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Importance Of Strategies in Business Organisation

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Organisational strategy is a sum of the different actions which are taken by company to accomplish the long term goals. These actions make up a strategic plan of the business entity. Strategic plans requires the involvement of employees from all the levels in company.


1. There are many resources which helps in outlining the distinct ways so that they gain or earn the invention funding to borrow. Along with this they have to raise the funds which brings to need their invention by the different stages of invention process (McCormack and Johnson, 2016). Many branches of regulatory bodies give grants and loans to capital investigation and improvement of inventions. Venture capital is the funding of investment which helps in bringing invention which is profitable to investor to marketplace.

2. There are some factors which having a impact on Japanese Car company so that they can open a new plant in Britain:

  • Transportation is a main factor in opening a new plant that should be near to dock so that it will be convenient to them to take raw material and by that they can reduced the cost (Serra, C.E.M and Kunc, M., 2015).
  • They have to use fully skilled and semi skilled labour which helps in reducing labour cost.


3. (a) For set up public limited company following actions to be taken:

  • At least two shareholders.
  • Issue shares to public to a value at least £50,000
  • Company is to be registered in company house by filling the paper application form
  • Have at least to directors (Galaskiewicz, J., 2016).
  • Have a qualified company secretary.
  • PLC send annual return to companies house.
  • Files and accounts are to be audited once in a year.


3. (b) Six clauses are:

  • Name Clause
  • Registered office clause
  • Object clause
  • Liability clause
  • Capital clause
  • Subscription clause


Object clause exist in the MOA because company can choose any object which is not illegal or which are necessary for the company to expand or start business (Shields and, 2015).

4. Oil company- Oil companies can merge together so that they can apply the standardized methods of oil extraction, refineries as well as distribution of oil. By doing merger or take over they can bring efficiency in operation. Along with this they can do appropriate utilization of resources and capital. Example: Columbia Pipeline Group by TransCanada.

Clothing retail company – If this companies do merger and acquisition then it will helps in expanding the growth in the market and by that they can increase the market share. Example: Sequential Acquires Jessica Simpson Label (Reynolds and Yetton, 2015).

Steel works – If they are doing merger then they can capture the good market share and by that they can earn objective.

5. There are different departments which are present in the company which includes production department produce the products, facilities, fleet maintenance and operations, finance as well as business services includes accounting, investment, information technology and purchasing (Rosemann and vom Brocke, 2015).

6. The engineering service department is responsible for planning, analysing and implementing the system for extending the projects. This department is divided into four parts which includes new business as well as system extensions, support engineering, design engineering as well as construction contract administration (Haigh and, 2015). This department is assist in providing technical assistance to other department or to outside agencies.


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