PM232 Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social care Organisations Level 5 Plymouth University


Personalized and professed improvement is an essential for an organisation which help in getting their future goals and objectives. Personal values refer to the ideas, beliefs and principles which are very important in an individual life. On the other hand, the value reflect the life of a person standards. Therefore, the standard life is increasing for the development of skills and knowledge. The personal value contribute with support of people experiencing important life events which help them in gaining new skill and knowledge in proper manner. It has been concerned about adequate fulfilment of professional duties and effective help in getting targets. The report is based on NHS which is England based semi independent organisation which provide services regarding health and social cares that established by local people to serve the children welfare and betterment such as education, advantages to them and trafficking of small kids (Bauer, 2010). The main purpose of this study is to render correct data and collection regarding the function and obligation of an respective towards the patient attention and volunteers are come for take care of services of wellness and societal aid at work, provide information regarding evolution program and private and professed belief of a person at the working place that will be described. This will assist in rising the acquirement of group who are employed at well-being and societal attention.

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1.1 Compare personal values and principles for working in health and social care

Wellness and societal care workplace is the level in which all and every factor of an individualist are mutualist on the generalisation. Every health care practitioner should understand and evaluate the significance of principle which support at the working place. Personal values of each individual can concern about health and social care workplace. For ensure that the personalized belief of an individual should be interpreted attention at the work health and social care make the suitable belief and principles. Such type of principles are based on values, culture and beliefs of the people that will attached with health and social care at workplace (Cooke, 2012). People are working within an organisation which have different types of values so these values consist with personal values, political values, social values and religious values. These type of principle values includes polite behaviour, honesty, dignity of a person, tradition, regional ties, equivalence, freedom and autonomy.

On the other hand, there are some value which are connected with wellness and societal aid workplace and such generality are involves activity belief that are develop with the assist of commitment, cooperation, aggressiveness, effectual communicating responsibility and moral principle. It is necessary for an individual that they should treat each and every person equally which should render proper and fair management to the group who are forthcoming at work. The principle of assistance at the working area which includes a person should precede all the regulation, policies and procedure of an administration which can assist in attaining desired goals and targets in better manner (Dixon and et. al., 2014). Both personal values and principles support both common goals and objectives which can managing the clean and right decorum of the workplace and that can assist the people for providing appropriate services. Personal values and principles are affect the mind of perception or concept of an individual as per their situation and consequences. It can determine the potentiality and determination to offer people for giving appropriate shape the biasses or justice spirit of a respective.

1.2 Assess how personal culture and experience influence role of users

The culture and experience of personal life are changing the way or role of support their customers while working in welfare and societal attention sectors. The background of family and ability of a person will provide the shape of thinking. There are various factors which can assist in making decisions that involves age, gender and experience at college or infraction level shapes his/her responsibilities which impact the determined result on personality of a person.

While working within the service sector such as NHS foundation, so the quality of working performance assist in healing that mainly depend on life culture, experience and behaviour of an individual. I have this value where the social care require desire and love that can not done by some assertive individual and each person have right to serve in this sector. They can understand the needs of users which I can consider their problems and feeling and seek to solve this in proper manner (Fishman and et. al., 2013).

The major values and principles of cited organisation that consider with appropriate requirement of services and behaving with each other along with justice that can present by involving diverged employees in their systematic working. It is important rule which should be remember such as confidentiality of customers data or information. I will take care of all type of small detail regarding services so that they will be no harm towards the individual personality. In order to satisfy the requirement of their services so that facilities should utilise the holistic approach.

1.3 How new development and changes to personal values

New improvement and alteration to the personalized belief are directly effect on individual activity. Therefore, any type of change such as behaviour, beliefs, values and technological changes which are directly impact on processing the whole work and individual are doing work on that particular work. Along with this, personal development and changes will assist in exploring the person skills and abilities (Forte and Flores, 2014). It is necessary that an individual should try to evaluate the major alteration and also effort to acquire new property at the workplace due to such factors which assist in refining the skills and abilities of a person within an organisation. With the help of development and changes in the personal values of an individual are capable for provide effective services or facilities to the people in the wellness and societal attention sector.

Along with this, a person will capable to confirm the hazard of state of mind from workplace and doing activity on the edge to assured the services providers against any injury or loss. There are various rules and regulations which directly or indirectly affect on personal values of a person who are working within the workplace. Such laws are Information Protection Act, Equivalence at Work Act, etc. these are definite component which assist in improvement of a person and make sure that it can doing work in effective manner and also render equal or fair work to the aid enduring towards welfare and societal attention industry (Gamrat and et. al., 2014).


2.1 Assess current skills ability and learning style

There are many respective who are working in the workplace has various preferable acquisition form that are alter from individual to individual employed in wellness and societal attention sector. Along with this, there are different tools and techniques which are accessible with the assistance of such acquisition variety that can be measured. These techniques of assessing acquisition form are SWOT investigation or Honey and Mumford categorisation of scholar. In this case i will like to chose swot investigating so this will measure my present abilities and skills and learning styles. It is that techniques and method which is utilised by me because it will assist in collecting the data and substance of my imperfection and danger employed on which it assist for processing my abilities and skills.



  • I can precede the guidance and instruction render to me at work area.
  • I can developing effectual relation with the attention persevering and other staff members employed with me in the organisation· I have forbearance and social ability which help me for support other people composed and supply right work.
  • I can also succeed and manage the objection given to me at the workplace and can satisfy all demand.
  • I acquire emotionally connect with the grouping within wellness and societal attention sector.
  • I have small cognition of such laws and rules regarding HSC.



  • My effectual communicating ability assist in giving proper explanation of different factors
  • Changes help me in learning new things.
  • Different culture and diversities can affect the processing of working
  • Steady changes in the rules and regulations are major threat for me so any kind of mistake can affect my entire career.

With the assistance of SWOT investigation, it can help in measured that I have effectual quality or attainment which are necessary in aid sectors so this will help in good communication skills is essential factor within health and social care sector (Gibson, Dollarhide and Moss, 2010). Along with this, effective communication skills assist in developing appropriate understanding about different factors. There are various different property which can impact my career and their coming objectives and targets. It is essential that I should doing activity on such feature so my quality and ability can more refined.

2.2 Produce holistic development plan with short and long term goals

Designing is one of the most essential factor for each individual life. It is needed that a person should create and form a program which should regard within shortened period and long term goals. It is also required that afterwards alter the program of an individual which should work on this and seek to achieve all targets and goals in given instance frame which assist in making living improved for forthcoming and gain success of the life (Grima-Farrell, 2015). My atomistic improvement programme will include SMART objectives that involves specific, measurable, attainable and relevant and time bound. These are such kind of verifiable which make sure towards success in the life of an individual.

Holistic Personal Development Plan:

SMART objectives

Basis of success

Requisite actions

Strategies to be implemented for attain goals

Resources required to attain goals

Time scale

Skill of entrepreneur (Long term goal)

I will be capable for understand how to manage the people and their work in proper manner. Along with this, I will be able for develop and create critical thinking skills and make innovative ideas.

Involvement of innovative factors, making some creative and new things.

I will work hard and also participate in all developmental programmes.

Mentors, teachers, experts and counsellors.

4 year

Skill of leadership (Middle term goal)

Managing people in effective manner, also influence people towards different things.

Giving influence learning, speeches and some other new things

For presenting seminars and conferences

Teachers guidance, experts and motivators

2 years

Skills for Time management and communication (Short term goal)

Learn how to manage multi tasking and maintaining things in effectively.

Give priorities to the work and try to conduct various tasks at one time.

I can work according to the set priorities.

Experts, mentor, teacher, family and friends.

6 months


2.3 Monitor progress against plan according to the requirement of health and social care

Observance the advancement is essential factor for every person. These form of activity assist in determination all the breaches and loops which happen in developing the appropriate program in actual existence of an respective. For observance the program that concern different factors along with effect of in which a person will be capable for gaining data and information regarding loops and it will be able to move towards correct direction and path for satisfying all requirement of the plan in real life. Such factors are as under:

Conduct skill appraisal – Skills assessment will assist in getting appropriate facts and figures regarding ability and skill of an individual and there are different ability need to accomplish the actual criteria of specific arrangement (Hadar and Brody, 2013).

Revision of the plan – Later the administration and organising the attainment appraisal it is required to revisable the program which has been formulated. To revise the programme will assist in collecting and gathering information regarding current requirements. With the assistance of information gathered plan it can revise and implement can be developed in effective manner. For monitoring different factors I have to evaluate that here are different feature which are needed to work upon by me. I want to concentrate on my English communicating so that I can improve my communicating ability and it is necessary that only leading and connection acquisition will assist in achieving my extended as well as short term goals (Hayward and et. al ., 2013). With the help of leadership skills I will also develop and formulate the interpersonal abilities and their critical thinking skills and the time is required for around 2 year so that I can gather and collect appropriate information and data of market and analyse the behaviour of people exist in the market.

2.4 Effectiveness of development plan to own development as health and social care practitioner

For processing and formulating with different factors which existing in the marketplace and responsibility of wellness and societal attention at work area, I have analysed that developmental program which I have to equipped which is effectual and it will assist in forthcoming advancement of mine regarding welfare and societal attention sectors. For wellness and ethnic aid providers, it is essential that he should have efficacious ability of captious intelligent and make appropriate determination so at the instance of exigency condition they can form correct decision and can render best appropriate solution to the issue. Along with this, leading power will assist in succeed and maintaining the unit and group employed within an organisation in more effective manner and help in succeed the people health which existing in the social group (Hicks and et. al., 2014). Therefore, reappraisal all the leading component it can said that improvement program which I have equipped and it is useful for my career development which leading towards improved upcoming and assist me in helping appropriate and impressive facilities to the need of group.


3.1 Explain the nature of different professional relationship in health and social care

There are different professional relation in welfare and societal attention which are described as under:

Relation with service users – According to the service render, it is my obligation for developing and building effectual relation with their persevering so that they can portion their major issues and trouble in better way. With the impact of this, they are sharing their position in elaborated interpretation so that it will become easier to supply them appropriate attention. It will become very essential for identifying about the necessarily and neediness of persevering so treatment can be change consequently as there is effectual demand for acquiring involvement from patients are there (Hopkinson, 2014). It will also help in analysing and examining their activities and also assist in rendering appropriate treatment. As per the case study, it can be analysed that service providers are give care to a 60 yr old male who is not feeding and who is insistence. The work person is modality diminished, endure from dementedness and failure of motive which evidence from ambitious activity.

Relation with household associate of service users – It is obligation of work supplier for developing effectual relationship with family associate of persevering. They are disturbed that search are acquiring accurate care for patients. It is very essential for managing and maintaining affirmative relationship with them so that they can awareness cozy and stay casual (Wilcoxon, Remley Jr and Gladding, 2013). With the outcome of strong and great relation position which they are portion level of effective collection affiliated to patients.

Relationship with staff members – It is indispensable for maintaining effectual level of relationship with their colleagues and personnel associate as they are delivering proper level of assistance which main motive is to implementation of action in better mode. They are share employment loading and render appropriate assist while providing effective employment or facilities to the patients. It is essential to regard them which assist in making optimistic and effectual relationship with them.

Relationship with supervisors – Superiors are those people who are providing effectual level which assist in implementing the project and give fresh method and proficiency towards process in appropriate style (Murdoch-Eaton and Sandars, 2011). This is required for developing and building healthy and strong relation with the superiors so that they will help in complex situations. It will became important for improving employees relation with their superiors.

3.2 Evaluate personal effectiveness in supporting and promoting rights of an individual

Employees are key pillars in the success and growth of an organisation and achieved the desired goals and targets in proper manner. Personalized effectual is the period which measure the superior of employed of an worker in the procedure of employed. Along with this personal effective supply help in some structure for worker which encouraging and advance their person accurate and behaviour within an organisation operative scheme. Improvement of personalized effectivity in the firm scheme is very important which get the better of with procedure, hazard in the activity of employed, involvement accompanying to mistreatment among staff members, stimulating demeanor and employer respondent cognition and behaviour in individual circumstances at the instance. There are different amount of central points which have come in the notification along with large steady of examination but interest attendant with organisation preserve try to put on the high remarkable which can manage by employees (Nicholls, 2014). If appropriate help is provided that will given with the help of effective channel within an enterprise. There are various precise of an worker which should be granted to them by the procedure of formation manager to each and every employer in the business office site for example, staff members has right to verbalise on any substance, worker are their exemption to move for any such kindly of impish enactment. On the other hand, there are several points which should be interpreted into circumstance by higher administration or line director for relieve the involvement of their worker at large plane. According to the case study, the service user help in developing and building income and also generate effectiveness with the assistance of appropriate communication to understanding roles and responsibilities to each and every employees for the time (Shortland, 2010). It can be noticed that corporative team or group efforts catering with employees needs, team performance of different staff members and positive attitude of employees and managers will play an important role in managing and maintaining effective and good relationship between employees and organisation working system.

3.3 Discuss ways to solve issues in professional relationships

Professional relationship is the important process that specifies the norms and rules that exist in the organisation system that is necessary to conduct the overall organisation system in effective manner. This aspects plays an essential role in order to create proper and sustainable image in the market place sop that final objectives and aims could be accomplished. There are several conditions that lead to the rise of different types of issues that is encountered in professional relationship hence, management have to make proper method to solve all these challenges that results in smooth functioning of the business organisation (Olsen, 2011).

Firstly proper meetings must be conducted in regular interval of time so that every individuals could able to share their point of views and ideas with each other and come to some conclusion and the overall work tasks could be completed. Being a concern of the multidisciplinary unit in welfare and societal attention setting which come together in frequent time to discuss about some issues and problems that they are facing. This will helps in finding out reasons and causes that cause the rise of this obstacle therefore, with the work of collective efforts that particular problem can be minimized. By imparting effective training and development program to the employees ion order to enhance the current skills and knowledge so that each and every individual could able to learn about new and modern concepts which is related to societal and well-being aid sector.

In health and social sector it is very important that management work in effective and efficient manner as than only they could able to run the whole organisational system in smooth manner (Shagrir, 2010). They have to examine the employee's efforts regularly so that if there is any improvement in key areas it could be implemented at proper time period. It is necessary that effective communication system must be properly implements in the company's system so that overall process could be implemented in conducive way. This helps in solving some problems and issues that may arise at any part of the function that is run in the organisation. 


From the above prepared study it has been analysed that administration plays a vital role especially in health and social care industries. Employees are consider most important resource of the organisation therefore it is necessary that proper treatment must be imposed to them so that they could able to contribute with best of their efforts. The report highlights the work and responsibilities that is possessed by the employees in order to carry out the overall work process in effective way. There are number of barriers that may faced by the company hence proper system must be maintained in order to face it conducive way so that whole work can be completed in smoother way and final objectives could be achieved. There are several individual that play important role in the health care sector as they contain some important responsibilities to be played in the company.

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