to attract guests. As per the view of Whiting, Podsakoff and Pierce (2008) appraisal is a tool that determine how effectively staff can achieve goals, develop in job range and communicate with others (Whiting, Podsakoff and Pierce, 2008). Managers can select variety of appraisal schemes and used properly in gauging Cavendish staff performance that is they can adopt performance-based employee development plan. Under which manager can uses annual performance appraisal to review past accomplishment so that they can develop goals and objectives for next year. Therefore, the development plan can also results in achieving the goals related with increasing in the productivity or to improve the skills and education of employees so they can render proper services (Beltrán-Martín, Roca-Puig and Bou-Llusar, 2008).

Another development plan that might be used by Cavendish hotel is management of objective employee development plan. Under this structured appraisal plan manager firstly identify their objectives then proper stages are formulated to accomplish the objectives, measuring progress of employee or staff at the specific interval. Through this development plan it will track individual as well as team efforts. However, through both the development plan manager will manage the poor performance of the staff within the Cavendish hotel (Kirkman, Lowe and Young, 2013).

For appraising the performance of employees and staff of Cavendish hotel line manager will adopt employee performance reviews for assessing the performance of the staff. There are series of step that need to be considered while implementing the employee performance reviews techniques for the Cavendish hotel. Different steps are-

Step 1: The first step will focus on discussing different form of performance reviews that can be used by HR leaders or the line manager of the hotel. There are different form of the performance review that is 360 degree approach, forced distribution, self evaluation methods etc.

Step 2: After assessing all the performance review method line manager will utilize the knowledge and review different form of performance review methods that will work best for the organization.

Step 3: Leader of Cavendish hotel will then compare all the different method of reviewing performance by comparing their benefit ad drawback (Beltrán-Martín, Roca-Puig and Bou-Llusar, 2008).

Step 4: After comparing different method line manager would select the appropriate method for measuring the performance of the employees or the lower staff workers.

Step 5: Therefore, the last step will ensure proper implementation of employee performance review method within the Cavendish hotel to assess the performance of individual employees.

Goleman (2000) reflects that individual is capable enough in determining their own skills and abilities so that they may render improved services within the Cavendish hotel (Goleman, 2000). however, emotional intelligence is defined as an ability of individual that recognize and understand their own and other individual emotions. In relation with the Cavendish hotel it is essential for the manager to frame good and clear objective setting that will support the organization in attaining the long term profitability. However, it will also support the organization in defining specific roles of the team within the premises so that they can easily attain in implementing the strategies within the organization. It has also been measured that organizational goals and setting objectives mainly focuses o the different function that is they provide guidance and direction to the company that have to attain the vision and mission. However, it will also help the organization to measure and control their performance.

Links to appropriate methods to manage poor performance

With the negative or poor reviews by the guest on Trip Adviser UK there are several methods that can be used by manager of Cavendish hotel to manage the poor performance of their employees and staff. The different methods are:

Motivation- Sometimes poor performance rendered by the staff member can be due to low motivation aspect in the organization (Becker and Huselid, 2000). Thus, to manager the poor performance of staff manager need to work intimately with the worker to create a motivating work environment. For instance, due to IPRP (Individual performance related pay) employee those who are rendering unsatisfactory level performance within the hotel also receives one percent cost of living increase hence, this can result in ensuring laziness in the work. So, manager must keep motivate them by providing proper guidance and support to manage their poor performance.

Offer reward and recognition- Another method to manage poor performance include offering reward and recognition that will result in managing the individual performance (How to manage poor performance in the workplace, 2015). Whenever manager monitors that their employees are performing poorly, they can adopt carrot and stick approach for enabling consistent improvement. The approach is the combination of rewards and punishment that manager can stimulate for top-quality and last performer on the weekly or monthly time period. Thus, providing reward and recognition is termed as effective method to manage the poor performance and ti maintain the uniformity of profitability in the business (How To Deal With Poor Employee Performance, 2010).

Training program- Another method for managing the poor performance of the hotel staff and department is to devise an appropriate training program that will assist in amending the skills and abilities of the individuals so that they can render proper services to their guests. Manager can properly evaluate the program on the regular interval so that they can remove the obstacles and outcome in developing their capabilities (Kuvaas, 2006).

The concept of High performance work system is not new as it is defined as system of HR practices that mainly aims to enhance and promote the employee effectiveness that directly impact on increasing the performance of the organization. The HPWS can also be termed as the systematic form that mainly aims to align all the structure, resources and operational activities that results in rendering high quality services for their guests and customers. There are basically three components of HPWS that is High labor flexibility, high involvement and high commitment.

How the appraisal discussion should be integrated with other management tools and techniques to support performance development?

The main purpose of appraisal discussion is to review the result that are achieved against the stated objective as well as it also emphasis on how individual has contributed to the group work of the Cavendish hotel (Liu, Combs and Ireland, 2007). Appraisal discussion should be integrated with the management tools and techniques so that they can amend the staff performance in the effective manner.

For instance, the poor performer in the Cavendish hotel must be continuously reviewed by their co-workers, bosses, peers as well subordinates so that they can monitors the performance of staff and their feedback will be beneficial for the staff to render quality services (How to manage poor performance in the workplace, 2015). According to the case study, hotel receives poor reviews from their guests concerning the levels of customer’s services and room cleanliness. Thus, with the help of appraisal system like 360 degree feedback manager can easily access the performance of their staff in the effective manner (Bernardin and Wiatrowski, 2013).

however, other hotels like Hilton  empower their employees to render their services by their own to satisfy their customers.

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Thus, there are certain recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of performance management include opening channels of communication, training and support for line managers, intrinsic and extrinsic motivators such as recognition, increased responsibilities, and strengthening the link between performance and reward (Barrick, Shaffer and DeGrassi, 2009). With the help of open communication channel manager of Cavendish hotel can easily communicate about weak areas of staff and improve their skills by providing them proper on-the-job or off-the-job training. Therefore, it will improve the skills and capabilities of Cavendish staff and they would render quality services in the hotel premises. Furthermore, Hilton hotel also focuses on developing the skills and abilities of employees through hiring the professionals that enhance their knowledge regarding the etiquette's that staff possess while handling the guest and customers. Hilton hotel concrete on the youth strategy to retain their bets talent within the hotel so that they can assists the organization to progress in the UK region. However, the recommended strategies that would integrate in the Cavendish hotel for enabling the high performance work system include empowering employees and staff so that they can take effective judgement (Beltrán-Martín, Roca-Puig and Bou-Llusar, 2008).


Conclusively, it can be stated that Performance management is an inherent component of the workplace as it render a level for superior and managers to examine the performance of  employee and find out that whether workers or staff are meeting the expectations of organization or not. Thus, here performance appraisal is an effective performance management tool that is adopted by the Cavendish hotel to measure the performance of their staff. However, the report has also measures the significance and effectiveness of setting objectives, strategic alignment and feedback in appraising the individual. Furthermore, the report has also recommended certain methods and strategies that would integrate into high performance work system for Cavendish hotel.


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