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Studying something in-depth is one of the toughest tasks for students. Assignments are fine as they have a specified question to answer however when it comes to a case study, the struggle is real. Many students skip on all the practices required to complete the document and ask for case study help from the professionals because they know that no matter how hard they try they will not be able to crack the highest of grades without the assistance. Many students search for a platform that gives them the freedom to choose their terms according to their requirements, and if you are also looking for something like that, then you have reached the goal.

Instant Assignment Help Australia is one of the leading names in academic assistance providers that deliver quality case study writing at affordable prices. There are many names in the market but still, you will hear our name first in every field, and that reputation speaks louder than words. Writing a case study has always been a nightmare for the students, and with this service, we aim to free up the minds of students from this issue. Our team of professional writers is well equipped and familiar with all the norms of writing a proper case study and with their assistance, students can forget their worries about the task.

There are several questions that students ask from our experts regularly, but some of the most prominent ones are about the types of case studies and the concept behind writing a case study. It is okay if you also feel that you need to know more about the task itself, as there are thousands of students who do not know the motive behind working on a case study. Do not worry as today you will find out everything that you need to know.

Take a look at the next section in which our case study help experts talk about elements and types of case studies.

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What Is Case Study Writing? Types of Case Studies & How to Write them?

First things first, a lot of students want to know what is a case study, and why is it that big of a deal. Well, in simple words, a case study is a detailed account of a particular incident, brand, organization, or person with the help of which you can learn about the pros, the cons, the mistakes, and the perfect decisions that one has taken. It is also considered a tool for analysis as many companies and individuals base their future decisions on a particular case study. As far as academics are concerned, case study writing services are one of the top-requested assistance with huge significance on the scorecard. It does not matter if you score well in every assignment or exam. If you do not know how to write a case study, you will not be able to make the most out of your scorecard.

One of the most important things to keep in mind according to case study help providers is that it is not just limited to management students. You might have heard that case studies are done only for brands and other organizations, well there is more! Many courses also use case studies as a tool to understand and assess the level of a student’s skill set. Take a look at the types of case studies -

  1. Management Case Study
  2. Nursing Case Study
  3. Legal Case Study
  4. Marketing Case Study

These 4 types of case studies cover all the areas of study for the majority of the students in Australia. Many of them reach out to our experts with their concerns about how they should approach these tasks? How to write a case study on these? Well, do not worry as your concern is our priority. Take a look at some of the easy-to-implement steps curated by expert case studying writers.

1. Management Case Study- The direct connection of such a case study writing task is with the decision-making in a company. Whenever there is a particular inventory to be upgraded, or some important decision is to be taken inside an organization, one must refer to the case study as a reference to other similar organizations that have implemented such changes. To write one such case study, you should -

  • Take account of the current situation among employees in the office.
  • Keep a record of previously taken decisions and their impact.
  • Elaborate on how the decision might affect the functioning of the office.

2. Nursing Case Study- Dealing with multiple patients is not easy. The job of a nurse is full of events, some are pleasant, and some are not. To report any incident, one has to write a case study. Also, being a student of nursing, one must be aware of all the possible events that could happen, and thus, these case study samples help them to imagine the situation according to their capacity. If you get assigned with one such task our experts suggest that you -

  • Implement reflective writing by using Driscoll's reflective model.
  • Create a surrounding while answering all the questions related to the study.
  • Keep evidence and arguments as your base of study.

3. Legal Case Studies- Cases and legalities go hand in hand. Students of law understand the case study more as a reference for their current assignments. These case studies are literal cases in which a judge gives a sentence based on circumstances and evidence. If a student finds himself in any situation, he can directly refer to the previous case and refer to it as a case study. Once you are assigned such a task, the following things must be done -

  • Bring things in the notice for the reader
  • Compare & Contrast the two scenarios.
  • Establish the relevance and appeal for the same.

4. Marketing Case Study- Whenever a student is assigned with a case study related to marketing, the aim is either to introduce a new project line or to create a campaign that has already been used by an organization but in a better way. The majority of students who struggle take up case study help with the tasks as this has a whole lot of things to complete. You have to research your competitor, find reliable and relevant stats, and last but not least give an outcome after analyzing all the factors. Some things that can help you complete the task better are -

  • Research your competitor to the fullest.
  • Find reliable sources for data, (Wiki Does not count)
  • Use case study tools to find the best results.

These are the 4 types of case study tasks that students get assigned in their academics. If you are looking to find the best of the best writers to assist you with any of these, then you are going to love our services.

3 Tools of Case Study WritingThat Help In Scoring an A+

A lot of students have a question about how a case study can help understand a company’s workings or how it can be used to make decisions. Well, every case study has some tools that come in handy for every student. Collecting the data is difficult but what’s more difficult is to classify that data into different categories. There are times when a company wants to analyze their expansion and whether that expansion will be healthy for their name and wealth or will it become a liability for them in the market. The same happens for a company that wants to acquire some smaller brand or merge etc. According to the case study writers, 3 tools come in handy to create a sense of analysis in the data.

These 3 tools are -

SWOT Analysis- To analyze the situation and position of any organization at any particular time frame, you must be familiar with everything, what’s going well for them, what’s not working out for them, what might bother them in the future, and what might be difficult for them to handle.

To understand SWOT better, let us take a glance at SWOT analysis for Nike Case Study -

  • Strengths

Nike has captured the global market and has become the number one sports and athleisure brand in terms of gross earnings. Shoes are the main strength of the company as the majority of earnings come from them.

  • Weaknesses

The labor and the working way of Nike factories have always been in question. Another weakness to be considered is the fact that they have not been able to capitalize on many opportunities which have demoted their reputation.

  • Opportunities

Though Nike has achieved a lot, there are still many opportunities open for them. The smart apparel industry is wide open. Smartwatches, health tracking bands, etc. can also be of use. All in all, you can say the realm of tech and gadgets is yet to be discovered by them.

  • Threats

Adidas is one of the biggest competitors for the brand and is a direct threat to sales. Another major threat to the brand is the availability of counterfeit products that leads to a negative impact on the original brand.

All in all, Nike seems to be in a stable state but will need to cope up with the issues. That is how SWOT analysis clears the wider picture for the individual.

PESTLE Analysis- Another tool that is most commonly used by case study writers is the PESTLE analysis. Usually, whenever a company is about to take a huge decision, this analysis becomes mandatory for them. If you are also assigned with one such task then there are 6 factors that one covers in this tool. These are -

  • Political- Whether the decision is going to be politically suitable for the brand or not. What political stance does the decision favor, whether any norms can help or not? These things fall under this section.
  • Economical- Economical factors such as the impact on the pre-acquired assets, whether the step will be profitable or not, are there going to be any sort of setbacks in the market due to this, etc. One of the most important aspects of case study writing is whether the step will be economically affordable or not.
  • Social- Every organization must adhere to terms given by social authorities and that is why this factor is really important to keep in consideration. The things such as what is going to be the social impact, on students, families, men, women, & kids everything is considered.
  • Technological- This factor usually matters in tech-related advancements however, one can also treat it as the availability of technology that might be used to fulfill the decision and how the techniques can be helpful.
  • Legal- Knowing about all the legalities related to a venture is necessary for a venture and that is exactly what this section does. Analyzing the legal obligation is what this factor does and this holds great significance according to case study helpers.
  • Environmental- Sustainability is the need of the hour and with that being said, it is the fundamental duty to understand whether any initiative will affect the environment negatively or will it add up to the positive side of making a difference.

For any business to be successful, PESTLE analysis is a must and thorough research is what is required to complete it. Now that you know it, try doing Apple PESTLE analysis on your own!

Porter’s Five Force Model - According to case study help providers, porter’s 5 force model is one of the fundamental things to apply for an individual who is trying to get a breakthrough in the market or introduce a new brand in the already established clientele. The model consists of 5 forces that are -

  1. Bargaining Power of Buyer- The ability of spending is what keeps the market alive and that is why you need to analyze the bargaining power of a buyer. What is meant by bargaining power? Well, the power which defines the extent to which a buyer can force your brand to provide the best quality service at lower prices. The higher the bargaining power of the buyer, the higher is the competition in the market.
  2. Bargaining Power of Seller- This is the opposite of the bargaining power of the buyers. What this one means is that a company has leverage over the buyers and thus the company can raise prices as per their requirements. It is cl; ear that the company can force the buyer to comply with high prices. The higher the bargaining power of the seller, the lower is the competition in the field and the higher is the profit.
  3. Industry Rivalry- Who are the existing competitors is what industry rivalry means. For any business that you start, there is always someone who is doing it already. This is exactly what is measure in this section of porter’s five force model. Industry rivalry is dependent on different factors that include the market captured by your competitor, the number of direct competitors, etc.
  4. Threats of New Entrants- New people compete for a position in the market all the time. Almost every day there are hundreds of people who begin their businesses and this point in the model allows you to keep track of them, the rate with which the competition is increasing, and the way that these things work for the favor or against of New Entrants.
  5. Threat of Substitutes- This factor in your case study shows you the room for new entrants who can substitute you with better technology and faster results. in the market. For instance, cabs and taxis were local services until Uber made its way to the streets and today these new entrants have taken over the entire business model.

These 3 tools can help any individual to understand the basics of case study writing and can make the process easier as almost all the research is completed in these steps only. Making these tools work for you seems a difficult task as it requires a lot of things to research find and curate. If you are wondering who does all of this work, then you must know that all the toppers have to complete these steps and thus our expert case study help providers do it for you to ensure that you get the best results for your work.

Different Case Studies Covered By Our Experts

Though the competition is tough among the students, the professors find new ways to make things interesting but end up making things tougher. They bring a twist of new opportunities and new brands to cover for the case study and thus it becomes a headache for students to find data related to those brands. You already have seen the lengthy process of completing a case study and that too with the help of tools, think about finding all of that data for some brand that you might not have heard of. Would you be able to do it? Well to relieve you from the stress of answering that question, we bring you a team of the finest writers who work on these documents and complete them irrelevant to the brand that it is about.

Take a look at some of the case studies that we cover under our case study writing service -

1. Nike Case Study - Nike. inc is a sports and equipment brand. Everything from SWOT, PESTLE to outcomes is covered by the experts.

2. IKEA Case Study - IKEA is a brand that sells furniture and was established 28/7/1943. Find all the information about the brand in this study.

3. Amway Case Study - One of the leading chain marketing conglomerates, Amway is truly an inspiring case study.

4. Samsung Case Study - The giant in the tech industry has a lot to be covered in the case study. if you are assigned with it we can help you out.

5. McDonald’s Case Study - The oldest name in the burger food joints, McDonald’s case study is a complete circle, from uphill to downfall.

Other than these infamous ones, our writers have completed case study writing on the titles such as -

If you need assistance with any of these studies, you can trust our experts blindly. If you need custom help, you can also get it done as we have all the resources to bring you the best grades at affordable prices.

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