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Elaboration phase: Key Requirements of a Business

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Identifying and briefly describing the main functional and non functional requirement for the major system areas of case study

There are main functional area for the major system areas of XYZ case study is as follows:

The passenger who will henceforth the user will be presented with 3 choice by the reservation system, as the first step in the interaction between them. In this user have choice to choose one of these and his choice would be governed by whether he is guest or a registered user (O'sullivan, Irminger and Cheikh, 2016). Or it want to check availability of tickets or want to buy them. In this user or students who travel from XYZ airline at earlier time then it have been given a user id and a password. All its personal information will be stored in the database. Registered user can also act as guest if it only want to check availability of tickets.

Registration and creation of user profile: The system is need a user to register so that it can carry out transaction with it except for checking availability of tickets. In this some information is asked that is user name, password, address, email address and debit card number. The system then directly develop a sky miles data file and initialize it to zero in user profile.

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Checking availability: When user log in to its id then system shall required to enter the following information origin city and destination city. Further system ill be generate list of flight schedule database and check if any unclearness with the name of cities. If in system there is more 2 or 3 name of same city then system will list the name with more qualification. Then user can be book ticket and in case if user enter a range of date then system will show al the flight of those dates.

Making reservation/ blocking and confirmation: After checking availability other system will ask user to that he wish to buy or block the ticket. Further if user is guest then system will ask to first register then book ticket while if user is already register and it need to log in and block its ticket.

Confirm ticket: A user who has earlier blocked a ticket then at this stated it need to confirm the ticket. To let the user confirm ticket, the system shall first log him and asked for number then it confirm the tickets.

Reschedule ticket: The system shall present the used with an option to reschedule his trip. For this purpose system will log on the user and asking his confirmation number. On the other side, it will not allow user with an option of re schedule a blocked ticket. But it can reschedules its confirm ticket.

Cancellation: The system also provide cancel ticket option. There are list of rules for cancellation of tickets which are applicable and should be followed at the time of cancellation of ticket. For cancellation it is important to give confirmation number and access.

Profile updation: In this case, profile of the user can be updated by using the system at any point of time (O'sullivan,Irminger and Cheikh). Changes can be made in any area. It is not only restricted to address, contact number or credit card number but also can be made in any field.

View ticket status: status of the ticket of the user can be easily checked by using the system. System allows the user to retrieve all the data related to the reservation and details of the trip. It allows accesing and viewing the ticket by the user which includes cancellation of ticket, date and timings of the journey etc. System enables him to check the status of the ticket in a standard format.

Non-functional requirement of system is as follows

Performance: Time of responding the airline reservation system is less than 2 second. Waiting time is called as response time in which system access, queries and retrieves the information from the database.

Reliability which shall be available for 24 hours and 2 days. Therefore, Airline reservation system provide availability of flight

Integrity: in integrity the system administer has the right to change system parameter that is pricing and it should be secure and protect the database.

Future requirement: it support the waiting list functionality. Further airline reservation system made more flexible in ticket reservation handling. Along with this it makes accept the waiting list for reservation. Airline Reservation system helps in providing the users with the support of waiting list functionality. This system should be capable of handling the area of waiting list and provides the users with the best support they can give. It should be made more forward according to the requirements of the users like sending some of the requests for shifting those passengers who are in the list of waiting to the new flight.

Telecommunication programme of ARS should be more advanced by allowing the customers to cancel the ticket at the last time, instant booking of the ticket etc.
It should help the users to send their requests regarding scheduling and rescheduling of flights, operational problems, and enabling them with another options.
They shall be able to cope up with the services provided at various airports whether domestic or international in a single city.

Explaining the role of use cases for the creating of a domain model of the problem domain

Use case diagram is mainly known as the behaviour diagram which is basically used to describe the set of action of system which can perform in collaboration with one or more external users. There are some of the use of case diagram as a specialization of a class diagram.

Use of the case is not only inherently object oriented

  • an external user view of the systems
  • Betwixt user and the system, it intends to modelling the dialogue

Reviewing the functional and non-functional requirement for the major system area of airline system

By reviewing the functional and non-functional requirement for the major system are of airline is as follows:

It is analysed that this system assists in providing various booking management as well as flight reservation services to its customers. It helps in providing customers numerous options with different alternatives for making their journey an affordable one. The system helps in providing special discounts for the frequent flyers in order to attract them towards the XYZ Company.

Home: User can easily access on the airline reservation system website. Then after logging into the system, it can look up information regarding flights package and motels (Besterman, Rodriguez, Ross and Woods, Globalfoundries Inc., 2016).

Login and registered: After opening homepage of airline reservation systems then user can fulfil the registration details. Then it can create user name and password in order to login for getting detail information of flight ticket.

Booking flight: Here customer have choice for the flight which are available and it can reserve on the flight by purchasing a ticket.

Book package: In this functionality customer have choice to book ticket at airline and other tour package for particular destination.

Contact the company: User have choice to contact with company if he faces any issues at the time of booking a ticket form its websites.

Booking instruction: from the website customer can easily get instruction for booking the online ticket with different package.

Administration activity: In this administration can login if it wants to make any changes within its ticket. It has choice to adding, deleting and modifying the data at airline reservation system database. When all changes are made then it can easily logout of the system in order to prevent misuse of its provided information by others.

Add/delete modifying customer information; at Airline reservation system there are different user to make modification in their online ticket. The administrator provide choice to sole right for making modification accordingly.

Cancellation of reservation: In this at the time of making reservation sometime customer want to cancel its tickets. For this situation it need to send the customer email confirmation when it removes or delete all its specific transaction.

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Email confirmation: At the time when customer want to cancel its reservation. There is different way. Whenever a customer book or cancel any ticket then its information sends on email to the customer.

Some of the specific requirement:

User interface:

For the online reservation system there are two type of user one is administrate and another is customers. This both of the administrator and customer are graphical interface.

Development a system vision document to give the total vision of the system and develop a work breakdown structure

It is basically used to depict the related consideration of the stakeholders regarding the intended products and services. This is for instance to relate it with the system vision document needed to be established for the organisation selected over here, this document will duly indicate the proposals given by the organisational bodies to serve the customers in a certain manner. As a result to which, also termed as vision document, it will comprise with the overview of the XYZ enterprise, its business related demands, its offered products and services by together outlining any of their leading features along with their scope and limitations, etc. Such system vision document is thereby evident to provide a guiding path to XYZ establishment to successfully run their business in a directional manner.


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