Professional Skills Portfolio (PRSK4048) Spring 17-Level 4


Professional skills plays a vital role to achieve the great success in a specific profession and has the great impact on the performance of the each individual as well. This assessment is mainly understand the requirement of professional skills and potential role and their suitability as well. Belbin test is a effective and important tool to understand the role of nine teams and their individual roles to achieve the success in an business. Moreover, it includes perceptive importance of E-mails to arrange and plan the meetings and the effectiveness to plan the meetings and participation in a meeting as well(César and, 2016). Make an action plan to resolve the problems and conflicts and also make the professional development plan to increase the knowledge and skills of each individual.

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1. The long term vision

To prepare a action plan and make the long term vision related to that particular organization, it is very crucial to set the effective long term vision and make the perfect strategies to achieve that vision(Gider and, 2012). This long term vision states the current position of an individual and also give the direction to work with effectively and reach that particular goal as well. After 5 to 10 years I see myself at the effective position according to the given table:


Vision of that aspect

Importance scale of 1 to 10

Most important thing in my life is to be...

Mainly my vision is to become an effective finance manager, because managing the people and direct them is my interest of work






Favourite kind of place and which part of the world want to live?

I want to live that kind of place where I feel energetic and do my work with full efficiency and full of energy as well. I want to live in London because it is my favourite place and my dream place.


Working for a company?

My main vision is to work with that type of company where I gained lot of knowledge and improve my professional skill at great extent. There is surely no matter of working with small and large company. My focus is only on working for organisation and improving my self and my skill and knowledge.


Doing what kind of work?

As per the aspect I want to do the challenging type of work for sure, because I think that this type of surely increase my capabilities and skills as well. Because of that I also feel self encouraged and motivated and challenges gives me a boost in my personal and professional growth as well.


With what kind of work like balance consider and stress level?

I want to do the both kind of work because balance consider work direct me to do the work on a specific time. While, stress level work direct me to do that particular work with full of efficiency and energy as well.


What kind of role which I prefer to do?

Mainly I prefer to do the work in which I take the responsibility of that particular task and do that task on deadline and before time as well.


I enjoy to spend my time apart from the work in doing...

I mostly enjoy to read the books and also spend my time with my friends as well.


2. The potential role and their suitability

There are several types of potential roles and their effective suitability in the form of achieving the success and development of that particular business as well. Potential role and key skill is given below:

My desire role is: Finance manager

Key skills requied

My current experience in these particular skill

Marketing, sales or customer service

According to this particular skill, I have 6 month experience about marketing, digital marketing and online marketing and customer services as well.

Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving is the main and very effective skill in any profession. Moreover, as a finance manager problem solving is the key factor to improve the professional skill of finance manager. While I have the experience in problem solving skill is approx few months.

Project management and effective planning

My experience at my previous job has help me to develop this skill like manage the team member and direct them in right direction. While I also think that there is still a room for improvement in that particular skill.



I think I surely enjoy the responsibility of a finance manager and probably I learned a lot from this position. Moreover, I increase my skill and knowledge regarding management and different area of business as well.

The position of finance maanger is quite difficult in form of managing all the team member and in allocation of the task method as well.

The big and effective advantage to achieve the target goal at very instant and effective manner.

I would worry about my work balance and strategy towards the team and professiona as well.

3. Analyse the primary and secondary team roles

This primary and secondary team roles are described in the form like manage the team members and allocate the specific task to them. About my past experience I learned a lot from Belbin's theory and improve my skill to manage the team in effective manner and encourage them as well. In brief, primary and secondary roles mainly determine in two ways like social organisation analysis and group discussion as well(Hodgson and Wong, 2011).

  • Primary group is mainly define in a small group whose members share their close, personal, enduring relationship or more.
  • Secondary group mainly deal with less personal level in compare with the primary group as well and the relationship is also at temporary basis.

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4. Write an E-mail to arrange a meeting

  • The E-mail writing is an effective approach to manage the team and direct them in right way as well.


Subject: Arrange a meeting

This is to inform you all that, I have arrange a meeting on today at urgent basis to discuss about the team management. While it is very important for us to discuss about the financial management and about the strategies as well. This is very important for the group and hope you all are present in the meeting today.

  • Second draft of the e-mail for responding the previous mail


Subject: Unable to attend the meeting

This is to inform you that we are unable to attend the meeting today, Because the total team members in our group is not here right now. For that reason we are unable to attend the meeting and I hope you will understand.

Evaluate the perspective of group and individual

The group


After attending lecture 4, I learn most of the things in which I increase my key skills and knowledge. Furthermore, I achieve the success in the field of management and financial management.

Time management

Time management is very effective tool in the way of management and it has the great impact on the personal and professional development as well. In each and every group time management is very important to achieve the success and target goals.


In our group, Communication is the most important part in achieving the success. A perfect and effective communication with the team has great impact in achieving the success towards the goals.

Deal with disagreement

We deal with several types of conflicts like communication, proper management, also deal with the conflicts like need of the management and need of each individual(Kafyulilo, Fisser and Voogt, 2016).



In this group discussion, My participation towards my team is as according to needs and demands.


In contribution process towards my team is like understanding the end goal, collaboration with each individual, ask different question or identify the clear roles and task as well.


Communication is a effective way of approach the set target goals in an effective manner and instant way. I explain my self in the way of like my point of views should be very effective and easy to understand. My listening is also very effective , like I listen each individual's point of view in proper way.

Discussion management

To make every meeting productive, I follows the rules like first of all time management is most impertant. Set the effective agenda, start meetings on time, making sure that right people attrend the meetings so that meeting become very prosuctive and effective.

Resolving problems and conflicts

Define problem

Actions taken

Positive outcomes

Effect upon other people

Further actions needed

Lack of communication

Immediate action taken by team members in the way of understanding the view of each individual. Making perfect planning and strategies and communicate well.

positive outcomes of effective communications are like profitablility and growth of the company and much more.

Lack of communication has the major effect on the performance of each individual and also affect the strategic planning as well.

More interaction and understanding needed. Responsibility also has an effective impact.

Improper management

Allot specific task to each individual member of the team. Making strategic planning to manage people and their work or task

Effective outcome of proper management is like it gives motivation to perform more well, development opportunities, better knowledge of their team members

It has the great impact on other team members in the way of decrese in growth rate, task management is also in improper way.

Selecting right people for the team and manage in proper way and making effective strategies as well.

E-mail to give criticism about group member's work


Subject: Constructive criticism about group member's work

This is to inform you that constructive criticism is mainly affect the performance of another team members in the form of performance and development. Constructive criticism gives the feedback about the group member's work and forcus on the right situation not the other person's work. Be specific with the feedback and working performance. This only affect the performance of group member's work and also their outcomes.

Respond the criticism of work


Subject: Accept criticism of work

This is to inform that criticism is the process of havig both of the rules like "rule in" and "rule out". By accepting the one point about the constructive criticism is that it only supply the incomplete information and it indirectly affect the working performance of the group member. Either positive or negative aspect affect the performance of each individual's work and growth of the firm as well.

5. Outline of presentation

In management section, Each individual has their own skills and capability or interest as well.

  • Role of manager: Role of manager contains managing peoples in right teams and gives effective direction so that they give perfect outcomes. Manager has important role in the form of allocating task among team members and direct them accordingly.
  • Role of technician: Technician has the specific role in each team and has the effective reputation in their work. They only responsible for technical issues and their effective outcomes(Kessen and Turner, 2016).
  • Co-ordinator: According to Belbin theory co-ordination is most important to gain effective profit and growth of the company.
  • Team worker: In this role members of each team do their work at a given time and deadline with effective co-ordination and understanding process.
  • specialist
  • implementer
  • plant
  • shaper

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6. Reflect on the presentation:



This presentation is very clear and in proper manner and also very effective. Because in this presentation, the content is reliable and realistic so that it is easily achievable by all team members and audiences. Group presentation mainly focuses on the preparation, specific information gathering, information series in logical sequence and many more. This presentatio is very effective and clear or so infomative as well.

Audience conflicts

This presentation is very effective and interesting in the way of using specific and proper information content. Moreover, collaboration of each individual team member in expressing the ideas and elaboration of the presentation is also has an effective impact on the performance of each i

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