Tips to Convert your Ordinary Essay into an Exceptional One

Essay Writing Tips

“To get the best of the things, you have to invest the best of you.”

When an instructor assigns an essay to a class, each student works intensively to achieve outstanding grades in the same. But, when the result is revealed, you figure out that despite all the efforts you invested in it, you didn’t get the grade you were expecting. There can be various reasons associated with it. But, we believe that you might be missing on some special and secret ingredients to prepare the best essay. Well, here is the list revealing the top secrets that others might be following and hence securing exceptional grades for self. So get ready as you are going to get some really fascinating formulas to incorporate in your upcoming essay.

1.Plan Before Pursuing

Remember the beauty of 5P’s before you start writing an essay

“Prior Planning Produces Positive Performance.”

Many a time, a student forgets to plan a path to follow as he writes an essay. This, in turn, hinders his progress on the essay. He faces various difficulties as he writes like- what should the title be? when should I start researching? etc. Hence, for your performance to be positive in terms of the process that you will be involved in and the end result that you will be receiving, it is important that your essay is well-planned. This planning includes:

  • Deciding the title for the essay: It should not exceed a word limit of 100 characters and should speak for the essay itself. Take your title seriously as it is going to make the first impression for you and your essay.
  • Structuring of the essay: Depending on the word limit allotted to you, the structure can vary. But the classic format remains the same:
    Introduction----->Body Paragraph----->Conclusion
    Now as your word limit increases you can divide the body into sub-bodies.
  • Dividing task: Instead of planning to act on everything at once, it is better to divide an essay into structure format and deal with it as a task.

2.Carry Out Research

“Research is to see what everyone else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought.” - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

As quoted above, when you research you see into the work of others, you get to know other person’s viewpoint and learn about facts that were not known to you. Research is a source of knowledge, that feeds our ideas. But, you should ensure that you develop an understanding of a topic with the help of research rather than stealing other person’s ideas and claiming them to be yours. If you end up doing so, it is considered to be unethical hence, leaving a big question mark on your entire work.

3. Give Credits

“Giving credits where credit is due is a rewarding habit to form.” -Loretta Young

When you give credits to the sources that enabled you to write an essay you are rewarded with good grades. Hence give the credits where due to make your document authentic and impressive. Credits can be written in two ways-

  • In-text citation: Here an individual mentions the source of the data or fact within the document.
  • Reference List: It is a list placed at the end of the document. It consists of all the sources that helped as an aid to writing an essay. Make sure you follow the correct format for the same (as it is more than copying the links).

4. Take Help

“Asking for help when necessary causes no harm.”

It is your essay and you might want to work on it alone, but sometimes taking help from a reliable and credible source doesn’t cause any harm. In fact, it is one of the major secrets that the top graders in your batch will never speak about, that they do take help from others to write their essay and score good grades. But, here we are to spill the beans for you. There can be two sources for you to take help from:

  • The Professor: Well who can guide you better than the professor himself. You can always look up to him and ask for his guidance and get your progress verified.
  • The online writing services: Though, sometimes a professor might not be available for your help. But instead of panicking, just log in to Instant Assignment Help Australia and get the best essay writing services. They have a team of certified writers working for them, who ensure that the best of the essay and the best of the grades drop in your hat.

Bottom Line: Everyone does their work, but what really makes a difference is doing it the right way. So, now its time for you to gear up and step out of the ordinary and come up with something extraordinary, by incorporating these ingredients in your essay.

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