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Introduction To Facilitating Change

Facilitating change has the huge impact on the service providers as well as service users. Facilitating changes helps to get achieved the goals of the organization. Changes should be in favour of the organization. Present report is on the bases of the scenario of facilitating changes in health and social care. The report will cover the key factor that changes the social care services, challenges to bring the change, measurement in the change, strategies for the change,evaluation of the over all impact , principles of change management and the recent change in health and social care services.

Key factors driving change in health and social care services as applied to the case scenario

According to case scenario Denise wants to shift the people with learning disabilities from residential care to supported living. The idea in the case will promote independent living among the disables. These services assist disabled people to participate in society and community life. It will mend the gap between the normal people and disabled people. The factors drive change in health and social care ate explained as follows-

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Demographic factors

People with different age groups, culture, lifestyle, sex lives in the same supported home (Larance and, 2016). Therefore, people with different age groups need to have separate nursing and supporting ward since, old people requires extra care. Also, males and females need to have different wards according to their convenience. Special care need to be given according to intensity of the problem the people have. Public awareness plays an important role in the case of people with learning disabilities. Special sessions and media interactions can be organized to mend the gap and create awareness among the general public.

Government legislation and policies

It is the major driving factor to bring change in the health and social care for people with learning disabilities (Dalle and, 2013). The laws being formed and the rules being established by the government affects the viability of the organization.

Economic factors

The state of economy drives the financial well being of the health care department. For instance, If a country is performing economically good, the investment in the healthcare sector will accordingly flourish. Investment portfolio depends on the economic condition of the country. The cost of the trainers and financial resources tend to impact the quality of services in the organization.

Internal factors

It include the competent staff, system and shared values of the organization. The staff should be trained enough to handle the people with learning disabilities. Also, special attention to the people after a certain age is required. To overcome this problem, a team of nurses can be appointed especially for them.

Technological factors

Updated technology in the organization helps in maintaining the quality as well as making the things easier to the people living there. It also helps in reducing the burden from the training staff. Also technological update will benefit the people living in supported care since, only assistance of work will be provided to them and not the whole residential home like services will provided to them. It will help them to lead an independent and more normal life

Assessing the challenges that key factors of change bring to health and social care services

Following are the challenges that key factors of change can bring to health and social care services:

Demographic issues

The children and aged people with learning disabilities can have problem with only supported care assistance as they are in habit of living in the residential houses. Also, people are not much aware about the learning disabilities. Making them aware about the concept is the major problem. People may not be comfortable in the supported houses because of the habit they have developed while living in the residential homes.

Government legislation and Policies

Proper support from the side of government is required to carry out smooth functioning of these houses. New legal requirements continuously arise in social and health care sector which require new laws need to be formed in the continuous intervals. Also, to update the training staff with the new rules and laws being formed by the government is another job need to be done by the organization.

Economic factors

Investment can be the major challenge. Appropriate facilities cannot be provided to the people unless and until the organization have proper flow of finance from a certain source. Further, supported care will require new facilities to be added to make them independent which will require outflow of finance from the organization.

Internal factors

The wrong mix of people in the same residential care can create problem in the residential homes (Zahraie and, 2016). Also, efficient training staff in required, otherwise, it can be inconvenient to the people living in the supported care units. Lack of sufficient or appropriate training and supporting staff can create problem to the people. In order to make them independent, special training will be required to be given to the people in the care unit.

Technological issues

Supported care will require major technological changes in the care unit, since, majority of the work will be done by themselves to promote independent living among them. Technological up gradation of the machines and the supporting care instrument will be required with will add to the financial value of the organization (Cardellino and, 2014). Also, maintenance of record in the new supported care unit will become a hassle.

Strategy and criteria for measuring recent changes in health and social care

Strategies have been always available that has been adopted by the management or the manager in health and social care for the measurement of the recent change took place. The strategies that can be used for the measurement of the changes in different sectors are:

Quality improvement: To provide the quality service to the service users the planning to improve quality plays an important role. High quality of service facility provided to the users by the organization will be more communication with the users (Stavrianopoulos and, 2014). On the other hand another strategy provides the quality services at the right time by the right service provider.

Structured services: Structure service refers to all the chain of health and care centre are connected to each other which helps to provide the efficient quality services to the users or patience. Denise has shifted all the patience together in the community that helps to provide the facility quickly at the required time.

Feedback: After the treatment gets over the patience must give the feedback to let know Denise about the positive and the negative about the accommodation in the community hall. It will help to improve or to make the required changes.

Suggestion box: The form of question can be given to the user to get the suggestion and the point of view of the service uses and that will make came to know about what all is required by the user (Loughran and Smith, 2015).

Patient centred care: Well organized care to the patients for the recovery of the health issue by providing effective services to increase the satisfactory level of the patiences. To improve the patience experience he should be treated with dignity. For the proper care he should be care by the professionals.

Above all are the strategies which can be used by Denise to set the proper health and care centre in the community hall after twelve month since the residential homes were close down. From this she will get to know about the loop holes of the services provided by her. That loop holes can be evaluated and the changes can be made required accordingly to provide the quality services to the service users or patiences.

Measuring the impact of recent changes on health and social care services

There are many ways to measure the impact of the recent changes on the health and social care services:

Customer satisfaction: Evaluation will help the to know about the satisfaction level and the loyalty towards the centre (Miller, 2014). It can be measured by the evaluation of the patience visited there and the recommendation from them to others. Positive and negative suggestions and feedback will help in the improvement of services.

Performance: International and the national standards will help to analyse the performance or the staff members. It can be measured with the standard set with the actual standards of the staff providing the services to the patiences. Survey is the another method to know about the performance which can be conducted from the relatives of the patiences. Performance between previous year and the present year can be measured.

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Facility provided: Facilities with the effectiveness is the best to be considered. Reviews, ratings, feedbacks will help to know about the facility provided to the patiences are effective to them or not. Facility is the important factor of every service provider organization. It plays an important role in the satisfaction of the service user.

Quality: Quality can be maintained by certain polices and the norms that has to be followed by the centre. It will help to match the actual quality of the service provided to the patience and the kind of quality they want to deliver. It can be measured from the patience recovery status and the review of the experience of the patience.

This are the four tools from which the changes on the health and social care service can be measure to evaluate or to analyse the current situation of the centre. To takes the certain decision regarding changes that has to be made it will help the management to make the decision for the betterment of the health and social care home.

Evaluating the impact of recent changes in health and social care

Evaluation of recent changes impact in health and social care are as follows:

Organization and staff members: Changes that has been integrated in the organization particularly in the services that they provide , what result it brings to the organization has to be evaluated to know whether it was in the favour of the organization or not (Erlam and, 2013). Change in the organization and the impact can be seen in the result. There should not be any overlapping or the task assigned to the staff members. Changes in the services required the training to the staff members to perform well on the job. Changes that has been made are implied by the staff members on the service users.

Service users: The impact on the service users can be evaluated by the measure of the satisfactory level of the patience. Organization must look after the treatment they are providing to the patience is effective for him or not. This evaluation will help to know about the changes that has been made are effective or not. It has to be analyse how much the changes impact in the satisfaction of the patience. Service users or the patience are the only important on which the impact has to been seen. The changes are made to improve the impact or the services.

Government: The change impact the government by improving in the ratings of the health and social care homes (Mertler, 2016). It helps the government to reduce the insufficiency in the treatment facilities. Changes has reduces the complaints against the services by the service users.

The impact can be evaluated by the Denise of the health and social care home by the staff members performance and by the outcome of the result to know whether the change has impact the care home or not. The change can impact in positive or it can be negative. The evaluation and the analyses of the impact will help to know about the actual impact on the care home.

Proposing appropriate service responses to recent changes in health and social care

People living in supported accommodation requires special setup of the house. Following are the appropriate services that are available in their special homes:

Equipment: The supported care are properly equipped. All facilities are provided to them in order to motivate them towards performing their tasks on their own and enhancing their independence (Skendall and, 2017). For instance, for the people suffering from dementia ( causes confusion and wandering), their rooms are equipped with monitor which can track their location in the house.

Helping hands: people are appointed to help them with toilet, washing, preparing food, cleaning and laundry, make them involve in daily and social activities.

Community Support: People are given with social services in order to help them with what they want to do such as participating in a cultural event, festivals etc.

Information, advisory and advocacy services: Some people have problem in understanding their rights. In order to make them understand and advise what is available for them and what they can do, these kind of services are provided. Such services include, financial advisory, advocacy etc.

The supported accommodations follow a particular admission criteria before taking any admission in their accommodations. It is required to fill a certain admission form also the candidate need to fulfil all the requirements of being in need to be kept in supported accommodation. Discharge to the candidate is given only in cases like, family is not able to pay the fees, the person has recovered and family wants to keep him/ her with them. The suggestion given by the people, their family members are considered on a serious note. In order to make best things available for the people, feedback are taken from the visitors. Organization conduct various discussions and debate sessions to make use of best available resources.

The key principles of change management

Change is the thing which has to be adopt to run with the current time. Change is the step towards the development. It is very important to adopt new technologies and the ways of the work to move along with the development. The eight step change model by John kotter”s is the best model of change. The changes can be small or big but it has to be managed through good communication of the new change. The eight step change procedure of John kotter's is as follows:

Create urgency: Change helps to motivate the staff members to do the things by new ways and have to make understand the need of change (Campbell, 2013). Change will came to know about the poor performance which will help to staff members to accept the change. Talking s about the change in the whole care home will automatically implies the change in the staff. Identification of threats and opportunities is important. The appropriate reason should be given to accept the change.

Forming a powerful coalition: Employees can be convinced through the good and effective management. They can make understand the employees the requirement and the need of change. Management has to maintain the good relationship with the staff to make them work for the organization.

Creating a vision for change: The vision of the change should be clear to all the staff members to that they can understand what is expected from them. The change will only be effective if the implementation is done properly.

Communicating the vision: The vision should be known by the each staff members it can be only possible through communication between the management and the staff. Communication will help to know the required of training is there or not.

Removing obstacles: The barriers on the way of the vision should be eliminated. Staff members should be motivated towards the vision so that they overcome from the barriers. Barriers will definitely come in the path when the change is adopted but the mangers have to overcome with staff from that to continuous work.

Creating short term wins: The result should be measured on the short period of time and should be shown to the employees. It will motivate them towards the change and the step for change was the right decision.

Building on the change: Build the changes in the care home. Make the short term goals to achieve. Monitor the continues success and the sector in which the improvement is required. Short term goals will help to make the changes in between the running to achieve the main goal of the home care.

Anchoring the changes in corporate culture: Change should be the part of the home care planning. It is important to make part of planning. The changes made should highlight in the impact or the outcomes of change. Change can be done or implement through planning only else it will not be successful.

Changes planned in health and social care

The ways through which the changes are planned in the health and social care are as follows :

  • Changes that has to made in the care home should be made by the top management of the care home. This is because if any problem arises during the operation of the change than they are the only one who can take the further action.
  • Changes should be communicate to the employees so that they came to know about the their role which they have to perform to meet the expectations of the management. Informed employees will bring the fast change as compare to the uninformed.
  • Change should be communicate to employees so that if any problem arises they can contact to the top management or report so that the immediate action can be taken to prevent from the problem.
  • Management should have the ways to over come from the anxieties and should make them understand that the change will be helpful for the individual as well as care home. The change is only possible if the employees will change. One alone can not bring the change all has to get themselves ready for the change.
  • Training and development programmes should be conducted for the better understand of change. It will help to built up the confidence level in the employees. Training will help them to work according to the required changes.
  • To get more open and immediate feedback from employees the informal communication will be helpful. Communication with the staff member will be the best way to make them understand about the changes.

This are the ways how the changes has been planed in the health and social care which helps to bring the changes and to implement the changes. The changes are the part of planning. And it has to be managed by the leader to bring the outcome from the change.

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Monitoring the recent changes in health and social care

Monitoring should be done on the continuous basis so that the measurement of the change can be done at the short period of time interval (Fünfgeld, 2015). Change which has been made according to the vision, are meeting them or not. Monitoring has been done by the management or the managers who has planned the changes. The ways to monitor the changes in health and social care are as follows:

  • Evaluation of growth of the home care can be conducted by the research or the survey method. Questionnaire can be used to do the research. The research can be conducted among the patiences relatives, staff members and with the patience to know the proper performance level and the satisfaction they are providing through there services.
  • Feedback is the another method which can be conducted. Patience can give the feedback about the staff or the team who has been treating him. It will help to know about the behaviour of the staff towards the patiences.
  • Cost benefit is the main factor during the change. It has to be measured, it can be increasing or decreasing. To adopt the change the cost will occur but that cost has to be covered in the results then only we can say that the change is successful.


The study provides how to analyse the changes required and and the impact of the change. Change can be monitor and measure the difference between the previous performance or outcome to the current performance. The various principles has been provides how to apply the successful change in the health and social care. The change brings the challenges, and how to overcome from it has been discuses in the above report.


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