Employee Resourcing And Development



Resourcing refers to an economic factor which is required to accomplish various activities as a means to achieve the desired outcome within an organization. The basic resources include the following; labor land and capital, and some others examples include entrepreneurship, energy, management expertise and time. Employee resourcing is such a method that addresses the challenge; falls on the departments of human resource in different organizations those challenges include various kinds of interrelated activities which focus on the proper recruitment and deployment of staffs. Resourcing is actually a system of the recruitment and selection of an employee in order to meet the needs of an organization for developing specific skills and behaviors. Key resources are mainly the building blocks that describe the most significant assets that are needed for making a good model of business. All business models require these important assets that are required by the companies for generating various value propositions and the revenues. Important key resources include financial, intellectual, human or physical key resources.

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Business development refers to various processes and tasks for the development and implementation of different growth opportunities of the business organizations. It refers to the development of long term values from the markets, customers and relationship between them within an organization. Human resource development involves those opportunities for the training, career development mentoring, performance development, identification of the employees and also includes the succession planning and development of an organization. Business development refers to the summarization of all the ideas and information, various activities and initiatives that are aimed to make a better business prospects. These include various outgrowing revenues, and growth while making a proper business decision. Business development activities tend to extend across various departments including marketing, sales, project and product management and sometimes marketing. This can also involve negotiations, networking, partnerships and other efforts that are cost saving. These activities are always driven by the goals of business development.

Added value

Added value refers to the enhancement of the company’s products and services that are offered to the customers. This term is applied to such instances that an organization takes the product which are sometimes considered as homogenous products. These products sometimes have few differences in their forms, and provide the customers with some additional features or add-on that gives the product a good value or sense. Improving the performance and the ability of an organization is the main function of the human resource. Despite the developments tasks, the function of Human Resource development is to improve the abilities and the performance of the individual in which they have lack of knowledge such as various accounting practices and their management skills. All the recognized companies are trying to find the way for the value addition to justify the overall pricing in the market. The companies find that the consumers are less focused on specific products but more focused on what will be the benefits of those products for them. To find the true value of the customers is much more critical for determining how the packages, products will be delivered by the company.

Area 1) Resourcing:

Introduction of HR planning

Human Resource planning is such a process which identifies the recent human resources and also the future HR development that is needed by the organization for achieving their objectives and goals. According to Sotunde (2013, p. 252), the main importance of an effective Human Resource is differentiating the human resource planning that mainly create links between the strategic plans and the human resource the populations of aging workers in most of the western countries and their growing demands in the developing economies.

Human resource planning is the process to ensure that the requirements of the Human resource management in an organization have been properly identified and various plans have been made to satisfy those needs and requirements. As per Sagan (2015, p. 132), this HRM is the process by which an organization can estimate the demands of all the labors and thus evaluating this size, nature and the main source of supply for meeting the demand. HR planning includes the creation of employer’s absence management and retention strategy, their flexibility strategy, the employer’s brand, their recruitment and selection strategy as well as the talent management strategy.

The competencies of HRM support the overall human resource planning and allow the organization for assessing the ongoing human resource capacity which is based on various competencies to achieve the strategic plans programmers to achieve the goals of the organization.

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Added value and the business partnership in relation to the role of HR planning 350

According to Porzak (2015, p. 142), there are various companies that consider all their employees as most valuable assets of the company and for these organizations, Human resource plays an important role. This HR motivates the performances of the employees thus maintaining the organizational culture. Strategic Human Resource plays a stringent role in developing and building a strong organization.

Long term successes in the financial performance of a company correlates with the motivation, talents and the accomplishments of their employees. The primary Human Resource adds value to the company or organization by promoting the leaders of the company to train their employees and develop a strong performance. As per Musyoki (2015, p. 240), hiring the top talented employees create the foundation for the companies with high performance. The Human Resource is too much responsible to build and manage the systems that hire, train and motivate the employees of the organization. This can include well and good designs of the jobs and hiring the best employees for the organization.

HR added value in a business by legal protections from different discriminations. The HR professionals always try to speed up the employees and educate the executives and the managers and also try to promote the equality. The main function of HR sometimes bound to minimizing the discrimination which is really beneficial and valuable for the organization as this becomes a bit diverse.

According to Belmont (2017, p. 22), Planning is an important role for the HR professionals to increase the added value for the organization. The HR professionals contribute the future expectations of the people by planning a proactive strategies and overtaken the active responses from the employees and various employment conditions. The position of Human Resource business partner is too much responsible to align the objectives of the business with the employees and the business units which are designated by management. Business partner of Human Resource is closely served as the consultant for managing the issues related with the human resource.

As per Lirios (2017, p. 30), Human resource involves the full participation of the company's employees in the essential departments to take the decisive steps, and the participation from the various departments ensure that the leadership can make proper business decisions which is based on the aims and objectives to meet the growing need for the company.

Various examples of HR planning

According to the survey of International Business and Economic Research Journal, there are various challenges that have been faced by the Human Resource Department and those challenges have been build from the realization that the better the Human Resource, the better will be the function of an organization and the better will be its ability for the high quality performance and gaining a large outcome.

As per the BBC reports, It includes various selection methods of the qualified employees for an high quality organization and to make sure that the working environment is too much conducive, and also safe for the staffs and workers. These always try to keep the information up to date and various regulatory and legislative issues also.


According to Fajri (2016, p. 220), HR planning is too much effective for the growing skills and development of the employees of an organization and to enhance its performance, whereas as per Valdés (2017, p. 320), much better leadership plans should be implemented, for managing and building the systems and proper motivation is highly required to meet the relevant business strategies.

Area 2) Development:

Introduction and discussion of Organizational Development

Organizational Development refers to the process or study of changes and performance of an organization that also gains success. The organizational structure and the processes always influence the behaviors of the employees and workers and also influence their motivations.

According to Savaneviciene (2012, p. 180), the organization development mainly focuses on aligning the firm or company with changing environment with the help of organizational learning. Various transformation of the organizational norms also create values while cope with the rapidly changing environment. There are few key concepts of the Organizational development that includes changing climate of the organization, the beliefs and attitudes of the employees that influence its members, the organizational cultures and strategies. Organizational development involves implementation of effective organizational change. Organizational development focuses on managing and understanding the organizational change, particularly in the field of applied science. Behavioral Science provides the basic practices of organizational developments, and those who are experts in Organizational development and learning try to make some decisive steps for the much better developmental approach to be implemented. As per Sotunde (2013, p. 252), Organizational climate culture and the strategies are the three principal theories, while implementing organizational development in an organization. This is mainly a continuous process to manage the future changes which is based on the planning, diagnosis and the evaluation. The organizational changes sometimes create an impact on the leadership management, the climate culture and the complete business strategies of an organization. This organization development is undertaken by the leadership of an organization too.

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Adding value and the business partnership in relation to the Organizational Development

There are some added values or impacts on the organizational developments, here some following points includes the same:

  • To provide various opportunities for the people for proper functioning rather than the other resources in the process of productivity
  • In order to seek increasing effectiveness in an organization, there should be a clear focus on the goals and objectives that is to be reached
  • Provide various opportunities for the member of the organizations, or sometimes the organization itself, for developing complete potential
  • An attempt should be taking to create such environment that helps make it possible for finding challenging and exciting works
  • To treat each and every employee as a person with some tricky needs this is very much important for his work within the organization
  • In order to provide various opportunities for the people, influence them towards working in the organization within the working environment.

Organizational development always has a clear goal, and the most progressive companies have various organizational development roles, various departments and group of staffs. As per Stankeviciute (2012, p. 202), the main challenge is to focus on the organizational success which is hard to find but all the organizational goals and objectives should be real to add value in different sectors of a business.

Despite various experiences in different organizations, strategies and plans are turned into various actions that are necessary for producing a good business performance. According to Sumarwan (2016, p. 223), many organizations sometimes fail to motivate their employees towards achieving the objectives and aim and for those companies business strategies are required for success. The large organisation sometimes suffers from the struggle for translating the theories into actions and tries to enable those strategies into successful implementation for the added value in an organization. These are mainly the aims of strategic realization which is provided by some of the leadership organization and also added value in their business products.

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Examples of Organizational Development

As per Lirios (2017, p. 32), Organizational development sometimes creates various project management systems. In order to improve the business, the organizational development should map out the plans and find out the ways to manage the project. The company or organization has to identify the tasks enable the employees to do in a sequential manner for its completion. As a result, all the customers can receive better quality of products in a low time. Customer service training can also plays an important role to provide better service to the customers, and if the customer service is poor, it creates an unfavorable reputation on the organization. With the development of better customer service training and techniques, companies can easily take the positive advantage in the competitive market.


According to Musyoki (2015, p. 240), In order to improve the business, the organizational development should map out the plans and find out the ways for managing the project and to meet the organizational objectives and needs. Whereas as per Guillén (2017, p. 33), sometime times this should not be possible for all the employees and executives to make all the strategies clear in a very short period of time, hence the problem arises for not meeting the needs and objectives in the brief time period.

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From the above study, clear ideas of resource and development have been described in brief for meeting the demands and needs of an organization. The overall study includes the resourcing, development, and the added value of an organization with brief description on the business strategy. The organizational development and the human resource practice have been clearly described in relation with the business partnership which can make it clear that both the humanresource and organizational development plays an important role in value addition and business strategies and all are necessary to make the overall business successful and to meet the needs.


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