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Planning Processes of UK Development While Maintaining Environment

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Urban planning helps to utilize the resources of the country in effective manner; and it also helps to sustainable growth of the country. In addition, for protecting the natural resources of the countries, urban planning is also essential. Planning systems of the countries also helps to improve the infrastructure of the nation, and in the same time it also helps to improvement in the transportation systems within the country (Bobylev, 2011). Urban planning is also classified as city planning or town planning. For economic development of the country, city planning is also most vital. In this context of urban planning of UK, planning theory is also most vital. As per this theory, for proper utilization of the natural as well as economical resources of the countries, government first has to make effective plan for urban planning (Bobylev, 2011). In this case, the government should appoint expert teams for making all the necessary plans of city planning. This essay paper will illustrates the various aspects of city planning process in UK. For sustainable development of UK, the local government is willing to make effective plans of urban planning for utilizing their resources in effective manner. In addition, there is also a special section in the English Law that describes about the various aspects of city planning in the country (Burgess and Jenks, 2012).

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Development of the UK planning system

For city planning purposes, there are various legal aspects in UK. The major objectives of city planning are promoting sustainable development of the country, protection of the natural resources of the country and also the protection of the historical buildings or architectures of the city (Culshaw, et al, 2016). In addition, city planning also helps maintaining environment sustainability. Besides these, city planning also aims to overall development of the country. It leads to improve the living standards of the UK countrymen (Burgess and Jenks, 2012). Besides providing homes to the local people, the city planning process of UK is also aims to proper utilization of the natural resources.

Legal aspects in city planning in UK

City planning processes of UK are comes under the English Land Law. This laws states about the effective use of country resources for infrastructural development of the country. This laws of city planning in UK are also concerning about protection of natural resources of the country (Culshaw, et al, 2016). Besides the central legalization of city planning, all the countries under UK have their own urban planning and city development legal aspects. The major acts in this context are Localism act of the 2011, Planning and Compulsory purchase Act (2004), Planning act of 2008, Town and Country planning act (1990) as well as Planning etc (Scotland) Act of the year 2006. In addition, in the UK planning system, Localism Act of the year 20011 is also most important.

To promote city planning in the country, the government has launched their own website named as National Planning Portal. This online platform helps to submission of related documents and designs of city planning through online mode. Under the legalization of Town and Country Planning Act (1990), local government body has the legal authority to for giving permissions for any types of city planning process. The local bodies are responsible for giving permissions for the construction of theatres, nightclubs, petrol stations, warehouse, hotel, shops, residential buildings, industrial hubs, cafes as well as restaurants, academic institutions, and business property. Before giving permissions for the construction of the buildings, the local authorities of UK make the necessary survey work in that area and only approve the building model only if it is endorsing all the legal aspects of city planning (Tewdwr-Jones, 2011.).

Local Planning Authority

Besides these, the general public of UK also should take advice from the experts in the building designing phases as well as in the building construction processes for making the necessary construction works in effective manner. LPA or Local Planning Authority has the responsibility of approval of the construction designs of the individuals. In the case of minor construction work in the existing buildings, individuals did not have to take permissions from the concerning local authorities. This type of minor construction process is classified as Permitted Development. LPA also has the responsibilities of protection of natural resources of the country, historic architecture, and plants. During the process of giving permissions for construction of new buildings, LPA also concern about the maintaining sustainability of the environment (Newman and Thornley, 2016).

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Major steps in the process of local infrastructure planning

For the necessary construction processes in the country, all the individuals have to take written permissions from the local authorities. As per the legalizations of UK laws, local bodies have the right to give necessary permissions for the construction works within the country. To make the entire process effective, there is also the facility of submitting online applications for the approval of the construction process (Newman and Thornley, 2016). The UK residents are able to present all the necessary documents of the construction work and the design models of the construction process to the local government through online mode. After the verification of the necessary models of the construction process, the local government gives the permission for construction processes.

Benefits of city planning in UK

There are suitable legal aspects in the UK legalization system those help to sustainable development of the country. Besides the centralized legalization systems of UK, all the local governmental bodies of the counties under European Union have the legal authority for giving approval to the construction processes in their nations (Graham and Healey, 2013). To make the entire system of giving approvals for the construction work apparent, the country also provides the online facilities to their residents for submitting their online application forms for their necessary construction works. The UK government also advice the countrymen to take necessary help from the experts in the process of making their construction process in effective manner. Besides these, city planning system also helps to protect the natural resources of the country (Graham and Healey, 2013). In addition, urban planning process also leads to protection of the historical buildings of the country from all types of damages. Not only the protection of the natural resources of the country, city planning also helps to improve the infrastructures of the country (Ratcliffe, et al, 2014). UK is well known among the tourists from all over the world for its natural beauty, historical buildings and city infrastructures. Thus, city planning processes directly affect the tourism industries of the country. Tourism sector of UK impacted on the GDP or Gross Domestic Products of the country significantly (Force, et al, 2015). Thus, city planning and GDP of the country UK has proportional relation with each others.

Structure of the city planning system

For making the all the necessary construction works in effective manner and also to ensure about the usefulness of the city planning processes, there is three tire structure of city planning system in the country UK (Rydin, 2013). The three effective structures of the city planning models are national levels, regional levels as well as local levels. In the national level, the central government of the country has the responsibility of making all the necessary policies in the context of city planning process. In the regional levels, the concern authorities have the responsibilities of making RSS or Regional Spatial Strategy for sustainable development of the country (Force, et al, 2015). On the other hand, the local authorities have the power to give necessary permissions of the construction works after the proper verification processes. Thus, effective model of the city planning systems of UK helps them to manage the entire urban development process in effective manner.

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This essay paper describes about the development of the city planning processes of UK. Urban planning not only leads to sustainable development of the countries, it also provides help to maintain environmental assignment. In addition, this also helps to protection of the natural resources as well as historical architectures of the countries (Cullingworth and Nadin, 2012). For making the urban development process more effective, there are various laws in the legalizations of UK those help to manage the city planning process in effective manner. Besides the centralized structure, there are also local authorities who have the responsibilities of supervising all types of constructions works in their areas. During the city development phases, the concern authorities also give priority to the environmental sustainability factors (Cullingworth and Nadin, 2012). Besides describing about the various legal aspects in the city development process of UK this essay paper also illustrates the three tire structure in the urban development process. Thus, effective urban development model helps UK to maintain sustainability in their countryside.


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