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Clinical Practice Improvement Project Report Sample

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Relevance of Clinical Governance to your project

Clinical governance is considered as the system through which NHS becomes accountable for regularly improving the quality of their services and thus safeguarding high standards of care and creating excellent environment in clinics. Thus, it provides appropriate regulatory norms and policies that guidess the NHS organisations to follow the same as they are liable to enhance their quality of services and improving the care and support for patients by creating an effective environment in which excellence care practice can be rendered in care setting (van der Marck, Klok, Okun, Giladi, Munneke, Bloem and Force, 2014).

Here, it also aims to focus upon improving the quality of patient care and maintaining the standards so that best quality care be provided to patients in regard to improve their health and well being. However, clinical governance is very relevant to the current issue faced by care organisations in relation to overcome the falls issue and thus carry out best results within firm. Further, such issue is relevant in terms of safeguarding individual to render best care and support and thus deliver appropriate quality care to satisfy their needs. Hence, through following proper regulations and practices provided by clinical governance helps in overcoming the falls issue that is affecting the health of care users.

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Evidence that the issue / problem is worth solving:

It can be assessed that the fall issue is prevalent and thus it affects the care users in the form of affecting their health. Therefore, it is essential for care providers to undertake proper care and support to patients above the age of 65 who majorly face this issue. Thus, it affects them in the form of identifying the needs and wants so that appropriate quality care can be provided to patients to enhance the services in care setting. However, it majorly affects older people and thus when they are provided care in workplace they falls several times and thus care setting needs to take appropriate action so that health can be maintained and thus issue could be overcome. Care workers are bound to help aged people so that they can overcome the issue of falls and thus does not affect the older patients (Dibble, Lopez-Lennon, Lake, Hoffmeister and Gappmaier, 2013).

It is an effective issue that is faced by care home and thus such issue needs to be overcome through improving the environment of care setting. Thus, it protect care users mostly aged people and therefore proper care and support services needs to be delivered to them in regard to enhance the service and thus minimizes the falls. Care home needs to effectively develop its workplace and thus protect older people to safeguard them from affecting and does not frequently fall while getting care facilities. There are several other issues as well but care patients are facing such issue most as older people gets weak and thus they are not able to maintain the weight of their body and slips down. Also, care workers need to ensure that appropriate facility needs to be provided in relation to non slip carpets, firm surfaces, repairs to wear and tear in flooring as soon as it appears.

Key Stakeholders:

In regard to identify the clinical governance or clinical practice for falls issue in care setting, there are different key stakeholders which are as follows-
Patients- They are considered as one of the effective stake-holder in care setting and thus care providers are required to provide best quality care to patients so that they can overcome their health issues. Here, mainly patients who are old age are suffering from fall issue and thus care home needs to undertake several types of steps that results them to improve their efficiency and thus enhance the brand image in market. However, care users are one of the most important part of care home and thus it is essential for them to enhance the clinical practice and avoid falls issue among old age patients (Linn, 2016).

Care providers- Further, it is another crucial stake-holder that assists in providing appropriate quality care services to patients in regard to enhance the brand image in market. Also, it is the responsibility of care providers to identify the effectiveness of care providers in relation to deliver best quality care to old age patients so that they can overcome the fall issue and maintain appropriate safety procedures for old age patients to attain desired results. Therefore, it is essential for care providers to inform them regarding the health condition of patients in care setting and thus deliver them best care services so that they can overcome the issue of falls.

Government- Moreover, it is also specific stakeholder within care setting and thus prepares appropriate plans and policies regarding care users safety and security in regard to protect them from falls. Hence, it is essential for workers to follow the set guidelines of government and thus safeguard the people working in HSC and does not affect or harm them. Hence, it is crucial for care setting to follow the guidelines provided by government and follow the same so that patients can overcome the fall issue and obtain best quality services to care users and attain success (Whiteman, Davidov, Sikora, Paulson and Schaefer 2016).

CPI Tool:

One of the effective CPI tool that could be undertaken is use of alarms. Thus, using such tool it helps in improving the health condition of patients. Therefore, using alarms is an effective CPI tool and thus effectively implement in regard to overcome injury to patients in regard to prevent them fall. Care setting aims to place alarms at several place that guides workers in relation to remain protective for elder patients whenever they are alone at some place. For instance, if they fall from somewhere then alarm should be raised and through listening to the voice of that care providers can reach to that place in regard to overcome patients from fall and provide them proper care and support to overcome injury (Lewin, Allan, Patterson, Knuiman, Boldy and Hendrie, 2014).

Summary of proposed interventions:

It can be evaluated that fall prevention is essential subject and thus care setting helps in overcoming the issue of falls among patients and thus helps in attaining desired results. However, the proposed interventions help in identifying the protective measures that would result in improving the experiences of elder care users and thus protect them from fall in regard to safeguard them from injury. Also, it is essential for care workers to assess the requirement of enhancement of care services and thus improve the same in regard to attain best results. Moreover, care workers aim to maintain and safeguard the workplace environment in such a way that assists in protecting the elderly patients fro, hazardous environment.

Also, it is essential for care setting to overcome the fall prevention requires removal of hazardous materials from elderly patients rooms and outside area so that it does not result into their fall. Also, it is essential for care setting to undertake the health and safety regulation provided by government that aims to fulfil the needs of workers and patients and does not affect them. However, it is essential for workers to maintain proper health and safety at workplace and thus carry out best working practices so that issues can be overcome (van der Marck, Klok, Okun, Giladi, Munneke, Bloem and Force, 2014).

Further, falls issue needs to be prevented from care setting and thus it could be overcome through appropriate measures such as more focused attention to be given to mental and elder people who are not able to walk properly. However, if they fall regularly within the care home it might injured them and thus it also affects the family and friends of care users. Therefore, it is essential for care providers to take proper care and support to person in regard to promote better health and living conditions and overcome their falls.

Barriers to implementation and sustaining change:

Various barriers can be faced while implementing the proposed interventions. The proposed interventions would require the health care organization to keep the rooms and other areas free from obstructions and hazardous materials. For this, the hospitals would have to adopt better housekeeping practices on a regular basis. Additional staff and financial resources would be required for implementing this intervention. Lack of adequate financial resources may act as a barrier to this. Further, another proposed intervention is to pay focused attention to the mentally ill and elderly patients as these people are more prone to falls. However, lack of time would act as a barrier in this this. For focused attention, the staff will have to monitor these patients cautiously in order to prevent them from falling. Managing this along with the day’s work may be a difficult task. Hence, some resistance may be encountered while implementing this intervention. This may be a barrier to effective implementation of the proposed intervention because resistance will not let the staff follow the policies and rules that hospitals will make regarding monitoring of these patients (Linn, 2016).

Even if implemented, sustaining change will be another challenge for the health care settings. Sustaining these proposed interventions would require concentrated and regular efforts made by the entire staff of the organization. For this, it is necessary form the change to be assimilated properly. For sustaining the change arising from the proposed interventions, regular training of the staff will be needed which will further require financial resources as well as human resources. Hence, these may be the barriers faced during sustain the change (Barry, Houghton and Warburton, 2016).

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Evaluation of the project:

Thus, the above project could be evaluated that falls prevention is essential and thus it could help in promoting awareness among patients regarding moving safely with the help and assistance of care provider. Therefore, through protecting the patients it would help in overcoming the fall issue and thus prevent the care users by undertaking effective methods such as use of alarms that could be best method for preventing care users when they fall in workplace (Herrett, and, 2015). Also, care providers are focused upon using health and safety policies at workplace in regard to prevent them from any mishappening. Thus, it is the best possible way to protect care users and prevent them from fall. Also, it can be assessed that best care services need to be provided to patients in regard to support them and overcome their falls issue. It can be evaluated from the project that proper strategies need to be adopted in regard to assists patients and thus improve their health conditions within care home (Bullen, and, 2014).

Moreover, it could also be assessed that appropriate quality care and support needs to be provided to patients that would help them to overcome from such issue. Also, it is significant for care home to undertake proper safety precautions such as avoiding slips carpets, unwanted materials from workplace so that it could not affect the elder patients who are unable to manage the balance and falls. Hence, such issue is increasing rapidly and thus it is essential to overcome the same by adopting effective preventive measures so that best health and safety at workplace policy could be adopted in regard to overcome the issue and prevent care users from fall.

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