D/601/0541 Unit 6 Role Of Parents In Early Childhood Education HND Business Level 5

Answer :


Roles and responsibilities are the major role play and giving the best productive more apart it will be the more essential for parents to support the learning that happens in preschool settings at home as well. It will be more discussing and more detailing the process in order to take care the needs of children. Parents are teachers for children in the early childhood process. Present study or research will be based on Role of parents in early childhood education. It will be more challenging task for parents to ensure the best practices for their children (Allen and Cowdery, 2014). Parents guidance and support teach outside the classroom which creates a more positive experience for children and helps children to perform better.

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The connection between children and their parents is the very much essential for their upbringing. The aim of the study is to maximise the importance of early childhood education in between the population. It enables for children to adopt positive learning from parents which helps them to enhance own confidence and development growth. Besides, as per the previous research it has been analysed that it is the most difficult task for early childhood educators to figuring out that how to better engage parents in their child learning. From analysing it has been cleared that their various methods through parent get more engaged with the children development. Parent involvement in early childhood is the education which helps to extend the experiences that a child has in the classroom to real world activities that happen in the home. It will also belong some more advantages and growth for the children development. Main objective of this study is that to enhance the importance of early child education.


  • What is the impact of parents in early childhood years ?
  • How the importance of early child education will convert the education and development system ?


The research aim is to identify the solution to role of parents in early childhood education.


  • To identify socio demographic characteristics of the parents and the role of parents in early childhood years
  • To identified the factors affect parental involvement in early childhood education to analyse the importance of early childhood.
  • To recommend the measures to increase the rate and involvement of parents in early childhood education in the study.


In research project will be taken some assumptions in the form of interviews or questionnaire. On the basis of their assumption process it makes better target plan for the new development process. It will be taken some respondents through research has been done. It makes better performance of way to give better performance to get the better problem solving techniques.

Outline the planned study

Research has been taken better performance and productive resources' ton accomplish the project goals and objectives. It will also help to take the best productive growth through research has achieved their better target goals. It will help to redefine the eduction system of early childhood education or learning. It also helps to enable the parents enhance better understanding for themselves and their children as well. Study will be taken the involvement of parents or educators who always connect with the children in their daily routine. It also helps to understand children and their basic requirements (Ballantine, Hammack and Stuber, 2017). A survey approached will be used in the study and self administered questionnaire with two different methods as well. Further apart, study will also emphasise the importance of factors which enhance the growth of child education. It will be given better growth and performance level task. Moreover, it has been analysing the importance of parental influencing children for the development process through various forms such as providing positive background, effective communication, direct connectivity and better grooming learning. Overall, all factors are equally important for the growth of children early education through their base has become strong and stable. It helps to broaden the child horizon and increase the bonding relationship. Apart from that parents are also needs to make proper changes.

Literature Review

On the basis of Brown and Lee, 2015 observation, opinion and comments it has been investigated that role of the parents play a very distinct role in the development of children early education. It also helps to bring the better services and enlarging process of development. In order to achieve the target, there must be emphasis the issues of role of parents in early childhood education. Children rights always been argued for centuries, adults are the only people who take decision of children development. They always chosen what is right or what is wrong for children. Rights are always been entitlements, important and necessary which we do not have to grovel for any reason according to Elder, 2018. In some countries children are set to be amend and necessary to adopt. Besides, In some countries children rights do not receive widespread public or politically. It also gives negative influence to the matter of fact.

It is the disturbing affairs which required proper and systematic professional or academic working for protecting children issue rights. As per the view of Follari, 2015 it is the responsibility for children education authority to implemented the proper children rights for their development. On the basis of article 42 it is has been obliges that state needs to make the principles and provisions of the convention widely known. Besides, according to that children or adults are alike. It is particularly important and necessary that early education of children is more necessary and important for the parents to take care of children base and for initial stage for them. Principle of convention should have required to be understood and implemented in early childhood services.

Practice based inquiry is the process to ensure the effective implementation without having any backlogs. Overall, it brings the long lasting effective and productive nature that affect the overall performance level. To introduce new services and approaches to make the effective growth and long lasting relationship with the parents and child. This is the tool to identify the methodologies grounds on which educational research is based on the research strategies. Research inquiry has been based on the research questions. This makes the better implementing and new policy making task.

Professional learning process or teaching guide is majorly necessary or essential in advocating for them. By adopting the proactive approach towards recognising the rights of all children in also essential for the development growth according to Kochanska, 2017. It helps to recognising the rights of all children. Child advocacy is the most required and essential process which helps to enhance the children status, self-determination, accountability and responsiveness. Professional might be give support to make governments or local bodies understand the importance of convention and make more aware about the children development as per the Nutbrown and Clough, 2014. Child advocacy not only express the role of parents, families, teachers or not it is about denying children their childhood. But it is the process or guidance to provide help to children through ethically or legally to ensure the safety of children rights. Greater implementation or the decision making approach of different factors given better approach and target market to enhance the implementation of children rights. Convention plays a very essential or powerful action for children development. It is rectified by the two countries in the world US & Somalia. Apart, it has been used proactively in many of the countries. It is the duty of the governments or some regulatory bodies to protect the interest of children rights and try to make some innovation in the development process. It also makes the proper changes as per the new changes. Besides, convention needs to provide the overall acceptance through internationally for human rights and for children safety as per the Otto, 2017. The main aim of the convention is to make awareness of children rights for their development process which is required to adopt by all the countries. On the other hand convention is the universally adopted expression of respect for children benefits. Many factors get affected by this process is just that family courts, including raw, health and care organisations.

Children should get the right for participation in their own right. Children also should have they right on their parents property till they get minor or enough mature. As per the children rights it not must be like to depend on parents for such kinds of scenario. Convention on the rights of child has adopted by the human rights' document in history, ratified by 192 countries. Besides, United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCROC) provides strong point for the care of children act. Moreover, it has been said that, Children and their rights should be according to their growth and must be required to make according to the situation.

There are other convention articles has been provided who contributes various other which is partially important for the childhood education. Participation level of the children has to be in all parts. They also need to make proper mention and proper effective process of work. Moreover, participation of parents is major part which has to be involved in the organisation.

It is the rights of the children to get the full skills and learning from his parents. More apart, it is also necessary to take the better fast forward decision making approach. Children early age growth is refers to be important task under which they going to learn so many things to be understand. In this situation, it is the duty of parents to make them aware about what is right or wrong. Make them perfect to identify the things etc. this play an essential role for their development. Some rights are right to get protection, right to get healthy environment, right to get education, right to be heard, freedom from violence, Engage citizenship, action and accountability etc.

Children citizens and social participation on their won rights. Children needs to be guide for their relationship goals, how to behave with adults and the overall process they asking according to the needs and wants. The position is to be guided by the company parents which helps to accomplish the overall goals of family and parents, As per the needs of the organisation to full fill the basic requirement of the children growth, As per the article 12 says that children should effect the decision making approach in family. Apart from that, according to Roskos,ed., 2017 children have the right to participate in or have right to share his own views to be given information. This overall growing process generate some understanding between the children and it helps to regenerate the process of thinking. Parents are the best guide for children for the overall upbringing. Besides, it makes children strong and give them strength to handle the different situation. Moreover, children have rights to make their decision by their own. Besides, another activity which is important to be considered is that to listen the views or thoughts of children, this process helps parents to make deeper understanding between the relationship. The process of involvement, family background, involvement all the factors helps to define the values and beliefs for the children.

It gives better performance and task oriented goals to make better relationship with children, besides, on the basis of present structure it has been say that as per the scenario family or parents are very much engaged to handle their own family in to positive manner. They all are engaged into their own lives. Due to which its direct impact has been given to the children growth.

Family is the first tutor or educator of children who guide them about the relationship bonds. It is the conventional rights of children to get initial eduction from his family. With the understanding of parent involvement is the broad concept or procedure to defining the importance of family background. Roskos, ed., 2017 suggests that relationship bond and parent involvement has given wide scope in children learning more about values and beliefs. More apart, it also has been cleared that, children has to interact with family friends to make wider relationship connection. Early child learning is the base for them for its future goals. It helps to set the further targets and future goals to be fulfilled. Overall process is the wonderful outcomes for the organisations to make better presence of thinking.

There are some approaches suggest by Seligman and Darling, 2017 for more family involvement that is comprehensive approach of involvement for family and professional partnership. It defines six types of involvement including communication, volunteering, mentoring, parenting, collaborating with the community and decision making. Each type makes their different approach for children education. Parenting approach helps to connect children with the family members and get familiarity children with own values and beliefs. Communicating approach aiming to form a strong communication or bonding between the peoples. Next, volunteering approach helps to recruit and organize parent to give them support to children. Learning at home provide various information and idea to families for about to take the decision on the behalf of better performance level. Decision making part is influencing the process of working influence better growth and opportunity. Decision making process helps to understand the scenario and developing legal representative process. Besides, in collaborating with community will help to recover the problem solving approach. It also helps to collect the required resources along with to describe the better opportunity and growth. Rapid increment of young children will promote the education care and education programme process, As per the research reports it has been come out that in every year 13 million children defence fund preschoolers participate in child care day. Under which it includes 6 million infants and toddlers. The U.S census office reported in 1997 63% of children were participated. Along with that, moreover, children eduction is the most required and necessary according to their growth manner. Besides, it also needs to make proper changes and take new further steps in order to make the proper circumstances. Along with that, despite most of the concerning parents would prefer to take better environmental growth making process. For children education process it is must have required for parents to nurturing their children into growth manner. Apart from that it also make sure that following guidance and better grooming is must be required for the children grooming. Although school research has been providing the report is such relates to the context that parents involvement, several differences exist between early care and education programme. Primary school has given better large expansion gives better output growth. Better environmental growth has been given better education growth. On the basis of Singer, 2017 it defines the theory of family system which express the better environmental growth system. This theory of family proposes the importance of family in children development process. It also influences the better opportunity and growth or for better development of children base. Each member reciprocal influence on the other members. Through company get better performance area. Each member of the family will affect the changes in daily routine or the process. Like parent loosing their job for a child education. Among all others major consequences it should be according to the needs of children development. According to Spodek and Saracho, 2014 early care and education programs can expect to see changes in children based on what happens in the family system. Personal or family background impact major effect on the behaviour of children. It makes better environmental growth making process is to justify the better environment process. Besides, it is the duty of parents to stable the healthy and positive environmental.

There are many factors that affect or influence a family ability to both facilitate a child growth and development and participate in parent education programs. There are some issues and constraints through family will get heavy impact which gives negative environment within family atmosphere. Such of diversity, communication, meeting preferences, resources, resources., time management and personnel affect family involvement. Moreover, it also helps to accomplish the overall process which brings new situations for families due to which children get affected. Moreover, it will be the great impact. These following factors influence the early children education system. Race ethnicity is the another focus tool which influence the children early education. Besides, this factors leads to dissatisfaction and discomfort among parents. Besides, there are some others factors which affect family connectivity such as money concern. This process enhances the influencing process of children education. Besides, it also helps to influence the external environmental growth factor. It also needs to make the proper changes and growth factors. Placing stereotype is the situation of process of doing the large making process which distract children from the learning process. Besides, poverty is the major factor which influence or distract parents to focus on the children learning outcomes. Moreover, poverty is the reason in the United States here the highest percentages of children were suffered from poverty circumstances among developed countries. Many of the children are grown up by single mother. Due to this negative factor children fails to get the proper education level of growth. Part from that it also gives negative and influencing factors to restrict the early children education process.

According to Van Hoorn and, 2014 government of the national economy should focus on the early child education in order to get the better effective process. This process influences the effective work making target goals. As per the parents view in the parent education programme where some parents belongs from lower SES background experience many obstacles which affect the overall growth of children growth. Low income group family parents has not enough mature to take care the needs of their children in more learning form. For that low income parents prefer helping their children at home over volunteering at school. It has been assumed that according to many people various group of people having the diverse needs with regard to working with professionals in education programs.

Research Methodology

Research philosophies: Research philosophies is the type of beliefs or values on which research has been based. Through data about any topic should be get by the researcher. There are majorly two types of research philosophies. Positivism or interpretivism. Positivism is based on reality which has been described in the previous studies or facts. It gives new method of learning and process to gathered the information and make new facts and truth facts. This overall process helps to evaluate the problem making task for research problem. Besides, positivism has involved rich historical background (Wood, 2014). On the contrary, another major goals has affect the interpretivism method of research philosophy which is based on subjective matter of fact and intervention is reality can that reality be fully understood. It involves some features of scientific management process which gives better power to make the research more fruitful. Interpretive has a tradition that is no less glorious than that of positivism nor is it shorter. For present research researcher has been take interprevist approach, this is the best approach to social science the opposes the positivism of natural science. This takes the human interest into the study that helps to make better effective results and takes best approachable growth channels.

Research approach: Research approach is the another method of research methodology, there are many types of research approach through researcher has been done their work such as deductive research approach, inductive research approach, adductive research approach. Deductive approach is used for testing the validity of assumptions theories etc. whereas, inductive approach is helpful to contribute new theories or concepts for collecting the facts or factors of issues (Wortham and Hardin, 2015). On the contrary, adductive research is devoted their explanation by using puzzles or surprising facts which never ever has been used before for research. Moreover, for presenting the data in systematic manner deduction method has been used for this study. Further apart, investigator also take the help of inductive approach for better observation or analysing the facts to gives the better performance level. From the analysation it has been proved that parental background and research process will require making the better influencing task performance. In order to collect quality of data and better opportunity in research identification researcher used numerous data for analysation to make productive research report.

Sampling Procedure : It is the most distinct research method which can be explained as a specific used of data and set principles for research (Spodek and Saracho, 2014). Without sample size investigator cannot grab the specific data collection procedure. They require to selecting the sample size of population to be included in the study. Due to large population investigator requires selecting few outs of many. In order to accomplish the objective of the research researcher has to choose sample size from following types of sample methods such as probability or non-probability. Because, of many populations of interest researcher are taken or adopt techniques of statistical sampling have to be used or devised Moreover, it will be the more enlarging the system approach. Sample size should be analysing by the investigator in order to accomplish the overall data or sample size (Van Hoorn and, 2014). More apart it is the responsibility of the company to make sure about the process of doing the work. For present Purposive sampling will be taken into action that helps to specify the results and making long effectiveness growth and fast forwards results. Study it has been held 2 interviews and questionnaire in order to make the proper maintaining task. Besides, sample size helps to target the population for chosen the company structure. Researcher defines the sample or analyse the data accordingly. It is further for two types random or systematic sampling. The focus of the study is to focus on the early childhood well being growth to make future oriented.

Methods of data collection: Data collection is the another method of research through which research has not been done or accomplish. Apart from that, data collection is the process of collecting information from all the relevant sources to find answers of different questions. It helps to make the hypotheses and evaluate the outcomes. Data collection also having two types of methods primary or secondary data collection. Primary data collection is the procedure in which data has been collect different surveys such as interview, questionnaire, observation etc. through researcher get new thoughts or information (Roskos,ed., 2017). In terms of secondary data collection under which data has been collected from sources which has been existed already such as through internet, theories, articles etc. for presenting the research researcher will be taken both primary or secondary method of data collection. Under which they prepare interviews with two parents and for questionnaire they have taken 10 tutors or educators for collecting the facts and data for interpretation. In terms of secondary data it has been existed numerous types of data through investigator can easily collect data of nay type. It helps to exist the process and making good target goals. Among all of that, it also helps to secure data in most proper manner.

Parents are taken as a sample for the study that helps to identify the importance of children early age requirement. This helps to measure the actual importance and role play of the parents in the children growth. Overall, study also helps to take the best possible action and takes the best outcomes which reflects the children effective well-being has been done in early age of growing by the parents itself.

Data analysis : it is the another process of making good task oriented method of research methodology. Data analysis itself is the most required to interpret the data which has been collected by the researcher (Seligman and Darling, 2017). It also makes the better target goals, in this process all the collected data has been transferred to actual proper manner to present in the systematic manner. It also explained the most required and prominent working of goals Which helps to accomplish the proper manner of growth. There are differences between qualitative data analysis and quantitative data analysis. In qualitative researches using or conduct interviews, focus group, experiments etc. through which data has been conduct into critically analysing manner. In terms of quantitative manner. Data has been taken in the form of statistics, based on facts or figures.

Ethical consideration : Ethical consideration is the most required and effective process of making good things. This makes the legal and secure environment growth. It also helps to secure the data and overall process of research (Nutbrown and Clough, 2014). This makes some following points which helps to secure the research such as best productive manner of growth. It also helps to secure the data from the nature of growth. Ethical consideration has been the legal impact of the ethical consideration. Researcher needs to make sure about confidentiality of the research data should be ensured. Moreover, apart from that, it will be the legal impact or profit making process. Apart from that, it will be the most required and efficient form to take the best process of research conduct.

Any kind of communication or in relation should be based on full honesty and transparency. Any kind of misleading in the process will not be covered by the researcher while conducting the process making work (Singer, 2017). Apart from that in research project voluntary participation is must in order to take the best productive resource. Apart from that, research should be done on the basis of proper investigation or under the guidance of ethical consideration. Apart from that, ethical consideration helps to enhance the effective process of work which helps to influence positive and safe environment. The use of offensive, discriminatory or any other kinds of unacceptable languages are not has been used in the research process. It has been done on the basis of given set of target market goals. Apart from that, it will be the best manner to perform the task oriented and better form of research project.

Reliability and validity : Issues and challenges of the study will be solved by the help of reliability and validity in methodology chapter a concise manner. Rea liability refers to the extent to which the same answers be obtained using the same instruments more than one time. Rea liability always considered the single observer to make final outcomes and growth. Besides, validity method or tool refers to identity the method of research through research has been completed and to generate research findings. For example appropriate time scale required for the study has to be selected. Many methodologies methods has chosen for taking account or to identify the characteristics of the study.

4. Analysis and discussion







1. There is impact of parent role in early childhood years?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Cannot say

2. As per your opinion, socio demographic characteristics of the parents impact on childhood education?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Cannot say

3. What are the factors which create impact on early childhood education?

  • Improper speech and language development
  • Parent and social Interaction
  • Health
  • Learning environment

4. What are the benefits of early childhood education?

  • Socialisation
  • Concept of cooperation
  • Encouraging holistic development
  • Enthusiasm for life long learning

5. What are the recommendation can be implemented to measure rate and involvement of parent in early childhood education?Implement teamwork

  • Encourage children for respect
  • Convey value of education though experience

6. Which is the objective of your in respect to consider early childhood development?

  • Solve personal issue
  • Identifying challenges

7. Why you want to consider early childhood development?

  • Build confidence
  • Consider development
  • Respect to other

8. Are you satisfied with the implementation of early childhood development?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Cannot say

9. As per your opinion childhood development activities is the innovative perspective in the early stage of development?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Cannot say

10 How are you satisfied with the implementation of early childhood development activities?

  • Highly satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Dissatisfied
  • Highly dissatisfied

Analysis from questionnaire

Theme 1 Parent role create impact on early childhood

There is impact of parent role in early childhood years?






Cannot say


Interpretation: In order to focus on the above graph, it can be stated that there are 8 parents stated that their role must essential to maintain systematic results in childhood education. This is because, it helps to cooperate with significant advantages which essentially develop to focus on their learning and developing. It is the major consideration which needed for early childhood care at workplace. Furthermore, there is 1 candidate said that parent role never impact on the childhood learning. As results, it is not essential to considering systematic work performance towards their child. However, 1 parent stated that it cannot be interpret that parent role create impact or not on early childhood learning. Hence, it depicts that parent role is very important to develop significant advantages and consider effective functioning as well. With the help of parent guidance, their ability and performance will be increasing that create positive impact on children and ascertain more significant advantages. However, as per literature review basis, it can be stated that children should be get right for participation as their own interest. They are fully depends on their parents. Hence, parents should take roles and responsibilities for their growth and maturity.

Theme 2 Socio demographic characteristics of parents create major impact on childhood education

As per your opinion, socio demographic characteristics of the parents impact on childhood education?






Cannot say


Interpretation: The above graph shows that socio demographic characteristics consider major impact on the childhood education. In this way, there are major 7 parents stated that as per their opinion socio demographic elements majorly create impact on their childhood learning and education system. Furthermore, there are 2 parents opposite from previous and consider their views that it never create impact on the childhood education system. As results, socio demographic characteristics not consider in the environment towards looking childhood education system. Remaining 1 parent said that it cannot be depict that childhood education system is needed or not for the children in their education system. Although, it can be understood that socio demographic element are major concern in the childhood development activities. This is because, it considers to focus on their environment where children are taking place. As per literature review consideration, it can be said that children citizens and social participation based on their won rights. Children needs to guide with relationship goals so that it could be assess that how they behave and adult included in overall process.

Theme 3 Parent and social interaction is the major factor which create impact on early childhood education

What are the factors which create impact on early childhood education?


Improper speech and language development


Parent and social Interaction




Learning environment


Interpretation: In order to focus on the present graph, it can be interpreted that parent and social interact is important aspect to determines childhood education. In this aspect, there are 5 parents stated that there part is more important to focus on the child care and their understanding with effectiveness. Furthermore, there are 2 parents exist that said that improper speech and language development for children is created major impact on early childhood education. This is because, in the environment there is no proper working system consideration towards their effectiveness. In addition to this, parents need to maintain their concentration in childhood education system which needed to perform different activities as well. There are 2 parents exist that stated that health is also major concern which consider as the factor in childhood education. This is because, some children are weak so that it create impact on their learning. In this regard, it is important to focus on their systematic working with other people. From the analysis, it can be depict that majorly improper speech by parents and language development create impact. With the help of the proper childhood education system, all parents able to deliver effective results at workplace to increase their learning. According to literature review assessment, it can be depict that parents have less interaction in the society. Therefore, it will create disadvantages to handle their child-care. With the help of provide proper rights, it can be stated that decisions must be based on thoughts and participation on children.

Theme 4 Enthusiasm life long learning is main benefit of early childhood learning

What are the benefits of early childhood education?




Concept of cooperation


Encouraging holistic development


Enthusiasm for life long learning


Interpretation: In the above graph, it can be stated that there are 6 parents exist that consider their views enthusiasm life long learning is main benefit for early childhood learning. In this way, effectiveness of children will be develop in systematic way through consider their understanding in the development program. Furthermore, there are 2 parents stated that socialisation also major consideration on which concentration is needed that create benefit towards childhood education system. As results, cooperation, encouragement, etc. elements consider effective functioning to focus on the relevant outcomes and results. In respect to look towards better performances, it can be stated that parents must be engaged in children growth so that it would be beneficial to guide for life long learning in systematic manner. Overall process is wonderful consideration to make better presence of thinking.

Theme 5 Implement teamwork is socio demographic characteristics of parent which impact on childhood education

As per your opinion, socio demographic characteristics of the parents impact on childhood education?


Implement teamwork


Encourage children for respect


Convey value of education though experience


Interpretation: In respect to carry the above report, it can be stated that there are 8 parents exist that said that socio demographic characteristics of parent create impact to implement team work. This is because, work in team create positive impact and accomplish desired results in systematic manner. Therefore, it will consider positive responses from different children. Furthermore, there is one parent who said that encourage children consider effective perspective in term of respect. Therefore, parents encourage them to cope up with the systematic work performance at workplace. Remaining 1 parents consider their views that value has been conveyed in the education system with develop experience and increase proper functioning as well. Therefore, it depicts that team work performance is the major consideration which implemented to focus on the experience and understand participation of children in the proper caring. With consideration of views of literature review, it can be interpreted that overall process must be taken with presence of thinking. Parents must involve their children as teamwork development so that thet are able to connect their children with different children.

Theme 6 Solve personal issue is the main consideration with childhood development

Which is the objective of your in respect to consider early childhood development?


Solve personal issue


Identifying challenges


Interpretation: One parent stated that it consider natural passion to encourage and helps to young generation of children to reach towards the potential outcomes. In this way, they are feel enjoyment that being surrounded by the children. Furthermore, as per the children they feel reward when they getting successful results. It assists to take desires to take response and empathise with struggle and challenges that face by children. However, another teacher stated being a parent at early stage of development consider true love in each field so that they feel very happy with working kid. Interviewer also ensure that different traits posses that assists to focus on the systematic work performance in the environment. In respect to look for literature review process, it can be stated that parent also take support with effective learning. Therefore, different types of information and ideas helps to take decisions as per better performances.

Theme 7 Building confidence is major aspect to increase performance of child in early stage

Why you want to consider early childhood development?


Build confidence


Consider development


Respect to other


Interpretation: In this aspect, one parent said that I feel excitement for children when they are learning something new. Furthermore, when they are able to learn something different, it creates more excitement which I love. It is fulfilling responsive for young children in respect to learn. Therefore, it is important to see enthusiasm for different and new activities. In addition to this, they also enjoy to getting know every child with unique individual and finding new ways to make them effective and build confidence as well. It gives me reward which is integral part of their development. On the other hand, one another parent stated that children are getting success with formative years which needed more out from the others. They consider certain goals which could be completed to measure successful results. Overall objectives also create positive attitude towards the education system. In addition to this, they are also striven to concentrate on teach different new things that are needed to ascertain systematic work performance. It helps to attain successful goals and objectives at workplace. In the present aspect of literature review, it could be said that early childhood development process consider to respect each other that helps to maintain more effective results.

Theme 8 Parents are satisfied with the implementation of childhood development

Are you satisfied with the implementation of early childhood development?






Cannot say


Interpretation: From the above graph, it can be stated that parents are satisfied with their role in perspective of child development. This is because, it helps to focus on their activities and functions which performed to consider systematic results in the environment. In this aspect. Literature review helps to ascertained satisfaction of child-care with implement development program. On the basis of proper consideration, effectiveness will be generated to take new and further steps.

Theme 9 Childhood development activities is the innovative perspective in the early stage of development

As per your opinion childhood development activities is the innovative perspective in the early stage of development?






Cannot say


Interpretation: In the above graph, it can be stated that there are 7 parents said yes with consider innovative concept on childhood development. As results, it will assist to attain more significant results at workplace. Furthermore, there are 2 parents consider it is not important to the society. In respect to conduct school research, it can be stated that parents involvement is must in different kinds of educational programme. In respect to look for primary school, it can be said that better performances will be created which consider changes for daily routine work.

Theme 10 Early childhood development activities is the major aspect to increasing activities

How are you satisfied with the implementation of early childhood development activities?


Highly satisfied








Highly dissatisfied


Interpretation: In the above graph, parents stated that they are satisfied with their children development in early stage. In this regard, effectiveness will be increasing continuously to focus on the more systematic work. Furthermore, it is the best aspect to increase their understanding with society consideration. As per literature review context, it can be said that parents involved in early childhood development care of their children. Hence, it is important to ascertain better environment process that make stable and healthy environment in positive consideration.

5. Learning from collected data

In respect to collect the data, there are several kinds of learning consider that create positive impact on me. This is because, it will help to attain systematic work of parent and teacher as well. In this regard, following learning I have considered:

  • In order to look towards the parents view, it is important to focus on the parent role in early childhood years. In this consideration, it is essential for them to focus on their children environment and group as well. This is because, effectiveness will be generated with consider group members' performance towards the understanding. In this way, it is important to develop successful results in childhood learning.
  • Furthermore, I learned that socio demographic characteristics of the parents create major impact on childhood education. This is because, every parent has different, age, income, environment, etc. so that as per these elements they guide their children and implement systematic results as well. With the help of the proper understanding, they are able to develop more significant advantages at workplace. In respect to look towards income, it is major consideration that impact on childhood learning.
  • Furthermore, there are several factors exist that create impact on the childhood educational system. In this regard, improper speech and language development are major consideration towards parent need to look to increase their understanding and outcomes. In addition to this, there are also certain other aspects which create major impact on the early childhood education system. For instance, health, learning environment, etc.
  • In addition to this, there are different benefits consider which develop as the early childhood education. For instance, socialisation, concept of cooperation etc. In this way, I have learned that enthusiasm for life long learning is the major aspect that need to be consider by the parents to their children. With the help of the systematic work performance, it can be stated that working system develop to focus on the outcomes as results.
  • Along with this, I understand that implementation teamwork is required among parents so that they are able to increase their children effectiveness. With the help of the measurement, involvement needed to understand children education. Moreover, there are certain other parents also consider that children must be encourages for respect so that it will help to attain more significant advantages and increase creativity as well. With the help of proper educational system, they develop their experience as well.

6. Conclusion

From the above assignment report, it can be concluded that parents and teacher both play vital role in children education in early stage. This is because, when children looking someone to do good they capture it in early stages. As results, parents and teachers both need to concentrate to maintain effectiveness and understand that they develop more significant advantages. With the help of their roles, every child able to do systematic work. Furthermore, report summarised about the survey and interview questions that are asked by parents and teacher as well. In this aspect, it is important to look towards the systematic work performance which required for children to increase their understanding and good manners as well. Moreover, report articulated that interviewer stated that teachers prefer to do job in preschool because they want to increase their understanding with kinds. Apart from this, they feel very good to do this job as well. At last, analysis and discussion has been taken which helps to focus on the different views of parents and teachers as well.

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