Analysis of Race, Gender, Class and Intersectionality

Introduction to Critical Analysis of Intersectional Representational of Gender and Race

The selected article is Race, gender, class and intersectionality. This article is selected because it help in exploring the key debate related to intersectionality on race and gender. It has been noted that political party has arranged opposed- political orientation demos which is against the defence league of English. Further there are most of the while people in British national party and this was need to be cultivated an opposed- antiblack government on the left which include people of race. Black women always knowns as the hard-working women and but they were not paid for their worth.

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It has been suggested that one of the main causes for this lack is known as the thinking in different types of people. This one of is left because socialist organisation and parties have had, and regularly not have good record of taking issues in to consideration seriously of gender and race. If race should be taken seriously then it required people maximum two mentioning the word that is opposed- prejudice and it also declare that racialism take place.

Conceptual Framework

The gender and race inequality take place but some people still not believe on gender and race inequality. But it is a big role in students education in all over the world. It has been observed that black people were not treated equally in politics and racism and sexism is still now alive all over the world. The present report reflects the way to stop the gender and race inequality in the politics and workplace at different levels. Women are always fundamentally different from the men it is so due to their capability to have children. There are several root cause of gender inequality and the way this all issues faced by women at same time. Further it has been discovered that gender inequalities is fundamental to people of social group for centuries and the racism is known as the contemporary idea. Some of people believe that group of people who are similar physiological characteristics constitute races. However the race is a system which is imposed by the political, cultural and historical. Hence it can be stated that a black and while person can be have more in common that two people of the same race. Apart from this black women are not paid fairly and according to their work. They also experience poverty at higher rates as compared to black men and women who belong to other ethnic and racial.

Representing Inequality

This article show inequality which is done with the black women at the work place, in politics and societies. Black women were not treated as equal as other racism within the societies and work place. Further it has been noted that black women's relationship to both paid labour and unpaid work in home is importantly contrary as compared to men. It is contrary developed and equally essential theme which concerns the way black women unpaid family is at the same time confining and appoint black women. Further it was found that the home and domestic work is knowns as the key sites of women relationship. This above discussion show that inequality is not justifiable. However it show the way in ignoring the ways through which women of colour have out of demand integrated their claims for equality, redistribution and recognition. It means that it is not possible to separates all of these out analytically and practically at the time when sexism and racism is ready to constitute the specific form of class exploitation which is faced and experienced. Further black women are critical review way of investigating which fail to taken into consideration the way gender and competition should not kept analytically different if one acknowledged the persecution operated with these axes as in the complex manner. Black women are continuously working for a better their nation, but nation are not working for them. If black women's experience and interest in the forefront of policy changes and social movements then it is easy to address all the barrier. One of the other example, which is taken of an group who are incorporated and analysis of race and gender into her work. Author argued that the making of the working class is only possible by the help of capitalist system which is committed to both racism and sexism. From the process of divisions and differences with the working class which is built on the basis of gender and race become essential the rule of class and the planning of contemporary working class.

Different, Otherness and Superiority

To build a basic level governmental change system which lead to take gender and racism inequality seriously. Further there is a large position of commonness and policy which take between particular campaign and left organisation. In a various circumstance the attempt of the arranger of the arts desire meeting to report for racism and sexuality which is showed in the flow being arranged on racism. The Black radical tradition and Marxist legacies of anti racism is taken into consideration for black women's rightist policy and critical indigenous theory were remain one of the big hindrance on which advance which is organized . For instances of collective women's rightist work which was neglect. Further all its problems related to the racism and gender is one of the core part of its analysis. The organiser not think that it is essential to consider those women who basically face issues related racism and sexuality.


Different ways due to which women are neglected because of their black-and-white have demand incorporate for inequality and arrangement. Therefore this is not easy to apart on the base of colour because bias and favouritism is always ready to represent the particular kind of class development which is struggles and experienced. One of the reason of failure of this approach is that universalise the experience of middle class women, white and other. Hence it means that experience of black women, and indigenous women and Asian women are removed by the government and theories philosophy. It means that all the problem which is analysed of political are not correct. It is so because capitalism was imitative through complex legal ouster, and labour those worth stay fixed at some level by racialism and a their belief was on white people is more as compare to black people

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Differentiation is still done between people in context to the race and gender. There are many black women who work hard for their family but they do not get fair pay for their work. Further there are some theory which help in removing inequality which take place at different sector of that is organisation, education and others.

Overarching message of the piece

From the article it reflects that some of the criticism are intersectionality and take place in the liberal anti racism purposes. Further, the main reason of this absence is the thinking of people related to colour due to which socialist parties need to continued it a poor tracking take place so that record taking issues of race and racism seriously. For taking the anti discrimination more seriously it is important to gather some knowledge about it and find out the analyse problems. Further, it is critically assessed that an identity based politics of recognition which lead to create inequality among the people . The intersectionality have long emphasized that the comparison is made between women on the basis of their race and ethnicity.


From the above report it can be concluded that Black women are always knowns as the hard working women and they did not get pay according to their work. This show that women are always discriminated at each field . Further it also conclude that rethink the concepts which is used at the time when it required to explain the political event. It is not important to only know about the anti racism. It is required to think about the security which is needed so that discrimination can be removed from all over the world. Issues related to income inequality need to be taken into consideration so that men and women not treated unequally. From the report it show that racism and gender discrimination is not removed from all over the world. There are some theories which help in understanding and removing this type of discrimination so that all people can be treated fairly.


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