D/508/0491 Unit 6 Introduction To Management


Management has an important role to manage a hotel in proper way so that they can satisfy the guests, management has some certain roles and responsibilities that they have to carry out to attain the objectives and goal of an organization(Anderson, Sweeney and Williams, 2018). This report is based on The Imperial Hotel, London which is almost hundred years old and maintaining and owned part of well – known international chains of hotels in the 4 Star market, Star Hotel operated in 25 hotels in the UK. The Imperial Hotel, is located in the heart of London's West End, it deals in international business and tourists guests who have expects the service standards. But in this report there are some problems which are facing by the hotels, so a new general manager Peter Farnsworth is trying to fix that problems, and looking for a solution, here poor guest satisfaction is the major problem.

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Problem 1 : Poor guest satisfaction

The Imperial Hotel London is renowned for in high street brands but due to some reason it is being in a problem, the hotel is not offering contentment so its clients are not breaching its bond, that they had before. The customer faces the trouble at the time of check in to the hotel, they have to wait in a long queue, the reason is not clear why the guests should have to stand for a long time.

After the checking in clients see the bad room condition like curtains, and bed covers was not clean, and for that guests complains every day,to the reception(Taylor, Bector and Bhatt, 2015). The staff was providing poor quality, and when any went to the complain for the services then reception was not taking any action, they are not even giving any specific reason to not responding to the query, and because of customers was getting annoyed with the services. The customer was unsatisfied and because of that the feedback from them dropped down the sales of hotel, their feedback for the hotel services was drastically change the image of the hotel. Whenever the guests are complaining about the staff to the reception attendant was not only responding their queries but also being rude with them, the employees of the hotel was not seems to be well trained and educated, they have lack of training and direction and that's why they don't even know how to behave with the guest and how to present themselves in front of others.

Even the client's order was not completed, such room delivery service, laundry services, etc. The interior of the room was not to up to the mark, the furniture was not clean and broken, the renovation of the hotel was pending from years, that's why that was not appealing to clients. In terms of accommodation the bathrooms was not clean and showers was not working properly, and there was no response for repair work, noisy air conditioning, technologies was interrupted, and when the guests requests to change the rooms there request was not even listen. There was a big mess for the amenities, and this was making unsatisfied to the customers, because this not expected from the brand of the hotels, the management should pay the attention towards the inconvenience of the the hotel. One of the major factor to attract a guest, initially designing of the hotel plays a significant role, because the interior and exterior of the place creates an ambience that can give a tranquil pleasure to the clients, so that they can relax and enjoy their holidays, along with this a corporate organization is always looking for a place where the business meetings and other events can be incorporated in the hotel. The front of the house area has a importance to display the hotels service, they are leaders who monitors every arrangements, regarding the house keeping, assisting them to renders the services, and room reservations and handle the cash and so on. These three things are the foremost pillars of the hotel industry, and to maintain these aspects a hotel needs a stiff management to accomplish its targets, because if a management will be in good direction, that will surely give goods results. In the absence of these factors the hotel graded the lowest in the whole Star chain in terms of over all customer contentment, the hotel performance is not even at average level according to the guest cards which are provided in the rooms of hotel guests and the guest satisfaction survey, because of the negative behaviour of the staff and that reflects to the reducing the goodwill of the organization(Combe, 2014).

To be fair and compete with the market Peter Farnsworth suggested some solutions of problems that is being faced by the customer and hotel owners, because it is drawing the business on lowest level. The first suggestion was, analyse the problem for customer perspective, that means that a guests always want to be welcome by a well behaved persons, that can assist them to to give the information of hotel amenities and incentivise, so that they can select the best one for them(Walker and Walker, 2016). They never want to wait in queues, they would feel that, rather to wait for such a long time it will be better to move another place where they can find the enough relax without any waiting and easy charges that are calculated accurately by the hotel staff. Because a customer would like to pay the charges only for the the things which they have consumed and the facilities they came across, but the 4 Star Hotel is not capable to maintain the decorum of the premises and making the blunder mistakes in preparing the final bill, and because of that, the clients was also waiting at the time of checking out, and they have to wait again, which was was making them irritating and anxious. So at the customer perspective the things was not going well, and to make them appropriate there should be a reservation staff, that aids to update the information for the rooms availability and occupancy, so that reservation becomes easy and therefore, there is no need to wait for the checking of the rooms, as someone checkout fro m the hotels immediately the room can be allotted to some other guests. This will avoid the waiting queues(Hughes, 2012).

The second and major thing which matters to a client is the nature and behave of the staff, for this purpose the staff needs to be train and learning skill that should be improved, because the trained staff is helpful to increase the business. There are several departments in a hotel, but house keeping staff also has a value in 4 Star Hotels, because they supports to the core services like cleanliness, security, kitchen department. They cleans the hotel rooms that appeals to the customers, because of that clients the opulence affects them otherwise there no meaning to offer them a eminent services, because if they are not serving in a an appropriate manner then they are worthless, and the hygiene appeals to clients to come and stay there forever. In this hotel, the staff was not responding to the complains, that was so weird, training is important for them, cause after that they are able to know that how can they help to the guests, so that they will not bother in any circumstances. Hotel staff training would help to raise the profit ratio and problem solving. This training will give them a knowledge to how to work in hospitality industry, that includes from cleanliness and monitoring the staff everything. They should response at a time of call, what they get from guests, that indulges them to stay long(Alvesson and Willmott, 2012).

If the staff is not trained then their behave will be a reason to loose the sales business. The training will not only teach them to respond the queries but also to recognize the expectation of clients. Because as the hotel is a famous brand for everyone, then it becomes very obvious that customer have a big expectations from this to maintain the brand size. There are some requirements which attracts the customers. It is so often, when customers made their mind about the ambience of the hotel but when they enters they found everything opposite and after facing this impression they never want to come back. The staff should aware about the anticipation of the customers such as, a client desires for clean rooms, hygienes and responding staff, the first thing which captures a guests mind is seeing a clean room, well arranged adorns that amplifies the beauty of rooms. There should be no issue regarding the bathrooms cleaning, shower repair, etc., if there is any kind of these problems then it should be rectify before the room give to other party. After all, these are the small things which should not impact on image of the hotel. The hotel is needed to maintain twenty four hour facilities to offer high quality of services.

Analysing the feedback of the customers that how they can be deal, so that guests will not face the same problem again. The most of feedbacks are pessimistic that discourages the staff motto. There should be a feedback department that evaluate the problems of the feedbacks and maintains the communication with other departments to provides the information about the complains that are used to solve and enhances the appearance of the standard. The problems needed to be handle on time, so that they cannot rise and not able to increase the level of difficulty(Hislop, 2013).

The Imperial Hotel is a big brand if it is making rubbish and not planning for any strategies to over come the troubles it is facing then it can go to the lowest level and the value it has in the market from hundred years, that all will going to demolish. To save the image and make it again a icon in hotel industry it must look after all its functions and management that aid to provide the customer satisfaction which is a foundation of hospitality and any business. There are such a different ways that can over come the negative feedbacks but staff training is must for this, cause its rude behaviour and negligence is a major problem for it(Anderson, Sweeney and Williams, 2018).

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The above report is based on problem of poor customer satisfaction within the chain of Imperial Hotel, London named as 4 Star Hotel, that is a legacy of generations, which offered a prominent services, to the clients and business and sectors. As given case study the hotel is suffering from some problem and in this problem, supplying an appropriate services to indulge customer is a major task. The clients are not happy with the quality of the services because of the staff ignorance, the employees are not cooperative at all, and hence the customer's the not going to stay there and not even the corporate parties are going to happen because of the rigidity of the hotel staff. The accommodation are not appealing although it has a huge area but that is not under the keen of eyes, which is most needed to monitor the staff. So, Peter Farnsworth who is a new GM in the hotel suggested some key points, that can improve the visibility of the hotel and render good quality of the services, he come with some solutions that are essential to over come such issues which was facing by clients due to poor morale of employees.


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