Seven Simple Tips to Enhance Your Analytical skills

Improve Your Analytical Skills

The famous business tycoon Warren Buffet once said that to excel in a career, young people need strong hold on analytical skills. And, it seems to be true as most placement drives search for this particular ability in students. Therefore, the world’s best universities provide special classes to their scholars that focuses on developing this set of skills. Like most other qualities, analytical skills are natural to some but not everyone. But by following some simple practices, one can easily develop them. Read on further to know how you can make the most of your time at university to improve your analytical skills.

1. Understand what is meant by “analytical skills”

You can come across many definitions of analytical skills given by teachers, trainers, and psychologists. Sometimes, it is referred to as the ability to visualize and analyze information to see the bigger picture behind the facts. In other cases, it is defined as an ability to identify the details, and things that bring them together. In simple terms, analytical skills describe our ability to understand and solve problems by using the available data. These skills are extremely important for our social, professional, and personal lives.

2. Participate in group projects

Many universities assign their students group tasks to improve their analytical abilities. If your college provides this too, then you must participate in such activities. However, if there is no such provision, then you can form a group of like-minded friends and undertake group projects for the same. You can find a suitable task online or may take help from your teacher for the same. For example, there might be some economic activities that would have affected the national GDP. Check for the fiscal turns and their individual contributions to the increase in national income.

3. Start with a clear plan

In the present era, there is no scarcity of information on a particular topic. But too many resources might leave you confused on what to peruse and what is not so important. So, first of all, collect the best books and journals that would be really useful for your research. And, just choose a few good texts, rather than reading everything available in the library.

4. Focus on the interrelated skills relevant to the project

One most important step toward developing your analytical skills is to learn the interdisciplinary skills that are needed for the completion of your project. For example, in the case of accessing the economic activities that affected the national GDP, you should learn to make graphs and PowerPoint presentation to present your research in a better way.

5. Practice analytical skills

Practice is the best way to achieve perfection, and analytical skills are no exception. Most psychologists say that analytical skills are talents that can be developed through regular “mind games” such as sudoku, puzzles, and chess. If however, you are willing to pursue a career in management, then it’s better to practice case studies on a regular basis.

6. Identify analytical tools that can help

Many tools can help you improve your analytical skills. Adopt the ones that you really find useful. For instance, if you are a student of economics or commerce, an analytical decision tree can be useful in policy research and decision-making analysis. This tool uses a model or graph to analyze the chain of decisions and consequences, to identify a strategy to reach desirable goals.

7. Seek feedback

College students can regularly look for innovative ways to strengthen their analytical skills. One simple idea is to discuss their projects with the team members and coaches. The feedback from colleagues and teachers- both positive and critical is good for self-assessment of skills and improving them.

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