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Sample on Managing Change Through Responsible Leadership Quality

14178Downloads1 I Published: 28 Jun ,2018

Introduction to Modern Business

In modern business era, the role of leadership has increases as with the increasing business complexities the managers are responsible to encourage the employees to remain in the employees. Change management has become an integral part for an organisation to enhance their existing capabilities in order to deal with the external business complications. Managing change is that efficient quality which has required in every manager to transform all the negative reactions of their employees in the positive one by encouraging them. The strengths of the employees are well understood by their leader who are the person who spends more time with the employees. The change in an enterprise can be of any kind such as social changes industrial changes due to introduction of new principle of modification in the business operations which changes the existing working conditions in the firm. Hilton has been selected for conducting this research as all the changes takes place in the overall industry will directly give clear cut impact on their performance of the business. For every leaders in the business enterprise which creates further challenges for their competitors by crafting strategies to manage the overall change process. In the change process the employees are motivated by informing the positive outcomes of these decisions in form of future opportunities that are translated by the leader's to their followers as the engagement of the staff in the existing process which will help them to take initiatives for the betterment of an enterprise.

Change Issues Faced By Organisation

The creation of the processes and policies within the business enterprise is to handle to major transitions and changes that takes place in an organisation may affect the existing by business functioning and harm the interest of all the employees (Roetzer, 2011). Leaders are those persons in an entity who also required to be sure to handle the existing situations with patience and polite attitude to treat all the employees to motivate them to follow their leaders. The personal skills and good communication skills help an employee to support their leader without saying no as this greatly impacts on them. The leaders can charismatically transform the transitions into positive way as they are fully responsible to change all the issues faced by their employees which needs to be improved in stipulated time (Gill, 2013). The leaders are appointed to handle and manage all the issues as after management the responsibility of all the employees are on the leaders to resolve all the minor issues at their own level which helps to avoid these issues converted into big one.

There are various change issues that can be takes place in an organisation which imposes barriers for the overall business performance which are given as below:

Organisational change

Change in the existing organisation structure will always resist by their employees as they are more comfortable in the traditional workplace. The changes can be in the form of relocation of the workplace which is another factor of de motivation as the employees are not ready to leave their family and unable to do work in new work environment where the consistency of the work is not easy to maintain n (Salaimeh, 2008). The team structure change can be resisted by the employees as they feel more comfortable with their earlier mentor whose politeness, way of working, assigning of tasks will not be compensated by new mentor. In this kind of situations the role of the leader has increases in terms of motivating their follower by taking care about their tastes and preferences, assigning jobs and tasks as per their interest level.

Lack of employee engagement

The leader should conduct personal interaction with single individual to know their problems in order to maintain the leadership among the team by taking each one's consent while making any kind of business decisions (Roetzer, 2011). The personal meetings and seminars, meetings conducted separately for whole team to increase team coordination and announcing any rules and regulations framed by the leader which should be communicated in front of all other teammates. The inefficient leadership qualities of a leader will increases dissatisfaction in the organisation which creates trouble in return for organisation. Lack of involvement in decision taken by employer increases the feeling of isolation among the employees and which increases staff turnover in en enterprise.

Rigid motivational techniques

The motivation in general context will be provided in positive manner which has not identified in this organization. Hilton gives more emphasises on the negative motivational techniques by adopting autocratic leadership styles to maintain a discipline in the organisation. These socials are assigned by the leader for single individuals to observe the individual performance of a person by handling complexities (Mittal, 2012). The overall ratio of the change in the organisation should will induces the staff turnover as this creates boredom or strictness, fear among employees and they get hesitate to confess anything with their Hippocratic leader. The changes in the organisation can be geographically with the increasing effect of the external business enterprise the overall business can be taken over by another strong business enterprise in that case the leader are required to maintain the dignity of an organisation. The changes take place in the form of merger or acquisition will reflect the inability of the firm to treat their employees with highly motivation and give extra separation pay (Homji, 2010).

Impact on leadership and structural formation: As per the detailed study, it can be said that management of Hilton Hotel is facing number of issues in respect to change. It means management need to understand them for sustainable development. If leadership and structural formation is not appropriate then business firm may face issue of uncertainty and confusion. It will impact the business development in negative manner. For example, structure is not appropriate and there are two leaders who is operating team activities. In such aspects, members may face issue of confusion that whom decisions need to be consider (Gill, 2013). It will affect the overall activities and create issue for management. It means Hilton must ensure about leadership structure for continuous improvement.

Impact on employee engagement: It has been noticed that, if manager is not having appropriate involvement in organisational activities then it will also impact the overall work conditions. Employee engagement is considered as key factor that may impact leadership aspects and create issues in change conditions (Lundy and Morin, 2013). For example, Hilton Hotel manager has decided to change HR policies without any involvement of employees. In such conditions, it might be possible that employees may not accept change because policies designed is not according to their needs. It clearly indicates that for sustainable development leaders must ensure that employee engagement is significantly considered in change conditions.

Impact on motivation and performance: Low morale is also a key factor that might impact the change implementation and create error in working. It is necessary for leaders of Hilton Hotel to make sure that employees are feeling motivated so that they can easily accept change. For example, employee is facing issue in regard to change acceptance and his morale is low. Moreover, manager is also not offering support to him that influences morale ratio. It will force other employees to have back step and not accept change (Herzig and Jimmieson, 2006). It will impact overall performance in negative manner and impact work environment. It has been identified that mostly employees consider change as a threat to their existing performance. In such conditions if leadership is not appropriate then motivation will be influenced in negative manner (Thomas and Hardy, 2011). It might be possible that support of other stakeholders is not appropriate in respect to change which may also impact overall conditions. For instance, Hilton has decided to make payment on monthly basis rather than weekly basis. In such aspects, it might be possible that supplier may not accept change and back step from the organisation. In this regard, leader must consider key values and improve morale of stakeholders and members to accept change.

Strategies to resolve issues and their impact

In addition to this, manager is accountable to have application of strategies that are beneficial to resolve change issues. One of key issue that is faced by management of Hilton is regarding employee participation and engagement. It is significant for management to improve employee engagement so that change can be implemented according to employee needs and lead business to impressive level of success. In this regard, leadership style can be change into participative leadership. By having improved focus on participative leadership, employee engagement can be improved because it allows employees to take participate in decision making process (Herzig and Jimmieson, 2006). With an assistance of this, workforce needs can be determined and strategies can be designed to meet them. Innovative ways to overcome issue can be identified by having assistance of participative leadership style. Moreover, management of Hilton may also focus on activities that create trust among employees so that issue can be overcome. If employee trust is high then they will feel valuable and motivate which will force them to accept change (Lundy and Morin, 2013). For instance, Hilton has organised team building activities that has enhanced trust between management and employees. It will enhance the morale of employees and make workforce to accept change because in such aspect employee will believe that changes will benefit the organisation as well as their work performance.

Training can be provided to employees in order to make them understand about the significance of change so that employees may get attracted to accept change. Building relationship with external parties like suppliers and other stakeholders will also provide support to the change management (Gill, 2013). It is beneficial to accomplish goals and objectives in desired way so that Hilton may meet competitive advantage standards. Employee empowerment is also a technique that enhance morale and improve the ratio of change acceptance.


As per above statements, it can be concluded that change management is one of key aspect that may impact the overall performance. It has been identified that leadership is also a factor that may assist business firm in change management. Along with this, there are number of issues that has been faced by Hilton Hotel. It impacts the overall work conditions in negative manner so management need to understand key features of change and leadership in appropriate manner. Study also concludes that improper leadership may resist employees to accept change. In order to have appropriate change management business firm need to improve work conditions by having application of participative leadership style. With an assistance of this, employee engagement and morale can be advanced which is beneficial to overcome issues. Moreover, management of Hilton may also focus on activities that create trust among employees so that issue can be overcome. With an assistance of this, overall working might get improved and lead business to impressive level of success.


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