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Financial Planning & Resource Management Assignment Sample

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Research Methodology

It is termed as most significant section of an investigation that affects appropriateness of research outcomes. This section of a research helps researcher in collection of wide range of data with an appropriate manner for attainment of objectives and goals of investigation. For developing of reliable research methodology, investigator is carried out detail evaluation of different concepts and theories with reference to different aspects of investigation (Jackson, 2010). In this context, the primary objective of research methodology is to assess appropriate research outcomes by applying wide range of scientific procedures and knowledge. In the present research work, different elements of research methodology have been selected with reference to aim of research in which research tries to assess different factors of hospitality industry that motivate an individual to build career in hotel management. 

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Research Type

It is considered as most important element that assists researcher in selection of various other approaches for particular. So we are focusing on different factors of hospitality assignment help to influence an individual to build their career. Therefore, wide range of data is collected related to motivational factor of hotel sector that determines qualitative nature of investigation (Brace, 2006). In this context, qualitative research method is termed as most effective research type for evaluation of wide range of data based on current trends in hospitality along with their impact on the career decisions of an individual for attainment of long term and short term career objectives. The present is evaluating human nature of qualitative approach helps investigator in analysis of different aspects of human behaviour. In the contrary, quantitative research is useful when a research is carried with reference to certain statistical data, figures as well as financial data. Therefore, this method of investigation is not reliable in the context of present research work. 

Research Design

It determines certain set of activities and procedures through which objectives of investigation can be achieved. For different studies, an investigator follows wide range of research design such as descriptive, exploratory and casual- comparative with reference to research goals (Ireland, Webb and Coombs, 2005). By focusing current research objective, descriptive research design has been selected by investigator to depict the information from participants in an accurate way. The reason behind selection of descriptive research design is that this term has found very effective in evaluation of various motivator factors and positive aspects of hospitality business that encourage an individual to build career in hospitality business.  In the contrary, the exploratory research design is not useful for present research because it provides appropriate outcomes in a particular investigation which is based on statistical data and certain evidence (Bryman and Bell, 2013). But, the present research work is answering the questions how hospitality industry attracts individual for career development. 

Research Philosophy

It is defined as an ideology which is considered by an investigator while managing different operations of a research work. In the context, two types of philosophies such as  interpretivsim and positivism that are mainly adopted by investigator for generating appropriate research outcomes. In the present investigation, researcher has followed qualitative method so as interpretivism philosophy has been adopted by investigator (Franklin, 2012). This is because it emphasizes on researcher's ability through which individuals interpret different activities as per the research gaols in which investigator makes effort to evaluate the employment of goals of an individual and present market trends in hospitality business. On the other hand, positivism philosophy is not reliable for the present research work because it pays extra attention on adoption of different kinds of quantitative techniques to generate appropriate outcomes. In addition to that different outcomes and conclusions are drawn with reference to logical grounds and statics that are not essential for present research work. 

Research Approach

A researcher follows either inductive or deductive research approach. As per the nature of investigation, inductive research approach has been identified a best to through which researcher is able to make observations and assessment of data within particular environment that is associated with hospitality sector (Johnson and Christensen, 2010). This approach plays important role for quantitative nature of investigation. Apart from that deductive approach influences investigation with reference to certain theory or hypothesis which is developed as per objectives. In addition to that several observations are made as well as evaluation of pattern of events to generate reliable outcomes which are not possible in the present investigation.

Data Collection Method

By focusing the objectives of study, researcher has applied both primary and secondary sources of information. This is because secondary research has helped investigator in evaluation of various theories of employee motivation and consideration of primary research will increase effectiveness of research outcomes. Furthermore, the collection of primary data is also carried out by using questionnaire, interviews etc. In the context of present investigation, investigation has developed questionnaire for gathering first hand information about different aspects of hospitality industry that influence an individual to build career in hotel industry (Bak, 2011). Researcher has evaluated data which have been assessed from different books, journals and online researches to draw an appropriate conclusion as per objectives. The secondary data provides significant assistance for carrying out a systematic literature review.

Sampling Technique

For the present study, there are two type of sampling approaches available for investigator such as probabilistic and non-probabilistic. In the present investigation, researcher is targeting employees who are working in top hotels of UK to gain appropriate information. For collection of primary data, researcher will take responses from employees of IHG, Hilton Hotels and Marriott group.  For selection of an appropriate sample, investigator has adopted random sampling approach which is based on probabilistic sampling (Creswell, 2013). In this process, investigator randomly selects appropriate sample so as collection of primary data is carried out without any biasness. With the help of random sampling approach, researcher has considered sample of 30 employees. In the contrary, non-probabilistic is not reliable for present investigation because it helps researcher in selection of appropriate sample from particular group respondents that is not possible in present investigation. 

Data Analysis

It is termed as most important section of research methodology because it affects outcomes of investigation. The present research is evaluating the perception of different individuals for building career in hotel industry. In this context, researcher is assessing primary data by taking respondents from different individuals (Singh, 2010). Therefore, thematic technique of data analysis related qualitative method has adopted by researcher for evaluating the respondents of different individual which have been collected through questionnaire. On the other hand, quantitative analysis is not essential for present investigation which is carried out with certain statistical tools such as SPSS etc. This is because quantitative analysis has found very effective in evaluation of statistical data related to financial and other figures. 

Validity and Reliability 

The research can be considered as a valuable in nature when it provides appropriate, valid and reliable outcomes (Creswell, 2013). In this context, researcher has considered valid and authentic sources of primary and secondary data that leads positive impact on research outcomes. In addition to that researcher has followed appropriate norms and practices for ensuring confidentiality of information by avoiding the sharing of information.

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Limitations of the Study 

In every research work, there have been some certain issues addressed by researcher while managing different tasks and activities (Johnson and Christensen, 2010). In the present study, researcher has faced some problems in completion of different tasks as per the predetermined schedule that delays research. Furthermore, there has some limitation identified in order to maintain coordination among different aspect and operations.


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