List of Programming Languages That You Should Consider Learning

Programming Languages

In a research, it is found out that the most lucrative and trending jobs in the field of IT and CSE require programming skills. If you too want to grow in your career exponentially, then learning how to code in the most trending programming language should be the next task on your checklist.

The experts providing programming assignment help to the students of Australian universities have conveyed that learning a programming language may or may not seem challenging to a scholar, but selecting a language to learn is definitely the most difficult decision to make. This is because in the field of computers, a new programming language or technology emerges in every few months and it is impossible to learn all of them.

So instead of shooting arrows in the dark, it is recommended to learn only a few of the programming languages and gain expertise in them. If you strive to be expert in everything, then you will be good for nothing!

If you are still confused about which programming language to learn, then read this blog and get enlightened about some trending programming languages.


This is general purpose object-oriented programming language which is a successor of C(one of the basic programming languages). This is still the best language for the performance-critical applications such as game development and audio/video processing.


One of the commonly used programming languages used for most of the Android and financial systems; JAVA is preferred mostly for its speed and performance. This language is rated as the best for the last few years and you should consider learning this at earliest.


Not to be confused with previously mentioned JAVA, JavaScript is another popular language in the world. This is a scripting language and used to spruce up the web pages or to make them look more attractive.


This was created by Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf, but it was not intended to be a new programming language, rather it was a tool in the initial phase. But now, PHP is a scripting language that runs on the server.


Once considered extremely difficult, MATLAB was only used by mathematicians and scientists. Today, more developers, scientists, researchers and students are going back to MATLAB because of the increasing mathematical complexity.


In 2014, Apple decided to put forward their own programming language and hence, iOS/Swift was introduced. Some of the renowned companies like American Airlines, LinkedIn, and Duolingo, etc., have already adopted this language. It is expected that this language will be in high demand in future.


This is exactly pronounced as ‘Sequel’. The database has been increasing because more and more people are getting Onboard technology. This is a special purpose language and used wherever database management is required.


Being a general-purpose programming language, Python is considered quite easy to learn by programming nerds as it resembles with the English language. Python has recently crossed the popularity of JAVA and is well known amongst programming geeks now.


With growing obsession with the statistics and data analysis, R is definitely the language that you should add to your portfolio. If the predictions are not inaccurate, this will be possibly the most sought-after language in 2017.


With the popularity of IoT(Internet of Things), embedded-based programming will gain popularity lately. With many more embedded chips to be coded and improved in various embedded systems, this programming language should be on your priority list to learn.

This does not mean that other languages will be ‘dead’, each of them will evolve to keep pace with the upcoming technological advancements.

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