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Room section is the major facet which has been undertaken by hospitality sector and supposed hotel as well as organisation. It is determine as important part that can assist in satisfying their customers and faith towards enterprise. This assigning is affiliated to area separation activity administration in the context of Hillside hotel case study. The hospitality business is do support skilled and trained workers and foremost table agency due to this some customized and customer are there who have custom to judge building services responsibilities with the help of communication and expression (Lewis and Brown, 2012). As per the case study Hillside Hotel is very famous hotel which surrounded by beautiful garden and recreational facilities for the guests. In this report, front desk, housekeeping and management has been discussed here.

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Task 1

1.1 Discuss accommodation and front office services for different organisation

According to the case study, Hillside hotel have 300 room and it is 5 prim property which is situated in the metropolis of Hillside. The hotel is enclosed by fair garden with construction and walk and activity services for the visitor. The hillside building is a unit hotel which has been function and owned by an worldwide hotel administration organisation Nazleem holding. This have plenty of parking spaces.


The accommodation render in the welcome employment that regard seizable amount of suite and lodging facilities. The data and collection give to their customised to the various regulation of suite which play an essential function. It necessity various forms of suite along with their sizing and settlement location. The major function of welcome services or facilities is to transfer out the level of various area. It is an faithful statistical information which is need to enrol in the section of various undertaking in the hospitality enterprise. It will give increasing the immense sum of income time period (Langabeer and Helton, 2015). In addition to this, they are providing luxuries items by hotel to its customers that transfer more amount of income.

Front-most office organisation:

Foremost office service of hotel organisation can be categorize into assorted categorises such as room allotment service, visitor information compliance work enrolment, buzzer service, auditor and teller service along with collection table facilities. The supervisor of foremost office should be indulgent which attract customers.

The difference between Hillside and Plaza hotel have provided different accommodation and front office services (Ivanov, 2014). The hillside hotel is around 1500 which includes some beds and breakfast and on the other hand, plaza have 250 bed 5 star building which occupation primarily to leisure time guest.

1.2 Roles and responsibilities of range of accommodation and reception services staff

There are various form of staff for delivering the settlement and greeting services. In this portion, the leading function and obligation of unconditional on the assorted department will be described. As per the case study, Hillside hotel is contemporary holding with regime of creation application. There are around 200 suite which have twofold beds but all apartment are big with TV, extremity telephone and telefax installation and client usage. The hotel has recently compartment innovative or modern reservation method along with net relation for online employment. The role and duty of various parties are described as under:

Front office director – The work of foremost office director of Hillside hotel which are primarily for collecting all types of income or revenue received and bill charge to the guests.

Front office reception staff – The receptionist of the hotel take reservation from various types of customers along with advances. It is authorised to registry new reaching and continue the checkout time of the visitor when they are departure the hotel.

Administrator domestic help – The administrator managing director of the cordial reception which mainly anxiety respective information of specific suites, which room are occupied and which is empty. As per the information of housekeeper of hotel, which rooms are allocated to their guests (Turker and Altuntas, 2014).

Room accompanying – They are those staff members who confirm the invitee at night-time and look into all the requirements of the guest and also solve their specialised issues.

1.3 Discuss legal and statutory requirements which apply to room division operations

For smoothly endear the hospitality business in successful manner, they are draw care of the guest which is very important. In this context, Hillside hotel complying with judicial and enactment responsibility that is essential. Hillside hotel is very careful about these issues and problems. There are various lawful and enactment necessitate that are apply to area section operations which are as under:

Health safety act (1974) – As per this regulation act, legislating is something which are sounding progressive to assist the information and also render safety to employees well-being while they are doing hotel work. An organisation has some roles and responsibility to follow the health and safety rights act regarding human resources.

Data protection act (1998) – There are various rules and regulation which has been followed due to this it assist in retaining accurate data and information of their employees (Davis and et. al., 2018). Hotel staff members should maintained and managed all personal and professional information of their staff members as well as their guest in proper manner. It is that act which assist in collecting facts and figures in correct way.

Fire standard act (1971) – This is that act which settled to maintain guard characteristic and resources which assist in protecting from fire misadventure and various cause as well. An organisation have to follow all different things such as rules and regulations along with fire regulation act.

1.4 Evaluate services provided by rooms division in hospitality business

In this building industry, the major basic level of services which can be offer is the travelling facilities and food or shelter services. The service level of this type of business which is mainly confirmed within such limitations. The major issue and problem in this industry is the security which is leading concern regarding Hillside hotel. Therefore, adoption of customers needs and demand, so this hotel is offering lower cost to moderate services or facilities which provide high cost of luxurious services to attracting with all level of guests. According to the case study, the hotel keep available to 4-7 persons in large room with lower value. Apart from this, hotel has family package which provide discount for family members to travel altogether (Kashif and et. al., 2013). Therefore, the hotel has indulgence individual suite or dual rooms. For meeting and achieving with customers need decently, Hillside hotel offers welfare services, appearance parlours and resort area beside their primary focusing in hotel and eating house concern. All these services have provide large amount of profit for the hotel in the current time period. Along with this, hotel has develop and make strategies which are more dynamic and it can increasing its wings and they are introducing unit of doubled concern for establishing the building itself in the topmost collection in this sector.

In hospitality industry, they need to understand the room division staff members roles in better manner. Reception compartment will play an essential role in the hotel which provides hospitality customers. They are recording and managing the whole guest records who are come for stay in the hotel. Security members will play an important role in the providing safety and security for their guests properly.


This can be demonstrated that the that above study and investigation are describe the accommodation scope and size which increasing the profit and income level of the hotel. The room division operate and regulate the business functions in proper manner. In the mentioned task, different types of accommodation and front office services required where company manner need to determine the effective roles and responsibilities of the accommodation in better way.


It can be concluded that range of accommodation services and facilities that has been drawn with making effective ideas and thoughts in better manner. This has been justify that all the services has been deliver for getting high amount of customer base. There are facilities and services which are provided by hotel such as front office director, front office reception staff, room accompanying and some more.

Task 2

2.1 Importance of front of house area to effective management

According to the case survey, the environment of front office is very pleasant and beautiful. The surrounding of Hillside hotel have beautiful garden with fountains and walkways and recreational services offer to their guests. This facilities attracting large number of customers towards hotel. In case of hospitality concern such as hotel business, foremost home show an essential duty with adequate facilities and manage their behavioural cognition (Kerzner, 2012). In the foremost business office of Hillside hotel, there are various kind of services which offering at the frontal house place of business. There are certain individual responsibility and obligation that are as follows:

  • Reserve – It will pickings reservation from customised through telephone or email.
  • Check in and enrolment of visitor – After the arriver, the customers are enrolled and assigned with their resultant suites.
  • Collection booth – This will have substance booth where services are render to their customers with all type of collection.
  • Telephone and messaging – There are certain person who are receiving all kind of authorized phone and outcome to the communication.
  • Client informing administration – The one of the most essential responsibility of foremost business office is to carry off and control the report of visitor.
  • Check out factor – At the time of leaving of the invitee, the work of concluding all form of informing and appraisal them in better manner which is one of the important task.
  • Other facilities – There are many other services which make sure the security of the guest luggage and conveyance of baggage to the area.

All the facilities are render by Hillside hotel that is great and the customised are contented adequate (Chambers and Smith, Intelligent Energy Solutions, 2015). It can be analysed that if current growth and success of hotel which are investigated.

The front house staff members have specific where they are providing detailed information regarding their hotel to the guests. They are responsible for day to day activities and operations of the main restaurant and help in catering management. Also they are answerable for supervising the front house staff and reporting towards the food and beverage manager.

2.2 Discuss key aspect of planning and management of front house area of hospitality operation

For increasing international need, the building has modernise the front-most office along with correct designing and effectual management. Apart from this, the employees should be practised and talented and they should be impelled for certain activity for getting affirmative assistance at the large wok place. Therefore, as a planning about the front house office, Hillside hotel is very careful about various issues or problems. These are as follows:

  • With the representation of hotel at international standard that should have facilities for business travellers, meeting, conferences and the availability of individual leisure.
  • The hillside hotel has services of conferences hall, banquet corridor, gym suite, outdoor game field, the hotel industry has been manage location for settlement of such large amount of group (Rosenthal and t'Hart, 2011).
  • According to the given case study, the hotel is well placed to welfare from some leisure time and concern travelling. It has 100 seats conferences hall which is determined 'state of the art' that is outfitted with advanced services. The hotel also have equipped recreational facilities along with contemporary suitability centre swimming pond, gym and lawn tennis regime.

The new planning taken for consideration that will be useful for hotel both of their income generation and also its international goodwill. For example, TV, digital phones and other facilities are provided to their guest which help them to survive in the hotel properly. As per the case study, the accessibility for the certain business travellers can enhancing its popularity along with other business criteria that can be much profitable for an organisation.

2.3 Discuss the key operational issues affecting business performance of front area

In hospitality sector, hotel business lies with their services along with foremost aggregation of designing, habit, surroundings and apparently nutrient goods and other work (Moayyedi and et. al., 2015). The faults and unattractiveness in such issues or problems can directly affect the company, its reputation and finally their profit generation capacity. There are certain issues which occurs for playing work along with projection as well. There are several functional problem which directly impact on administration as well as concern presentation of front table office.

Accountancy and business issues – The reception and front-most table is that which help in leading for maintaining accurate evidence of supplying and intake full information along with particular time period. Therefore, appropriate account period of time and according to the expenditure of area, divided all the collection of suite and section in proper manner. After that they are recording the possession which have faithful project which make difficulty in employed and therefore it will manage the advance table office to the specific procedure.

Sales and merchandising issues – It will lead to increasing the sales represent of various commodity and services which have something that has some objectives and goals to be accomplish by personnel associate. There are different issues and difficulty which can detailed the goods and services in suitable way (Goldman and Procaccia, 2015). The legislation and laws is directly affect the sales graph and their marketing.


This method can be used for analysing and evaluating critical issues which effecting the performance of the front office operation and functions in the large hotel. In this part, the hillside hotel analysing the major factors and issues which directly or indirectly affect on employees as well as their customers.


There are various key operations and functions which has been performed by hotel manager by this they can easily manage their whole work in proper manner. Along with this, there are major two key front office operational issues which directly affect the management and business performance such as lack of coordination and poor quality services at some time delivering to their guests.

Task 3

3.1 Importance of property interiors and design to effective management

As per the case study, Hillside hotel is standard hotel which will design their whole business area in better manner. It is the large chain of hotel, operated and owned by international hotel management firm that is called NAZLEEM HOLDING. The city of Hillside is full of existent situation and celebrated of its conventional building and ethical consequence. Therefore, it is always puzzling and analysable to determine which type of internal designing can reach the need and lifestyle of customers due to this almost of the designs does not seem to have any betterment and until the building is using it as their concern encouragement intention. Along with this, internal design help the visitor to feel stay in the restitution and they are developing new home while they are forthcoming at the future instance at the hillside building. Therefore, one thing is an essential for cover that internal designing is not very much costly in real time. If an authorisation can evaluate and interpret the necessarily and satisfaction problems, that can be redecorated as per their preferences and choice. For example, if the selected colour of the wall are suitable as per the guest demand by Hillside hotel that can easily redecorated it (Ayyash and et. al., 2016). But it can not be famous, then the authorisation will colour as per their prime or preferences which may not be the prime of the invitee.

3.2 Discuss the critical aspects of planning and management of accommodation services

While doing preparation for improved betterment work, there are certain criteria which can be reasoned as per their necessarily and preferences of the customised that are as follows:

  • Convenient area – In this a well organised hotel like Hillside Hotel, space is required in the room. If in the room , free space are available so this will attract more customers and provide them comfortable environment. As per the case study, there are around 300 room which is located in the city of Hillside. For example, if new employees are look for hotels they can display the suite are constricted, after that they can departure the hospitality. On the other hand, If hotel will providing clean and pleasant area so their guest will be happy and feel secure. They required to giving secured and safe environment where their guest will be safe with hotel services and facilities.
  • Improvement and ventilation system services – Hillside hotel should proved their better accommodation services for attracting large number of customers. As per the case study, the rooms and toilets associated with rooms should be neat and clean. Apart from this, thee should have adequate ventilation services for good environment in the rooms. For example, if hotel will providing effective services and facilities regarding ventilation system services for the guests in proper manner.
  • Well ornament – Hillside hotel is largest hotel along with its improvement services should be deluxe and beautiful. The furnishing and another instrumentality can be progressive and this should have touching of nobleness.

3.3 Analyse key operational issues which affect on management and business performance of accommodation services

There are various operational problems that involved in administration of the effective form of business and their performance in better manner. Along with this, there is certain demand to have room to place beverage. The accounted kind of the building that require to the services in sizeable scope. It may be becoming value that render for attention in different form of greeting which gives in this sector. This will display the constitution of attractiveness and money arrangement. There are various work which supply such as restaurant, well-being services, hotels, spa and appearance parlour. This is supported on the quality with the help of customised (Silverberg and et. al., 2015). There is correct statistical data which are need to enrol in the launching of different project in the hotel business. It will provide big sum of income and taxation time period. In increase to this, they are providing indulgence by the hotel to their customised will transmit many financial gain of revenue. It concern suitability infinite, swimming pool lawn tennis court, recreational activity rooms, etc. the presentation is based on registration of the customised for lengthy period of instance.

Technology- It is the major key operational management system which directly or indirectly affect on business operations and their functions in better manner. Technology factor will affect on business management because it is the main issue and problem. So hotel need to maintained and operated the hotel services and room facilities.

Data management- This is the major factor which directly affect on business operation and their management function in any manner. If staff members does not managed their data regarding accommodation services then this will affect on business as well as employees performance.


There are various operational problems that involved in administration of the effective form of business and their performance in better manner. It may be becoming value that render for attention in different form of greeting which gives in this sector. The appropriate structure should be followed by hotel for analysing the operational issues that affect on management issues and barriers.

Task 4

4.1 Yield or revenue management activities

For effective income management, there are whole amount of current suite in the hospitality which is required to identified. This bound is determined as overall filling rate of room. With this entire residency charge, the edifice has to enter their guest in the Hillside hotel.

Yield management – It is determined as that concept which assist in managing prices or facilities for make the appropriate money with the help of substance of the positive alternative to visitors and guests. Yield management is generally required used in hospitality industry. Along with this, management is implemented by company manager for increasing income graph by giving attractive offers.

High demand strategies – There are mainly six factors of marting strategies which are adopted in the hospitality sector that includes customers and pricing acquisition strategy, advertisement campaigns, budgeted campaigns channels, cooperation with merchandising and sales, customer sensibility are certain necessary factors that are considered in high demand of strategies (Ivanov, 2014).

Room type

Number of rooms

Number of beds

Rooms occupied


Single rooms





Twin rooms





Double rooms










4.2 Sales technique and its rooms division staff which promote the maximise revenue

Various hotel should have unique approaches and techniques for attracting large number of customers so they will increasing the arrival of new customers. As per the case study, there are various types of visitors who are come in the Hillside hotel for taking advantage of their services and facilities. There are certain techniques which increasing the occupancy rate of Hillside hotel are as under:

  • Agency linkage – It is one of the major essential income method which is totally connection with assorted travelling authority so that the office can enter their customised of specific hotel.
  • Promotional activities – For enhancing the sale rate, so the manager are promoting different promotional activities. For example, the preparation of beautiful decoration at the time of national occasion, rendering deduction to the enduring customised, allowing diminution to all invitee along with packaging schemes, delivering excess services and deduction at the vacation, etc.
  • Expenditure leading scheme – According to the case study, the primary customised of the concern people officials and extremely regulation abroad traveller are generally choose foremost facilities and services without taking concern about its price (Langabeer and Helton, 2015). In this context, cost leadership strategy is best concept which must be followed.

4.3 Objective and forecasting with statistical rooms

Room division can play role in measuring and evaluating the success in selling of accommodation rooms. In Hillside hotel, it has beautiful and luxurious rooms which can set for attracting new customers and provide profitability.

Purpose of forecasting – It is that process which assist in understanding the future transactions and making sustainable policies and strategies. On the other hand, forecasting plan and scenario about sales recording and income graphs are associated with planning and management. It will also assist in analysing future development and growth opportunities in better manner (Lewis and Brown, 2012). Estimation provides modern analysis regarding data and information subjected to plans and projects.

Types of information for good forecasting – There are large number of guest and traveller, reserve information, divide data and full detail standardised and deluxe suites. Apart from this, client attending, goal quality, rates, price, value of commodity are certain data which assist in estimating entire forthcoming outcome or occasion.

4.4 Calculate rooms division performance indicators to measure the success of accommodation sales

The presentation of administration is totally supported on followings measuring techniques that are discussed as under:

Room occupancy percentage – It can be measured by disjunctive full amount of suite which are accessible and apartment engaged by visitor. It is apprehensible by certain examples such as Marriott hotel has 300 suite property out of which 180 are engaged by invitee. Residency charge is measured as (180 / 300)* 100 = 60 % .

Average room rate – It is measured on the ground of total income from suite engaged and entire amount sold. Average daily room- The average rate of total room which are occupied that should be measured in this terms: Average daily room rate = Total rooms revenue / total rooms sold

Dual and multiple residency charge – There are various kind of suite in the building such as individual, dual, aggregate. The high rate of doubled and single area will be filled than the respective provide more amount of net profit. It is one of the essential factor which can determine on the ground of large number of invitee and room filled by them. It is calculated by followings instance such as dual engaged suite are 150 and entire amount of visitor are 320 and along with this 250 rooms are available in the hotel. It is measured as such (320 – 250 / 150)* 100 = 46.67 % .

Percentage of occupancy- When total rooms are occupied that are divided by total rooms which are available:

Percentage of occupancy = 150/180 = 0.88


Hillside hotel analyse the total number of vacant room which help them in determining the actual room occupancy by this they can identifying that how much profit they can gain in better manner. The sales techniques and methods can be used for managing and maintaining the whole business oriented people who come for fulfil their main motive and purpose effectively. They are organising, managing and planning the investigation factors and this will help in identifying with the help of measuring revenue or yield management.

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As per the above mentioned report it can be concluded that Room separation is the major facet which has been interpreted by hospitality sector and goodwill hotel as well as administration. According to the case study, Hillside hotel have 300 room and it is 5 leading place which is situated in the city of Hillside. There are various types of staff for delivering the settlement and greeting services. In this part, the major function and obligation of unconditional on the various divisions will be described. For smoothly run the hospitality business in successful manner, they are draw attention of the guest which is very important. In this hotel industry, the major basic level of services which can be offer is the travelling facilities and food or shelter services. In the front-most office of Hillside hotel, there are various kind of services which offering at the front home office. While doing planning for better accommodation service, there are certain criteria which can be considered as per their needs and preferences of the customers.


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