After Using Essay Typer for a Year, I Found My Whole Life Was a Lie!

Hidden Facts About Essay Typer Tool That You Missed! [#2 Is LIT]

Things You Heard Wrong About Essay Writing


Essay writing was always considered to be a hectic task. The students were required to burn the midnight oil to shortlist the topic, spend tonnes of hours researching, writing, proofreading, and editing. But, with the emergence of tools like the essay generator tool, the students realized that their whole life had been a lie. All they need now is an essay typer tool that can do their work, provided you know the right chords to be hit.

Using the tool is one thing, and using it correctly is a whole new thing. There have been instances when students complaint about unsatisfactory results. This was because they missed several hacks. If you also belong to the same category of students, then this blog is a treat for you. Grab your favorite coffee and start reading this writing piece further!

How Has Essay Typer Tool Changed Students’ Perspective?

The essay writing assistant has no doubt proved to be a revolution in the academic life of the students. Gone are the days when they were seen fighting with the essay writing task. The 21st-century students are now more relaxed and stress-free. Before we jump to know how the tool has changed the students’ perspective, let us first know the working of the tool.

How Does the Tool Works?

  1. The tool works on Artificial Intelligence and extracts essay paragraphs relevant to the submitted topic.
  2. The essay paragraphs are written by experts writers from scratch and uploaded on the online database.
  3. As soon as you submit the essay title, the AI algorithm kick-starts to find suitable paragraphs that match the requirement.
  4. After choosing the introductory paragraph, students can keep on adding other paragraphs.

After knowing the working process of the tool, let us now know the features which compel students to try their hands on the tool.

1. No Research Required: You will not be required to trawl through hundreds of online sources to gather information for your topic. The tool will automatically choose the best paragraphs that seem relevant as per your chosen essay topic. Moreover, the information will be well-updated loaded with factual data.

2. No Writing-Time Required: The majority of time is consumed in drafting the essay following the proper format. But, this amazing tool can be your savior. The idea that it produces paragraphs in minutes will save you plenty of time that can be used to do other extra-curricular activities.

3. No Proofreading & Editing Required: As said already, the paragraphs are written by professionals. Thus, they will contain no issues related to spelling, punctuation, sentence structuring, paragraph transition, grammar, etc. Furthermore, the formatting, structure, and outline will be in line with the guidelines prescribed by the professor.

4. No Plagiarism-Check Required: The writers write each and every paragraph from scratch, and therefore, the chance of plagiarism to occur is zero. Also, since the essay is unique, you can save yourself from running it on the Turnitin software. Now, get ready to submit an impressive essay to your professor and earn good grades.

5. No In-Text Citation Required: You will be happy to know that any evidence given in an essay paragraph will be supported by in-text citations. Doing so will not only help you to prove your content authentic but will also keep you away from the tedious task of referencing.

So, these were some of the advantages that urged the students to seek help from the tool. However, scoring an A+ is just a piece of cake with this tool, provided you know the right hacks. Yes, you read that right! Even after using the essay generator, students fail to win their professors’ hearts. If you are one of them, then read the next section for an answer.

How to Use the Essay Writing Bot Effectively? *POINTS TO REMEMBER*

1. Submit a Crisp Essay Title: In order to get refined and accurate results, students are advised to avoid keeping the topic wordy. The experts recommend the students submit important keywords related to the topic. Doing so will help the AI algorithm to extract paragraphs closer in meaning to your title.

2. Pick an Impressive First Paragraph: It is no brainer that the first paragraph of an essay is important if you want to hold the attention of the reader till the last. Thus, make sure that the first paragraph is eye-catchy and succeeds in fulfilling the motive. So, what are you waiting for? Choose from a variety of essay paragraphs available and make a stronger first move.

3. Stick to the Word Count: Do not exceed or fall behind the word count if you wish to score a sure-shot A+. Reason? Well, the professors are strict when it comes to the word limit. You can keep on copy-pasting the essay paragraphs on the document file and know the word count. If you are exceeding/falling behind the word count, then make sure to edit it before the final submission.

4. Keep the Right Flow of Information: Paragraph transitioning plays a vital role in keeping the interest of the readers alive. Thus, ensure that you choose the essay paragraphs that form connectivity with the rest of the content. Moreover, make sure that the format of an essay is well-maintained- introduction, body, and conclusion.

It’s a wrap! These top hacks will surely help you to use the tools effectively. Furthermore, even after implying these tricks, if you fail to receive top grades, then you can also resort to the online essay help experts of Instant Assignment Help Australia for assistance. The writers are highly qualified and hold the right amount of expertise in writing a top-notch essay.
Happy Academic Year!

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