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Benefits of Using Information System in an Organization

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An information system can be considered as an organized system for the collecting, storing, organizing and communicating the information. It is based on the study of complementary networks that use by organizations and their personnel to gather, process, create and distribute the data in effective form (Luu and, 2014). The present study is based on information system and to understand its importance, The China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSEC) is taking into the consideration. It is the third largest construction company in the world and currently working on the 3D Printing House concept.

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Description Of Idea

3D Printing House refers to a technology that use 3D printing as a core method to construct buildings and other construction components. In this technology, the machines are automatically integrated with semi and fully automated production lines. Under this idea, a 3D printer will use by CSEC to mix concrete and different kinds of industrial waste where quick drying cement will mix with a special hardening agent to build a building within the less time (Cooke, 2016).

In the construction industry, waste materials are the biggest issue. But in 3D Printing House, concept, the required raw material will produce at each stage of project by CSEC. The ink that will be used in the printing prepare from recycled plastic waste. The materials that will use at the time of constructing 3D Printing House are industrial wastage such as tailings, glasses, plastic etc. The following ideas will assist the company to develop more customized designs as per the needs and requirements of the customers. In addition to this, to build a 3D printing house, three methods will be used: extrusion, power bonding and additive welding (Scott, 2016). The following idea will have wide applications in majorly four sectors: private, commercial, public and industrial sector.

Objectives Of The Idea

There will several objectives of the 3d printing house idea for CSEC which are as follows:

  • To construct more durable buildings that enough to withstand against the earthquake.
  • To recycle the wastage of industries and use it to build a shock proof buildings.
  • To decrease production time, labour costs, conduction wastes and overall constructing cost of a house.
  • To minimize the requirement of quarried stone and other materials resulting in a construction method that is both cost effective and environmental friendly.
  • To becomes change the construction concept in the world.
  • To reduce the emission of green house gases during the process of construction of buildings.

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Technologies Use For The Idea

At the time of construction of 3D Printing House by CSEC, the entire process will control by a computer program (Bogoni and, 2014). It will include four systems: one for electronic ingredient formulation, second for mixing the concrete, third for transmission of mixture and the last to 3D-print the structure at the location. Along with this, a CAD software will be used by CSEC as a template and some computer systems will use to control the extrude arm which will lay down the material in a systematic manner one by one (Stroud and Nagy, 2011). CAD system will assist the customers and cited organization to look how the building or construction of a component will look like in reality. Apart from this, different capacity of robots will aid at the time of construction of 3D printing houses. These all technologies will have made the construction process faster as compare to the traditional method. The advantages of using the above stated technologies for CSE is it will minimize 30 to 60% of construction waste and decrease production time between by 50-70%. It will also save the labour cost between 50 to 80% (Toriya and Chiyokura, 2012). These will all have declined the overall costs of construction of a building.

Justification Of Selecting The Technologies

Because of the cost, 3D printing at construction scales demands clever designs. It is important for the architects and engineers of CSEC to responds towards the demand in order to deliver high value and high performance building components (Tan and, 2011). In this context, the organization will use different technologies in 3D printing houses such as CAD tool, advance computer systems, software, robots etc. The reason of selecting all these techniques is because of their potential advantages. These are help in faster construction, lower down labor costs, increase complexity and accuracy of estimation, greater integration of various construction systems and less production of wastage (Kang and, 2010). So, with the applications of all these techniques and machines, CSEC would able to bring the improvement in the concept of 3D Printing House. It will allow the firm to attain different objectives behind adopting the following idea.


From the above study, it can be concluded that information system has become an important part of every organization. It has helped in process the collect and store data into the valuable information. In the case of 3D Printing House, CSEC can use different technologies to process the gather data from the customers and deliver the services according to them as per their needs.

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