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Need And Importance for Customer Service for Business Growth

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What is Customer service?

Customer service is the activity that helps in taking care of the needs and wants of clients in order to make them satisfy and attain desired results. It is essential for business to analyse the perception of clients and provide them priority in the organization such as assigning customer service relative components such as product innovation and pricing. Similarly, it is crucial for business to value good customer service through spending more money in training for employees and also interviewing clients for gaining feedback. Through effectual sales process engineering, client service plays a significant role in business to generate income and revenue. It is a provision of service provided to consumers during and after the purchase of the product and development service. Moreover, the rapid change in technology helps in changing consumers lifestyles and perceptions so that good quality product and service can be delivered to consumers (Deng, Yeh and Sung, 2013).

Furthermore, in the current competitive environment it is essential for every hospitality industry to deliver excellent customer service as a core competitive advantage in business. Also, the employees of business play an effectual role in presenting and reinforcing the brand image of firm and thus delivering the correct service from the clients point of view. All those firms whose main focus is related to the clients welfare rather than other constituents like product innovation or price helps in satisfying clients needs (Razi and Bukhari, 2012).

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In the current report, the customer service has been undertaken by the Travelodge organization which is a private limited tourism company and situated in Thame, England. It has 30,000 luxury bedrooms and other facilities to attract and satisfy clients. Furthermore, the study covers different customer service policies and also discusses regarding the future employees training and development in order to enhance the satisfaction level of consumers. Also, potential improvements need to be involved in business so that proper action plan can be maintained through appropriate planning and loyalty (Lam and Chen, 2012).

The usage of customer service policies

Customer service is the procedure of anticipating clients requirements and thus delivering them required services in order to meet them and attain results. Through providing best consumer service, hospitality firm can build a priceless status of loyalty and brand image in market. It is essential for business to adopt effectual customer service policies so that they can make their clients happy and satisfied. It can be stated that business is required to develop strong customer service policy that can make huge differences in the success of the firm. Further, implementing and maintaining policies and procedures that motivates business to connect with their clients and deliver them best quality services so that results can be attained. Moreover, business is required to detect customer issues in order to effectively expand the client base. However, it can be assessed that customer service policy will vary from one business to another and thus it is crucial for firm to ascertain basic factors in order to gain results. Also, it is significant for business to provide proper training and development in order to strengthen their capabilities as customer service representatives. Providing excellent clients service helps business to attain high profits and retain consumers in business for long term. Through delivering highly professional services by Travelodge it helps clients to feel that organization is really concerned about them. Showing politeness and greeting clients at the time of arrival states good impression of employees of hotel. By developing a productive and stress free work environment helps in effectual customer service and attain desired outcomes (Wilson and et. al., 2012).

Furthermore, it is essential for business to assess the need of customer service policy such as upfront and personal limited wants need to be put as the clients to the top of business agenda. However, such customer service policy sets out in regard to state that what such commitment states in practice. Also, what are the expectations of the consumers from business. Therefore, by assessing all such criteria it helps organization to make clear objectives regarding the business commitment in order to provide excellent customer services that offers value for money. It is the vision of business to build effectual relationship with its consumers and make them satisfy so that they can attain desired targets. It is significant for the hospitality industry to regularly monitor clients satisfaction level and also the services provided by the competitors in order to gain more satisfied clients base. Therefore, Travelodge adopts excellent customer service policies such as warm welcoming of clients in a courteous and professional manner that attracts individual checking in at hotel. Moreover, staff should listen effectually to the consumers feedback and complaints so that it can be overcome and solve the issue of unexpected delays in services (Alge and et. al., 2002). Furthermore, in order to develop a strong relationship with clients for achieving their satisfaction different policies are explained below-

Building communication- The main policy of Travelodge is to deliver best services to clients so that they can be impressed and attract toward firm. Therefore, business requires skilled employees who can identify the needs of clients and thus effectively communicate with them so that their needs can be fulfilled. Providing training and development to staff helps in delivering quality services to individual (Brady and Cronin, 2001).

Feedback- After delivering services, it is significant for cited organization management to assess the requirements of clients. Also, business is required to obtain feedback or responses about the services from the guests so that firm can get insight about the need of development or improvement in the services. There are various clients who provide feedback through online sources regarding the services of hotel and thus management should regularly check them and provide satisfactory answers (Fountain, 2001).

Technical support- Clients who faces problems regarding products and services that are delivered to them need to be attained by employees effectively. For instance, technical services like data verification, internet facilities, usage of technical devices and other facilities requires helps of technical staff to handle them properly. Business should train their employees effectively so that they can deliver quality services.

Time management- It is essential for business to manage the time accordingly in order to provide adequate facilities to clients who arrives at hotel. It is the priority of the management of hotel to fulfil their responsibility and provide required introduction about the products and services. However, it helps the guests to save maximum time through fulfilling their needs within stated time period (Froehle and Roth, 2004). Also, by providing services on time management can make their clients happy and satisfied so that they can be retained for long term in business.

Training and development to staff- Travelodge management is required to provide proper training and development to staff so that improvement can be carried out in business. By providing training and development to staff it helps in enhancing the ability and skills of individual and attain goals.

Exceptional services- There are various services which are rarely found in hotel. Cited business is highly focused about the welfare of clients who are engaged in delivering such type of services. Therefore, through such policy hotel management gets a good opportunity to make differentiated services and also it can develop a unique image of business in market. Through adopting such services like free telephone services, availability of internet and Wi-Fi facility, cab facilities, delivery of meals to clients rooms etc. are some of the exception services that can be provided to clients in order to fulfil their needs (Karimi, Somers and Gupta, 2001).

Evaluation of customers service policies

It is crucial for business to assess its customer service policies from time to time. Because it helps firm to identify its strengths and weaknesses and thus implement required necessary changes in customer service policies so that aims and objectives can be attained. There are different policies which are formulated for providing services to clients creates a positive impact on both clients and management of hotel. It is because through formulating such policies it is mainly depended on the welfare of clients through defining the positive evaluation of policies. Business is required to involve specially trained staff in Travelodge in order to make outstanding efforts in handling both existing and typical clients. Furthermore, they also help business to enhance the firm revenue and growth. For instance, business is planning to employ best skilled and qualified employees in business so that they can deliver best services to clients in order to make them satisfy. Thus, implementing such customer service policies in business helps in delivering effectual quality services to guests and make them happy in order to retain them for long term in business. Through, delivering qualitative clients services it helps firm to develop a brand image in market among rivals and attract varied clients. Also, customers share their experience with other individual who later addresses the same hotel to use the services. The policies regarding the clients welfare helps in evaluating the sales performance of business. Thus constant qualitative services delivers more attention of individual and therefore, they become likely to visit the hotel again and again (Lightner, 2004).

By formulating policies that enables management of Travelodge to identify the need for recruiting more and more skilled employees in business. Further, in order to strengthen the availability of resources, effectual number of employees are required so that business can meet its objectives effectively. There are various policies which are related to clients assists cited business to retain their clients for long time in business. Furthermore, continuous qualitative and quantitative services develops a healthy relationship among hotel management and consumers and it is also necessary that both of them are not likely to break the relationship under any condition. Thus, in order to avoid any break down, proper management and improvement in clients services is important. Adopting technical advancement in delivering services to clients of Travelodge hotel is the best and most appropriate step that is taken by the owners of hotel (Mengi, 2009). Through internet facilities it helps consumers to collect the information regarding the hotel and its services without physically visiting there. Therefore, developing websites it assists clients in utilising it in the form of booking of rooms or ordering the services online and attain goals.

Furthermore, businesses are required to assess the needs and requirements of customers and thus develop varied innovative measures so that they can attract them to use the services. For instance, in order to make advance booking business should launch its online portal and thus make it easy for clients to reserve their rooms and tables in restaurant and thus attain satisfaction. Thus, through such advancement it makes ease of access to clients regarding reservations of table in restaurant, online room booking, booking banquet hall for parties and functions. However, it is a costlier method but clients who are seek such type of services who are never bothered about the expenses. One of the most common policy of surveying clients is also a good technique to understand the clients requirements and thus fulfil it in order to attain desired goals. Adopting methods like electronic-surveys, each and every client is happy to share their views and experiences with the company. It helps business to enhance its services in business and thus get to know their likes and dislikes about the hotel (Parasuraman, 2002). Thus, in regard to this management is required to make necessary changes for improving the deficiencies and thus attain growth and opportunity.

Thus, above all it can be concluded that all the stated customer service policies helps in satisfying the needs and wants of costumers. Business can attain growth and development by reviewing its customer service policies and introducing innovative ideas in that so that issues can be overcome and results can be attained. There is another outstanding policies that can be adopted by Travelodge management that is related to the easy cancellation of booking by clients. Such policy helps customers to cancel their plan of visiting the hotel because of any emergency. At such situation, hotel management can get an idea about the vacant rooms and thus they can fill it through allowing waiting clients to occupy the rooms. Furthermore, there are adequate number of employees who are employed in performing the cancellation and appointments that are made by them. 24*7 is a policy that gives huge relief to clients regarding any issue of services and products (Evenson, 2011).

Evaluating communication methods

An effective communication is being considered as the crucial part of delivering the utmost quality of services to the customer. This is because, if an effective communication will not being held between the customers and employees of Travelodge. At that time, it will became difficult for the manager of organization with regard to direct its efforts in terms of delivering the services as well as the communicated needs and demands of the buyers in an appropriate manner (Torres and Kline, 2013). However, the communication will be considered as effective if the thing communicated by customers is being taken by manager in the same sense. In this regard, there are varied methods of communication identified that manager of Travelodge can uses with an aim to communicate with the employees and customers of the organization. These are all explained in detailed in below:

Video conferencing: It is the method that allows communication between those individuals that resides at the varied location. It is being considered as one of the effective form of oral communication. Here, Travelodge can use the given method with an aim to communicate with that customers that resides at varied location. For example, manager of Travel Lodge is interested in terms of taking the feedback regarding its services from the loyal buyers. Then in the given situation if this method of communication will be used at that time appropriate feedback from the buyers will be being taken by the organization. The given method saves lots of time of the organization which is generally high when manager of Travelodge has to prepare feedback sheet with an aim to send it to the respective buyers through written form of communication like email (Video conferencing, 2015). However, the video conferencing type of communication method will be proved as ineffective if cited firm internet connection is not much effective and creates several problem during the communication.

Face to face communication method: Meeting can be considered as one of the most effective method with the help of which face to face communication between manager and employees can be carried out. The given method of communication can be used by Travelodge with an aim to communicates its workers. With the help of this mean, manager of Travelodge can obtain varied information regarding the customer from its workers. For example, if in meeting one of the workers of cited firm has revealed about the ineffective food menu being followed by it. Then, by taking the appropriate action against the given aspect, the firm can carry out improvements in its customer services. Thus, it is being considered as one of the most effective method of communication because it assist organization in terms of taking an appropriate decision regarding the practice of improving the customer services. However, the given method of communication is very time consuming approach. This is because, before organizing any meeting within firm, manager of Travel Lodge has to carried out varied type of arrangements (Ariffin and Maghzi, 2012).

Email: Another method of communication that Travelodge can use is of email. The given method allows firm in terms of spreading the important information about the firm to the large number of individual within the limited possible time. In accordance with the given context, it can be said that the given method of communication relies in the category of written form of communication. Here, Travelodge can use the given mean with an aim to spread the information about the services to its respective buyers. In addition to this, the given method can also be used with an aim to get the feedback from the buyers regarding the services being delivered by it. The given mean will assist firm in terms of improving sales and profitability related condition of an enterprises. Email possess advantage in the given aspect such as spreading information within the limited possible time among large number of buyers. However, by using the given mean personal contact or relationship cannot being build up by cited firm with its buyers which is being regarded as one of the most crucial aspect for the success of any hospitality firm (Disadvantages of email, 2015).

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Social networking: With an aim to communicate with customers, Travelodge can takes assistance from different social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter etc. With the help of given sites, the views of buyers can be gathered by cited firm. This will leads to Travelodge in terms of carrying out improvements in its customer services in an appropriate way. However, it has been evaluated that by using the given mean firm can only target or attract young buyers towards firm. It can be stated that there are some of the specific websites which are under regular watch of young customer. Thus, with an aim to attract the target customer towards the firm, it should have to use the means like email and video conferencing etc (Chathoth and, 2013). It is the type of two way form of communication which possess several advantages and disadvantages. By using the social networking sites, advantage can be gained by Travelodge in the following form such as identifying the view points of large number of customer regarding the services. By carrying out the implementation of the effective suggestion being recommended by respective customer of firm, Travelodge can achieve benefits in the form of increased profits and sales. However, some disadvantages of given website is also being identified. To drag the customers towards the website of company is a very tedious and difficult task as they are huge in number. Moreover, there are some fake buyers that post unrealistic and ineffective views on the website of company because of it objective due to which organization has build the given website cannot be met.

Analysing the influence of customer perception by customer service provision

Customer's perception depict about the feelings of buyers that they possess with respect to the particular type of goods and services offered by organization. The different provisions of customer services causes necessary impact over the perception of buyers. But, it has been evaluated that with an aim to mark an effective presence in the competitive business environment, manager of Travelodge has to direct its efforts in terms of maintaining the quality of the goods and services being offered by it. In this respect, it has also been seen that the perception of the customer is also influence through the type of services being offered by the organization. For example, the customers will developed the positive perception regarding the organization services, if they have gain positive experience (Shaw, Bailey and Williams, 2011). For instance, the type of behavior carried out by workers and response time of the employees are being regarded as some of the factors of customer services provisions that influence the perception of buyers. Besides this, there are some other factors identified that causes necessary impact over the perception of Travelodge buyers. These are explained in below:

The factor relating to communication: Communication is being regarded as one of the factor that leads to brought change in buyer's perception. For example, if the employees of Travelodge uses aggressive form communication style in which they behave with the buyers in a very rude manner. Moreover, the given type of workers possess very poor listening ability. The given form of communication style leads to develops the negative perception regarding the Travelodge services. As the result of it buyers feel highly dissatisfied with the type of services being provided by the cited firm. Due to this, direct impact can be seen upon the profits of the Travelodge. This is because, it has been buyers always prefer to choose services of that organization whose employees will behave with them in an effective manner. Ineffective behaviour being carried out by workers will leads to cause direct impact upon the satisfaction level of buyers. Thus, with an aim to build positive perception in the mind of buyers, it is being required by the employees of cited firm that it must behave with its customer in an appropriate manner. Through this way only, satisfaction of customer can be maintained and due to this Travelodge can get the benefits in the form of increased profits and sales. Furthermore, another ineffective style of communication is being called by the name of passive style. It is the type of style in which employees of the firm does not carries out much communication with the workers (Kandampully, Juwaheer and Hu, 2011). In addition to this, the workers that uses the given type of style are inactive also. For example, if customers of Travelodge will interact with the given type of workers at that time, the doubt which is being presented by them will not be cleared. In this regard, it has been seen that the buyers will develops the negative perception regarding the organizational services if their asked doubts or questions will not being resolved by the organization in an effective way. In addition to this, the given type of communication style as being used by the employees will cause dissatisfaction among workers. However, among all assertive type of communication style is being regarded as one of the most effective approach. This is because, these are the type of workers that openly takes the views being given by other individual. In addition to this, the given type of worker efficiently respond as per the questions being asked by the buyers. As the result of it buyers will feel highly satisfied and will influenced with regard to again use the services of the organization. Overall, it can be said that the employees of Travelodge must have to use the assertive type of communication style with an aim to influence the perception of buyers regarding hotel services.

The factors relating to the services and approaches being followed by firm: The perception of buyers will be influenced with the type of service quality approaches being followed by the firm. For example, if customer of Travelodge has identified that the organization uses the varied food quality approach with an aim to enhance the quality of its food. Then the given type of aspect will tends to influence the perception of Travelodge buyers. Furthermore, the given aspect will also motivates customers with regard to again use the services of the cited enterprise in an effective way. In addition to this, the perception of the customers is also influenced through the ineffective responses being given by buyers. For instance, one of the customers of Travelodge has inquired about the availability of room within hotel. If in the given situation, the employees of Travelodge will give answer to the respective customer in a very rude manner then in the given circumstance the buyer will develop negative perception regarding the hotel in a mind. As the result of it they will also influence their family members as well as friends with regard to not use the services being given by the hotel in an appropriate manner. Thus, it can be said that the different provisions of services will tends to influence the perception of buyers in an effectual manner (So and, 2011).

Assessing the sources of information

For the service organization, it is necessary that it must takes measures in terms of assessing the requirement of its customer as well as level of satisfaction. This is because, if the given thing will not being assessed by the corporation like Travelodge then in the given circumstance it will became difficult from the firm with regard to direct its efforts in terms of maintaining an effective presence in the competitive business environment in an appropriate way. In this regard, there are varied sources identified with the help of which information regarding the needs and requirements of customer can be gathered by the manager of cited firm (Muller, 2007).

Taking the feedback from the buyers: It is being regarded as one of the most effective mean with the help of which information regarding the needs and demands of the customer can be gathered. Here feedback can be taken by cited firm from its buyers after the whole process of delivering the services will be completed. However, with an aim to get the feedback from the Travelodge buyers varied techniques can be used by the manager. It consists of following such as sending email to buyers, performing video conferencing and using telephone as the mean of communication etc. By getting feedback from the customer, the information regarding the needs and demands of the buyers will be gathered (Kandampully, Juwaheer and Hu, 2011). Furthermore, it is with the help of given given technique only, information regarding that particular area will be assembled by cited firm in which its function is affecting. Thus, by taking action against the given aspect firm can maintain the satisfaction of its buyers. The given thing will also provides assistance to the firm in terms of improving the sales and profitability related condition of organization in an appropriate manner.

Using the primary data collection like questionnaire: The tool like questionnaire can be used by cited firm if they more interested in terms of knowing about the satisfaction level of its customer in an appropriate manner. The given tool will allows firm in terms of carrying out the primary research upon the respective buyers. Furthermore, it is with the help of given technique only, information with respect to that particular factor can be obtained which affecting the satisfaction level of the Travelodge buyers in a negative manner. For example, if by conducting the primary survey it has been identified by the firm that its buyers are feeling highly dissatisfied because of the presence of an inappropriate behavior being carried out by its workers. Thus, by taking action against the such type of employees, the satisfaction level of buyers can be maintained (Torres, Fu and Lehto, 2014).

Internal experts: These are the individual that plays the role of mediator between customer and organization. In the given role, they have th major responsibility with regard to identified the needs and demands of the hotel customer and communicating the same to the Travelodge manager. In this respect, different internal experts identified that plays the role of information provider with cited firm. It consists of middlemen and marketing manager of firm.

Research on customer requirements and satisfaction levels for a hospitality business and suggest some potential improvements

It is essential for business to ascertain good knowledge regarding clients needs and requirements so that management of Travelodge can follow varied methods so that requirements can be assessed effectively. Thus, gathering accurate information about clients expectations and experience helps in fulfilling the needs effectively and efficiently. Management of hotel is required to carry out an effectual research so that customers requirements and satisfaction level can be identified by developing feedback method. By such method it helps in assessing the needs of individual who has used the services of hotel and thus management can bring changes so that improvement can be brought. By evaluating the customer requirements and satisfaction levels it assists business to identify the requirements and then fulfil it in order to achieve desired goals. Therefore, it is crucial for business to plan effectual strategy for business so that best targets can be attained. By planning strategy it helps hotel in identifying the clients requirements and thus goals can be achieved (Torres and Kline, 2013).

Moreover, secondary research also helps in acquiring information through varied published sources such as journals or online articles so that management of hotel can come to know about the requirements of consumers and thus fulfil their needs effectively. Furthermore, providing work to employees as per their job level it helps individual to satisfy the needs of potential clients and thus it helps in attracting more and more consumers towards firm (Shaw, Bailey and Williams, 2011). Also, providing training and development to employees so that they can enhance their skills and knowledge in order to satisfy the wants. It is essential for business to enhance the service quality and satisfy regular clients so that they can refer new clients to use the services of hotel. Furthermore, evaluating the feedback given by clients by implementing required changes in business in order to attain desired goals and objectives. Also, improving the verbal communication method it helps business in developing effectual relationship with consumers so that more and more people can be attracted towards business. Thus, utilizing the services of business it helps clients to fulfil their needs and wants. All these customer satisfaction method help in satisfying the needs of Travelodge clients and attract them towards firm in order to repeat the purchases in future (Chathoth and, 2013).

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From the above study it can be articulated that customer service is an effectual element that helps business to deliver best quality service to guests. Also, adopting different customer service policies helps in assessing the needs of clients and fulfil them in order to satisfy their needs. It is crucial for business to deliver effectual training to employees that helps in improving the performance of Travelodge. The management of hotel is required to undertake various feedback approaches so that requirements of clients can be assessed and thus potential improvements can be attained. Furthermore, there are varied types of research techniques adopted by business in order to analyse the perception of clients and fulfil the needs to attain goals. All the staff members are provided efficient training and development sessions so that they can enhance their skills and capabilities in order to attain desired results. Also, the management of hotel is required to maintain efficiency so that service quality can be improved in business.


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