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EVRE5017 - Managing a Successful Business Project

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Technology is a application of scientific knowledges for practices which improve quality of product and services. It is a branch of cognition dealing with applied science and engineering which helps to produce product at economic level. Through this, firm are able to attracting large number of customers toward their commodities as well as services. Latest technology has rise quality of goods, it increase clients satisfaction. Management of the company has develop strategies and plan in order to implementing changes with in work place. Its enhance profitability as well as market position of the firm as compare to before. In this report select Oracle Hospitality to analysis impact of technologies and innovation on organisation performance and productivity (Ahmed Dine Rabeh, Jimenez-Jimenez and Martínez-Costa, 2013). It is deliver wide range of software as well as hardware product and services. Management of Oracle has provide effective solutions to their buyers, through this they are build higher satisfaction among their guests. In this assignment covers project management plan that includes cost, scope, risk, resources, time, quality and communication. It also carry out small research to take care business activities in an effective manner and recommendation as per research outcomes.

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P1 Aim and objectives

Process of technology collection is unique strategies as well as skills which aid organisation in its production. Business technology has modified their way of manufacturing within a company. Small sized business beginner their enterprise technologies to gain a competitive advantages within a marketplace. They use websites, digital products, computers, computers and serve for declining enterprise cost. In present world of advanced technology, markets are becoming dynamically. It assist small enterprise to improve their manufacturing as well as communicating by various applicants or apps like as personal digital, emails, websites and texting (Chesbrough, 2010). By developing technologies, companies are able to finish higher positions within a market place. It has proved that organisation are having benefits to carry out operations in an effective manner with efficiency improvements also. Resources of physical like as machines as well as operations that are associated with latest technology, automatically carry out its desirable operations so that it takes a lot of time for accomplishing of task at a particular time and raise their customers base for achieving outcomes in finance. Organisation weather it is small or large, established or new, only technology skills aid in meeting a competitive advantage within a market place.

Oracle Hospitality is an largest UK Opera Cloud Services product base of feet size. This firms also do the work of research which aid various companies in decision making.

Aim: “ The impact of digitalisation as well as Opera Cloud Services on organisation performance and growth. A case study on Oracle Hospitality.”

Objectives: The main objectives of research in this report are as follows:

  • To ensure impact of digitalisation on Oracle Hospitality in order to increase profits.
  • To explain technology role in making of new innovative ideas.
  • To analysis impact of latest technology on staff members performance as well as productivity with in an organisation.
  • To find out main elements in order to carry out whole research activities in a right direction?
  • To provide appropriate recommendation to support research outcomes.

Research questions:

  • What is impact of digitalisation on Oracle Hospitality in order to increase profits?
  • What is the main role technology in development of new innovative ideas?
  • How to determine impact of latest technology on staff members performance as well as productivity with in Oracle Hospitality?
  • What are the main elements to carry out whole research activities in a right direction?
  • What are the appropriate recommendation to support research outcomes?

P2 Develop plan of project management

Project plan is a formal document which are designed to control and implementing entire research project in order to gain effective outcome in specific period of time. This plan shows how management monitored, implemented and controlled whole research project in an effective manner. It include plan of managers, entire baseline summary and others important documentation with in an organisation (Crane and Matten, 2016). These documents are mainly used to analysis all employees role and responsibilities toward project. Some main documents are as follows:

  • Design and change management program
  • Need of governing body plan
  • Administration plan there characteristic are scope, schedule, quality, human resource cost and many more.
  • Process of transformation plan

Management prepare project plan, for this they are used some tactics and tools to ensure effective outcomes in given time frame. Oracle Hospitality has engages with their HR policies which are executing by another firms. This is used by an organisation its create changes with in work place, that is the main reason of operations failure resulted profitability are reduce. It is a very complex project which are completing by all experienced employees (Den Hertog, Van der Aa and De Jong, 2010). This current assignment is allotted in effective manner which are consider all relevant components. Management make sure that chances of failures and hindrance should be low.

  • Cost: It refers to firms expenditure which are occur due to implementation of strategies and plan with in work place. Management of Oracle Hospitality established healthy culture with in an organisation. Its contain development of rule and regulations,Opera Cloud Services, training and development etc. This process is costly for company.
  • Scope: It is refers to entire work process which are undertaking in order to carry out whole project activities successful. Management of the company has take several steps to inform about innovation in working process and method with organising element, adoption of latest technology, workers etc. Thus provide productive culture among staff members at work place.
  • Time: Time is a one of the important factors which improve profitability of the firm in long period. Proper management of time helps to achieve goals and objectives in an effective manner (Eckerson, 2010). They are encourage employees to perform effectively.
  • Risk: Management want to change in their internal organisation culture in order to enhance productivity of employees, thus have various kind of risk in implementation as well as performance. To modification, firm apply new of working should apply in current business environment and remove old method of completing task. Is this strategy may change then it affect overall enterprises function negatively. For minimising risk, they are used latest technology which helps to achieve goals in an effective ways.
  • Quality: Maintained quality is a one of the important task of managing project. Management of project has develop strategies regarding quality of goods and services firstly (Gebauer, Edvardsson and Bjurko, 2010). HR manager of Oracle Hospitality hire talented candidates for an organisation which are able to maintained commodities quality in an effective manner.

Modification in company culture are successful implemented through project management which provide effective learning platform as well as quality training that helps to maintain appropriate project execution.

P3 A Gantt chart and Work breakdown structure for Oracle Hospitality

A enterprise incorporates various tools in their planning of project. Hence, this kind of plan may include difficulties. Thus, it is best to precise in a certain manageable elements. Further parts can be completed easily within a limited period of time. This would help in accomplishing a project successfully in an desired way (Incelli, 2013). A wok break down structure aid in meeting this success. Oracle Hospitality use this approaches to monitor as well as manage planning of sub-activities in an proper manner rather than managing entirely.

A work-break down structure: it includes a structure of hierarchy which divide important functions of planning into various works by accompanying duties of each. It gives a model by finding out crucial, functional sub-functions for accomplishing a project within a span of time. This model is used for estimating and controlling the cost in an effective way. Using the level of operational, Oracle Hospitality able to research task packages. It represent the list which they have to do by workers require to accomplish on time. This structure for this organisation in dynamic culture of company are discussed in detail below:urces: Work break down structure, 2015)

A Gantt chart: Management used this chart to control production activities effectively. Gantt chart provide graphical representation of various task which are helps to track certain parts of project plan whether that is completed on time of not. It is listed all sub-activities of program on horizontal as well as vertical axis which are shows time intervals between task. Width of horizontal bar explain time and vertical part shows all activities which are include in whole research project (Jones and Lubinski, 2012). Management of Oracle Hospitality used Microsoft project in order to develop Gantt char and each one work is shows in shaded proportion of completion. Gantt chart of this project report are shows below:

  • Types of task including in research project plan.
  • Identify and shows which task of the project shows overlapping with others.
  • Schedule each sub-activities form start to end point of completion.
  • Duration of time which are taken by investigators to competing whole project effectively.

Task 2

P4 Conducting small research by applying quantitative and qualitative methodology

Research on Opera Cloud Services benefits to the industries is conducting in order to arrange information and data on given case problem. There are two method of collecting information primary and secondary. Researcher select appropriate method according to their requirement to draw a valid outcomes in an effective manner.

Primary sources: In this, investigators assembling data form first hand sources like observation, questionnaire, case study, survey, focus group, experimentation and many more.







Q1) How digitalisation may enhance growth of Oracle Hospitality?

  • High buyer's satisfaction
  • Increase profitability
  • Development of nation economy

Q2). Does Opera Cloud Services is profitability for an organisation?

  • Yes
  • No

Q3). Does high clients satisfaction may achieve through digitalisation?

  • Agree
  • Disagree

Q4) How digital technology like Opera Cloud Services may helps Oracle?

  • Online
  • Channel enable
  • Hybrid
  • Tailor made

Q5). How technology can helps to develop new innovative ideas?

  • Portfolio optimization
  • Innovation planning
  • Idea development
  • Process as well as project management

Q6) How Opera Cloud Services may enhance workers productivity in Oracle Hospitality?

  • Trained and develop staff members
  • Save time and effort
  • Build communication effectively.

Q7). Give recommendation in order to achieve competitive benefits in the industry.

Secondary sources: In this method information and data are collecting through several sources like newspaper, internet, books, social media sets, journals and many more. In its a external resources of content which are used organisation in order to draw a valid outcomes. It save money and time both for company (Kankaanranta and Planken, 2010). Secondary sources of data collection is a not much reliable as compare to primary sources.

Task 3

P5 Research analysis

Theme1: Digitalisation may enhance growth of Oracle Hospitality.

Q1) How digitalisation may enhance growth of Oracle Hospitality?


  • High buyer's satisfaction


  • Increase profitability


  • Development of nation economy


Interpretation: Digitalisation help to increase product quality as well as overall sales thus enhance profitability of the company. Through this, firm are able to expend their business activities around the world. Thus enhance growth of Oracle Hospitality. In this research select 30 responded. 12 person says that through digitalisation firm are capable to improve customer's satisfaction and 10 people are agree on high profitability. Out of 30, 8 human being think that through digital technology overall country economy are develop.

Theme 2: Does Opera Cloud Services is profitability for an organisation.

Q2). Does latest technology is profitability for an organisation?


  • Yes


  • No


Interpretation:Digital technology reduce human effort and increase productivity. Thus also rise product and services quality. High quality of commodities has increase brand value as well as customer's satisfaction. In this given research 30 person are select to draw a valid outcome in limited period of time. Out of 30, 18 people are says yes, they believe through Opera Cloud Services company gain higher profits and remain 12 human being are not agree with the same.

Theme 3: High clients satisfaction may achieve through digital technology.

Q3). Does high clients satisfaction may achieve through digitalisation?


  • Agree


  • Disagree


Interpretation: Digital technology has increase quality of goods as well as thus also rise all operations process with in an organisation. Through digitalisation company provide higher utilisation of product and services thus enhance clients satisfaction. In this research, researcher select 30 respondent in order to analysis impact of digitalisation on enterprises. Out of 30, 20 person are agree and remain 10 people are not agree with the same.

Theme 4: Digitalisation may helps firm.

Q4)How digital technology like Opera Cloud Services may helps Oracle?


  • Online


  • Channel enable


  • Hybrid


  • Tailor made


Interpretation: Digitalisation help by various mode like online, hybrid, channel enable and tailor made or many more. Most of an organisation use multiple mode of digital technology. In this report select 30 people to know which digitation mode of mostly used by firm in enhance profits. Out of 30, 10 person says that Opera Cloud Services has widely used by oracle but 8 human being are agree on channel enable and 7 customers think hybrid way is important and remaining 10 clients share their opinion on digitalisation that think tailor made mode of digital technology help to increase profitability in long period of time.

Theme 5: Technology can helps to develop new innovative ideas with in work place.

Q5). How technology can helps to develop new innovative ideas?


  • Portfolio optimization


  • Innovation planning


  • Idea development


  • Process as well as project management


Interpretation: With in an organisation technology may help by to develop innovative ideas which increase profits. Out of 30, 5 person are says portfolio optimization, 12 are agree on innovation planning, 8 people are says idea develop and remaining person 5 are agree on well managed project is a one of the important element of digital technology.

Theme 6: Digital technology may enhance workers productivity in Oracle Hospitality.

Q6) How Opera Cloud Services may enhance workers productivity in Oracle Hospitality?


  • Trained and develop staff members.


  • Match work with their capabilities and skills.


  • Effective communication strategies.


Interpretation: Through Opera Cloud Services firm are able to manage their work effectively thus enhance employees productivity. Out of 30 respondent 12 person thinks trained staff members may easily understand new technology thus help to compete work in an effective ways. 10 peoples says through Opera Cloud Services with in organisation management able to established effective communication. Remaining 8 clients are agree on matching with skills and capabilities helps Oracle to performance better as compare to their competitors at market place.

P6 Recommendations for this research

An company management should take care of all functions of activities which are placed effectively as well as on time which improve quality of services. By this it able to meet objectives and goals on an given span of time. Management develop strategies as well as plan to apply latest technology at a working environment. So that all activities are accomplished in an proper manner. By making proper modifications as well as upgrading tools and techniques, organisation operations experience as well as satisfaction. Oracle Hospitality increase market share and profitability by taking aid of latest technology. Certain main recommendations are explained below:

  • Organisation has poor workers satisfaction, so that it is necessary to give modification to all employees as well as improve their spirit of job.
  • Oracle Hospitality have slow modification as well as innovation that affect firm profitability as well as their performance at market place. So that, it is very important for management of Oracle to implementing latest technology and innovative ideas with in work place that increase quality of product and services.
  • Oracle Hospitality used various kind of approaches with in work place in order to improve quality of services but they have low customer's satisfaction level as compare to their competitors at market place. So it recommend that, firm execute employees training and motivation events with in enterprises which enhance staff members productivity. Through this, workers have deliver high quality services to their clients in order to improve buyer satisfaction.

Task 4

P7 Self reflection of the work undertaken

This report of research aid me in achieving lots of knowledge of various concepts and thoughts which I was not known of it. By these functions capabilities as well as skills are increased. While organising all tasks of projects through that I face various conditions which enhance my skills of interpersonal. So I perform all my duties successfully. In the industries of Opera Cloud disruption of digitalization has improve profitability along with their performance. Organisation objectives as well as goals is increasing operations of enterprise by applying latest technology at a working environment. Certain issues which are faced while research are as follows:

  • Duration of research is very less which make negative influence on results.
  • Samples which give to me are not accurate as per present conditions.
  • I am not having accurate knowledge about techniques as well as digitalization as it affect entire study.

Therefore, it is necessary for Oracle Hospitality along with that their management analyse all issues which gave negative influence on applying of research functions. As it want proper duration and budget for accomplishing all work in an proper way.

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From the above project it has been concluded that latest technologies aids an organisation in increasing its productivity, effectiveness and profitability. It has modified the way of conducting an business. It allows various types of organisation whether it is large or small, in reaching of new economy markets as well as enterprise activities to outsource in national and international environment. Mainly for small business, it aid in accomplishing their office tasks automated such as record keeping, payroll and accounting. By establishing various applications of technology in their workplace aid companies in increasing productivity of workers.


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