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Communicate and Work in Health or Community Services Assignment

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“Its health that is real wealth”. In this assignment writing work, Queensland healthcare is justified. Plan and policies of Australian government to communicate health awareness in several cases which are addressed in country have been illustrated in this study. This report consists of duty and responsibilities while doing a job in health care. Essential role of health and hygiene in providing aiding is also illustrated in this document.

Question 1.1

I have sources this policy from this link. policy is about health service directives for hospitals services. These are the directives which are to be achieved by a health care and hospital services.

Question 1.2

I have been working as an intern with communities who are formulating this policy. This policy aims at integration and service coordination promotion, Effective and efficient use of resources, setting standards and policies for safe and high-quality service delivery, consistence approaches for service delivery, support to application of state policies and legislation and agreements entered into by the state (Bowling, 2014). This policy directly relates to work of an intern. As these factors of this policy has to be taken into consideration before working for this sector in Australia. Services standard are set according to which services and work has to be done. My role was of an intern learning about health care and services provided to patients which required a complete study of this policy to build further career in this field. Every person working in this field have to get knowledge of this policy before working as this is the code of conduct in which actions has to be performed.

Question 1.3

While working in a health care there are a lot of situations occurs like- every patient has to be served according to his/ her disease if there is some mistake while doing it can cause loss of a life. Health service directives makes procedure that has to be followed by hospitals who are providing health aid services. And if this is not followed properly there would be a lot of problem in functioning of hospitals as they will do whatever they want this will be very harmful for patients to whom services are provided. Citizen of country will be under threat and loss of life can incur. If this policy is breached by any organisation a strict action against that is taken by government of country (Frehywot, 2010). It may lead to closure of that organisation. There is a way in which we have to work if we will not follow that way than it will lead to wrong way. Simultaneously health is a important factor for every citizen of a country accordingly they must be provided with best services. Main aim of policy is to have proper practices of hospitals and health care service providers which is important for a country otherwise many lives will be lost. If there is a breach of policy this incident must be reported to the authority of health in the country. A proper action against such practices has to be taken.

Circulation of hand hygiene document by using different means

There are several ways to circulate hand hygiene document. It can be circulated manually to people as well as can be circulated through using technological advancements. As we know manually distribution will take a lot of time and effort so using technology will be best option. Technology means usage of internet and the world wide web to promote anything. In this promotion of health is to be done which can be done on website of hospital, by sending e-mail to people, advertising on TV etc. all of them are sources which can be used to reach n number of people in one go (Jaskiewicz, 2012). It would be easy and rapid to spread health and hygiene amongst person through these sources. There are several policies which a company can use while publishing its documents digitally they are intellectual property rights. In this nobody can copy or misuse the information displayed by the owner of that information. Copyright, trademark and patent can be used by company from its policy to protect the misuse of digital communication. Communication is a way of making people aware or informed about something so that information also has to be appropriate and useful. To initiate this Queensland Healthcare can use documents and to protect those documents available intellectual property right must be used so as to alter any threat which might occur to that document.

Question 3.1.

The PD includes all the details related to the job which are required in an organisation for vacancy. It includes information related to industry and award for role is also stated in position description. In order to give complete information role and responsibilities which will be performed by some personnel is also stated (Kreuter, 2013). In case information is not relevant and a candidate want to enquire more about company and vacancy a call on phone number of company can be done to know more about job which is to be applied. A candidate can clear all curiosity arising.

Question 3.2

There are a lot of responsibilities listed out of which training is major one. Training means assisting and guiding people for a particular task or job. This requires proper standards to be followed. Like appointment of an expert who can train untrained employees and who acquire appropriate knowledge. Providing training is obligatory duty of an organisation and for this an expert has to be appointed. Legislation of country also implies on organisations to avoid any ill practices which also includes training employees if they are insufficient. Acts like Work Health and Safety and VET (Vocational Education and Training) legislations are implied on companies for training and development of employees (LaTour, 2013). Training against various health and safety has to be given about critical situations and conditions to employees so that they can have a healthy and safe environment to work. This is an obligatory duty of a company to provide these training to people who are working in it or ought to work in it.

Question 3.3

Training is an important part of an organisation for which experts are appointed. This job responsibility will cooperate with several other healthcare professionals as superior assist subordinate which is a type of training provided to subordinate. Training is required in each and every part of an organisation wherever a new or typical task is associated. At every level, there are requirements for training which helps in dealing with different tasks. Health care sector consist of many sectors like – surgery, nursing, dietician, food etc. in which training like job rotation can be useful to get knowledge of various job positions in an organisation. By this a efficient and well equipped personnel can be formed who can perform multitask in an organisation (Nasiripour, 2012). Yes, this responsibility includes dealing with different levels in a health care which leads a person to deal with several other sectors in an organisation.

Question 3.4

In training issues which can occur can be of communication of information. Training is a kind of teaching and it is dependent on proper communication of one’s ideas. Which has to be done in a proper way in order to have best possible results. Sometimes due to irrelevant information communication conflicts and misunderstanding may arise which can lead to failure of a task for which training is provided. For improvement of communication issue a trainer must be efficient and must study its audience first so that proper method of training in accordance to them can be adopted for effectiveness of training program. Proper on the job off the job training methods whichever is appropriate for employees has to be adopter to communicate message (Prentice, 2010). Further place must be appropriate for providing training as message which is to be communicated must be understandable in a easy language with appropriate signs and symbols as well as body language. Training is a responsibility which lies in hands of a person who is expert in his/her job so this has to be taken care by that person to provide it by using relevant process. This will lead to effectiveness of working in an organisations operations and relevant activities.

Question 3.5

To maintain and develop skills a person must practice it on daily basis as someone said practice makes a man perfect. Likewise, training people also require experience on continuous basis because a person can only train other people when it itself acquires enough knowledge. This is required to continue this role as practising it on daily basis will create an expert who have enough knowledge of this field for organisation and its working. Experiencing new things is a goal for lifetime development because we learn through it. Skills in training people can be enhanced by training more and more people it will help in experiencing new people who will help to learn new ways of training every time as different person have different learning abilities. Goals and plans should be set to be more determined and inclined to duty which is to be performed under role of training people (LaTour, 2013). Future work goals can be set to adopt new technology and developing more trainers who can train more people in same role. Leadership qualities will be built like this to create more leader and in future that person can become more experienced to have a sound career to generate more efficient human resource for an organisation it is working for.


Relevant results related to communication in health care society have been acquired from this report. Role of government legislations also have been justified. This document consists of a position description and responsibilities justification for that position in an organisation.


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