A/601/1740 Study and Research Skills Unit 1 UKCBC College Level 4


Immigration is a movement of individual is coming of people into a country in order to work and live there. Further, coming into a country of foreigners for the purpose of permanent residence is known as immigration. Present report contains information about the issues faced by immigrant individuals (Al-Moosa and McLachlan, 2017). All those issues are involve in this report in order to find out an effective solution. Language, overpopulation, employment, crime and housing all are the major issues faced by them.

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Thesis Statement

This essay cover the major issue faced by immigrant individuals. These issues and problems required to address in appropriate manner which help carry out things in better manner. Setting in new region possess several issues and problems for an individual which need to address and determine in better and effective frame so they can live easily. While foreigners to UK may confront a few, or these issues, the nation has a scope of highlights which can make the change smoother (Dworkin, 2017). Major problems are language barrier, employment, housing, cultural difference etc. All these are major and determine problems which linked and evaluated for an immigrant individual while they used to live in some other foreign countries. These issues need to address and pined out in better and effective manner so that life of such immigrant could become simple and easy.

This essay not only going to address such problems but also define some major pathways to deal with them. This will assist such foreigners to maintain a healthy life standard. The whole essay used to focus on immigrant people at UK with appropriate and suitable solution of each one of them.

Problem 1: Language barrier

One of a major problem related with immigration is language barrier. It is a major issue which used to face by immigrant individual where they become lack appropriate to communicate or find it difficult to share their views and aspects with others. This create problem in interaction with others and affect their living. A major issue is associated with from attending to school till to buying food from market area. Although, such issue could be face by other countries individual whom are not able to speak English and want to live in UK. Thus, immigrant individuals required to understand all these aspects properly and need to recognise and identify solution for that.

Solution: There is a need to understand and learn about appropriate language. A new language required to learn just because it enable and support in order to maintain better understanding at new place (Eaton, Yang and Mavrovouniotis, 2016). This is a solution which enable and aid in dealing out the language barrier properly so that better working could be done as well as an individual can live in another area. Although, this support in get employment as well because many individuals and corporations like to provide jobs to such individuals who know more than one language. In this way, issue of language can be deal and an individual can live a better life in other area.

Problem 2: Employment problem

A major problem or issue which could be determine or arise due to immigration is employment (Favell, 2016). Many individuals used to face a heavy and big problem od employment at such course when they move to some other region or a country. This immigration create problem in gaining job opportunity as they are not local or else a highly educated individual getting the job of clerk or some other position due to not known to particular country language. This create issue to establish themselves at such location properly which create or hamper the work at some extent. Hence, this issue required to address properly so that better and efficient working could be done for betterment.

Solution: This problem used to get address and resolve properly by learning about the language of such certain place or take experience in advance properly. Employment enable and support in fulfil daily and regular needs of an individual which supposed to be address and evaluated in better and effective manner of frame. Hence, an individual has to made their CV more attractive and creative in nature. This enable in getting the employment properly. Apart from this, sometimes, an individual has more ability and capacity to deal at market area or face a problem of discrimination at workplace. Hence, a person need to learn local language which support them to made alike such people. France immigrants need to learn English first and then they could have applied for the job in UK. This will support in resolve and address this problem to a limit which further support in providing job opportunities to immigrants.

Problem 3: Overpopulation

Immigration is a process where a person moved down from local host country to some other region for living as a permanent resident. This determine as major and foremost problem of immigration as more and more individuals used to live over there. If an individual move to another country, then it leads to increase number of population over there which need to understand by government of a country properly (Helbling and et. al., 2017). This increase in population use to impact the health of an individual as multiple wastage used to get underpin. Along with this, another problem related with immigration is education. All individuals used to take admission in college, university etc. Although, it also used to increase pollution at such countries which enable and facilitate over the health impact on other individuals. This issue of immigration need to understand and address properly through appropriate and suitable graphical presentation with individual awareness programmes.

Solution: This problem of immigration need to address and resolve in better and effective frame. Although, overpopulation need to address and overcome in better manner in order to deal with heath problem of individuals. Many medical institute and association used to rise their fees for other individuals whom said as immigrant in nature. Although, another consideration is education where schools will not be going to provide appropriate facilities (Hierro, 2016). This problem or issue need to address properly by analysing the ratio of individuals. Moreover, government have to launch their awareness events as well so that immigrant used to get understand this aspect and need to recommend and take such steps which minimise these problems.

Problem 4: Housing

Anybody wants to move to another country required appropriate and secure housing. Home is a basic and important consideration for every second person and define as a basic need or want. This needs and wants have to address properly and in better frame as well so that it used to enhance and support a person immigration as well. Language, employment define as major and basic issue but with these housing determine as another major problem. Hence, if a person does not have house to live then it used to increase number of slum areas in a country which impacted the overall beauty of a city. Thus, housing define and determine as another and major kind of problem for all immigrants as they not have sufficient money to pay for Hotels for more period of time as well as they do not become able to render land as well. Thus, they used to spend their time and life on roads (Jentsch and Simard, 2016). Although, at UK this might be a great and big potential problem which need to understand resolve in better and definite manner.

Solution: This is a major and important issue which need to address and resolve in better and definite manner. Although, housing problem only arise due to higher range of population which need to control down by the government by restrict and not providing visa to immigrants whom want to live in such country. Although, government need to inspect properly the reason behind living over there and then required to provide visa as well as permission. Thus, this could be a major solution which facilitate to resolve this attribute in better and definite manner of fact so that beauty of a city could be maintain through removing and reducing the number of slums. As UK is a beautiful place where Housing define as major problem from past few years. This could be treat and deal out in better and definite frame where government supposed to build houses for many immigrants at outside or far from a city. This far creation enables and support to resolve the problem of housing to a better extent.

Problem 5: Crime

Criminal activities are getting expand in each and every country due to wide interference of immigrants. Although, many people come from outside the border line with a single and clear motive of criminal activities. Thus, criminal offense is a major threat and thus immigration people used to increase number of crime over at such places. This could be arise due to not getting jobs, house etc. (McIntyre and et. al., 2016). Thus, criminal activities required to resolve and defend with appropriate support of police and some legislative bodies as well. Thus, crime need to address and resolve in better and frequent manner of frame.

Solution: This problem gets resolve in better and appropriate manner through active participation of police. Although, they need to underpin and collate information of immigrants properly through submitting a copy of pass port and visa. Moreover, such criminal practices arise due to more immigrants where government need to provide visa for holidays only not for job or for permanent living. In-fact, government used to ask to an individual at the time of shift about reason. If authority find it out a valid and appropriate reason, then they used to provide a visa to such people which support in reducing the number of criminal activities.

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It gets concluded from the project or essay that research skills and study need to understand and explore properly. There are various kinds of issues used to estimate at the time of immigration which need to understand in better and effective manner. There are various kinds of issues and problems are related with immigration which have to better understand in a definite manner, like housing, criminal activities etc. all these are major issues and problems which identify at the moment of immigration. Hence, such issues required to estimated properly and need to address in better and effective manner.


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