What Does Your Handwriting Reveal About Your Personality?

What Handwriting Says

Have you ever got a compliment for your handwriting or you are one among those scholars who always have been punished for poor handwriting? No matter which category you fall in, you must know that your handwriting discloses several facts about your personality as well as mood.

Graphology is the analysis of the physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting. It is generally considered a pseudoscience as it helps in identifying the psychological state of the writer at the time of writing, and evaluating his/her personal characteristics. According to the assignment help experts, your handwritten words say a lot about you. Go ahead and find out how many are true for you according to the parameters given below:

Amount of pressure exerted while writing

If you pressurize a lot in the process of writing, then this illustrates that you are a deeply emotional person. On the other hand, if you do not do so, then you’re a person who doesn't express feelings/emotions easily.

Size of the letters

Small letters depict that you are a student with good concentration, and narrow perspective on life and future goals. The individuals with such handwriting are highly dedicated toward their goal. On the contrary, if your letters are large, then you possibly have a broad perspective on life and do not get bored easily.

Slant of your handwriting

If your words are inclined to the left, then you are an introvert who chooses to be independent. Straight words show that you are rational and capable of controlling your emotions quite well. Right slants show that although you are susceptible to mood swings, you can easily relate well to others.

Space in between letters

If you leave less spaces between the letters, then possibly you are not good at managing time and run short of it mostly. Scholars who leave even spaces between letters are quite sorted in life and have mental clarity. And, the ones who leave wide spaces are in love with their freedom and space. They do not like being overwhelmed and breach in their privacy.

Direction of the sentences

The students who are optimistic have handwriting that moves upward. They have a happy mood most of the time and are successful in making everyone filled with positive energy around them. In case handwriting of a scholar is wavy, it indicates that there is instability and chaos in their mind. The college-goers who write in downward slant direction lack confidence or might be feeling demotivated at the moment.

Crossing of T

The students who cross their ‘t’ higher are said to have high self-esteem, and they aim for something which seems impossible to others. On the contrary to this, if a scholar is crossing ‘t’ lower, then (s)he has low self-esteem and sets easily attainable objectives.

Title of I

In case a student is creative and has exceptional capabilities that make him/her stand out from the rest, then (s)he puts the title of ‘i’ playfully. On the other hand, if (s)he is concentrated and pays attention to every minute detail, then the title of ‘i’ rests simply.

These were a few attributes out of the many that could be easily guessed by simply looking at the handwriting. How accurate was this handwriting analysis for you?

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