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Free Business plan on Factors influencing buyer behavior

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Grooming is one of the most important parts of human life. There has been a tremendous growth as beauty industry is employing more than one million workers worldwide. It has become one of the most lucrative industries in the UK. The beauty market in nation started to grow since 2014. In this way, it has become successful in contributing effectively in the world's economy by increasing participation of ample of business organizations who are playing role of providing best of beauty products to satisfy the customers. Appearance has always been a vital part on the basis of which consumer chooses the type of products (Laurujisawat, 2007). Make up and use of cosmetics has become a platform which helps in raising social standing, increases likelihood for success and suitable partner, helps to earn money and sustain to appear more competent. There are various factors which affects the buying behavior of the customers in purchasing and using beauty products. An individual is influenced factors such as cultural, social, psychological and personal while buying these products.

The present report has been made with an objective to find out the factors in detail influencing the buyer behavior in buying the beauty products. The study has been made in context of UK beauty industry. The beauty industry in UK accounts for about £17 billion which provides jobs to about one million employees worldwide. In respect to the cosmetic products, 80% by value covers the British market as finished beauty products. It has become one of the top five largest markets in the EU (Cai, Yang and Hu, 2010). With the growth in market and ample of cosmetics products, youth has been identified with the exclusive taste and choice for branded beauty products for enriching their self esteem in the society and to gain change in lifestyle. It is also very difficult to predict their choice with the changing time and thus evaluating their buying behavior has become challenging and essential to determine. With the tremendous growth in beauty industry of UK, the job role of business organizations becomes more challenging to find innovative and new methods of producing beauty goods that are admired by consumers and may satisfy them as per their demand and lifestyle (Meehan and Wright,  2011).

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In this present study, the efforts will be made to explore the key factors by focusing on purchasing behavior of consumers. Therefore, the study will help to analyze and evaluate those constituents which play role in influencing the consumer behavior. The evaluation of both external and internal factors will be evaluated so that a successful consumer oriented market services can be provided. The research study will act as a gateway to success in the UK market and worldwide.

Research Question

The present study will be performed with the help of research questions stated as follows:

  1. What is the concept of buying behaviour of consumers?
  2. What is the significance of the beauty industry in UK?  
  3. What are the factors influences consumers purchasing decision of cosmetic products in UK?
  4. What are the possible recommendations for understanding factors influencing buying behaviour?

Research Methodology

The most significant element of whole research is the research methodology. The is inclusive of selection of correct methods and tools for data collection, analysis and execution of the information is provided by methodology. The selection of correct method is the resultant outcome of successful research being carried out in right direction. It helps to gives us an information about the various techniques which are selected by researcher according to their investigation. The selection of apt tool is provided with the its justification as well. This is a wide arena which covers the elements of data collection, information analysis, approach, research design, reliability and validity of selection, ethical consideration and research limitations.

Research philosophy

Research methodology comprises of a philosophy which refers to knowledge required to carry out the study. Research study is inclusive of various types of philosophies which are used to make the investigation successful. The types of research philosophies are inclusive of namely interpretivism and positivism. In the current research study, positivism philosophy will be used. The significance of this philosophy selection is to facilitate the present study to study the perspective of current social research. It is based on valid source of knowledge and is descriptive in nature.

Research Design

The term research design implies to define the type of study which helps to facilitate the investigation. It is a framework which is designed in an order to attempt the research questions, analysing them and to meet the purpose of data collected. There are various types of research design namely, descriptive, exploratory, experimental, correlational etc. In the present study, the descriptive research design will be used. This is a research design which refers to study designed to find out the participants in proper way. This is all about number of people who will take part in facilitating the present research study.

descriptive research design has been chosen for the study so as to get useful information on the Factors that influence the behavior of buyer with respect to purchase and use of beauty products. The given design is likely to assist in providing valuable insights about the buyer behavior with respect to purchase of beauty products (Penwarden, 2015).

Research approach

The approach for facilitating the plans and procedure is called as a research approach.  There are two types of research approaches namely,  inductive and deductive (Daniel and Sam, 2011). In the present study, the deductive research approach has been utilized. The central idea behind using this approach is to make the study general in an order to look at the observations for carrying out the present investigation.

Data collection methods

Data Collection is a method which is used for collecting the information. In a present research, the central idea behind carrying out the overall research is to generate effective conclusion for the data. There are two methods of data collection namely, primary and secondary. In the present study, both primary and secondary data will be collected. The questionnaire method will be used to collect the primary data. There are used books, journals, articles, various websites and online articles for collecting subject matter.

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Primary data has been selected from the youth of UK  in the age group. It was done by means of questionnaire where questions were asked with respect to the factors that have influenced their purchase and use if beauty products. probabilistic sampling technique was used in the given study. Simple random sampling method was used in more specific terms. The chosen method is important so as to get rid of the impacts of nuisance factors that are not being measured by the researcher thereby making the study more reliable (Random sampling (Real data) is so important, why? 2015). The sample size selected for the study was 30 youth being both of male and female gender. They were college going as well as in the working class that made use of beauty products.

Data analysis

 Data analysis serve as a vital tool in evaluating the effective resultant outcome. There are two methods which are used for analyzing the data namely, qualitative and quantitative (Goddardand Melville, 2004). In this present study, qualitative data analysis will be used to carry out the present study. This will be made to enrich the information in more effective and proper way. Thus will be carried out with the help of thematic analysis.

In order to assess the data in a proper manner, there was a use of thematic analysis technique where themes were prepared so as get knowledge about the factors that influenced the buying behavior of youth with respect to beauty products.

Ethical considerations

The ethics and code of conducts which provide the norms of behavior which are required to  work properly (Gregory, 2003). Ethical issues are significantly taken into consideration in an order to gain the proper course of getting work done. In this present research study, there will be required to take permission from the respondents for collecting information (Daniel and Sam, 2011). In an order to collect primary information, the need for seeking permission to access website will be required.

Limitations of research

The research is a continuous process where researchers face certain complications in an order to give it a successful end. There are various limitations that may act as a barrier in collection of data. Firstly, there will be possibility that researchers may find time hindrance in carrying out the complete investigation (Kumar, 2014). Secondly, there are possibility that while collecting secondary data, lack of information may affect the investigation.

The research was limited on account of less time as well as money constraint. Furthermore there was also a presence of insufficient secondary information thereby making the study a less effective one. However, these limitations have been avoided by collecting only those studies that were apt and were not from paid website. Time management techniques were lasso adopted so as to minimize the impact of time as the research based limitation for the given study.

Literature Review

Understanding the behaviour of consumers is a biggest challenge to every organization. There are constant efforts being employed by the marketers to analyse and evaluate the patterns of making purchasing decisions to predict the ongoing and future trend in market. In the words of Aminoff and Tanskanen (2013), preference of purchasing is determined by the quality of the product and had no issue of pre or post buying perception (Aminoff and Tanskanen, 2013). In the contrary, Calabrese (2000) believed that there are consumers who are very peculiar about the products and they consider the need and demand as per the latest lifestyle and  current market trend into account (Calabrese, 2000). The marketer need to produce as per the recent trend that affect the shopping decision of the consumers.

The significance of buying behaviour of UK residents are based on latest style and current market need. Buvik and Halskau (2001) define consumer behaviour as an act of making decision in respect of obtaining, using and disposing goods and services as per the choice that goes according to their perception, demand and buying attitude (Buvik and Halskau, 2001). Calabrese (2000) believed that price and promotion plays chief role in determining the major tools for informing consumer about the current market information on the basis of which decisions are taken (Calabrese, 2000). Saini (2010) stated after analysing the trends from UK beauty industry that despite the aspect of recession in the nation, retail sales in the beauty market of UK had shown a tremendous growth of 15.5% from £6.1 billion in 2008 to an estimated £7.1 billion in 2013 (Saini, 2010).

There are various factors which are required to be understand in an order to assess the buying behaviour in purchasing and using beauty products. Although, the market trends do not remain static always and this is the reason consumers buying behaviour are measured on the basis of some factors that influences their purchasing pattern. In the words of Laurujisawat (2007), Cultural factors have been the most crucial aspect. The marketers need to evaluate the culture of different nations, groups or even countries (Laurujisawat, 2007). In support of same, Buvik and Halskau (2001) believed that along with cultural, social factors influences the buying behaviour to the great extent. There exist social standards, class, reference group, family and social roles that which influences them to buy the  beauty products Buvik and Halskau, 2001). Generally youth has been a major group who have been targeted by marketers. Lamb, Hair and Daniel, 2007 shares very significant factor called personal factors such as lifestyle inclusive of activities, interest, demographic and opinion, self concept and personality as a chief factor influencing the taste of consumer in purchasing beauty products. In support of same, has stated that fact that psychological factors are very significant for marketers to consider as they have long term effects (Lamb, Hair and Daniel, 2007). Moreover, these factors are inclusive of motivation, perception and motivation, selective attention, beliefs, attitudes and retention in determining the purchasing behaviour.

There are some influencers who feel that consumer behaviour not only depend on stated factors. Nguyen, 2014 had an opinion that it is also affected by some patterns of consumer buying behaviour. As a strong stated view, the suggestion was inclusive of kind of activities such as routine or programmed, limited decision making, extensive etc are also equally vital (Nguyen, 2014).

In consideration to the buying behaviour of beauty products, it has been identified that marketers need to analyse the buying behaviour of the youth who carry strong perception regarding selection of beauty products. Gregory (2003) believed that they are not static in terms of choice and therefore the factors need to be evaluated regularly (Gregory, 2003). In contrary to this, Saini, (2010) analysed that young also comprises of two groups where one give importance to quality and other to price. There are groups who takes both attributes into account while making selection (Saini, 2010). These are the factors which they have strong influence on the purchasing of beauty products.

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Consumer buying behaviour is the most important element of marketing. The marketers consider customers as a king of market and therefore it becomes very imperative to consider their need, demand and perception in selection of correct product for them. In the words of Faes, Knight and Matthyssens (2001), consumers has been identified as a most choosy in respect of particular brand. There are some who are brand conscious, some consider quality and others are price sensitive Faes, Knight and Matthyssens, 2001).  According to Chon, Inagaki. and Ōhashi (2000), there is a need to understand the factors that influences the consumers buying behaviour. They serve as a useful tool in developing the various measures that act as a very significant (Chon, Inagaki. and Ōhashi, 2000).

Taking in account the beauty industry where it has been provided an analysis that this sector has a major contribution in the economy of the UK. In similar fashion, the constant efforts are infused in bringing innovation and creativity in providing variety of beauty products to the consumers. In a crux, they are significant in an order to serve the customer with the range of options with respect to brand, price options, quality etc so that they analyses them all on the basis of social, cultural, psychological and personal factors as a whole.

Data Analysis

In order to assess the given data has been collected form respondents as well as s through secondary research; there will be a use of thematic analysis. The emphasis will be given on formulating themes so as to assess the factors that influence the buyer behavior in long run.The data has been analysed with the help of the following themes:

Analysis and findings

With the help of analysis and evaluation made, it has been estimated that brand is primarily the most crucial factor which is essentially considered by the customers. The beauty industry has been evaluated and measured with tremendous growth rate. This is a reason which has inclined the large number of customers to consider brand as most important consideration while selecting beauty products. Moreover, it has been analysed from the secondary data done through literature review that the customers takes in to account price and quality as well in buying. It had been analysed that these two factors are considered equally while reflecting behaviour while purchasing them (Saini, 2010).

On the basis of using primary data gathering, analysis of significance of quality as a factor while buying beauty products has been evaluated. It has been estimated with the help of respondents that quality of type of product that are purchased is very significant. It is important to takes in account the quality in an order to use it for long term purpose. According to the analysis and evaluation, it has been estimated that 21 out of 30 participants strongly feel the quality as an important factor as a part of their buying behaviour in purchasing beauty products. As also analysed from the secondary data that quality is the primary consideration which almost every customer takes while making purchase.

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From the present research project it can be concluded that there are various factors which influences the buying behaviour of the customer. It has been made in respect of beauty product and therefore trends have been taken by evaluating beauty industry of UK as a whole.  The research was carried out with a positivism philosophy. The data was collected by both primary and secondary methods. Analysis was performed by using thematic technique. The success of research study lies in estimating that marketer are required to consider the factors in more broader perspective to assess growth and profits.


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