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Need of Perfect Management in an Organisation

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This report includes the process of managing a team and their different task in an organisation. As per the given case study, team-working is the process of perfect management of task as well as employee's opinions regarding that particular task as well. Moreover, as a newly appointed chief information officer, the role is to managing the information among all employees as well as different task management(Arkadan, Macdonald and Wilson, 2017). As per the concern of CEO, company doing well but they want should be fortune 500 organisation. Additionally, for completing that process they hire top graduates and skilled candidates. This report further consisting the process of managing the team like what type of team the new CIO want and also analyse the key problems that organisation will faced during team management process. Furthermore, this report also analyse the factors that team should follows in development of low level cooperation and cohesiveness. Additionally, this report includes the factor that gives boost to the team and convert into top-performing team.

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Task 1

Analyse the key problem with the team

As according to the given case study, newly appointed CIO have a perfect team with so much of talent, intellect and skills or creativity as well. There are several key problem that directly affects team performance as well as organisation's performance. The major issue faced by the team is that employee's disappointing performance and their lack of interest towards work. In addition to this, newly appointed CIO has the responsibility to manage the work among team members and that will lead to achieve the organisation's goals(Keville and, 2017). CIO must be take feedback from 14 team members to measure area of improvement and find the key problems faced by a team in managing their work. Moreover, CIO also analyse the problem that relates to the team-working and the performance of each individual. Mainly conflicts arise when team members doesn't take interest towards working and not able to manage their task at given time. Team-working affected by various factors and that are; Absence of team identity, poor communication level, lack of creativity, group thinking, lack of participation, ineffective leadership strategy and more. These factors directly affects team performance as well as individual performance of team members. As according to the given case study, it is clear that team faced various key problems and not able to give expected results. Newly appointed CIO has the responsibility to manage the team as well as each individual task and role of team members. Team also faced lacking due to their low level of cooperation and cohesiveness so because of that team faced several key problems. This report also consist the main process of managing marketing environment among team and team members as well as their management. CIO of the management has the power to manage all task and take responsibilities to collect all the information related to the team-working and key problems that arises in particular situation(O’Reilly and, 2017). Moreover, the remark given by the team members is shows that trust level of each individual team member in relation to the CIO and their perspectives.

Task 2

Low level of cooperation and cohesiveness

As per the given case study, it is surely clears that low level of cooperation and cohesiveness is only because of poor communication within a team and team-members also lack of trust, leadership and selfishness. In addition to this, there are most of the team members only focuses on to achieve their individual goals and not focuses on to achieve organisational goals. These people do not share all information related to the organisational long term goals and because of that newly appointed CIO has the responsibility to take information from them and manage the strategy of achieving that long term goals as well(Rink and, 2017). Team cohesiveness is mainly describing the process in which team members get directly attracted towards team and motivated and this means that every team member has evolved to team activities and enjoy success. According to the given case study, Newly appointed CIO faced problem regarding to the level of cooperation and it includes complaint about team member is that they constantly check their phone even during meetings. Additionally, this problem is has to be overcome by CIO and by applying effective strategy related to that specific problem as well. The former CIO well managed the information sharing process among all team-members. To making an effective team CIO must follows all the rules and regulations of the management and also ensure that information did not leak among team-members as well as management of the firm. Group cohesiveness is mainly relates to the bond of social group to one another and group of whole team. Team cohesiveness is mainly states that in which team-members stick together even when in critical and different situations to achieve the organisational goals and manage the task among team. Cohesiveness is must important for whole team to manage the task and improves the performance of team as well as each team-members. CIO must have different strategy in relation to manage the task and different opinions of each team-members as well.

Task 3

Expected suggestions for CIO in case of turn team into top-performing team

As a newly appointed CIO, I mainly focuses on the collection of individual regional and department heads into a top-performing team. CIO must be clear with team and also provide clear mission, vision , goals so that organisation may achieve the long term goal in an effective and specific manner as well. Additionally, CIO follows effective strategy and aslo make an effective communication with each individual team member and collect relavant information as well. In addition to this, it is most important that CIO must lead the team with their effective and impressive leadership qualities(Tzempelikos and Gounaris, 2017). CIO also make an effective strategy in relation to make an effective job discription for each individual team members so that they do not interfere with others work and has an clear agenda about their specific roles. Moreover, CIO also build an effective relationship so that each team member deal with proper respect and make trust with each member. At the end, the CIO must follows an effective strategy in case of managing the task and also figure out the performance of each team-members.

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As per the above study, this report concluded that the role of CIO is very crucial to manage the team and the task among team members. This report also analyse the several key problems that directly affects the performance of the team as well as each individual team member. There are 14 team-members who are regional IT persons and department heads and because of that the problem is faced by the team is that level of cooperation and lack of communication as well as trust. This report further concluded that by making an effective relationship with the team members and the management,CIO can achieve the set target of the team and also improves the performance of each individual. Furthermore, this report analyse the effects of cohesiveness and low level cooperation on a team as well as each individual team-members. At the end of the report, to turn the team into top-performing team CIO must follows effective strategy like maintaining proper communication with all the team-members and provide relevant information related to the mission, vision and goals of the organisation.


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