Menu planning and product Development

Introduction To Menu Planning

Menu planning is the most important part of service sector related to hotels and restaurants. It attracts customers through the change in recipes and affordable prices which ensure profitability and survival of firm. Product development makes menu more effective by adding new feature in existing product or launching new product. Present study deals with recipe development which plays a vital role in planning and developing menu. Further it studies about designing menu and various factors influencing service method and its style to increase amount of customers. Addition to this, report explains about service environment for supporting menu and recipes so that it helps organization in growth and expansion.

Principles of recipe development

Recipe development is the most important process of the hotel and restaurant because it plays significant role in attracting customers. So it possesses following principles-

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Innovation- Recipes should be innovating so that organization can better meet requirements of customers and can build competitive edge in the market place (Ottenbacher and Harrington, 2009).

Customer oriented- Recipes should always be customer oriented so that they increase number of customers. Changes in the recipe should be as per the changes in taste and preferences of customers (Boonme and et. al., 2014).

Involvement- It encourages team work and mutual discussion among superior and lower level people so that they can develop good recipes through better coordination in the entire department (Hinson, Frimpong and Dasah, 2011).

Therefore organizations should follow these principles to increase profitability and sales growth.

Factors influencing menu planning decisions

There are various factors affecting planning of menu which directly influence income of owner as well as spending of customers. These are as follows-

Economic factors- These play a vital role in planning of menu because of variation in income structure of customers. Increasing income assist to provide variety of food as per the season, whereas decreasing the same assist to provide food as per the requirement of lower and middle class customers (Urwaye, 2008).

Volume of customers- Under this, size of family is measured, like whether family is nuclear or joint. It affects planning of menu through keeping the track of number of people so that it can measure the requirement of food to be served (Barber and Scarcelli, 2010).

Season – Under this, menu should include food as per the season. Like summer needs to include cold coffee, cold drink and ice-cream whereas winters will demand hot coffee, soup, cauliflowers etc (Bill Wentz, 2007).

Life style- Under this, menu should be planned as per the requirement of number of meals in a day as some families have food three times a day whereas some want only twice (Blades, 2008).

Availability of labor, ingredients- Efficient cook and fresh ingredients are the important factors which influence overall performance of organization (Boonme and et. al., 2014).

Factors influencing service methods

There are several factors influencing service method of hotels and restaurants. These are as follows-

Skills of staff- People who are directly engaged in delivering services play a signification role. Their education, abilities, skills and knowledge regarding industry should be effective so that they can serve better (Cronin and McCarthy, 2011).

Effective menu- Menu ensures convenience of customers as they can easily understand about the items available and their prices which help them to take decision with less time. It helps to provide good services to buyers (Curran and King, 2008).

Technology used for order placing- Several technologies like mobile ordering are used for taking orders of customers that must be efficient and easily accessible which save cost as well as time of customers so that they can be more satisfied (Fuller, 2011).

Managerial abilities- Managers are important as in case of default or in any kind of matter customers go to manages. Hence attitude of them must be good with staff as well as customers (Ghodrati, Benjevic and Jardine, 2012).

Stages of menu development

Developing a good menu is very important for success of business because it is the main source of attracting the customers. It includes following stages-

Choose menu type- Under this, restaurants choose types of menu like mixed menu which gives details of any offers or used on daily basis, static menu which is used on daily basis, cycle menu which is changed daily, weekly or monthly (Hartwell and Edwards, 2009).

Develop items of menu- It contains details related to competition, prices, cost, desires of owners, market potential so that they can develop menu by considering all these factors.

Price of items on menu - It includes prices of items included in menu which covers indirect cost as well as direct, spending limit of buyers, expected profit from the services provides (Hinson, Frimpong and Dasah, 2011).

Write and design menu- In this, restaurants displays photos and arrange items in a series along with prices and make it effective (Moskowitz, Porretta and Silcher, 2008).

Evaluation of the influence on the development process

Development of menu should be given proper consideration to achieve target rate of return. For this purpose, organization analysis about the current trend related to food and meals and customers’ need (Moskowitz, Saguy and Straus, 2009). It includes competitor’s strategies so that they can make changes which make their menu different from their rivals. Firms enhance their available recipes with the addition of new ones which can make significant difference in minds of existing buyers (Ottenbacher and Harrington, 2009). Hotels and restaurants use pictures of food in menu with information related which helps to provide quick details of available meal. They can develop new products and can add new features in existing one along with planning menu for overall market. They can alter their menu by putting only that item on which they have quick access to ingredients needed so that they can make customers happy (Puckett, 2012).

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Design of menu taking into account the recipe development

Here we have taken mixed menu which includes several dishes along with prices offered to customers. Recipe development is the most important aspect for acquiring huge masses of customers (Sage, 2011). It is very important for increasing volume of customers by making menu as per their requirement. It leads to capture market share and spread firm to a large extent. So menu has designed by providing alternation and adding more recipes under it (Barber and Scarcelli, 2010). Menu design in present case has been made by consulting with others such as staff members, expertise as well as by taking feedback from the customers related to recipes (DUTTA, 2012). It will help firm to satisfy customers and innovation in the overall process related to menu as well as recipe. Varied factors have also been taken care while designing the menu. These are as follows;

Prices- Prices as per the above given menu are set to cover initial cost involved which can help company to increase profitability. Cost plus margin have been set for meeting competition as well as affordable for customers. Higher margin has been set in menu to cover cost so that company can generate enough revenue for growth and expansion. It will help firm to capture market share with leading position and create its goodwill at the market place with the effect of increase in the volume of customer (Walter, Edvardsson and Öström, 2010).

Taste and preference- Products have been added in the menu to cater with need of all types of customers. For example, present menu has added varied icecream flavors and salad which influence children and families. It is also suited for those who are health conscious. This has been done while preparing the dishes. Shrimp Cocktail as appetizers have been added in the menu for getting attraction of adults. More variety of fish and meat is added so that non-vegetarian can be satisfied. It can persuade them for making repeated purchase because of quality and more flavor provided.

Innovation- For making menu distinctive from other Our Cheesecake as dessert have been added which again helps to attract mass of younger people as well another segments also. It is an innovative product made in different designs with full cheese and cream. Surf & Turf Chicken & Lobster displayed in menu for superior non- vegetarian customers with higher prices. There are changes in the flavor of this dish by using different spices so that it can create worth for customer and they become ready to pay large amount for the services.

Season suited- Menu has been designed by taking into account all types of season by offering hot and cold items with specific segment which helps buyer to select as per their requirement. Such as Apple, Quince & Caramel, as dessert added suited as per summer season. This concept will aid in generating positive attitude among customers towards particular firm so that they can cover good market potential (Wilson, 2007).

Thus menu design with changes or addition of more recipes has great impact on the overall performance of organization. It helps firm to keep on update itself with changes in the condition or taste and preference of customers.

Development of the food service environment to support the menu, recipe and service style

Food services environment must be designed in a proper manner so as to support the development of menu, recipe as well as service style. Organization must have elements of this which are as follows-

  • Proper ventilation
  • Disposal of waste
  • Lighting
  • Availability of water
  • Restrooms (Bill Wentz, 2007).

These play a vital role because it affects menu by water availability of water supply like hot, cold, purified water, self services of water etc (Wilson, 2007). It tells about apparatus needed for storage of ice cream, water and any other cold material as well equipment to store hot material so that menu can help to deliver better services to customers (Blades, 2008). These factors affect service style as well as recipes also because lighting and ventilation facilities make it possible to provide good and comfortable environment (Boonme and et. al., 2014). It is very helpful for employees working under organization because it assists them to work with safety by having measures for taking their best care. Restrooms are also necessary for employees so that they can spend time when they are free (Cronin and McCarthy, 2011). It serves as measure for their protection and ensures their well being so that they can work with zeal and enthusiasm and can avoid stress by having rest. It enables them to provide quick and better services so that organization can have greater profitability (Curran and King, 2008). Disposal of waste gives convenience to customers to dispose-off any kind of garbage and it also creates good image of company in the society. It provides safe and secure environment for workers as well as community who in turn help the firm to grow in the long run and expand it with increase in the volume of customers. Good working conditions create positive attitude and motivate the employees to contribute towards organization. It helps to increase productivity of firm because of improved working method and efficiency of workers. This ensures well being of employees as well as organization (Fuller, 2011).

Food concept is very important process and must provide proper consideration so that hotel and restaurants get huge amounts of profit and can survive in the market with distinctive identity (Ghodrati, Benjevic and Jardine, 2012). It can be better explained with the help of following example-

The perfect Mexican meal- This concept has twelve recipes for capturing customer at large. It includes eleven different types of products. For having access to this type of concept following steps should be followed-

Select base of product- It contains chapatti, Mexican rice which caters requirement of customers in effective manner. They give food in packed in a wrapper and mini taco tray. (Hartwell and Edwards, 2009).

Fill it- The filling contains chili, chicken, fish etc which ensures tasty food for their customers and they get quick attraction towards that (Hinson, Frimpong and Dasah, 2011). The filling contains chili, chicken, fish etc which ensures tasty food for their customers and they get quick attraction towards that (Hinson, Frimpong and Dasah, 2011).

Covering it from top- On the top of given meal, they sprinkle or spread mango pieces or peanuts, bell paper with onion and corn salsa. It makes food attractive and healthier.

By adopting above mentioned process, several combinations can be offered to customers with the help of good and tasty recipes (Moskowitz, Porretta and Silcher, 2008). It is very helpful to provide quick services for those who have lack of time. People use such kind of services to a great extent because of quality wrappers and take less time. It is highly used in businesses and industries and getting hence large amount of profit. Students segment as well as education and healthcare also have access to this meal because of taste, quantity and quick services (Ottenbacher and Harrington, 2009).

It provides starters, soft drinks, snacks, light lunches and desserts as different types of meal to cater the needs of all types of customers. In its recipes it also has access to dietary need by providing vegetarian food (Puckett, 2012). It includes herbs, spices and grinders and Tex Mex as it products. Santa Maria is famous in providing variety of products and concepts which induce customers to buy products by having menus of meals containing different flavor. By this concept consumers get food in their budget and they get higher level of satisfaction as they get good flavor and taste in the given meal (Sage, 2011). It offers wide range of main courses such as nachos, mini snack wrap and pizza slice Aztec (Blades, 2008). It enables consumers to get different meals of food everyday which make them happy and induce them to particular from that particular service provider (How to Create a Restaurant Concept, 2014). Crispy chicken, fish wrap and griddled burger with chili lime ketchup are offered as light lunches with delicious taste and great quality (Snell, White and Dagger, 2014). It assists to make menus in effective manner which can meet the need of customers and can enhance sale of organization (Tikkanen and Kasurinen, 2012).

So this is the best way to launch new concept where firm can have greater profitability and customers satisfaction (Wilson, 2007). New concept of perfect Mexican meal is providing good way to launching new concept in the market. It is an innovative process which gets quick attraction of buyers (Hartwell and Edwards, 2009). Assist firms for way to launch new product by which they can grow in the market for the long run. It has several benefits as follow-

  • Fresh food- It provides fresh food because they have good command over fresh ingredients which help to provides good and healthier products (Tikkanen and Kasurinen, 2012).
  • Varieties of products-Buyers have a range of products with different combinations which enables them to choose anything they want with affordable prices (Blades, 2008).
  • Fulfill customer’s requirement- As it follow three step ideas for providing food which allows customer to select filling or base product as per their need and choice (Sage, 2011).
  • Distinctiveness- Their ways to provide services are slightly different from others and products as well are unique. It results in attraction of customers towards it and generates income for firm (Ottenbacher and Harrington, 2009).

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Suggestions for improvement

I have tried to carry out a self evaluation on the new food concept being Mexican style that has been introduced by me. I find my performance in this area a good one. I have tried to carry out a research on varied kind of food concepts and introduced the one which I found to be the most unique and profitable for company. Further recommendation can be given by me to bring improvement in the Mexican food concepts, these have been defend as under:

  • I can ensure proper utilization of raw materials to produce Mexican food so that it will help me to continue with the new food concept to serve in the long run.
  • I should use various strategies for cost control to increase profit and lower down per unit cost.
  • I may use other means of advertisement such as newspaper and television so that all the customers can get awareness towards the new food concept.
  • I should put little bit higher margin on cost which in result increases the overall profitability because target market is capable to pay.
  • I can use more of vegetarian food in Mexican items which can serve to dietary customers to a great extent.
  • I should make some more innovations such as weekly offers like combo plan etc.


Menu planning ensures overall growth and expansion of hotels and restaurants with higher profitability. In this report, study concludes about principles of recipe development so that organizations can have ethical conduct at workplace with increase in the volume of customers for achieving their target rate of return. Further it elaborates about planning of menu product development and evaluation of influence on the process so that firm can keep itself up to date for meeting requirement of customers and can create competitive edge. It states that menu should be updated on right time by making analysis of customers as well as competitors.


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