Managing Business Activities To Achieve Results

LO1 Importance Of Business Processes

Business is a place where buying and selling activities takes place. So, to manage these activities in a systematic manner is known as Management of Business Activities. Also, they have to ensure the quality of business product. The main aim of these activities is to attain the set goals on time. Nowadays, it is not easy to run a business. So, to remain in market, firm has to produce good results. In addition, business process is very important to produce quality outcomes based upon business goals and objectives (Dale, Van Der Wiele, and Van Iwaarden, 2007). Moreover, online retail work is in trend nowadays. In this project Kavya Online Solution is taken as Online Retail Company. Kavya Online Solution is doing good online retail business as it deals in making business cards, leaflets and print business stationary

To know the process of different organizations, their structure has to be discussed at first. Like in Kavya Online Solution. there is hierarchy set by their management.

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President: On the top, the designation of President comes. He is the first person of the company. He has all the authority to take decision and has the signing authority.

Vice President (VP): He comes under President. He takes all his work from the President. VP has to report to President only. He can take decision comes under the category set by president (Weske, 2012). Also, he has the authority to sign.

Under VP their comes manager of different departments

  • Purchase manager: He takes care of all the purchase related activities.
  • Information Technology Manager: He handles the work related to internet or can say he deals in online business activities.
  • Director Manager: He takes decision for his subordinates because he is director of the company. Also, he deals directly with the VP.
  • Sales Manager: He looks after the work related to sales (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).
  • Market Research Manager: He research in the market and make changes according to requirement of the consumer.
  • Accounts Manager: This manager handles all the accounting related activities.

Subordinates: People who perform under these managers are known as their subordinates. They will follow the manager's instruction.

Function of organisation: In order to produce and sell, Kavya has to perform some key functions:

  • Design and Production: Firstly, a product has to be designed and then after the design gets completed, production of the product takes place.
  • Finance: Finance manager is the key personal of managing finance. He looks after the incoming and outgoing of money (Ulrich, 2013). Finance used for the expansion of any concern.
  • Human Resource: For performing any task, managers have to forecast about the human resources they possess. If they have lesser than their need, they will have to appoint workforce to complete the gap.
  • Sales and Marketing: To promote the products and sell them in market is also very necessary function to be performed in any organization .
  • Administration : Manager have to administrate the department working and about their needs and wants.
  • Research and Development: In this firm has to know the innovations comes in the market and according to that remove lacking of the product (Cherbakov and 2005).

Methodology to be used to map processes to the organization's goals and objectives

For any task completion, Kavya online solution has to set some goals and objectives:

  • Improve Profitability: The main object of business is to improve profitability as without profit, any enterprise will not be able to run their business.
  • Increase Market Share: For successful business, they will have to increase their market share.
  • Increase Sales: Sales have to be increased to run a business because if sales will increase, their market share and profit will also rise.
  • Reduce Manufacturing Cost: Kavya has to try to reduce manufacturing cost so that their profit will get increase.

Output of the process and the Quality gateways

Output of process for kavya online solution is means by after doing input and processing the result comes out will be the output of any product (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2014). Quality Gateways includes requirements. It is a single point that every requirement must pass through before it can go for the specification. Quality gateways are normally set up so that the requirements go through the authorised people. By working together, they check each requirement for completeness, relevance, testability, coherence and several other qualities. This is a measurement of the requirement that makes it both understandable and testable. Quality Gateways is different for every organization. Kavya prepares business leaflets as well as cards for its client. Thus, with an aim to establish quality gateway manager of cited firm can carry out comparison between final product and client requirement. For example, one of the client of Kavya has specified that it requires particular content and design in its business cards. Here, by comparing the final product of firm with the specified requirement of client, the quality of produced product can be enhanced. Thus, through given type of activity only best and high quality of online business solution can be delivered by cited corporation in an effective way.

Lo2 Responsibility An Implement Operational Plans

The goal of a business and achievement is the focus of any new business. Like in an online retail business(Kavya Online Solution) Their main aim is to increase the sale of their product(business cards, print stationary) and earn profit (Auramo, Kauremaa and Tanskanen,2005) . For that the company have to make such standard goal and objective so that they can attain their goal. Goals and objectives can't be set by one person, the head of the decision making team have to involve the whole team which is going to perform the task. The team will tell exactly about the completion of work. There are some key element for promoting goal:

  • Tie goals to your mission: Firstly match the goals and objectives of kavya with company's mission line. If the goal is doesn't match the company's tag line them goal should be reset.
  • Use goal setting ACES: In this A means to achieve what company want to attain in future. C means what company want to hang on to? (Crane and Matten, 2010) E means Eliminate what company wants to get rid off? S means Steer clear , what company want to avoid?
  • Cover all the bases: In this approach company can cover so may bases like day to day work goal,problem solving goal, development goal, innovative goal, profitability goal and so many.
  • Make final choice: Be confident that what goals are formed will be right, will be in the favour of company.

Objectives, which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based to align people and other resources in an effective and efficient way

These are known as smart objectives. S stands for specific, M stands for measurable, A stands for achievable, R stands for realistic, and T stands for time based. Kavya online solution set the objectives that their profits will get increase by 10% in 1 years. So for that they have to do some SMART work.

1. Specific : This specific objective has much greater chance to accomplished then general objective.In this Kavya has set goal that 10% profit will generate in 1 year. To set this objective, kavya have to consider such W's:

  • Who is involved ?
  • What do they want to accomplish?
  • Where is the location?
  • When company have to reach that goal?

2. Measurable: It is also very important to measure the progress that it be achieved in 1 financial year, so that it can be achieve on time.

3. Attainable: The goal that 10 % profit is achieved in 1 year should be attainable for the company.

4. Realistic: The goals set by the higher authorities should be realistic (Management of continual improvement for facilities and activities, 2006). They should based on real facts and figures.The goals set by the higher authorities should be realistic (Management of continual improvement for facilities and activities, 2006). They should based on real facts and figures.

5. Timely: The goal should be achieve in 1 year. It involves specification of time.

Appropriate systems to achieve objectives in the most efficient way, on time, to budget and meeting organisational standards of quality

One of the most important aspect of Kavya solutions is to achieve the goals of business on time (Burgstahler and Eames., 2006). They will set budget at the time of planning and the quality also plays vital role in any organisation. Every firm has to create certain system so that these objectives can be attain successfully.

1. Market Research: Market Research is an essential planning tool to attain a goal of business. Manager of the concern needs to consider the market area, potential customers, and presence of competitors while making any kind of decision. Here, it is on the basis of given information only Kavya can prepares plans with respect to its products and services.

2. Cost Benefit Analysis: It is a common type of business strategic Decision making tool, that consist of the cost and potential benefit associated with this. It results in greater net benefit for the organisation. With the help of this tool, Kavya can make decision about the activities which is being organised by it in firm. For example, firm has made investment in training and development of workers. The investment as being made by the firm will b proved as effective when workers will assist firm in terms of raising the sales and profitability related condition of the organisation in an effectual way.

3. SWOT Analysis: SWOT analysis is basically a strategic tool which comprise of strength and weakness of the organisation and to know opportunities and threats a business can face. This tool can be used by Kavya in order to convert its weakness into business. Furthermore, by using given approach only organisation can gather information relating to opportunities that lies in the business environment.

4. Gantt Chart: It is the graphical representation of activity that corporation can use with an aim to track its progress towards the framed goals and objectives. It is being regarded as one of the most effective planning tool. This is because, with the help of given approach direction of manager can be set.

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Meeting the operational plan through effective monitoring and control

Operational plan is a basic tools that directs the day to day activities of Kavya's staff. Employee should give regular training regarding their work they have to complete. Implementation of operational plan is very necessary (Uotila, and,2009). There are some set criteria for implementation.

  • Regular Team Meeting: Staff meetings should be held in which senior management are engage in explaining key aspects of the operational plan and dealing question staff is raising regarding the plan.
  • Allocating Responsibility: Responsibility are to be allocated by the senior management to their subordinates.
  • Revising positions descriptions: Senior authority asks their subordinate regarding accessibility of their plan or what is the current status of the work.

Lo3 Improve Organizational Performance

For Kavya Online Solution Quality is the key area of giving importance. After completion of any product the quality is to be tested by the quality department. If they approve it then the product can moves in the market and quality department rejects the product then company has to destroy that product. In the corporation Quality checking has been done by the External authorities also (Improving the efficiency, accuracy and cost effectiveness of core business activities. 2015). Quality standard can be set in following ways:

  • A manager can give focus on the customer and and find out what he expects, their needs, their wants and a particular time he wants their product.
  • Quality head has to find out the faults and they try to refrain the product according to set standard.

Quality Standard can be met in following ways:

The key personal tries to improving trust between the customers and the organisation. if customer get satisfied then they will set a image in their mind regarding firm.

With an aim to develop the quality culture within Kavya, approach such as Total Quality management can be used. It is principle that make sure that each staff member must be committed in building high quality culture within firm. The given approach will also encourages managers as well as workers with regard to perform improvement in their produced product on regular or continuous basis. Thus, by complying with the given approach such type of culture can be developed within firm which motivates workers with regard to produces best products and services for the corporation.

Quality culture to ensure continuous monitoring, evaluation and development of the process

By employing a strategic set of quality Kavya can improve performance and better address the challenges ahead. When a quality culture is achieved all employees from a senior leadership to front-line staff has infused Quality Improvement (Sila and Ebrahimpour, 2005). For Quality improvements their are some elements to be consider:

1.Leadership commitment: Leadership commitment is vital for the success of leadership commitment. Middle management and the supervisor ensure that all employees have the direct support needed and match the criteria of quality improvements.

2.Quality Improvement Infrastructure: Quality improvements must be align with the organisation's vision, mission and strategic plan and linked to firms as well as individual performance also.

3.Employee empowerment: Quality Improvement should be done by staff with their daily work. And for that their knowledge, skills, support and awareness is necessary.

Improvements which align with the organisation's objectives and goals

Business objectives should be set by Kavya online solution so that the process can be run and accessed on time, and after accessing it, the work can be measure (Smart., Maddern and Maull, 2015). According measurement a person can do improvement in his work. Employee should improve long term performance at low risk, so that it can give better result. They can sat SMART objectives for any plan. These objectives are very specific, based on facts and figures, timeline is specified. In addition to it the message which is be convey to the subordinate should deliver very clearly and carefully. The cost criteria should keep in mind so that by reducing it a person can improve its profitability. They should match the outcomes goals and services with the potential funders, donors and volunteers.

Wider implications of proposed changes within the organisation

Kavya change over time in variety of ways. There are a number of ways in which they might change. They can increase their organization by improving its size, like it is a sole trading concern then a person can make it a partnership a firm, so that their size may increase (Jeston, and Nelis. 2014). Or they can make finance through borrowing external finance, by taking over or merging with other company. Kavya tends to be a customer oriented firm. They grew their product by the influence of customer. They offer the product what customer is needing . A major factor of doing changes in the organisation is his competitor. A product what a own concern is offering and a product what competitor is offering, and at what rate is also very critical evaluating point.

LO4 Manage Health And Safety In The Workplace

Health and safety at work act 1974 entails that it is responsibility of employer that it must direct its efforts in terms of maintaining the health and safety of its workers. This lays regulatory framework to advice the company like Kaya about the restricted activities and employee welfare regarding health and safety.

Risk assessment has become a standard phrase in Health and safety over the few decades. Kavya online solution is working on ISO standards. Law has been put in place to ensure that organisation and individual meet a minimum standard of care to ensure their activity do not result in harm or loss to others. Local government will also have a range of requirements that must be met. Council will control those things which affects the health of the employees and which are not covered by broader legislation. Breach of local by-laws may result in fine. The legislation deals with disaster emergencies, occupational health and safety, equal employment opportunity and privacy of the worker (Lönnqvist, and Pirttimäki, 2006). The enterprise should match safety standard, community interaction, noise limit, Traffic management etc.

Health and safety regulations and legislation applicable are correctly and effectively applied

The Health and safety at work act 1974 has its benefit for the Kaya. This is because, with the help of given legislation organisation can maintain the safety of its workers.

The workers working in Kavya are entitle to the safety measure. Like for a employee who is working in Kavya is entitle to the eye safety measure, first aid facility, has the right to skip the work under some circumstances. He should provide a good work environment, so that he can do his work without any disturbance. The person should give training on how to reduce stress and also they are entitled for the meditation and yoga classes arranged by the company only. Their equipments should get maintained time to time. Temperature in indoor workplace should given keen importance. Lighting, tools and equipments, Health and safety regulations and legislation applicable are correctly and effectively applied, cleanliness and waste material, room dimentation and space, work stations and seating, window skylights and ventilators, doors and gates, sanitary conveniences, drinking water, changing cloths, resting rooms etc are some basic health and safety regulations that a concern has to fulfilled.

Systematic review of organisational health and safety policies and procedures in order to ensure they are effective and compliant

Health and safety policy is a written statement by an employer stating the company's commitment for the protection of health and safety of employees and to the public (Wheelen,2008). It includes some points:

  • Provision and maintenance of health and safety working conditions, equipments and system of works.
  • It involves regular audits, inspections and resultant actions. Audits should done on regular basis.
  • Effective consultation is also done with members of staff with safety representative.
  • They should ensure the competence of the designated responsibility to the staff.
  • They should ensure that all policy applies on the every aspect of project completion.
  • Organization must review the policy on time to time basis, so that the employee will not have to suffer at any aspect.

Application of all these policies can generate good results, because if a employee is satisfied on the employer side then he works very efficiently, that generate good result.

In addition to this, the health and safety policy also entails that it is responsibility of employer that it must take prior measures with regard to the unforeseen condition that may happen within enterprise. In addition to this, with an aim to ensure the safety of workers, manager of Kavya must carries out its efforts in terms of providing all sort of safety equipments to its employees in an effectual manner. Here, by following the given aspects of health and safety policy, Kavya can maintain safety of its workers. Thus, through this way only motivation of employees can also be enhanced in an effectual way.

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It is to conclude from the above file that for Kavya setting of goals and objectives is very important. They are the key guideline on that a firm has to perform. The objectives should set under the specified time and specified guidelines. The risk factor associated with the task has to be measure before works get started. In Kavya solutions along with the risk factor, health and safety measurement are also important. In addition to it quality analysis has to be done while producing any product (Anderson,and Anderson, 2010). Quality Gateways is a method of doing quality analysis.


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