Managing Communication, Knowledge And Information

Role of Managing Communication, Knowledge And Information

In the present business organization it is very necessary to manage communication within and outside the organization. As by keeping effective communication in the organization it helps workforce to work effectively for achieving its ultimate objectives. It keeps environment healthy and bring success to the organization. Business needs to make changes in its planning and strategies as per the changes in trends and market demand. This report carries out the communication skills used by the managers of both ABC Hotel and Omega Airlines so that to manage their organizational work in a proper manner. It understands the transfer of knowledge and information for making effective decision in the organization. It makes assessment of internal and external sources of information and understands it well. Further it creates the tactics for increasing personal networking to get involved in the decision making process of this corporations as wider range. It also develops communication process so that to run its activities in an appropriate manner. Moreover it improves the systems in terms of knowledge and information.

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Decision range for a business start up

The manager of this Hotel ABC is involved in making effective decision for starting its business as it is highly involved in doing market research for its business to identify market demand and to determines the customer requirements. It helps the manager of this organization to make production of the goods and services as per the identified needs (Newell, Robertson and Swan, 2009). The range of decision that has been made by the manager of this business is mentioned below:

Business plan: Manager of this hotel ABC are involved in making business plan that include the detail of whole plan and mentions the mission , vision and objectives of the business and make proper strategies for attaining the particular goal it has made for the organization. In this plan it gives brief details of the business and about its products that it gets into the market (Duffy, 2013). This business plan is made by the manager after going through effective market research through primary and secondary sources.

Selection of business entity: Once the business plan is made and the policies are prepared than it is involved in selecting business entity where it makes decision of operating business in sole proprietorship or in the partnership (Alavi and Leidner, 2001). In the sole proprietorship the profit and loss is bear only by the single owner of the company but in case of partnership the loss and profit is shared in the equal proportion as per their contribution in the company.

System for record keeping: For making the business activities effective and successful the management need to bring good system for its business that helps in keeping proper record of its transactions that is made on daily basis for sunning its business activities properly (Gold, Malhotra and Segars, 2001).This records helps the management of this organization to make proper strategies for future on the basis of previous sales data. Manager of this ABC Hotel make use of a good software program for management of accounting and for keeping company data secure.

Fulfill tax responsibility: It is very important for the manager of this organization to fulfill the legal responsibility and pay tax to the government so that to perform, well in the market and survive for long run with its competitors (Rafaeli, S. and Hutchison, D., 2003.).

Take finance from proper source: Manager of this organization should engage with such banker and private finance company that can provide proper finance to the organization so that it can expand its business in the existing market and in the other market.

Requirement of knowledge and information for effective decision making

Decision making is an important and essential part of the business organization so that its helps to run the business activities properly and timely. For making effective decision in this Hotel ABC It requires proper information and need to provide effective knowledge to its employees and other workforce (Laudon and Laudon, 2012). Proper knowledge and skills provided to the employee’s plays a vital role in achieving business objectives. It helps in making appropriate strategies for the business. Top manager of this organization is involved in providing authentic data to its workforce that makes them able to make effective decision for the business. Mangers of this organization need to make effective business plan so that to accomplish its business objectives (Mpofu and Mathys, 2011). So for attaining its goals properly on time it mainly involves in doing market research so that to identifies the requirements of the individuals in the market. This market research is carried out by using primary and secondary sources both so that to get authentic information.Manager of this organization are involves in caries out proper market research so as to get authentic information from it. It helps the manager to take proper decision for organization. It helps the manager to knows the customer preferences and choices.

Internal and external sources of information and understanding

For starting up the business by the manager of Hotel ABC it is very essential and important to find out the internal and external source of information and understands it well so that to get proper view of its business and can easily understands the market scenario. From internal source of information like by seeing the records of past years and the sales data of previous years it helps the manager to understand the market demand and to find out choices and preferences of the customers ( Kagaari, Munene and Ntayi, 2010). It is very helpful in making effective strategies for the corporation. But apart from these internal sources of information can also take help of external sources of information by taking data from government statistics that involves the figure of population and by doing proper survey of the market. It can also be make effective by doing proper market research through primary and secondary research.

Improvements in information requires for starting a business

Manager of this organization is involved in making various improvements for acquiring proper information that requires for starting its business this are mention as under:

  • It should make clear vision and objectives of this organization to its employees and other workforce so that they can easily understand their roles and responsibility for attaining organizational goals ( Kagaari, Munene and Ntayi, 2010).
  • It should provide proper training to its employees for developing their skills and to develop their personality because it helps the organization in satisfying their Hotel customers in a better way.
  • Manager of this organization should keep proper and effective communication in its team so that to keep good flow of work in its business (Massingham, 2014).
  • For making effective decision in the corporation it should involve its employees to participate in decision making of the organization it should make use of Participative leadership style so that to manage its work effectively (Razmerita, Kirchner and Sudzina, 2009). By using this Participative leadership style it helps the manager of this hotel to implement the change as per the demands and trends because it is easily accept by its team.
  • It should make proper use of organizational structure and culture so that it can make proper delegation of work in the departments.

Stakeholders for a decision making process

A company consists of many stakeholders these are known as internal and external stakeholder (Jones, 2009). Hotel ABC also possess these two stakeholders that take active part in the decision making process. Internal stakeholders are the one that directly serves the organization by investing their finance in the company and these stakeholders directly affect the decision making process of hotel ABC. The various internal stakeholders are:

Managers: Managers are the key internal stakeholder of hotel ABC as they are the one that focuses on operational activities like serving customers, preparing food, providing accommodation etc. hence, manager directly influences the decision making process.

Owners: Owners are the one who invest their finance in starting the business. Owners are interested in increasing the profit of the business by effective decision (Karlsen, 2010). It is a key element in decision making process because owners only take active part in the decision process.

Customers: Customers are the one that procure the services of hotel ABC. Manager and staff provide quality based service that is providing better accommodation facilities, food serving services, luggage services etc. customers directly affect the decision making process of the hotel ABC. To provide quality services to their customers and guests manager undertake the decision process.

Suppliers: Suppliers in the Hotel ABC are the individuals or group that supply food items, furnishing products like chair, table, curtains so that it attract the customers. They also influence the decision making process of ABC hotel as they are the key stakeholders services by suppliers affect the decision process of manager.

Government: Government are the one that frame the local policies and legislation by which hotel ABC perform the activities to render quality services to their guests. Government also directly influences the decision making process as Hotel have to perform the activities according to the framed norms of government.

Contact with those identified and develop business relationships

With the identified stakeholders in the decision making process, they need to maintain good relationship with all the stakeholders because contribution of stakeholder will benefit the Hotel ABC in attaining success in the market. Continuous Contact with these identified stakeholders will benefit the hotel in taking effective decision so that they should smoothly run in the competitive market (Robson and Robinson, 2013). Hotel ABC should develop business relationships with all their stakeholders by the following ways:

Invite them to host program: Hotel ABC should develop or maintain business relationship with their stakeholders by inviting them in the program or invite their stakeholders to host a program so that they should feel that they are the part of organization.

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Treat stakeholders as important member: Another way to build or develop business relationships between stakeholders is that they should treat every stakeholder as an important member. Whether it is an employer, owner, employee, staff, workers etc. all stakeholder together attain success in the market (Blanc, and Bouillon, 2012).

Identified stakeholders in decision making

The identified stakeholders in ABC Hotel include managers, employees, owners, and customers etc that contribute in attaining maximum profits. The identified stakeholders also take active part in the decision making process so that Hotel should attain maximum profit in the year. These various stakeholders will be involved in the decision making process by the following ways:

Encouragement: Identified stakeholders will be involved in decision making process by encouraging them to provide their views or suggestion on the problem. It will also help the customers in providing feeling of belonging towards the organization. Feedback from the customers will also help the Hotel ABC to improve their services and facilities that they serve to the customers.

Meeting: Management and owners are the key component in the decision making process. Hotel should involve their management or owners in decision making process by conducting or scheduling regular meetings in a month so that they should have knowledge about the conditions of their hotel and should recommend some suggestion so that hotel should make effective decision in the process (Kent and Hoberman, 2012).

Strategies for improvements

For the effective decision making, Hotel ABC should involve their stakeholders whether internal or external stakeholders. Internal stakeholders have direct impact on the decision making process as they are the part of organization, these include managers, customers, employees, owners etc. all these stakeholder need to be take active part in the process so that they should attain success in the market. There are certain strategies for improving the decision making process of Hotel ABC these are:

Create constructive environment: For improving the Decision making Process Company should create a constructive environment for making decision so that company should adopt the changes effectively (Hislop, 2013).

Designing Alternatives strategies: ABC hotel should also design the alternative strategies so that the selected strategy in the decision making fails, the company should implement the alternative strategy in the Hotel. Alternative strategy should be effective so that it hotel should attain the profitability in the competitive market. Stakeholders should design these alternative strategies for the Decision making process.

Surveys: Hotel ABC should also design surveys like questionnaire and interviews to find out the gap in services that has been cater to their customers and guests. With the help of surveys Hotel should identify the areas where need improvement and would frame the strategies according to the requirement of their guests.

Existing processes of communication in an organization

Communication is a process through which two or more person exchange or conveys certain information through an appropriate medium. With the help of communication one person can understand the message or information of another person. Existing communication flow of Omega airlines is that it follows upward communication as Leigh Randell (Supervisor) directly contacts their vice president that is Kent Davis (Maier, 2007). Communication process of Omega Airlines include sender who send the message to the other person then sender chooses the appropriate medium or channel through which message is being transmitted. After transmitting the message receiver get the message and decodes the message to understand the meaning. After understanding the meaning receiver will provide feedback to the message. The communication process ends with providing feedback by the receiver that they understood the message. The Omega airlines should choose the written communication to communicate with one another.

Different ways to improve appropriateness

As Omega airlines follows a simple process of communication focuses on written communication channel. There are different measures by which Omega airlines should improve the appropriateness of communication that will benefit the organization. These ways include:

Effective listening: The Omega airlines should improve the appropriateness of communication by enhancing listening skills of the employees working within the organization. With the effective listening skills it will benefit the organization in smooth functioning so that they should attain success in the competitive market (Garvey, 2014).

Handle the communication barriers: The Airlines should also improve the communication process by reducing or handling the communication barrier to avoid any conflict within the organization. Communication barrier include misunderstanding, punctuation problem etc.

Use multiple channels for communication: By using different channels or ways of communication will also help in improving the appropriateness of communication process in the Omega airlines. Company should also use modern channels to communicate at the longer distance. The effective channels include e-mail, meetings, memos, telephone conversation etc. the use of multiple channel will improve the communication flow in the organization.

Improvement to ensure greater integration of systems of communication in organization

As per the case study Omega airlines focuses on upward communication in their organization (Ting-Toomey and Chung, 2012). As with the integrated systems of communication in the organization through e-mail, fax, video conferencing etc has improved the communication system in the organization.

Omega airlines should implement new channels or medium of communication that will ensure smooth functioning of the departments and employees within the organization (Wenger, 2014). There are certain improvements to ensure greater integration of systems in organization are:

Using video conferencing: Omega airline should implement new medium for transferring or conveying the ideas or information between various departments which is through using video conferencing. In the technological advanced era, Omega should use new channel for transferring information that will help the organization in integrating their systems so that they should attend customers and meet their requirement.

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E-mails: With implementing E-mail facilities in the organization to transfer the information within the department and in the system is an effective tool that will help in smooth functioning (Ruggles, 2009).

Personal plan to improve communication skills

Communication is an important process for the organization to convey their ideas to the other people in the organization. As Omega airlines employees consists of lack of proper communication skills so organization need to create a plan that will improve the communication skills. Omega should create a plan that must include following elements:

Listening: For developing or improving the communication listening is the key element through which employee working in the Omega airlines will improve their communication skill that will help in delivering quality in-flight services to their customers (Wenger, 2014).

Use of gestures: An individual working in Omega airlines should also improve their communication skills by using gestures or conveying message by body language. Information shared through verbal and supported with Gestures will help in retaining the information as it is an effective means of communication that attracts the customers and they pay attention to every gesture.


From the above report it has been concluded that every organization operating in competitive market need to manage the communication, knowledge and information to sustain in the market. Report has also concluded various ways in which information and knowledge needs is being assessed in the organization. The report has suggested various strategies to increase the personal networking so that they should be involved in the decision making process. The report has also suggested the existing communication process in the organization. Lastly it has also suggested the strategies to improve the systems relating to information and knowledge.

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