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Business Project and Programme Management (BMT7075) Level 7

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The basic of overseeing a project from beginning to end needed a team where individuals contain diverse skills and talents to complete work. These people are accountable for planning and implementing objectives of a plan with effectively optimized the available resources. The following work can be completed in right manner with the help of project management. It is a management discipline activity which helps an organization to carry out its various projects as per the set plans and given constraints (10 Reasons why Project Management matters, 2016). The present study is related to business project and project management and to understand it importance Remploy Company case study is taking into consideration. The following case scenario demonstrates the ability of the program approach to deliver outcomes in an extremely challenging environment where the capability of manage and deliver programs had itself to be developed as the first step in plans. With the help of this, it becomes easy for the company to provide the jobs to disable people in own 84 factories in mainstream operations.

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Critical Justification

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of two Project Management Frameworks (PMF) of choice

There are many frameworks of project management which are currently using by the project managers in order to attain the project deliverables and objectives in right manner. In this context, the main PMFs are Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) and Lean approach which can be used by Remploy’s in delivering of the projects (Project Management Frameworks, 2016). The reason of suggesting both of the techniques for proposed project by considering the Task One information is it will help in attain objectives of Strategic Business Transformation plan by effective use of cost, time, personnel and other resources. Along with this, these will allow the project manager to carry out the plan step by step to achieve deliverables.

Advantages and disadvantages of both of the concepts within the context of cited company are as follows:

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM): Under this PMF, an organization can effectively plan and manage its various projects by emphasizing over the resources which requires in completion of work. In the context of Remploy Modernisation Programme project, it will help in divide company program approach into three sections: planning, execution and monitoring (Critical Chain Project Management and Critical Path Method, 2016). This will help in managing the complexities related to people and processes. Limitation and benefits of CCPM PMF for cited company will be as follow:


  • CCPM PMF will allow project manager of Remploy to reduce overall project duration of Modernisation Programme by optimizing critical path.
  • This will increase the visibility of impact of changes in schedules of Modernisation Programme project if a milestone will miss during the work.
  • CCPM will assist Remploy organization to respond towards the negative risks which may affect scheduling activities of Modernisation Programme (Kerzner, 2013).


  • CCPM will require a huge commitment level from Remploy Company side and it will not possible that all employees understand what CCPM and its benefits for completing Modernisation Programme project.
  • The changes in plan of Modernisation Programme project will take more time to make changes in critical path and determine time duration to complete it (Burke, 2013).

Lean approach: The following PMF focuses over the improving of overall quality of how a company is working on its project. Its application takes into the consideration of every single operational process of an organization and brings the improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of employees as well as different procedures of projects (LEAN Project Management vs. Agile Project Management, 2015). With the help of Lean PMF, Remploy’s will able to reduce wastage of time and resources to complete its projects. Along with this it will also assist in improve the quality of its services and meet the challenges of marketplace. Limitation and benefits of Lean PMF for cited company will be as follow:


  • Lean PMF will minimize the wastage of existing resources and earn more profits from its Modernisation Programme project.
  • It will facilitate the company to appoint more and more disable people for mainstream operations in factories which will assist in reducing the overall costs spend over human resources (Khan, 2016).
  • It will allow the cited firm to focus on doing smart work rather than performing hardworking to adopt the Modernisation Programme objectives by developing strategic plans.
  • Lean PMF will aid Remploy to make sure about the smooth flow of important and complex critical activities of Modernisation Programme (Meredith and Mantel Jr, 2011).


  • Lean PMF will unable Remploy to convince everyone in the company to adopt the changes in the existing processes due to Modernisation Programme.
  • To accept the new modifications and work according to it, company will require giving training to staff members and it will consume more time and resources. These all will be opposite to benefits of Lean PMF (Schwalbe, 2015).

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Critical justification of the selection of PMFs and appropriate reasons

There are several reasons of selection of Lean and CCPM PMFs for Remploy’s project. In the context, one of them is the outdated company operational structure which was no longer cost effective. Further, a significant Modernisation Programme was needed to meet the challenges facing by the cited organization such as culture, organization structure, diversity, broad geographical spread etc. On the other hand, to effectively and optimally utilize the existing resources and people management that could make able to drive Modernisation Programme and improve extensive communication with key stakeholders regarding the cited project (Wysocki, 2011).

Reflection And Conclusion

From the above report, it can be concluded that there have different Project Management Frameworks that have used for different projects to meet various objectives. In the context of Remploy’s, to complete the different phases of Modernisation Programme project, Lean and CCPM PMFs have taken into the consideration because of their various advantages and limitations as well as other reasons.


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  • Schwalbe, K., 2015.Information technology project management. Cengage Learning.
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