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How to Deliver & Track the Best Service To Customer

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Customer is the most and the prior part of any of the business. Every organisation of different industry according to their products and the services have to deliver them to the customers in the best and effective manner. The customers satisfaction is must, they have to provide all the services with the features and qualities that the demand and wants (Tax, McCutcheon and Wilkinson., 2013).

To run a gym, it is very necessary for the firm to provide all the equipments and the related services that can availed properly and effectively by the customers. The services that has been delivered to the customers must be monitored by the management to run the business effectively.

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Task 1

Critical areas of customer services to the success of gym.

There are various factors that has to be considered by Fit and Fab to sustain and retain the customers and also to attract the new customers of the market (Holmström, Brax and Ala-Risku., 2010). The gym if wants to be successful in the competitive market it is very necessary for it to fulfil the expectation and the wants that the customers wills from a gym.

There are some of the critical customer service factors that the gym has to follow to run the business successfully, they are as follow-

  • Timeliness- The services that is providing to the customer by the Fit and Fab gym have to be on time. What so ever the problems are faced by the customers has to be considered and prioritised and the actions has to be taken on time.
  • Dependability- The gym has to do all the promised things related to the services and the other activities of the gym ( Chan and Wan., 2012). Do not wait for the customer's follow ups the actions and the responsibilities that lies upon the part of the gym's management, they have to do them.
  • Attitude- The behaviour of the management team and the customer contact team if is very courteous and polite to them then, definitely the customer's will also feel better and satisfied.
  • Ownership- The customer contact team has to own the situation of the gym if any occurs and create an issue to the customers.

Task 2

Customer survey form

As to know about the gym's performances and the facilities are feasible for the customer's or not a one on one survey study can be carried out by the research team of Fit and Fab gym (Schumann, Wünderlich and Wangenheim., 2012). The questions can be as follows-

1. Are the timings convenient for you?
If no, please explain_____________________________________________.
2. Are you satisfied with the cleanliness of the gym?
If no, please explain______________________________________________.
3. Do you find the staffs of the gym are courteous and friendly?
If no, please explain_______________________________________________.
4. Do you think the gym instructors and the staffs are knowledgable?
If no, please explain________________________________________________.
5. How many stars would you like to give as a ratings for Fit and Fab gym?
6. Any suggestions for the gym?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Task 3

Outline of the expectation of customer contact staff dealing with customers.

The staffs working in the gym must have several roles, responsibilities and duties towards the customers and the business. To provide the services to the clients in the effective manner the staff has to be qualified enough to tackle the situations that the customers faces (Woodside and McClam., 2016). The management and the customers expect certain things from the customer contact staffs, such as-

  • While on phone calls the staff must be very much courteous and should respect the words of the customers.
  • The phone calls has to be answered and placed professionally.
  • The calls has to be responded within the same working day.
  • Knowledge must be there related to the services of the gym
  • Waiting time of the customers must be managed.
  • Try to solve the hurdles and the problems of the customers. Efforts should be done.

Task 4

Key factors covered in the training session

As to run a business that provides services to the customers is itself a challenge. It is very must for the gym to hire the staffs with the required knowledge and skills, if they lack the trainings has to be provided to them. The several aspects that has to be covered in the training session of the gym staffs are-

  • Location of emergency supplies- The training is given related to the first aid places and the use of it in the case of emergency (Dasu and Chase., 2010).
  • Emergency protocols- The situation of fire and the natural calamities how to handle such factors are trained to the staffs.
  • Operate machines- The staffs are trained to operates the machineries that is to be used in the gym.
  • The cleaning stuffs- The cleaning stuffs that the customers need after their session gets over has to be known by every individual staff working in the gym.

Task 5

Consideration covered to meet the legislative requirements

The management team and the staffs of the gym has to be very patiently handle the things and the operations of the gym. This will help the gym to meet all the requirements of the legislation. The law provides certain rights to the customers of the society so that they can be able to avail the services and the products in the effective manner and can be able to attain the benefits properly (Wills and Halligan., 2013). The safety and the health related laws are also made that the firm has to consider. All the required tools and the equipments must be in good manner which will not harm the customers. Safety precautions should also be followed by the staffs of the gym.

The health and safety is very important of the customers as in the gym various types of machineries and equipments are used, they have to be handled very carefully. Instructor should always be with the customers to guide this will help in meeting the drawn laws.

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In this assignment study we have concluded about the various critical aspects of the success in the gym's operations. To understand the actual performance of the staffs of the gym a survey per forma has be made. It will also help the management to know the customer's satisfaction level. To carry out the training several important aspects has been introduced and discussed in this report. To meet the requirements of the legislative laws certain considerations has been concluded here.


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