Unit 2 Research Project Level 5 Regent College


Technology is the most important tool which is enabling people and organisation with their growth and development as well. There are very different and latest inventions of more and more advanced technologies as the traditional methods of implementation or doing things are not considered much of importance. It is vital for firms and industries that they are using and implementing latest form of technological advancement which is not only improving their profits but their market base and customers are also been increased. However, the question arise as how to integrate or implement these emerging technologies as many a time this is regarded to as most costly and time consuming activities. So in this current research project researcher would be including various challenges and how to overcome those issues at the time of integrating emerging technologies that too focusing on the hospitality industry.

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Overview of organization

Under this research hospitality industry would be main focus into this researcher would be including what are the challenges that are faced by hospitality industry while they are integrating emerging technologies (Blok and Lemmens, 2015). Qbic hotel would be studied as this is very small scale hotel which is having limited capital for their investment into technology but if they did this then they would be earning higher amount of profits. Qbic Hotels are situated into London having many customers into the city itself they are using technology but at very low level and this is not making their profits or company grow. Customers are complaining about hotels and their management which is leading to them as loss of their customers.

Research aim:

To illustrate the challenges and how to overcome of integrating emerging technologies within hospitality industry: A case study on Qbic hotel.

Research objectives:

  • To find out the meaning and importance of emerging technologies into hospitality industry.
  • To illustrate the challenges for integrating emerging technologies in hospitality industry.
  • To analysis the ways to overcome challenges of integrating technology.

Research questions:

  1. What is the meaning and importance of emerging technology?
  2. What could be the challenges in integrating emerging technology within hospitality industry?


In the current era where technological advancement is into every field of economy is going through transformation with the implementation of innovation. It is necessary that all of them are using and tracking their impact of technology on their organisation.

Literature Review

Definition of emerging technologies

Emerging technologies is that technology which is recently launched or developed and will be developed in next five to ten year. Emerging technology included information technology, wireless data communication, man machine communication, on demand printing, bio -technologies, and advanced robotics as per Botta, De Donato, Persico and Pescapé, 2016. This all are recently launched and will be developed.

Emerging technologies arise from new knowledge and new ideas. It arises from innovation of application of existing knowledge. It leads to a rapid development of new ideas and abilities. Emerging technologies are projected to have significant systematic and long -lasting economic, social, and political which create new opportunities for challenges to resolve global issues. In present time we are using some emerging technologies from our recent past that is global positioning system (GPS). MP3 is another example of emerging technologies which is used by us almost every day of year from small player to the large radio stations.

According to Gupta and Jha, 2015 Emerging technologies are technologies that are generally new but it include older technologies that are still undeveloped and controversial such as pre implantation genetic diagnosis and gene therapy.

New technologies fields may result from the technological convergence at many system including towards same goals. It is involves those innovations which represent progressive development within a field for competitive advantage.

The challenges for integrating emerging technologies in hospitality industry

It is important or vital that during their course of business in the hospitality industry managers is facing day to day challenges while integrating the technology. The best hotel manager will be the one who is deploying new technologies into their advantage. The main challenges are faced by the manager are unique identification number for hotel. This is an idea of a single global unique identifier for a hotel Leitão, Colombo and Karnouskos, 2016 said. It has been around of a long time. Slow progress of initiatives is the lack of a compelling commercial reason for a hospitality industry to care about this kind of identifier. This compelling reasons are provided by the changing nature of travel business. It has become critical condition for hospitality industry to appear exactly and accurately in search result. This search engine sites have essentially become the gateway to travel research and inspiration. Search engine optimization is an important thing, but it is not important when its property address is incorrect in Google. As included by Pavlidis, Savidis and Friedman, 2017 the challenges are faced by the hospitality industries are managing customer preferences, it can be the challenges to the manager of hotel and lack of proper resources can be the barriers to manager. In includes lack of technology, proper hardware system, software, internet access.

Scarcity of time al can be a barriers to manager, improper technical supports to hotel industry is big barriers for the success of industry. Author included that Technological resource which involves the routine work has a less in quantity then its delay the work of manager. Lack of proper knowledge and skills for the use of technology can be the barriers to hotel industry it affect the work and profit by improper knowledge of technology. If the manager don't know about how operate the system then it delay the time in response to the customer which was included by Pimm and, 2015 This affects to sales of industry. Managing customer preferences by technology are affects the business in hospitality industry. In which technology enhances efficiency but cannot replace by personal touch, this industry requires more interpersonal interaction which helps to finding customer demand and emotion. Personal interaction with human in hospitality industries is important to added value of service. We are social creature, so system functioning is that customer interact face to face. The challenge is that we have here informing to leaders in hospitality industry is creating added value compared with the machine. So the customer relation is play a major role in success hospitality industry while technologies are not. In hospitality industry an irresistible force can be the barriers to industry. Some customers requesting online and when they enter in hotel they don't want to see anybody. Saleem, Y., Rehmani, M.H. and Zeadally, S., 2015 said that when they check out they don't want to nobody so they want everything done by automatically. But some customers are different they want face to face interaction with hoteliers. The challenge for hoteliers is specific demands of customer. It create disturbance in operation of industry. Support for guest with disabilities is also the barriers to

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