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Business Administration

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Business administration is defined as the process of collecting information related to operation, analysing them, managing and controlling these function in order to make them productive and attain the predefined goals. So, it is very important for manager to manage all office facilities in order to make company a greater place for work. Office provide necessary detail to manager so that valuable decision are made and help in different function such as directing, staffing, controlling etc.

In this project report, procedures to manage effectiveness of work and system, process to control any constraint related to office facilities and budgets, how to develop environment conducive to productive work are discussed. Report also shows various equipment and consumable to agreed level, system to calculate effectiveness of office system, effective relation ship with suppliers and proper action to make sure the administrative services are provided to agreed standard.

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1.1 Requirements of establishing and implementing office management procedures.

In business world, without effective and accurate office management procedure, company can not be able to perform their routine business activities. For all the managers of the company it is very important to manage the office activities that include operational activities and other functions. Following are the requirements that results in introduction of office management procedures:

  • Proper management at work place and effective communication among managers and the employees so that all the operations can be executed appropriately.
  • To manage all the functional departments who are responsible to operate business.
  • Allotment of responsibilities that are performed by employees in order to achieve their personal as well as organisational activities.
  • Keep detailed information of each and every worker so that their performance can be measured in order to provide them rewards accordingly.

All the office management procedures are implemented appropriately by the mangers as it is their main responsibility. First of all the processes are introduced to the employees and appropriate information is provided to them.

The procedures helps to perform a particular task at a specific deadline without any problem. When information is offered to the employees than the processes are implemented in order to enhance performancee of employees. For example, in Tesco management implement several management procedures that will the profitability of company and guide relevant staff member to perform their job role to attain predetermined objective. Such as company started using computer and laptops to record the necessary data related to sales and purchase.

This will help in maintaining proper record and save time, cost, energy of work force. In case proper office management procedures are not followed while operating different activities it can reduce the efficiency of worker, machine and also may be reason in reduction of profitability of company.

1.2 Ways of managing effectiveness of work and systems

In present era, every company wants effectiveness in their business work and different system so that allotted task are completed on time and in required manner. It is observed that work and system are both interrelated with each other within a office “ as without effective and productive system assigned work cannot be completed in a particular time”. Therefore it is important to manage the effectiveness of several system and work so that productivity and profit of company can be increased. There are different method of managing the effectiveness of business activity of company and its system. Some of these are discussed underneath:

  • Performance measurement: Manager use to gather, analyse and measure performance of different work performed within company that help to make valuable decision. The performance measurement is done by the managers in order to evaluate the work done by the employees. As there are various techniques which is used by the manager such 360 degree appraisal and balance score card. This shows the contribution made by the employees in order to maximise profit of organisation.
  • Training and development: Every company wants trained and skilled labour in their company. So, they provide effective training and education program to their existing workforce. It help in increasing skill, ability and knowledge so that they perform their work in accordance to system of company to achieve goal. This also help team member to motivate them and make them according to procedures so that better outcomes are attained.
  • Time management: It is very important to be effective in method and activity so that minimum are incurred within company. Manager of company must be knowledgable enough to manage time and complete task in appropriate manner. They make sure that particular work is assigned to specific worker and advised them to complete that work in certain timeline. Thus as a result it is very effective for lead to completing of task on time and improve productivity of system. Through time management techniques employees in office make good use of time as an advantage. 


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1.3 Managing constraints attached to office facilities and related budgets

Constraints refers to the restriction for doing activity in the office. The restriction can be in form of any policy, rules and regulation and scarcity of resources.

1.4 Elements of designing of office systems, processes and guiding documents

It is said to be crucial for systematic procedure and processes inside a workplace as due to its benefits like betterment in operating efficiency well as effectiveness, also helpful in monitoring uniform systematic procedure, adequate and optimal usage of available resources and several other elements like coordination and control over operations, ensures time and costs effective manner in completion of operational tasks are also comprises in it. For this, it is required to design systematic office system procedure, processes and guiding aspects. There are different factors which are are crucial to consider in establishment of systematic procedural system which are mentioned below.

Factors related to office system: A specific chamber of experts engages in betterment of systems and its proper running. This is develop to acquire the appropriate systems and advices for the procedural functioning of office and suitable methods to solve the conflicts. Top or administrative level managers appoint a system committee for the betterment of office system and for improvement of related aspects and also for beneficial advices for the systematic running.

Factors related to procedures: Professional or perfectionists who are being invited to conduct a office survey with the main motive to make the procedures for proper execution of beneficial suggestions

Factors related to guidance documents: It includes all the document that are related to the organisation and guide the employees to perform all their activities appropriately. Induction and orientation documents are the part of guidance documents of the company.

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From the above, with the help of effective business management company are able to improve their productivity and increase profitability. There are number of office facilities that

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